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Kate Bosworth Honors Clive Davis

Kate Bosworth Honors Clive Davis

Kate Bosworth (in Etro) attends the invite-only event honoring Clive Davis for his achievement as a multi-platinum record producer at The Xchange nightclub in New York City on Tuesday. She finished off her look with Margiela boots.

The event was also the world premiere of Swiss watch manufacturer Vacheron Constantins’s newest platinum excellence timepieces.

Kate, 24, was accompanied to the event by British model boyfriend James Rousseau.

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Photos: Dave Allocca/, Jennifer Mitchell/Splash News Online
Posted to: James Rousseau, Kate Bosworth

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  • Kay

    what a smokin hot couple! kate’s style is crazy amazing

  • Laura

    I don’t find her attractive. I think it’s her huge forehead and ears. She does have gorgeous eyes, though!

  • em

    laura i agree. she has really pretty eyes but she reminds me of an alien!

  • deedee

    beautiful dress and cute couple. i like that she allows her clothes to be the main attraction. her makeup is understated, hair is simple, and there is no jewelry. a woman who understands that less is more!

  • He-who-shall-not-be-named

    eek!I thought she had a boa constrictor around her neck!

  • lola

    Is it just me or does poor Kate look like she’s lost weight again?

  • clevernickname

    I have to admit I don’t like Kate but I do think her clothes here.

    Is she back to letting herself be pulled by a guy a few feet aheard of her again? Not a good thing Kate. It makes you look weak. Especially this time around since you are already footing the bill for most things. You should be dragging him around.

  • maryann

    her facial epression here looks like she is is impersonating Mike Myers from his SNL character….can’t think of the name. Help me out here…the one where he was always wearing all black and was a European talk show host or something.

    anyone know the name????

  • Yily

    It’s amazing that this girl has no real talent and yet she get to be invite to all the fabolous parties and fashion shows. Kate Bosworth hasn’t been in a movie for a while now and yet she’s everywhere promoting herself and for what?! I think she’s beautiful and stylish but she’s not a model. She can’t act and that’s her primary job! If she was a model, then that’s a different story, but she’s not! Too bad, this girl has no real substance besides her look.

  • minka

    I’m sorry but she is one the ugliest people ever…

  • Shango_Hispanico

    This BITCHA is Fugly and she looks alien with those DUMBO ears and something about that face says CHEEK IMPLANTS!!

  • baba

    Thid girl is skeletal.

  • SoulHunter


  • patricia

    Kate is a talentless wh***, but for once she didn’t kill an animal to wear it as a coat.

  • aspiring to be…

    Holy crap, she’s getting thin again. Does she really think getting “too thin” is attractive? It’s scary. I mean, I am a girl and I do like to be thin. I’m 5’2″ and weigh about 92~93 lbs. I have to admit that, but she’s going way too far. BTW, Lohan looks good now. Witherspoon was skeletal and was disappearing when I actually saw her several months ago. I shutter to think how Bosworth would look.

  • sam

    That guy freaks me out, he’s got such a stange smile -those teeth- Yuk.

  • poor girl

    Kate always dress like an indiot. I don’t care if it’s from balanciaga, lanvin or else that’s dress is just awful. And wtf with her face did she had any cosmetic surgery?

  • why her?

    HMMM boring actress, no style…….so why on earth are posting things about that lollipop head.

  • audrey

    I usually yawn and pass over anything regarding Kate Bosworth, but her outfit is really rockin. I’m feeling the entire outfit from head to toe.

  • bubble head

    Very boring indeed. The dress would have be nice, but that silly twat has to add a scarf, a black tight and a pair of boots. Where is her stylist?
    She always showing her bubble head to those fashion events, when is she going to take acting classes. Her boyfriend is a discusting a$$hole (he’s got a dirty stain on is cardigan) and he seems so lazy, is she paying him to be around her like a dog?

  • lisa

    another terribly underweight celebrity. sigh.

  • polly

    Kate looks so silly with that scarf around her neck, but the dress is beautiful thought. I don’t want to be mean, but I don’t like her. I never understood why she was everywhere since she’s not very good actress. The fashion industry is so predictable they always put those boring blonde actress on a pedestal. There was Gwylneth paltrow (she was good but too overrated) and now there is Sienna Miller and Kate Bosworth. Even if they put them an 100 time on the covers of the magazine I will never like Kate and Sienna just because they sucks.

  • Peekaboo

    She’s one of the most untalented bird ever walked on earth.
    Probably her beau thinks he can compete with Orlando Bloom but his lack of personality stops the process, whatever he does he looks miserable.

  • Kayla

    What the f^ck is she wearing? She delusionally thinks she’s a fashionishta. Give it up already Bosworth your not an actress, your not a fashion icon. You dated a famous actor once THE END.

  • lily

    Imagine she has actually gained weight. Keep eating Kate. Her outfit is flattering on her.

  • Kate

    Xchange is not a nightclub, its an event space

  • jeanny

    Im sry but i think this is way too much..and she has lost too much weight again!

  • Anna

    Her boyfriend looks like a girl.

  • lala

    She definitely had her lips done!! OMG!!! BRITNEY ALERT!!!

  • Sienna

    She looks gorgeous! Thanks for posting!

  • fashionrocks

    Kate looks beautiful in this, her dress is ETRO looks amazing and so perfect for her:)

  • just me!!!!

    The dress is from Etro, her face is all plastic, her boyfriend is ugly and she’s has no talent. °end of this post°

  • fashion?

    Etro should sue her. I mean her outfit is a total disaster, The dress was beautiful at first and then Anokate choose to wear it with a scarf. What a Dumba$$.
    She’s such a bad actress, her fans are so retarded. They don’t like her for her acting skills but only because they like her style what a bunch of a$$holes.

  • nicole

    Yes some people like celebs only for their style: That’s usually girls who haven’t got the money to buy designers clothes. They will go to some fahion website like The Fashion *** where they will talk all the day about the style of a boring celeb or who will be the next top model (ha ha very interesting)
    I know that’s sad but it’s so true.
    Anyway I also thinks that Kate is a boring actress but since she’s not with Orlando Bloom her Face should soon fade away.
    where are the real young actress like Natalie Portman, we need to see them more often.

  • Katherine

    Jesus she is getting scary thin again, and that dress would be pretty if her moronic self hadn’t ruined it with a scarf that doesn’t match. But I suppose she’s hiding her protruding sternum which is always a plus.

  • WTF??

    It’s official, her stylist hates her. That outfit is hideous. Her man Lurch isn’t looking much better.

    I don’t get why everyone is orgasming over her “beauty” either. She used to be cute, but she starved and coked it away. Now she just looks like a Park Avenue trophy wife who broke the budget on plastic surgery and is nearing her expiration date. Sad.

  • ricky

    One of her ears sticks out more than the other. And she’s got such a bitch face. The rubber lips don’t hide it.

  • oooba dooba

    Well, I like the dress but not the way in which it’s being worn. First, we need to nix the neck scarf. It’s excessive and competing with her face and the design of the dress. Next, she needs to wear hosiery that is not so heavy or opague. Jet black, off-black or charcoal would have been excellent choices, and in a sheer or semi sheer texture. The high shaft boots are too heavy for the light weight silk texture of the garment, in my book. An attractive ankle boot or ankle strap pump would have been a much better choice. If the dress had been made of wool instead of silk, the boots would have been a good choice.

    Her hair should have been worn down in a semi pageboy cut, or up in a chignon with a pony tail hair fall. Black attractive dangling earrings would have been the perfect complement to this dress, along with an attractive black enamel bangle bracelet.

    The dress was a hit; the accessories were a miss. I would have liked to see somewhat stronger or darker make up on her – at least on her lips. Too much black in her clothing, combined with very pale skin, leaves me wishing for a splash of color on her face.

    Not to be cruel, but she should consider either wearing her hair down permanently, adjusting her hair styles to cover he ears, or seriously consider having her ears surgically brought closer to the sides of her head (if such a cosmetic surgery is even done at all). Her forehead is rather prominent and should be covered with softly cascading bangs (or fringe as it’s called in the UK).

    Nuff said.