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Matt Damon is People's Sexiest Man Alive

Matt Damon is People's Sexiest Man Alive

Matt Damon takes the top honor in People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive 2007. Here’s what People had to say about the sexiest man alive:

George Clooney and Brad Pitt have shamelessly campaigned for him since 2001, but this year’s winner was Bourne to the title. “You’ve given an aging suburban dad the ego-boost of a lifetime,” Damon, 32, explained why he couldn’t possibly accept the crown – which perfectly demonstrates many of the reasons we chose him in the first place: irresistible sense of humor, rock solid family man, heart-melting humility.”

Who else made the list? Ryan Reynolds, James McAvoy, Brad Pitt, Javier Bardem, Patrick Dempsey, Dave Annable, Will Smith, Shemar Moore, Ben Affleck, Adrian Grenier, Will Yun Lee and Justin Timberlake.

Find out what People had to say about each of the sexiest men in their slideshow here and check out past Sexiest covers here.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of People‘s list of Sexiest Men for 2007 — YAY or NAY?

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  • joanna


    me first?

  • joanna

    Matt is fine, I love him but not the sexiest.

  • Dangerous Lee

    Wentworth Miller didn’t make the list? That’s crap….

  • nickolodeon

    i dont think hes the sexiest! thr are others who’s more sexy, i cannot believe wentworth miller is not one of the sexiest

  • pokeman
  • nickolodeon

    DISSAPOINTING!!! whr is wentworth miller

  • soopx

    I love Brad Pitt,beautiful man,good partner,and the very best father, to me he is sexy.i like matt damon ,he is a very nice man,but not sexy.

  • Kayla

    YAY!!!! MATT DAMON! I love him! The most deserving sexiest man alive. The rest of the list? BOOOO Same ole same ole. Justin Timberlake is DOUCHEBAG he is not sexy at all.


    brad and wenty

  • shekwandajones

    Matt Damon? Seriosly?

    Ryan, Dave, Justin even Ben Affleck would’ve been better choices….

  • Laura

    This list — you’ve got to be fucking kidding me.

  • Lilangel

    Finally … ;D

  • Jamie

    Hmm I don’t think he is the sexiest! i think zac efron is the one, he’s in the video of the 100 sexiest but not in the list of the 14. :(

  • anna

    orlando bloom is the sexiest.

    what about that clip of 100 men in 1 min. those man are 100 most sey or what’s the idea?

  • angel

    Where’s Orlando Bloom and wentworth Miller? What a shiteous list. Justin Timberlake ??????? That guy is a joke but at least they put Johnny Depp.

  • Laura

    These guys are so fem. What about real men, like Clive Owen, Gerard Butler, Eric Bana? Geez.

  • xxxxxxxxxx

    Clive Owen!,George Clooney!

  • Chrissy

    Where, in the name of all that is sane, are Wentworth Miller and McSteamy??!! And, for heaven’s sake, McDreamy’s not that hot! Not even a little hot. The only good choices on that list are Ryan Reynolds, James McAvoy and Will Yun Lee. Everybody else must have bribed someone especially Justin TimberAss!

  • hanna

    Nay,he’s cute luv im’I understand., but Brad is still freakin wetting my panties.

  • emma

    wentworth miller shoud be nuber one he is so hott =)
    check out this hot wentworthmlle video -

  • Sam

    People mag is the worst magazine around and their list is ridiculous. James McAvoy, Javier Bardem , Justin Timberlake and Matt Damon aren’t sexy at all. Are they drunk? They always following the trend what a bunch of morons.

  • Cheerios

    Thanks for this thread, Jared.

    Seriously, what were they thinking? What is so sexy about Damon? Yes, he is a nice fellow but what sets him apart and makes him sexy? In what movie does he get your mojo up and running? Please Damon fans, tell me. I just purchased O13 and there was a somewhat sexy scene with Matt and that old lady – truthfully, it was more funny than sexy – if I recall correctly. I will review again. But, I’m not feelin’ it…..


    The chicks who work at People are either 14 years old or senior citizens. They always play it safe and boring.

  • ????

    Where’s George clooney, Wentworth Miller, Milo, and the best Orlando Bloom? Are they mad or something? justin timberlake is the worst on that stupid list.

  • skinny-bitch

    ewwww! matt damon is UGLY!!! well JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE IS SEXY he should be on top of the list

  • Rita

    hahah he deserves it :D

  • isabel
  • olivia

    Where’s Orlando Bloom, Clive Owen, Christian Bale and Wentworth Miller??????
    Again People Magazine is playing the safe card that’s for sure. Javier Bardem and justin Timbera$$????????????? Who’ the hell made that list?

  • *~*Jinny*~*

    YAY!!! Wentworth Miller made People’s 2007 sexiest men list, look for his picture here..,,20154290_20154496_20154498,00.html

    Or click on the link Jared provided and on the right hand side click on “100 sexy men in 1 minute” :)

  • Anon

    I have always loved Matt Damon. But I have never thought of him as “sexy.” And while I really love a lot of the guys on this list, like Johnny Depp and George Clooney and Brad Pitt, too, I am totally off this People’s Sexiest Man crap. It has no credibility whatsoever. None. Nada. How can they compile a list like that and not include my Jakey!!!!! Jake Gyllenhaal is the sexiest man who ever lived….and that is fact!!!! So People is slinging a lot of poop!!! They just look at their advertisers, they look at the people who buy that magazine and that is how they make the list. Where is Orlando Bloom, Olivier Martinez, Colin Farrell, Terrence Howard,Enrique Inglesias,Christian Bale,Gael Garcia Bernal,Ryan Phillippe,Omar Metwalley, Diego Luna, and a few dozen more I could name??? It is all done by publicists and it has no real value. I have to laugh at how some of the columnists and bloggers and fooled into thinking real people think this is important. It isn’t. It is a joke.

  • bailey

    He isnt 32 he is 36…but he is still cute :)

  • Tyler

    There’s only one “sexiest man alive”

    BRAD PITT !!

  • Tyler

    There’s only one man who deserves to be the “sexiest man alive”

    BRAD PITT !!!

  • Jan

    Christian Bale is the sexiest!! This is the most boring list ever!!!!

  • helen

    A big NAYYYYYYYYYYYY all the list who put justin TImberlake as a sexy man should be banned and where’s Orly. What a shame. Even my milkman is sexier than most of them. Come on people ‘mag I known yours readers are old women but you should have some respect for them.

  • Malin

    Where the f**k is David Beckham? Huh?
    He’s so much sexier than most of theese men.


    Matt Damon? I would vote him the guy I most want to mow the lawn or make me a grilled cheese. But when it comes to sex, they’ve got to be kidding. Clive! Gerard! Bale!

  • jess

    °°°°°°°Ha ha it’s joke or what???? Orlando Bloom, Eric Bana and Christian Bale are the sexiest man in hollywood.

  • mel


  • Cheerios

    28 Isabel, thanks for the pic – so that did it for ya!! Oh, well – two each is own. We like what we like and that is what makes the world go ‘round.

    Congrats to Matt and his fans!!

  • Sprinkles

    Why is Wentworth Miller not number 1???????? So ridiculous. Matt Damon….puhleeze!

  • lily

    To # 6, I think his wife is Argentinian not cuban.

    Anyway, I wonder how they pick the sexiest men alive. Is it if they are in movies for the year? did they not say that Brad and clooney advocated for him to win? If the latter is so then this list is flawed. I agree with some of you taht they left out a lot of people who would have been worthy to be on the list. Where is Wentworth Miller? I am loving that dude that plays Justin on Brothers and Sisters. He is hotttt.

  • kanoe

    wow, random choice there-how hard was it to notice Gerard Butler had a successful year and is 10 times sexier than Matt Damon?

  • http://deleted flower

    The sexiest man alive is HUGH JACKMAN,have you seen the latest pictures on the beach??MY GOD!!!!!
    he really is the sexiest man alive!!!

  • wea

    huh, where is wentworth miller????

  • Kaila

    This is just a few of the people on the list. There’s more in the issue.

  • Starbucks addict

    Matt’s a great choice – but I think Brad Pitt and Johnny Damon are just as yummy.

  • Starbucks addict

    Oh, for the love of GOD, I meant Johnny Depp, not Johnny Damon.

  • suri

    Where’s Josh Holloway????

  • Sophie

    Ok, that must be the uglyest list!! Sure, Justin Timberlake is amasing, but Zac Efron’s waaaaaaaay more hot!!