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The Valkyrie Trailer -- Starring Tom Cruise

The Valkyrie Trailer -- Starring Tom Cruise

Peep the official Valkyrie trailer!

Tom Cruise stars in the historical thriller directed by Bryan Singer (Superman Returns, X-Men), out June 28th, 2008.

If you haven’t already, check out the hi-def Valkyrie behind-the-scenes featurette.

Valkyrie Trailer starring Tom Cruise
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  • zzzzzzzz..boringggggggg

    BOX OFFICE DISASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BOX OFFICE DISASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BOX OFFICE DISASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lala


  • leina

    I’m sorry, TomCruisehaters, but VALKYRIE will be the film of the year.

  • Lala


  • idea

    Why cant this weirdo just do a documentary of his weird strange life. That would be more interesting,you know, like,wife contracts,baby aint his, the gay lover he’s hiding, wanting to be a monk still, his company space ship gets washed on Tuesdays,,and his alien cult..oh yeah and how aliens created the world..

    a bonus would be how RON L. HUBBARD made all this cra.p up, and was a NUT!!!people and money would flow..people love seeing frea.ks!

  • Annabel

    LOVE TOM CRUISE!!!!!!!!

  • Cheerios

    Perhaps Katie might do a triathlon to help with this marketing for this one as well. too bad both eyes aren’t covered with patches…..

    te he he

  • b

    Regarding Idea

    You said it all – this guy is a piece of work.

  • hERNIA

    Another box office BOMB!

  • Sandra

    I don’t see why some people are screaming “box office failure” here – judging by the trailer, I don’t see it. This looks to be a genuinely interesting take on one of the plots to assassinate Hitler in the Second World War, and though I’m not that taken by Tom Cruise in general, he looks great in the trailer! I can’t wait for Valkyrie to find its way to theaters in my country.

  • Annabel

    no 5 lala
    it seems u know arabic! :d
    do u live in the US?

  • jan

    This movie will likely win various awards, receive a plethora of nominations, and be heralded as the best take on the Nazis in years.

    Tom Cruise is a screwball, but he’s still a solid actor. Better yet, Kenneth Branagh and Tom Wilkinson will help buffer the already strong premise and cast.

  • rINOA

    I’m curious to see how Carice van Houten is doing in this movie. I heard a lot about her.
    And I think this will be a great movie. Can’t wait to see it!

  • KarenA

    That looks so good. Tom rocked that, as did Kenneth, Terrence, Peter, et. al. I loved it and I do think it’s going to be quality. A prestige film coming out during the summer. Can’t wait!

  • Samantha

    Why are they speaking in ENGLISH and NOT GERMAN? Second, Tom Cruise is only 5 foot 7. The man Cruise is protraying in the film in real life Von Staffenburg was 6 foot 6 !

  • Cory

    This movie will do well. It is action not too much words like Lions for Lambs. Which is great by the way and has picked up nicely. Its international sales were not too bad. they were actually good.

  • Clare

    I think he still got it. Judging from this you can see he is an excellent actor. I think it will do very well.

  • sarah

    الله الفيلم جدا روعة!!! أحب توم كروز! أنه ملك هوليود!

    The trailer looks awesome! I love me some Tom Cruise – even though he’s a weirdo nowadays. You can’t deny that he’s not of the the greatest actors of our generation.

  • Kelly

    WOW is all I can say. And I don’t even like the guy as such but the movie is a promise.

  • Cory

    “It’s Cruise, however, who gives the richest, most nuanced performance, bringing his politico alive with bursts of wit, charm, energy, and sensitivity.”

  • Cory

    “Cruise doesn’t just chew the scenery; he massages, charms, intimidates, stalks and nails every bullet point of his neocon agenda with the ardor of a Baptist minister. Although the display of emotion is completely out of character for such a cold-blooded politician, the performance is nevertheless hypnotizing, and presents the most interesting aspect of the movie.”…-for-lambs.html

    “The conversation between Cruise and Streep has a totally authentic feel. Cruise gives one of his greatest performances as the smooth-tongued Republican. In fact, his winning smile and arguments are so persuasive they almost undermine the film’s anti-Bush message.”…ticle442594.ece

  • XIXI

    “However, it’s the dialogue that gives the film its crackle and fire, particularly the scenes between the politician and reporter. Streep is the more human of the two, desperate for a story but all too aware she’s being played by the senator, while Cruise gives his best performance since Magnolia. Bringing his trademark intensity to the part, you can barely take your eyes off him.”
    BEST BIT: Cruise proves again why he’s one of Hollywood’s finest actors.…89520-20076879/

  • Clare

    For those of you who though Lions was not doing well, you danced too early as the foreign numbers show that it is actually faring well. Chew on that.

    Monday figures

    Domestic….. $7,450,216
    Foreign……. $9,911,738
    Total…….. $17,361,954

    Lets see who will have th elast laugh.

  • lost_girl

    This movie is a SHAME !

    Leave German history to GERMAN !! :@

  • Jane

    With the dutch actress Carice van Houten!!:)

  • Anne

    Actually, this is a movie I would normally love to see – I love the genre, but with Tom Cruise as the star, I am completely turned off – he so disgusts me that I can’t see any movie he is in – he just comes across as such a little troll – gross.

  • n.o.l.a

    i got bored watching the trailer but KENNETH B—YUM!!! TOM WILKINSON – SOLID. Maybe they will save it.

  • memo

    I agree, Ann…this is a movie I might otherwise see, as was potentially Lions for Lambs, but there is no way I could possibly get past weirdo Tom’s face popping up. He’s so wacked in real life that every time I see him, I couldn’t help but remember that. I don’t care how good an actor he is, I will never see him as anything but a couch-jumping weirdo. Not to mention that I want to give any money to his cult, either.

  • He-who-shall-not-be-named

    I must say Tom has a creepy look, and he pulled off the cold Nazi character pretty well. I don’t necessarily idolize Tom, but this movie look good.

  • LOL

    Oscar for TOM

  • melody

    Count me in for this movie. Kicks ass!!!!!!

  • Alice

    funny to see trolls jealous of Tommy.

  • Emma

    Thanks Jared. What an amazing film and I love the music in the background. The cast are superb, the directing and writing too.

  • speechless

    Valkyrie will only appeal to those that know their history, to intelligent people and those that have good tastes in cinemas.
    Tom is perfectly cast and too bad this real heroes failed. Just imagine the changes in history if they really killed Hitler.

  • tess

    Being German mysel I had a bit of a laugh, though not on Tom Cruise: True story of an unknown hero? Stauffenberg is very much of a hero in Germany – not only since brilliant Sebastian Koch (who also was in Oscar winning The Lives of Others) portrayed him in a TV flick a few years ago ;)

    At the beginning most Germans were concerned that Stauffenberg will be played by Cruise since Scientology is nothing but a sect here – but Cruise was a nice guest to our country (also visiting dying actor Ulrich Mühe a few days before his death) and I do really hope that his movie will show that not all Germans are or were Nazis in the sense everyone has in mind. I am really proud that there were couragous heroes as Stauffenberg and his followers. Can’t wait til it starts.

  • Randy

    Looks really good.

    God goosebumps all over.

    I like Singer in Unusual suspects so its good he is finally
    returning to making great films other than the comic books.
    I hope he will still direct Superman. WB are morons for
    signaling the Justice League movie.

  • Mona

    unfortunately Tess, many dont know this hero. But this movie and thanks to Tom Cruise presence that will change. People nowadays know more about Paris Hilton than what’s going on in the world.
    So many dont even know their own U.S. history let alone world history. Its laughable that youngsters really belive the version of the Titanic by Leo DiCaprio and the Pearl Harbor version of Ben Affleck.


  • Nemo

    10 stars

  • tess

    LOL! Yeah, I guess that’s true. I’ve been asked recently what’s it like to live in a state ruled by Hitler ;) Quite a lot of people believe that everything told in movies is true.

  • Janice

    Go Tom! I love the line” we have to show the world not everyone of us were like him” and “if we do nothing this will always be known as Hitler’s Germany”.

  • kristian grzep

    I grew up with tom cruise on the screen… the past few years have been difficult but as the granddaughter of someone who entered into Berlin in 1945, this is a important film for people to see.. it will encourage younger generations to dive into history and really look for the truths of our past. What did we have so much to lose for… my grandfather refused to speak of those years of his life – entering Berlin and dealing with Germans, of his own blood probably, who may or may have not supported Hitler. This I think, is not a movie to judge celebrity as one might, but to open minds to other alterntives that are available to us as a country, and as a planet.

  • The Maven

    That movie looks deep. I think for once I may set aside my differences with Mr Cruise and watch his film.

  • kitkat

    They dont speak German?

    Anyone recall Shindler’s list the German characters sound British.
    Enemy at the Gates have Russian characters but their accents like Jude Law,Weisz and Ed Harris are nowhere to be found.
    Black Hawk Down some American soldiers sound Australian and British.
    Gladiator its supposedly Rome but the accents are all juggled up same with Munich. 3:10 to Yuma a Western with Aussie accent same in American Gangster an FBI that sounds Australian.

    Some dont know there are German actors in Valkyrie but they dont sound German do they. I wonder which one is Stauffenberg’s relative in the trailer?

  • Hannah

    A powerful movie indeed. A loss to those who dont care.

  • sad one

    Hollywood is noticing this time that war and political films are drying out at the box office. The decline started after 9-11 and even got worst this fall movie line up of war films starting with the Kingdom,Valley of Elah,Rendition and now Lions for Lambs. Im surprise that Brad and Angelina are going for another Middle East arc when Might Heart failed too.

    I saw on CNN many films on war will be cut down by Hollywood. What ticks me off is that real historical pieces and amazing movies like We Were Soldiers,Flags of our Fathers by Clint Eastwood are ignored but movies that are just lies by Michael Moore the public flock to it.

    Sad for war fans that some war projects like Spielberg and Ridley Scott might not happen anymore. At least my Blackwater movie is still a go but films like Operation Anaconda and other Afghanistan and Iraq action war films will be denied.

  • Courtney

    Tom Cruise will always be worth my movie ticket!

    Thanks to Jared for putting up this masterful trailer!

  • Maybe

    I’m out on this one. The topic sounds interesting, but the guy totally turns me off. Don’t think I could sit through it.

  • Ian

    Cant wait

  • Me

    6 idea : 11/14/2007 at 9:48 am

    Why cant this weirdo just do a documentary of his weird strange life. That would be more interesting,you know, like,wife contracts,baby aint his, the gay lover he’s hiding, wanting to be a monk still, his company space ship gets washed on Tuesdays,,and his alien cult..oh yeah and how aliens created the world..

    a bonus would be how RON L. HUBBARD made all this cra.p up, and was a NUT!!!people and money would flow..people love seeing frea.ks!

    You’re so FUNNY and so RIGHT!!!! Tom’s got it all at his fingertips if he’ll just do a TRUE autobiography and follow-up with the movie. Love it!