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Angelina Jolie's 'Economist' Article

Angelina Jolie's 'Economist' Article

The Economist has published Angelina Jolie‘s article for their annual spin-off issue, The World in 2008. CLICK HERE to read the full article.

In other news, Angelina Jolie‘s adoption of daughter Zahara in July 2005 was completely legal, the agency involved said on Thursday.

Tabloids reported earlier this week that relatives of two-year-old Zahara, including a woman who says she is her birth mother, want the child returned to Ethiopia.

“The court in Addis Ababa approved the adoption after studying the document her grandmother wrote … saying her daughter, the mother of Zahara, had died and she was too poor to bring her up,” Tsegaye Berhe, the head of Wide Horizons for Children adoption agency told Reuters.

“The grandmother brought three witnesses to court who testified that Zahara‘s mother had died and that her father was unknown … The court also investigated the social status of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt before approving the adoption. [The adoption was] legal and irrevocable. The controversy is media hype by unethical journalists exploiting the poverty of the grandmother.”

In other words, reporters paid the relatives to raise the dispute.


A year for accountability

Angelina Jolie, goodwill ambassador to the UNHCR, hopes for progress in bringing war criminals to justice

On a recent mission for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, I had the opportunity to visit a refugee camp in Chad just across the border with Sudan. Sitting with a group of refugees, I asked them what they needed. These were people who had seen family members killed, neighbours raped, their villages burned and looted, their entire communities driven from their land. So it was no surprise when people began listing the things that could improve their lives just a little bit. Better tents, said one; better access to medical facilities, said another. But then a teenage boy raised his hand and said, with powerful simplicity, “Nous voulons un procès.” We want a trial.

A trial might seem a distant and abstract notion to a young man for whom the inside of a courtroom is worlds away from the inside of a refugee camp. But his statement showed a recognition of something elemental: that accountability is perhaps the only force powerful enough to break the cycle of violence and retribution that marks so many conflicts.

I believe 2008 can be the year in which we begin seeking true accountability and demanding justice for the victims in Darfur and elsewhere. Through accountability we can begin the process of righting past wrongs, and even change the behaviour of some of the world’s worst criminals.

The international tribunals for the former Yugoslavia and for Rwanda have shown the way in convicting heads of state and generals for genocide and crimes against humanity. The UN-backed special court for Sierra Leone has already sentenced three former leaders of a pro-government militia to jail for war crimes committed during the country’s civil war in the 1990s.

In Cambodia, the joint UN-Cambodian court to try top former Khmer Rouge leaders with war crimes and crimes against humanity has begun calling witnesses. It has taken a long time to get even this far, but a trial is likely in 2008. In The Hague, the International Criminal Court (ICC) has begun trials of two of the Congolese leaders charged with fomenting killings and rapes amid the violence that has raged there for over a decade.

Make no mistake, the existence of these trials alone changes behaviour. Seeing the indictment of Thomas Lubanga and the detention of Germain Katanga by the ICC brought to mind a trip I had taken to Congo five years ago. In the Ituri region, where Mr Katanga’s reign of terror had been most intense, our group attended a meeting of rebel leaders. They had gathered in a field to discuss the prospects for a peace agreement—which were not looking very good. The conversation turned hostile and the situation grew extremely tense. At that point, one of my colleagues asked for the name of one of the rebels, announcing, perhaps a bit recklessly, that he was going to pass it along to the ICC.

It was remarkable: this rebel leader’s whole posture changed from aggression to conciliation. The ICC had been around for only five months. It had tried no one. Yet its very existence was enough to intimidate a man who had been terrorising the population for years.

Ending the cycle of violence

This is not an isolated example. Accountability has the potential to change behaviour, to check aggression by those who are used to acting with impunity. Luis Moreno-Ocampo, the prosecutor of the ICC, has said that even genocide is not a crime of passion; it is a calculated decision. He is right. Common sense tells us that when risks are weighed, decisions are made differently. When crimes against humanity are punished consistently and severely, the killers’ calculus will change.

My hope is that these examples of justice in the name of accountability will be just a few of the many to come. I hope that the Sudanese government will hand over the government minister and the janjaweed militia leader who have been indicted for war crimes by the ICC, and that the teenager I met in Chad will get to see the trial he seeks. I hope that those responsible for the atrocities in Darfur will be held to account, not only for that young man’s sake, but for the world’s.

Only through justice will we achieve peace. And only when there is peace will the world’s nearly 39m displaced persons and refugees be able to return home.

The strong preying upon the weak and the weak, upon achieving strength, extracting retribution: this is the nature of so many of the world’s conflicts. The role of aggressor and victim may alternate over time, the tools of destruction may become more sophisticated, but little else changes.

Despite the horror I have seen in my travels, the hopeful lesson I take is that we can begin to put an end to the cycle of violence and retribution that gives rise to war criminals and sets forth floods of refugees. Let 2008 be the year in which we see the principle of accountability put into action.

Angelina Jolie: The World in 2008 [The Economist]

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2,217 Responses to “Angelina Jolie's 'Economist' Article”

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  1. 76
    ba Says:

    Angie is a truly remarkable human being. I am so proud to be her fan.
    She’s smart, articulate and passionate of her cause. I can’t think of anyone in hollywood past or present that has achieved the worldwide status as she does right now. She’s in a different league that is hard to fathom the thought is there anyone else can top her? I admire her conviction. She is a true icon today and forever. I love you, Angie.

  2. 77
    sbc Says:

    Angelina should keep the baby. It is hers legally. One question though: why is Zahara’s grandmother in poverty? Why don’t Brad and Angelina financially support her? Just like David Banda’s father. How can celebrities adopt poor kids and live with the fact that tehir kin is living in poverty? This is the tricky part of adoption. Angelina should support the grandmother. It is Zahara’s bloodline.

  3. 78
    tino tonatini Says:

    Brad pitt still the good looking guy! I don’t see much change on him for people calling him he looks old I bet the differ…

  4. 79
    chris Says:

    that is why there are so much problem right now, because of the bad media, and of course mostly people are buying this magazines are people who doesn’t know the real about anything. What the media write on their magazines that we read, we absulotely believe them right away. The educated people never buy this magazine because they are smart and know the truth. But most of the people are uneducated like me, if you don’t seek the truth, real truth will not come to you. to make it short, support only the thruth and ignore the lies and try to educate yourself by seeking the truth. like angie, if you read her story, she did not see the truth till she went to Cambodian to shoot her Tom Raider Movie. That’s the first time she saw those Refugees people. What did she do after that?, she phoned the United Nation right away and talked to them that she want to work with the UN. Please, don’t let lies ruin your time, time is running. Each of us, think what we can contribute to this world before we go back to mother earth. don’t just waste your time and energy, try to accomplish something nice and if you do after that it feel really satisfying. Thanks!

  5. 80
    Peaches Says:

    67 Mr and Mrs Smith : 11/15/2007 at 2:40 pm
    You know what I really LOVE? That NEITHER Angie nor Brad or any of their representatives made a comment about the Zahara story. Instead, the Ethiopian adoption agency is the one which made the official statement. I think OutTouch was expecting them to respond in some way, but, they must be somewhat disappointed that once again, their target isn’t paying them any attention.


    IA. I think that is why all the tabs spin these far out stories. They want a direct response from Brad/Angie or there rep. It is the only way to get a quote from Angie or Brad. The tabs know that they don’t have any sources to what is going on in t hat relationship and they hate it, so they bash them in hopes of a reaction. Sort of like the trolls that come here. They says things like Angie doesn’t like Shilo or Brad is the worst thing to every happen to Angie. Everyone knows these things are ridiculous including the trolls but they say them to get a reaction from the fans.

  6. 81
    angel Says:

    i hate E,but today they did a good thing by printing the truth about Z,i still hate them

  7. 82
    Felinelilly Says:

    69- WTF -
    I’m not taking offense to your comment, but I AM a lower income woman. I’ve actually never had a whole lot of money, even growing up. However, I never thrived on misery and I’m very thankful for all I have today. I’m not envious of wealthier people. I think the people who ACTUALLY BELIEVE the trash mags are people who are easily influenced and don’t ask questions. I, and all the fans here, have enough of a brain not to believe it and to get informed.

  8. 83
    PINKY JP Says:

    wow, beauty and brains…and most of all big heart and lovely soul…that’s Angelina Jolie, and that’s why she is among the people who inspire me the most.

    Angie, your transformation over the years gives me hope that people can change for the better and become their very best.

  9. 84
    ??? Says:

    When are they gonna start SUING the TABLOID MAGAZINES???

    I know that Angie and Brad always prove the tablies wrong, but when are they gonna start suing them? This time, they paid the poor relatives of their daughter Z to raise a dispute! Very wrong!

  10. 85
    Rayssa Says:

    You know what.. I don’t blame the so called family members who are saying that they want Zahara returned, I blame the “reporters” who went there and offered these people money to say these things. Those people are very poor so of course they would do that for money, it’s just sad that people would take advantage of people who are so desperate……. Shame on them!

  11. 86
    econo-people Says:

    Who gives a shite what Angelina Jolie thinks about Sudan?
    The Economist is turning into People magazine.

    I’d rather hear from Judge Mrs. Akua KUENYEHIA (Ghana)
    Professor Kuenyehia was elected for a nine-year term from the African Group of States, and is assigned to the Pre-Trial Division.

    She was Dean, Faculty of Law of the University of Ghana before her election as a judge. During her time at that university, she taught criminal law, gender and the law, international human rights law and public international law.

    She was co-ordinator of a research project entitled “Women and Law in Anglophone West Africa”, which covered Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone and The Gambia. She has written three books and numerous academic publications on gender and the law, family law and international human rights.

    Judge Kuenyehia is a Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Ghana. She has experience as solicitor, advocate and human rights expert, and in criminal law and procedure. She also has experience as an administrator and has expertise in gender and the law, international human rights issues and was a member of the Committee on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW).

  12. 87
    sbc Says:

    It would be nice if Angelina gave the poor grandmother a stipend every month. If Brad and Angelina are millionaires then their daughter’s grandma should not be poor.

  13. 88
    cheddar Says:

    Thank you Jared!!! What a great article. Amazing out of all the things that poor child needs phyiscally he wants justice and I don’t blame him.

  14. 89
    juju Says:

    77 sbc : 11/15/2007 at 2:53 pm

    So Angelina and Brad, just because they have money, have to suport every family member of the children they adopted? That’s stupid.

    Angelina and Brad adopted a child in a orphanage. They don’t know nor adopted the children family member and they don’t have any obligations towards them.

  15. 90
    no Says:

    Angelina does not need to support the Grandmother. She adopted Zahara not the family. Love Zee. She is beautiful. Angie rocks!

  16. 91
    Passing Through Says:

    Hmmm…OuttaTouch lie? Hmmm…OuttaTouch pay witnesses? Naaaahhhhhhh. They’d NEVER do a thing like that.

  17. 92
    think positive! Says:

    “The court in Addis Ababa approved the adoption after studying the document her grandmother wrote … saying her daughter, the mother of Zahara, had died and she was too poor to bring her up,” Tsegaye Berhe, the head of Wide Horizons for Children adoption agency told Reuters.

    “The grandmother brought three witnesses to court who testified that Zahara’s mother had died and that her father was unknown … The court also investigated the social status of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt before approving the adoption. [The adoption was] legal and irrevocable. The controversy is media hype by unethical journalists exploiting the poverty of the grandmother.”

    In other words, reporters paid the relatives to raise the dispute.
    This needs to be posted every ten posts.

    Jared this is one of your best threads about the JPs. You are the only CELEBRETY blog in cyberspace who reports this kind of worth reading news. All the others are just about drugs, alcohol and break-downs.

    I applauded you!!

    I always knew that press in general was intentionally misleading even in global issues but before starting blogging I never knew that this kind of viciousness which is full of pure lies and false accusations can be printed in a publication. I don’t give a sh*t if it’s a tabloid or not. NONE should get away with such cruel behavior. Cause this is not only about a celebrity. It is not about who had plastic surgery or who gained too much weight or who is dating whom. This is about ADOPTION and the life of a CHILD.

    People who are not informed can be easily manipulated. Can this people think a little aside from their paychecks?? Don’t they have kids or relatives who have kids?? How it would be like if they were in Brad’s and Angie’s shoes?? How it would be like if THEY had adopted a child and someone was writting that the adoption is illegal with no proof or facts?? How would they feel??

    The one who wrote this article and the one who runs this piss of trash needs to be charged. This is not freedom of speech. This is a crime against adoption. And an attack against a little child.

    This world is so f*cked up.

    Thank God I’m still young and I MUST have some hope. I’m not waiting for miracles but this sh*t needs to stop.

    All the blessings to Angie, Brad and their little ones.

  18. 93
    the real tita Says:

    #52: Because break ups sell more than makeups or teamups. They could make more money out of the absurd theories and outright lies, papz’ pictures and interviews with supposed insiders. People lap this up. If you think the JA and BP breakup was gold for the media, this breakup will be platinum studded with diamonds!

  19. 94
    angel Says:

    86,that is your opinion,leave peacefully,no one forces you here,people all over the world are worried about the atrocities in dafur

  20. 95

    AFTER ONLY 5 MONTHS TOGETHER, ANGIE & BRAD DECIDED TO ADOPT A CHILD? Why else would the Ethiopian Adoption Agency have to examine the relationship between her and BRAD PITT? Since Jennifer Anniston filed for divorce in March 2005 and Zahara was adopted in July 2005, that would mean, if we are to believe them that they did not start the relationship until after the divorce papers were filed, that they were together ONLY 5 MONTHS! If this is the case, then that would also mean that THESE 2 CLOWNS HAVE THE WORST JUDGEMENT EVER AND SHAME ON THE ETHIOPIAN ADOPTION INVESTIGATORS!

  21. 96
    LsAM Says:

    I personally adopted a boy in California of Cambodian descent and the paperwork that we went through were so rigorous to make everything right. Tabloids want to make money out of Brad and Angie. Poor writers they are running out of material.

  22. 97
    angel Says:

    guys i have send alot lot of emails to the lying blogs and outa touch,lets keep sending them

  23. 98
    cheddar Says:

    #40- Angelnia and Brad are both Americans and they most certainly know the meaning of adoption. If you want to insult Sam fine, but don’t drag all of us Yanks in to it.

    Did Angelina write a book?

  24. 99
    angel Says:

    95,you are the real clown,losers like you should look at youself on amirror and scream,beetyotch

  25. 100
    piper, with a low Says:

    87 sbc : 11/15/2007 at 3:02 pm

    Sounds like you’re describing an arrangement a la a Charles Dickens novel or fcuking Citizen Kane, or indentured servitude, none of which applies to Zahara’s situation.

    Zahara is Brad and Angelina’s child; their offering payola for Zahara is sleazy and fcuking unnecessary.

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