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Lindsay Lohan's Mug Shot

Lindsay Lohan's Mug Shot

Here is Lindsay Lohan‘s latest mug shot per TMZ. (Her first mug shot was taken back in July.)

Lindsay, 21, turned herself in Thursday morning to serve jail time stemming from her August conviction for two DUIs.

According to The Post, Lindsay walked into the Lynwood correctional facility at 10.30 a.m. accompanied by her attorney, Blair Berk.

As usual, Lindsay didn’t see the inside of a prison cell. She was kept in a holding area and released after 84 minutes, two minutes more than Nicole Richie!

Linds has been serving her community service time at a local Red Cross.

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  • Taylor

    Why haven’t we seen Britney’s yet???

  • mark

    poor her =/

    hey jared, more ashley tisdale pleaaase

  • Natalie

    Looks like she’s getting a glamor shot. Getting “jail time” doesn’t phase these celebs at all, does it? lol. 84 minutes, wow. Thats a joke

  • marn

    Absolute joke they could at least make her mingle with general pop (supervised of course) for 1 hour really scare the pants off her!

  • Mia

    what a moron

    just when we thought she was getting better…

  • troy

    Let’s see Nicole Richie served 82 minutes. Lindsay Lohan served 84 minutes. Paris Hilton served 23 days. Does this really seem fair to anyone else? I know that overcrowding is a serious issue in L.A. jails but COME ON. I don’t blame Lindsay, she lucked out more power to her. I just hope she can stay clean.

    But still I can’t help but feel that what happened to Paris was more about a contest of who’s got the biggest you-know-what between the chief of police and the judge then it was about fairness and what was just. Paris deserved to see the inside of a jail but IMO so did Nicole and Lindsay. This bothers me.

  • Tash

    This photo is way old?? Why are you rehashing old news?

  • Daisy

    hahaha oh my god she looks like a middle aged stripper…stop with the bottle blonde, constant pouting and orange glow and i’ll love you again.

  • Tash

    Apologies for my earlier post (number 7) – I had too many screens open and wrote my comment on the wrong story. Sorry.

  • Zephi

    Is this a mug shot or a head shot??

    You can’t tell the difference these days anymore with all these ‘criminal celebrities’ LOL!

  • She’s just boooring…

    Where’s Zac Efron?!

    He just disappeared from JJ!!

  • remember da truth

    Okay, did anyone here pay ANY attention to what is really going on, or did they just want to complain?
    Lindsay has been and will continue to do community service instead of jail time. She did not get off scot free.
    Nicole also turned HERSELF in and was extremely cooperative and had one DUI where she did not hurt anyone or cause any damage, not two with a crashed vehicle and other charges surrounding it.
    Paris did nothing but cry and whine, refused community service, fought it every step of the way, did not turn herself in but was caught — TWICE — violating the law, and up until the last week was ready to fight it in court believing she was above the law. She also was driving with a suspended license, had been told to get that fixed and was ON PROBATION which she ignored when caught the second time. She basically acted like the laws didn’t apply to her and THAT’S why she needed to go to jail to learn that breaking the law has consequences, even if you are rich and can flash your coochie for the amusement of teen boys on the internet.
    Paris was NOT unfairly treated. The judicial system was. She had withdrawal from drugs inside jail, and used it as an excuse for a stupid police chief to give her SPECIAL TREATMENT getting out early. The judge was right to put her back where she belonged. Remember, she was sentenced to 45 days, adn still only got half that.

    Also, overcrowding didn’t have anything to do with any of it. All of them go to a special place in jail where it is not overcrowded, but simply more private, for high-profile cases. Plenty of room, no waiting.

  • TJ

    At least she is taking the measures to stay clean. Hopefully she has learned from her mistakes.

  • [~Famous~]

    i’m not sure why this picture is being posted now.

    is there a point?

  • Katie N

    She looks very old in this picture. I guess it happens when you do botox and other beauty remedies too early and too often.

  • [~Famous~]

    my fault, there was a point. lol

  • Dr Jube

    she looks hideous. What happened to her lips!?

  • belle

    haha…..gud 4 her!!!!n people keep sayin “hopefully she will learn from her mistakes”she will probably just do it again……she keeps sayin she won’t do anythin stupid but she can never stop……..lucky its just for a while………it should be longer……she just gets uglier n uglier

  • troy

    #12 I assume you’re referring to my post (#6) if you are look again I clearly said I belived that Paris deserved to see the inside of a jail cell. So I’m no Paris defender. I also believe Nicole and Lindsay deserved to see the inside of a jail cell as well. And yes while community service is not “getting off scoot free” by itself it is far too lenient in my opinion.

    And overcrowding is an issue that I have heard brought up several times.

  • Bonjour

    First off, I would like to start by saying that Lindsay Lohan is a usual partier. Now, there are people who love her and people that hate her. In my opinion…..I am in no liking of her. I dislike her cocaine problem, and her ‘too into herself’ personality.

    She has some good casual style, but she’s not responsible. If you were her, caught with cocaine, DUI, date more than 20 men, I’d probably label her ‘ SLUT #1 ‘.

    84 minutes of jail?


  • Cynthia

    She looks like a thug bb!! She’s so over.

  • Tony the tiger

    THIS IS AN OLD PHOTO that has been all over the internet as her new mug shot but it isn’t. The new mug shot will not be publicly available because it is solely for booking purposes.

    Still she looks twice her age. Do you think she even realizes that her film and music career are totally over?

  • leanne

    Why does she still look like a dirty Crack Head?????? !!!!!

  • Shannon


  • kathastic

    terrible fake tan she has…seriously u can see where it ends at the top of her forehead

  • Jason

    fake & fugly–and what’s up with all the botox for someone her young age? gross!!!!

  • DEJA

    poor girl.

  • mike