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Natalie Portman - "InStyle" December 2007

Natalie Portman -

Natalie Portman continues her purple reign as the cover girl for InStyle Magazine December 2007.

On how to live a happy life: “If we can find ways to love life and be joyful without being wasteful or destructive–that’s what’s important.”

On being a stylish self-starter: “I can’t make anything, but I’m setting goals on learning how to farm, to cook and to be more self-sufficient.”

On how she chooses what to wear: “I dress in what’s comfortable. The bigger the pants, the softer the shirt, the better. Personal touches are great.”

Bigger cover pic inside…

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natalie portman instyle december 2007 01
natalie portman instyle december 2007 02
natalie portman instyle december 2007 03
natalie portman instyle december 2007 04
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natalie portman instyle december 2007 07

Credit:; Photos: Mark Abrahms
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  • meline

    Well she looks stunning as usual. Natalie is a beautiful and talented actress. yep

  • Malika

    Right, I’m sure she farms. Has she alerted her personal chef, nutritionist, trainer and publicist??

  • eva

    Natalie is everywhere lately. Who is her stylist? this guy (or girl) is picking up for her some awesome outfits. I can not say the same thing about EVA LONGORIA, the one who hired as a stylist BOZO the Clown. Eva attended some even dressed in her BED STEETS . If you do not believe me, then say you would wear that dress. Is pure bedding chic.

  • Saludosamigos

    Pretty girl, bad actress. Not really all that bright either. But pretty, yes indeed. I like the bike pictures.

  • talula

    She’s starting to be a little overexposed. Keep them wanting, girl!

  • Amanda

    “Pretty girl, bad actress. Not really all that bright either. But pretty, yes indeed. I like the bike pictures.”

    Wether you think she’s a good actress or not, is your opinion completely. BUT: “Not really all that bright either?” Are you speaking on behalf of her intelligence or common sense? Because last time I checked… she graduated from Harvard University as Psychology major… with honors. She pursued graduate study in Jerusalem. Most actresses her age, consider education apart of the past. She’s not afraid to challenge herself beyond her career. Also, she’s been involved in various charities, missions… seems pretty bright, pretty intelligent, and pretty awesome to me… :)

  • dita

    She’s great!

  • ThatGirl

    Not really all that bright either.

    That’s why she graduated from Harvard…

  • josh

    Natalie is lovely and talented I wish her all the best with this film.

  • graydon

    hey people, well i don’t know if nat is smart or not but just wanted to say that harvard does not necessarily equal intelligence, its really the prestige more than anything, with the ivy leagues its all about money power privilege connections old boys club all that, harvard especially has gone downhill in terms of teaching quality the last few years. think about it you could have crappy teachers/students at ivys and brilliant ones at a community college, just cuz someone has the money and connections to afford a harvard degree does not make them a genius, i’m not saying she’s stupid or something i’m just saying don’t buy into the hype,

  • lola

    I think in reality she is VERY smart. I read an article about her way back when she was still in highschool and studying for her final exams, and her father would stay up with her til 3am in the morning so that she would ace them. She takes her studies very seriously and even stated that she would rather be smart than famous. In another article when she filmed Closer both Jude Law and Julia Roberts stated that sometimes when Natalie would say things it went completely over their heads and they felt like they were not smart at all by comparison.

  • Rinoa

    Just love her. She look absolutely stunning, playes great movie parts and is very smart.
    And she really looks like a very happy woman. And that’s what makes her special. Love u Natalie!

  • georgette

    those pics are great, they’re poetic, they express very subtle emotions

    About her farming : “malika”, lol but she’s a surprising young lady, u could expect that from her.
    And i didn’t know she majored her degree, that’s inspiring how she do things very seriously and excell at it

  • KC

    Simply stunning.

  • Natalie

    She is always so classy and beautiful. Loveeee her

  • tom

    “Farming”? I think she probably means “gardening”. She’s not very intelligent. My guess is that she got into Harvard on status, not merit. I’d bet money on it.

  • Milli

    She has that “Hollywood Mouth”. Its absolutely necessary to have a Hollywood mouth if you wanna be big in Hollywood. Julia roberts has it, so does Cameron Diaz, Scarlet Johanssen, Angelina Jolie etc. You have to have weird/attractive lips/mouth to succeed in Hollywood. She has it. And she is pretty too. She strikes me as someone very sexual, its in her, she is seductive,although I don’t remember watching her anything too sexual apart from “Closer”

  • Halli

    Geez, more Audrey Hepburn inspired photos (the ones on the bike are almost exactly like a famous photoshoot Audrey did over 40 years ago!) Why can’t Natalie be herself?

  • kt

    what a fresh and beutiful face she’s such cutie-pie.

  • cee cee

    natalie leave the crank that dance to soulja boy.

  • cee cee

    she is not a cutie pie.

  • kk

    #15 -she is always so classy and beautiful? I wouldn’t say that. On a day-to-day basis she looks like a slob. She is not at all put together. Perhaps making a statement that brains matter more than appearance? Fine. But with millions in the bank, you would think Natalie Portman could at least comb her hair and wear jeans that fit.

  • http://pepinoooorr pepeino

    que os calleis la puta boca, no teneis ni zorra.

  • ana banana

    I love the dress on u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111
    BTW, my name is %$^& Jones. i am 13 and a 1/2 2day!
    Eva sucks. so do her bangs. she got the same 1s as me.

  • Lauren

    Well…if she got into Harvard is because she’s Natalie Portman for Christ sake, Bush attended Yale and Harvard so…what’s the point?. Of course she’s smart, but billions of people are smart as well and way more smart than her, the only difference is that they don’t have the name nor the money. Of course her face is very pretty, although she has the body of a 6-year-old starving boy and the word ”good taste” and ”feminity” doesn’t fit in her patterns, she looks like a tramp. And about her talent…definately depends on the movie, I think she was great in Closer ot The Professional, and horrible in The Other Boleyn Girl and many others.

    She does stupid things too. No need to remember the puppiesssss advert where she joked about financial crisis, nice going for someone who won’t even notice it, incredible frivolous…and she’s 27 I think, so grow up. She has her own vegan shoe line made with syntethic products…great, soooo smart to defend the enviroment using fake materials that do hurt our world, while animals don’t…but hey, if she does so…she must be right? because she graduated form Harvard or what?

    She complains about paparazzis chasing her. There you have Liv Tyler, Cate Blanchett etc who live through the same and do not ever complain, the are smiley, polite, real ladies… and they even have kids. If she doesn’t like it, choose another profession. Of course I would feel terrible too if that happened to me every day, but acting was her choice and she must learn to live through the not-so-nice aspects of it.

    It’s natural to have different opinions, she’s not horrible but not great either, just a normal girl who has had so much luck and also enough common sense not to throw her life away, so it’s a mix.

  • Your Mom

    Unless Portman discovers steroids for acting, I predict in ten years, no one will give a hoot about her. She has this neat little beauty and brains niche carved out in Hollywood, but once the looks fade (and they all fade dear girls), bye bye laudatory brouhaha and hello “whatever happened to what’s her face?”.

    Oh, and if we want to talk about dark-haired, young actresses who are emotionally intelligent, pretty, AND talented, look no further than Anne Hathaway.

  • Lester

    I guess I’m the only one thinking this as it seems to be an establisted fact that this woman is beautiful but I don’t find her pretty at all. To me she’s quite plain. And I find her acting to be forced, not natural. As viewers we are supposed to see the character she’s playing, not her effort.