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Britney Drives Again

Britney Drives Again

On Thursday afternoon, photogs catch former pop princess Britney Spears at the wheel of her Mercedes Benz driving through the garage of the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills. Sporting big shades and a messy ponytail, Brit steers with one hand while trying to ignore the paparazzi.

With the court-appointed monitor riding shotgun, Brit’s little son appears to be safely strapped into a baby car seat. As the car seat is facing forwards, it seems likely that it’s two-year-old Sean Preston and not little Jayden James, 14 months, back there.

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  • CSSD

    Get OFF the raod Britney. Jebus, what a mess.

  • steven


  • Josie

    I do feel a bit sorry for her but WHO THE HELL let her drive again.

  • Annabel

    where’s jayden?!

  • Maria (Shorty)

    Why don’t people just leave this woman alone already!! For goodness sake!! If anyone is going to drive this woman totally insane is the bloody media and papps! Enough alrady!!

    I’m not sayings she’s not to blame as she’s done some really stupid things — but when are these people going to let up?

  • georgette

    i’m very thrilled for her.
    I hear she was so happy at the perspective of being with her children, she bought them a lot of expensive stuff. Such a loving mother! her situation is sad (havig to deal with a.s.s.hole kevin). be strong little brit!

  • EVA

    4 things about Britney Unfitney . 1) is our fault because we want more and more photos of Britney and the paps want more and more money and then they harass her ass. 2) she’s the biggest idiot on the face of the planet. Let’s not forget that Britney made her ‘fortune’ when she was the idol for the girls and ‘sex desire’ for the guys… and now Brit Brit is not any of what she was before, and the way she spends the money…. soon Britney will get to the end of her bucks and I can’t wait to see what she will do. 3) Come on, just say that I am not right when I say that she’s a idiot, Britney knows that she could easily get ‘out’ of the publics eye … but she prefers to whore her life and image and be the dumb girl for everybody. For me it’s not funny anymore seeing the trainwreck she got to be, what the hell is she doing??? taking the kids for a ride on the highway? The only time when I seen her doing something for the kids was when she rented that boat and took them for a little sail…. but 99% of the time when Britney is with the kids she goes shopping, shopping and shopping. 4) I got sick of her. Eva.

  • Annabel

    sean looks for cute

  • Di

    Since both boys are now over 12 months old they can both be in front facing car seats. the law is 1 year old and 20 pounds in most states. She maybe pretty inept in most child car but this is not an issue.

  • [~Famous~]

    I hope the tard-brothers don’t get hurt when she crashes. They have enough problems.

    God bless my sidekick3, I can make fun of shitney while bored at work.

  • katie

    do not drive

  • baifan

    I am no Britney Fan, but i saw a video last night where the paps were just falling on the car to get some snaps. That was a stupid thing to do, it was so chaotic, they shd just leave her alone. I won’t mind not seeing a pic of her for atleast another year.

  • mactank

    i feel sorry for her… cmon…

  • georgette

    “famous”> cruel calling her “shitney”…
    u’re talking about a real human u know! not a character or a toy that u can throw against the wall when u’re bored…
    look in the mirror: what U’ve just said was shit! not the innocent dumbo Britney! not even a dumbo. it’s getting boring juging her all the time based on noone can remember what! A lot of people should take the time to think before throwing their shit on her! she deserves that! even if it’s not obvious for everybody.

  • EVA

    WTF WTF WYF WTF WTF WTF WTF. Give me a f**** break bitches who defend UNFITNEY….. have you even looked at the photos????????? She is driving the car, at night, with sunglasses ON!!!!!!!! She is insane, Britney does not even care about her kids life. I would kill her with my bare hands. The bitch, she is taking it way 2 far. Eva,

  • Lillianne

    What’s the deal on today’s hearing? Anybody know?

  • Lillianne

    Whoa, looks like she can’t drive with the kids anymore. Maybe the commish has sense after all.

  • The Maven

    Who gave her the keys to the car? Do you people realise that the woman is walking, driving trainwreck.

  • georgette

    omg EVA u’re mentally disordered or what?!

  • not white

    I think the sun glassea re for her eyes to stand the flashes of the cameras, that is why some celebs use them (at least one of the reasons)
    try driving with bunches of people with camesas and flashes to get out of a parking lot, and to that add that you are not very bright (meaning britney)

  • celebretard

    Brits gonna lose those kids…its sad…look at her friendspacebook profile.

  • Barney


  • EVA

    georgette – , sometimes we get angry. But tell me, how many car accidents had Britney Spears? She has millions of $$$$$ but she can’t hire a driver? she’s just stupid, idiot… you name it. And if somebody takes her part in this… then they are really mentally disorded. I am VERY VERY happy about something, that finally a LA court ordered today that Britney is prohibited from driving her kids anywhere. If you consider that she can drive a car… then I am sorry 2 tell you but you girl have been away on the moon and missed all the great news we had about Britney,

    not white – to stand the flashes? how about staying on the back-seat or staying at home. Britney Spears

    - Has driven with one of her kids on her lap
    - Drove without a valid license in California for years
    - Ran over a police officer after leaving a court hearing
    - Has run over paparazzi – many times
    - Ran a red light last week
    - Hit a car and left the scene without leaving a note

    so, do you still believe that Britney needs the sunglasses at night? to run over some little girls that would ask her autograph ? could be.

    Girls she does not deserve for us to get into fighting on this blog, let’s have the decency for jared

  • vanis

    omg EVA, you need to shut the fuck up, and you need to do it now. who the hell you think you are???
    you talk about her like you know her, and I don’t think you do, you’re just jealous, or maybe OBSESSED, like you say in your… page? it sucks but the way…
    get a life an live it, and try, at least, to leave Britney alone you fucking hater
    and remember… IT’S BRITNEY BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    have a nice day

  • Gimmemore


    WATCH IT!!!
    WATCH IT!!

  • Lilly

    It goes more by weight than age whether a child can sit facing frontwards in a car seat. My kids were very big for their ages. My youngest was 32 inches tall and 30 pounds by 10 months old. His Dad is 6’4″. There was no way a baby that big would fit in a rear facing car seat without his knees hitting his chin ! So it is size that matters.

  • kasey

    Leave The Poor Girl Alone

  • Jen

    Shitney can NOT drive with her kids in the car ! It was reported on numerous TV stations this morning ! Your “request” by the judge was a LIE X17 ! The judge said NO DRIVING with the kids in the car ! Looks like he might be stronger than you made me believe.
    Yahoo ! BooHoo to Shitney !

  • jenna

    to the idiots that think these three problems mean she shouldn’t drive (especially to you EVA):
    - Has run over paparazzi feet – many times (It’s there own fault! they shouldn’t get that close to ANY car while someone is driving it)
    - Ran a red light last week (There were cameras flashing in her fucking face! How could she have possible seen a red light? She was just trying to get away from them.)
    - Hit a car and left the scene without leaving a note (OMFG! She left a fucking scratch on the car. That’s it! It’s not like there was a huge dent in it!)

    A driver could still run a red light and run over peoples feet. The two problems have NOTHING to do with Britney being a bad driver. It is the paparazzi fault that those incidents happened

  • a

    27 kasey : 11/17/2007 at 11:52 am

    Leave The Poor Girl Alone
    There’s nothing poor about that nasty b*tch.

  • Samantha

    I thought the judge said she wasn’t allowed to drive with her kids in the car anymore??

  • georgette

    >well said Vanis! (lol)
    >u Eva, u’re getting obsessed, it’s obvious, get a job!

  • ashley lover

    shes ugly and wicked also a nacker
    shes bent

  • olivia deschanel

    She should have her throat cut

  • dona

    hi britney your beatiful

  • Daniela

    I hate Britney Spears, I think she is a very, very, bitch.