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The Incredible Hulk Unveiled

The Incredible Hulk Unveiled

Superhero Hype reveals the new Hulk – a little darker green, a little more cut, with a kind of smaller head – as depicted in the latest promo poster for the upcoming Incredible Hulk movie.

Starring Edward Norton, 37, in the dual scientist/rage-filled green giant role most recently played by Eric Bana in 2003, the new Hulk and is set to open on June 13, 2008.

Producers report that this will be more of a reboot than a direct sequel to the 2003 film, describing the plot as “a lot more of a love story between Bruce Banner and Betty Ross.”

Joining Norton, Liv Tyler stars as the Hulk’s long-suffering love interest Betty Ross, along with Tim Roth, William Hurt, Tim Blake Nelson, Christina Cabot, Lou Ferrigno, Martin Starr and Ty Burrell.

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  • sarah


  • Kevin

    wow sarah, have a party

    but, dang why another Hulk movie :/!!?

  • EVA

    I will be in the 99% of the people not going to see this Hulk movie! I am tired of action movies, all you get are the special effects. What I recommend to all of you (u2 jared) is to see the movie that won the big award at Cannes this year, ”4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days”. If you have a heart and you appreciate the real actors (not boobs, and special affects) then I assure you that you will not move from your seat the entire movie. The film is set in Communist Romania in the final years of the Nicolae Ceauşescu era. It tells the tragic story of two students, room mates in the university dormitory, who try to arrange an illegal abortion for one of them, during the communist regime of the late 1980s. I hope you will go to see it. Eva

  • LANA

    HULK IS THE OBJECT OF MY WORST DREAMS (more the seventies Hulk).

  • hg


  • [~Famous~]

    the first hulk was fcuking horrible. i pray they don’t fcuk this one up as well.

  • Anoldiebutagoodie

    So far I’m liking the changes they made. The Incredible Hulk was one of the my favorite comics but I had no desire to see the movie

  • Anoldiebutagoodie

    just to clarify I had no desire to see the first movie. Even the promos for that one left a lot to be desired

  • angel hair

    wow, this looks very promising. norton and tyler?! what a treat!

  • kelly

    It has fricken EDWARD NORTON in it. He is brilliant. I have faith in him, I don’t think this will be bad.

  • senori Ta

    Stupid. Pathetic. This is a Jewish film. Jewish wet dreams. Communist Jews ran the USSR into the ground, into poverty and caused millions of unneccessary deaths. Lenin’s brother was hung for terrorist activity, for doing what we try to stop Al Queda from doing today. So, why do these filmmakers glorify terrorist activity today? Liv Tyler is a Jew. Who wrote, produced and directs it? Don’t shh this, speak openly about it. Jews want communism so they can beg freely and transfer our wealth into their hands. That’s why I hate today’s major charities, it’s begging and the money stays in the hands of the beggars aka celebrities who promote them. It’s communisim in drag. AIDS is a faux charity, a front for communism.

  • Senori Ta

    The Hulk is a Jew run corporation that is on a ruthless rampage hell-bent on robbing all Americans to death while skimming money off the top to grossly enrich executives who deserve the death penalty rather than wealth. Instead, Jews like Paramount’s Katzenberg is rewarded and given more power after robbing a studio’s employees and actors of hundreds of millions. Contemporary corporations are run by small-minded greedy Jews who rob the masses to further empower the corporation. This type of exec is fattened for doing that job and that job only. They are well-fed for stealing our health benefits, pensions, 401k’s, savings, jobs and lives. They are paid to steal our past, present and future.

  • Senori Ta

    The courts help greedy ruthless executives steal from the masses which is why there is no justice in America. If a screenplay is stolen by a corporate executive, the courts reward and protect that corporation and its executive. They favor robbing the sole laborer. They want the masses broken and broke. They want a week mass so that the few can live like kings. Courts are run to favor the king and his many pet tools. The Dark Ages would be a much better time period for The Hulk to be set in. He should also be wearing a star of David. David is their idol who ate his child in exchange for material wealth and material rewards. Judaism and Kabbalahism are both based on The Torah, on the love of material wealth. The Jews were kicked out of Spain because of their ruthless lust for material wealth and for their duplicitous means of obtaining it.

  • ver

    #10 I agree. Edward Norton wrote the script for this movie too so you know it’ll be good.

  • Senori Ta

    Jewish run Homestore dot com plotted a massive scam to coincide with the massive “shock and awe” attack on New York in 2001. The attacks hid the massive financial scams going on at the time. They stole then used threats to silence the lambs who realized what was really going on behind the corporate mass media lies. Murdoch’s film Fight Club is just a trailer for the New York attacks and corporate scams revealed within the film. The money stolen is being used to pimp, former mayor Jewliani as a fascist president while the lambs are silenced by the corporate-government mouthpiece, the one-way communication of the mainstream media. The Homestore Jew leader did not get any jail or prison time for his act of treason, for his felony. He got a slap on the hand and the money was then transferred into the hands of other Jews, Jewish lawyers.

    One way to balance the scales of justice is to only allow Jewish lawyers to take 5% of any court award, should their by chance be any award given to the plaintiff, to those who were robbed by the corporation and it’s Jew executives.

    Jews do the crime, Jews in law make sure the crime goes unpunished. That’s why there is no justice here in America in the New Dark Ages. The Jewish cult is on a rampage.

  • Senori Ta

    The film is a metaphore for American corporations being on a rampage of greed and its bride being a Jewish biatch.

  • Senori Ta

    She’s a biatch obviously because she’s pregnant.

  • Senori Ta

    Jewliani and Pat Robertson represent the plan to take America further into the New Dark Ages. There will be more witch hunts and a bigger attempt to silence the lambs. The lambs will be sheared again and robbed of what is rightfully theirs. All the church-state wants is what they’ve always wanted, the fruits of our labor and to oppress us and make us live in fear. They get-off on it.

  • Senori Ta

    Edward Norton was in Murdoch’s Fight Club and now in The Hulk. This isn’t coincidental.

  • Senori Ta

    Notice the poster, The Hulk’s knuckles are dragging on and are a part of the pyramid. It’s a metaphor for stealing the basic life needs of the masses. For pounding us into the ground. They hate the masses, they have total contempt for us. That’s why they send out jobs out of the nation and want to put us in jail if we don’t buy health insurance or car insurance. They want to own us entirely. This is not happening just in American, it’s happening in France where the cost of education is going up rapidly and where race wars in the streets are started by Sarkozy himself. It’s happening in China where body parts are stolen from the young to sell as a hot commodity. It’s happening in Austrailia where corporations are helped by government to rob people of their land. It’s happening in Pakistan where the government acts as caretaker. Religion-state unions have alwasys worked to deprive the masses of basic rights and needs.

  • Carol

    Atualmente o ator Edward Norton está no Brasil filmando o segundo longa do Hulk. Foi visto em algumas locacões no Rio de Janeiro e num restaurante japonês.

  • montana mike

    edward norton is a great actor–he has plenty of talent, and even though i’m not a hulk fan, i will see it because he is in it. of course i’ll be looking at liv tyler most of the time

  • Lena

    Loved it!

  • Elaine

    I didn’t enjoy this movie as much as Lena. But it was ok!

  • Diane

    I always like the Hulk

  • robert martin

    Senori Ta, I find your ideas fascinating and I would like to subscribe to your newsletter.

  • JEWLieWood

    Senori Ta. How DARE you tell the TRUTH about JEWS in Hollywood!
    This is a Free Country, open to Jews who rip people off and Hollywood, or JewLie Wood is a prime place for them to pilage, being crappy comedies and special FX movies that drain 10 bucks give no refunds when you have wasted two hours on a worthless POS movie. I ALWAYS do a Jew Producer check when watching movies and won’t patronize them anymore. (but there is plenty of suckers who will). Dumb punks who think all these Remake movies are so great. Its just resurecting diareah from the past and re packaging it because its cheaper than coming up with anything new, jew. Look at that stupid Jew SHia pet La Boof from Transformers, and Holesand Indy 10. He made as many movies as he could in the five years he’s been an actor. And they all suck. They all will be forgotten. Just milking the money Shia pet. SOmetime, watch Seinfeld real close, and watch Married with Children. You will see hundreds and hundreds of simularities where Seinfeld RIPPED OFF M with C plots, scripts etc.
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