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Jessica Simpson is Smilin' in the Rain

Jessica Simpson is Smilin' in the Rain

After co-hosting The View, Jessica Simpson lunches at midtown Manhattan’s Dos Caminos (mmm Mexican) before returning to her hotel on Thursday. She toted around the “Pacha Bucket” Bag in Pytho.

Jessica, 27, showed us all how to stay dry on a rainy, messy NYC day: All you need are a pair of fabulous knee-length boots and a really tall, attentive handler/bodyguard with an umbrella by your side.

Check out the trailer for Jessica Simpson‘s upcoming comedy Major Movie Star, in which she plays Megan Valentine, a pampered film-star who enlists in the Army, but soon discovers that she’s in way over her head.

More pictures inside of Jessica Simpson smiling in the rain…

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jessica simpson stays dry 02
jessica simpson stays dry 03
jessica simpson stays dry 04
jessica simpson stays dry 05
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Photos: Bauer-Griffin
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  • Nikki Blonsky

    look at her teeth! my role model, im going to be like her…

  • operaghost

    Just curious… why don’t they hold their own umbrellas? Wouldn’t they stay drier if they were controlling it? Is it just too much to juggle, with the bag, etc?

    Color me confused…

  • blueangel

    She thinks she’s too important to carry her own umbrella? This self-absorbed, no talent, brainless fool needs to come back down to earth. Having said that, I consider her father a marketing genius. Who else would be able to convince people to pay $$$ for a few minutes with his pet rocks (aka Jessica and Asslee)?

  • Jan

    She’s very sweet and the dumb blond act is an ACT. If she carried the umbrella herself the bodyguard could not see to protect her as he can with her under it walking near to him. It’s for her protection, blueangel.

  • Iris

    Jan, isn’t he more disabled at protecting her if he has one hand occupied with the umbrella? I know! Why can’t SHE hold her own umbrella and he can stand under it and THEN he can see what’s going on around her as well as be close to her should he suddenly need to lunge into protection mode. On no wait, that would be too logical.

  • katie

    she is so sweet

  • abigail

    urgh. what a cheesy annoying fame w h o r e



  • tina

    What an ugly forced smile, and how much botox does this mmonster have around her eyes???? She aint sweet for the record, ask people that were extras in her “movie,” woman is a spoit brat BITCH!

  • rodney

    Papa Joe is clever, he had an ugly, useless son, and he put him through a sex change, got him bit fake tits, and managed to make millions out of the idiot in spite of the kid having no brains or talent! This ho would be nowhere without daddy.



  • Tim

    guess It’s not an act.

  • T

    didn’t goldie hawn do this already in “private benjamin”?

  • onecutegal1

    I love Jessica. She is soooo cute! I saw her personals ad on wealthy men personals site called Wealthy Romance .com last week. Is she single now? If so, it will be a great news for me!

  • Alison

    Hiding behind her purse again still have fat issues. I don’t want to see another private Benjamin flick. I will skip this one.

  • mactank

    she is cute…. i love her smile…

  • remember da truth

    No Iris #5, because the bodyguard is so much taller than she is. I’ve worked in situations with bodyguards and the bodyguard wants to hold the umbrella so they are right next to the person and over them. It’s harder to follow someone, too, who is just moving around willy nilly, but if you have the umbrella, you have more control over their movements. They have the other hand free to push people away, and can cover the person better this way.

    Jessica can’t act, that’s obvious, but she CAN sing. Bet not one of you have ever really listened to her sing. She just didn’t take her clothes off and writhe around like Britney and Christina Aguilera as a teen when they did, so her singing career didn’t take off. Now she’s trying to make up for lost time in the sexed up bimbo mold. She should just sing and leave it at that.

  • geenie

    She didn’t writhe around naked? Um, the only reason she really is famous is becuase she did that video where she simulated intercourse with a car! and she was half naked! This slut is famous only cuase she’s a whore, she cannot sing to save her useless life.

  • Regina

    She’s one ugly fug, fake, forced cow.

  • lj

    What a fake smile! As usual, she’s so shallow. I agree with blueangel . Every time she opens her mouth she says something stupid like “I need a man”! Nobody wants her. She’s desperate.

  • jenna

    18 geenie : 11/17/2007 at 11:37 am
    She didn’t writhe around naked? Um, the only reason she really is famous is becuase she did that video where she simulated intercourse with a car! and she was half naked! This **** is famous only cuase she’s a *****, she cannot sing to save her useless life.


    That isn’t the reason she is famous you dumbass! She became famous a few years BEFORE that when the first few episodes of Newlyweds aired

  • Alison

    The only dumbass I see is Messica no talent Simpson.

  • Cynthia

    She can’t act, true. She can sing, but she makes weird faces sometimes. Jessica is not a fake beauty,she still looks like herself after that nose smash. I do agree she’s fake in her ways though. Her parents is always there to make sure she stays proper. She should tell her parents to fuck off! She’s not a little girl anymore, she can do whatever she wants, she needs to let her parents know who’s the boss. They should interfere in her career choices only if she feels she needs their input, but they shouldn’t be pressuring her into wearing old woman clothes though. Remember the Maxim photoshoot!? DISASTER!!! If she would just stop listening to them fuck up her career, and do what is really in her heart that she wants to do, then I can see Jessica making some progress in her career. She definitely needs to reinvent herself! She needs to stop living for her parents,if she continues to go by their methods of being in the business, then her days in the business are numbered!

  • Joan winter

    Jessica Simpson can sing, can’t act. i don’t believe the dumb blond thing is an act. She wants a man. She had a great husband. not only does he have a great voice, even Elton John thinks so, hes gorgeous, has his own money, understands the pressure of fame so he understand her lifestye and work problems but was truly in it for the long haul. She ended their marriage. In one comment she had said that fame had gotten to her. I saw her on newlyweds a couple of times. Heres Nick decorating the inside and outside for halloween buying and handing out candy to the kids etc. All of this and it wasn’t good enough for her. She was a slob didn’t appreciate all that she had and didn’t give her husband any attention. OK shes young for marriage but now she is on a website looking for a rich man. I guess you don’t know what you have until its gone. I saw her sisters reality show too. She doesn’t do everything her father says. He didn’t want her to marry and several times you should have heard both of the curse using the F work to their father. He was a minister and they were very involved in the church you would never know that even very early in her career. The industry is overcrowded they come they go. They all now do music movies clothing lines perfume jewelry etc. I don’t think a lot of these young actors and sinngers will be around for long. But she does have a beautiful voice much better than most of the young female singers of today.

  • PeTe