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Zac Efron Showered With Flowers From Paparazzi

Zac Efron Showered With Flowers From Paparazzi

Zac Efron spends another hour playing basketball with his pals in Los Angeles on Thursday, presumably brushing up on his basketball skills for his role in the upcoming film Seventeen.

The 20-year-old High School Musical star was greeted with bunches of white roses, handed to him by two brownnosing videographers.

The paparazzi women said that the flowers were from his “fans in America” and “fans in Europe.”

Zac, ever the gentleman, graciously accepted the floral gifts.

25+ Zac Efron‘s flower power..

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zac efron paparazzi flowers 01
zac efron paparazzi flowers 02
zac efron paparazzi flowers 03
zac efron paparazzi flowers 04
zac efron paparazzi flowers 05
zac efron paparazzi flowers 06
zac efron paparazzi flowers 07
zac efron paparazzi flowers 08
zac efron paparazzi flowers 09
zac efron paparazzi flowers 10
zac efron paparazzi flowers 11
zac efron paparazzi flowers 12
zac efron paparazzi flowers 13
zac efron paparazzi flowers 14
zac efron paparazzi flowers 15
zac efron paparazzi flowers 16
zac efron paparazzi flowers 17
zac efron paparazzi flowers 18
zac efron paparazzi flowers 19
zac efron paparazzi flowers 20
zac efron paparazzi flowers 21
zac efron paparazzi flowers 22
zac efron paparazzi flowers 23
zac efron paparazzi flowers 24
zac efron paparazzi flowers 25
zac efron paparazzi flowers 26
zac efron paparazzi flowers 27

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  • sophie


  • sophie

    yay! i got first. anyways, that is so funny that he got flowers! the paps scare me a bit. LOL. I can only imagine how zac feels…

  • white roses

    white roses??? duhs

  • rosielee9

    Wonder if he passed them onto Vanessa, Roses are lovely flowers and one of my favourite, and apparently one of her boyfriends did give her flowerson their anniversary wonder who that could have been.

  • alyssa


  • Brittany

    SECOND!!! awww i wanna give him flowers and then make out with him haha justkidding im sure he is an AMAZING guy

  • hl

    That is really a dumb move on the paps part. I mean thats like saying here you go zac have some flowers while we take pictures of you and ruin your privacy. He looks hot as always.

  • Stephanie

    Aww ZAC is so cute! and so down to earth!

  • Leslie

    Aww…. that’s so sweet. I don’t know if that entirely makes up for stalking him practically everyday, but it’s still a nice gesture.

  • connys

    so cute.. i love him (L)

  • emilie

    haha thats cute
    weird,but cute

  • Heather

    I love him!

  • kalai

    as always zac is perfect for vanessa….

  • Yvie

    Awww, it looks like Zac has charmed a few of the lady paparazzi. He’s such a handsome sweetheart so it’s no wonder they want to give him flowers, but saying it’s from his fans and not them is kind of silly nonetheless a nice gesture on their part.

  • Fan_From_Italy

    news before school! thank you!!

  • seal

    LOL @ Troy!

  • Ariana.s


  • Naomi


  • http://myspace/muffymutt zanessafan-


  • kelli

    that’s so gorgeous! gotta love him.

  • miki



    Zac.. the paprazi really likes you a lot.. its either they
    pay your gas now. flowers! lol!

    Anyway.. nice workout! ZA’s!

  • miaa

    oh no! zanessa wasnt spotted together today and yesterday i didnt see them wearing their rings! im going to go cry myself to sleep now!

  • miki

    Geez they really do like him, don’t they?

  • kat

    i’d give him flowers any day

  • zvkg

    I see some cowards on. Using other people’s nick to bash Z and V. tsk tsk…they can’t handle the heat, so they retort to hiding behind a name.

    Hey tweens…go sleep already.

  • Sadie

    They really like anyone that will make them money I think.

  • zvkg

    ahahaha. Thanks Jared. ^^ You the man. ^_~v

  • kat

    whats up with #30??
    i didn’t do nothing wrong
    oh well

  • zvkg

    33 kat : 11/16/2007 at 1:53 am
    whats up with #30??
    i didn’t do nothing wrong
    oh well


    lol kat. it’s not you. miaa is actually addressing someone else. The post number is getting weird because Jared’s deleting some of the post. lol.

  • Amor

    LOL :)

  • joycee

    why people have the authority to talk nonsense to vanessa and zac? i mean can we just be happy that we can see their candid pictures.. i mean we are barging in their own life then people have the nerves to bash them.. that’s unfair..


  • whodunnit

    im sorry but i dont understand what you just said

  • rach

    luuuuuve him!

  • hugepleasure

    hahaha cute:) I bet there will be a sweet video….and yeah I can agree…this can be a flower from ME!!to you Zac:)

  • jOOP

    It looks like they ripped those flowers from someones yard! hahahahahahahahaha.

  • boji

    Zac and his basketball.Well,good workout for him anyway, does’nt need to go to the gym.Zvkg, thanks for the info on jared. Up late? what time is it where you’re at?

  • stillthereforme

    He’s so cute!!! Video please!

  • zanessa forever

    so cute!

    i love you zac!

    zanessa forever

  • hayhay

    hes so gawjuz lol hahah
    has he had a haircut??????? lol coz if he has it perfect length!!

  • zvkg

    Hey boji. It’s only 9:06pm here. Yours? Will be heading to bed soon. Just finishing up some paperwork. lol…the nuts are out in the loose earlier. Goodthing Jared’s on. I don’t mind people putting up their opinions opposite to mine but when they’re being blatantly stupid and degrading, I will not tolerate it and will report it for abuse. And to do it behind someone’s name is even more ridiculous. At least if they were posting in their names, we can put them in their place.

  • boji

    Stillthereforme, if you’re in, thanks for the link to a photo of jared & Vanessa.Appreciate it.

  • Marie

    did he cut his hair?

    maybe its just me. well either way he looks as vanessa would say very adorable. ;)

  • MatthewMedeiros

    wow thats nice x]]
    and weird x]]

  • boji

    zvkg, it’s 3.12pm fri., where you’re at? I forgot. Guess, when you’re young,with raging hormones,you (am notreferring to you,per se,everyone) can be a bit of a hothead.No excuse, for the adults,otherwise, it has to be menopause or malepause(sorry,forgot the word for it),stress or highblood pressure. Am ranting again.

  • yeye

    very nice paparazzo,hehehe..I hope perez hilton’s the same..hahaha..

    well i’m excited to watch zac’s new movie..

  • stillthereforme

    boji : 11/16/2007 at 2:10 am

    Stillthereforme, if you’re in, thanks for the link to a photo of jared & Vanessa.Appreciate it.
    No problem!

  • boji

    The storm seems to have died down.It’s peaceful & quiet now. Watched this documentary on John stamos. He reminds of zac.His sis & co-star on Fullhouse mentioned abt his chicken legs.He was very conscious of them & always had them covered.Am glad,zac is not ashamed of his legs.Nice & Hairy against Vanessa’s smooth &silky ones.

  • Jéssica

    hahaha oooh he so cute! yeah,it looks like he cut is hair *-*


  • karen

    He is adorable and always busy.