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Jude Law @ 'Sleuth' Premiere

Jude Law @ 'Sleuth' Premiere

Jude Law is all smiles at the UK premiere of his twisty two-character thriller film Sleuth at the Odeon West End on Sunday in London, England.

Jude, 34, recently insisted that he wants nothing more than a quiet life.

“This obsession with gossip and second rate information is like a cancer that’s taken over,” he told UK’s Sunday Life. “I have never had an interest in what someone weighs or what they wear… I do hate the intrusion into my private life. It’s like being followed by snipers. But I just try hard to ignore it and lead a quiet life. The photographer that I supposedly assaulted reported it to the police and they were very sheepish when they called me in, but even then the photographer was waiting outside the station trying to get a photograph of me.”

25+ pictures inside of Jude Law @ the UK premiere of Sleuth

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Photos: Chris Jackson/Getty
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  • Kevin

    never heard of the movie before :)
    might watch it when it comes out.

  • :)


  • :)

    no I was second,BTW I like him.

  • charll

    haha…the one with his tongue out!

  • [~Famous~]

    hair-plugs. wise investment. LOL

    sleuth – enormous flop.

  • pete


  • Paty

    ewww… his hair, or should i say, LACK OF.. lol

  • nerea

    OMG his hair!!! i love him bald anyway :))

  • goldend

    So much attention bothers him because he looks rough and is getting bald, pretty boys love attention.

  • Daphne

    I love him, buzz cut and all. A change in outfits would be nice, however.

    I saw Sleuth. It is FANTASTIC. Top notch performances from both Law and Caine, and Pinter’s script is thought-provoking. I must say though, the film does need the viewer to keep their head in the game to appreciate the psychological oneupmanship. It won’t appeal to passive people or people who like their stories plot-driven.

  • Sienna

    I used to find him very sexy. What happened to him? He looks as is he has aids, or perhaps is anorexic like angelina.

  • Bagpiper

    He’s still a good looking guy. Agree with Daphne that he’s stuck in a bit of fashion rut at the moment.

  • Regina

    Haircut is very unappealing, but it’s for a film role so I’m fine.

  • Natalie

    Rogaine plz

  • blueberry

    he isssss sooooooooooooooo hottt

  • erica

    I Love Jude, I’ll take him with hair or without he’s H O T !

  • Mery

    Beautiful man… ever.
    I like this jacket.
    Jude is stylics man, and maybe he isn’t formal dress, he’s good.

    I like Sleuth. Little, independent movie. Great dialogues. I enjoy it!

  • j

    Gorgeous! It doesn’t matter that his hair is shaved for a movie role, he still looks great. Good to see pictures of him….it has been a while. Love him!

  • dolorescraeg

    jared, thanks so much for the pics…so quick. our jude even with his buzz haircut and they shaved his eyebrow for his new film, he is still one hot cookie….he’ll always be my dreamboat that smile, that neck….oh boy….juuuuudddddeeeee

  • erica

    Oh Jude
    Stop teasing me with that tongue, you sexy beast !

  • Sandy

    Thanks Jared for the pictures of the SLEUTTH premiere in RAINY lONDON.
    AND THE SWEET LIFE but it rains on their parade too. One thing never changes though and that’s how Jude looks – what a dish, best served
    hot. Keep the pix coming.

  • dolorescraeg

    actually i’m getting use to this haircut…..his parents were at the premiere too. jude flew in from toronto where he’s filming repossesion mambo a futuristic sci fi film….hence the haircut.

  • pat

    GOOD MAN!!!!!!!!!!!
    .. and Sleuth is a very fascinating film.

  • sharyllee

    Wow, Jude always looks so handsome…. more pixs coming please…

  • heather

    Did he get his chest waxed or something cuz he usually has chest hair when he wears those kinds of shirts? He looks gorgeous though!! I Love him! :)

  • dolorescraeg

    heather he plays a man who had a heart transplant so not only did they shave his head and half an eyebrow they shaved some of that sexy hair off his chest….no matter he still is a beauty….the hair will grow back and we can all breathe easy.

  • Daphne

    *Sigh* I really miss the chest hair when he wears that T-shirt. I hope it’ll grow back the same. I am very fond of his chest hair, among his many other attributes.

  • dulce mirita

    I guess that he didn’t make a very good choice with is outfit, but everything gets made up with those green-gems eyes of his. Anything could spoil that angel chiseled fase. It’s obvious he’s happy to be at home. Good luck with Sleuth, it’s a worthy movie, and he’s great in it.

  • siupinys

    thank you thank you thank you jared!these pics was the best thing in this day..Jude looks perfect as always…i wonder when will i be able to see sleuth because new movies come so slowly to my country..

  • remember da truth

    Jared, thanks for the pictures of the once and always SEXIEST MAN ALIVE!!!

    I don’t care if he’s bald or furry, he still has those mesmerizing eyes and devilish grin! His body is HOT, too!

    He is right about the paps, too. Good for the police to be ashamed to have to answer assault on a pap who then stands there and keeps taking pictures. If they didn’t have cameras and climbed on your car like they do to S**tney or follow your kids like they do to him and the J-P’s, they would be arrested. A lot of them are criminals or have a criminal past. So carrying a camera makes harassment okay? The police should have fined the pap!!

  • PurpleWorm

    he looks like he’s doing the potty dance in that one pic. Still sexy, though – short hair, bald chest & all.

  • Sandy

    That’s a good idea Remember – Fines, an escalating list of fines (more when children are involved, etc.) and maybe these guys will start to realize it’s not worth the hassle. But they need a law to have a legit reason to book these guys which would also be a deterrent as it would take up their time – I repeat an earlier suggestion that those in the entertainment field who are harrassed and whose life is made miserable by the paparazzi get together and see to it that laws are developed in countries where this action is prevalent. With the law behind you a lot could be accomplished. Rights of free speech must take a backseat to the safety of children and a celebrity’s rights of free speech and freedom from persecution as well.

  • sir larry

    don’t bother watching this, watch the original it’s infinitely better

  • sheryl

    I love him.

  • dolorescraeg

    jude was given the variety clubs of britain award as king of the british screen…kiera knightly was his queen.

  • juliebee

    no to skinny jeans on men!

  • Sandy

    For men with skinny legs it’s a no-no for someone like Jude with very shapely legs it’s a turn-on cuz
    he is hot, hot, hot!

  • http://yahoomail the mistory haves a i deer lig

    u r so ugggggggggggggggggggglllllllllllllltttttttttttyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy yes u have too teetee in you mouth and see ifit taste goood cause it looks like yellow lemonade i playin dat was a poke aka rock aka loke aka joke ya poke ok bye

  • Spoiler

    GGRRR, Jude is incredible handsome! :p He is my dream, my love.