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Henry Moder: First Picture of Julia Roberts' Son

Henry Moder: First Picture of Julia Roberts' Son

Check out the first picture of Henry Moder, the son of Julia Roberts and Danny Moder. (Henry is 5-months-old now, but he’s probably younger in the photo.)

Julia, 40, also has fraternal twins– daughter Hazel and son Phinnaeus (both almost 3).

Julia shared that Hazel and Phinnaeus, were born at 1:21 and 1:22. Then, two and a half years later, Henry was born at 1:23! “I have to say, little Henry‘s the sweetest child known to mankind,” she said. “I think I can say that objectively.”

Henry is the cutest Munchkin,” Oprah gushed. “He’s just the cutest baby boy.”

“I didn’t find Henry as cute,” Charlie Wilson’s War costar Tom Hanks joked. “I thought, ‘He’s small, and he smells good. He has an innocent baby-like quality to him.’ But as far as being off the scale cute, I found him to be like an 8 or a 9 on a scale of 10.”

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  • Claudia


  • Claudia

    aww! cute baby!

  • Helena

    He’s 5 months?!

  • in

    wow he looks so much like her
    he is cute

  • Brad Addict

    he’s so cute , just 5 months he look older ???

  • littleone

    Sorry, but that is one funny looking baby not cute at all. Like the old saying if their so many cute babies why are their so many ugly people walking around.

  • Alex

    Nothing against the baby as they are all cute at this age. But Julia is mean, condescending and majorly phony. Don’t bee fooled…so not America’s Sweetheart.

  • sofia

    Julia’s not aging too well. Or should I say, she’s aging normally. I guess people like Demi Moore have spoiled me. I expect stars like Julia to age just as well, but that’s not realistic.

  • eli


  • Shanel

    8 sofia : 11/19/2007 at 7:10 pm

    Julia’s not aging too well. Or should I say, she’s aging normally. I guess people like Demi Moore have spoiled me. I expect stars like Julia to age just as well, but that’s not realistic
    Dummie, Demi Moore has has a million dollars worth of plastic surgery, anyone would look good with that much work done.

  • piper, with a low

    He’s the living image of Julia.

  • #8 is delusional

    Julia’s not aging too well. Or should I say, she’s aging normally. I guess people like Demi Moore have spoiled me. I expect stars like Julia to age just as well, but that’s not realistic
    Dam u have got to be kidding me.Demi looks ok, minus the aging part in her scalp. But her azz is a walking sign for plastic surgeons. Yes, Julia, JMO has always been on the unattractive side, but at least she has lines and wrinkles and not a shining plastic face. ,with your hands and neck looking your age and your face lookin younger.

  • marni


  • mimi

    Phony bizzle. Parking in handicapped spots. I spit at ppl like u.

  • sofia

    Shanel – no need to call me “dummie.” Your comment was perfectly fine without the name-calling. I know Demi had work done, but she still looks good. I’ve seen so many bad cosmetic surgery jobs, but whoever worked on Demi is extremely good. And I’m not against lines or wrinkles. Just saying that other people who look much better in their forties have spoiled me. I accept your opinions – hopefully you guys can accept mine.

  • sofia

    Oh – and aside from Demi, other 40-somethings who have spoiled me are Monica Bellucci and Diane Lane.

  • hershey

    no more respect for her.

  • O

    phony @ss adulteress.

  • Nicole

    She’s so boring – who cares anymore? She gives her kids fug names – poor Finn, and Hazel is a color, and who names their kid Henry anymore – and expects the world to hold their breath waiting for a pic? And the fact that she waited until one of her movies is coming out isn’t suspect at all?

  • the_original_nika

    why is she homewrecker? I must have missed something.
    I understand how important it is to women to affirm themselves in the biz, but, why have kids so late? cause when their kids get to 20, she´ll be like 60 =\.


    I think Julia had her eyes done, they are very tight looking and turned up a litle…. I noticed it right away when I saw her that she def looks different.

  • Jade

    She was dating her husband when he was still married. Supposedly she paid his ex-wife $250,000 to divorce him quickly.

    He has the old man look. he looks so much like her, it’s wild.


    An adorable child.

  • Jade

    I never cared for Julia .She always seemed phony to me!!

  • Jade

    #22-I’ve had this name jade for three years.Can you please get another
    name? Thanks!!

  • a realist

    He looks more like a toddler than a five month old. No cubbiness like a baby. I wonder why celebs always try to keep their babies skinny. It stupid.

  • a realist

    19 Nicole : 11/19/2007 at 8:24 pm

    who names their kid Henry anymore -
    Heidi Klum and some other celebs who I can’t think of have named their sons Henry.

  • a realist

    15 sofia : 11/19/2007 at 7:55 pm
    I know Demi had work done, but she still looks good. I’ve seen so many bad cosmetic surgery jobs, but whoever worked on Demi is extremely good. And I’m not against lines or wrinkles. Just saying that other people who look much better in their forties have spoiled me. I accept your opinions – hopefully you guys can accept mine.
    You can’t claim somebody looks good for their age, when they have been given a whole new face by a plastic surgeon. Come on, don’t be ridiculous. Now if Demi looked like she does and had not had all that surgery, you could brag about her. Lie Shanel said, you can make anyone look good with that much surgery done on them.

  • paige123

    I think Hennry is a cute name sure beats.. Riley and Cooper and all those ANNOYING trendy NAMES.

  • a realist

    Correction of my last line: Like Shanel said, you can make anyone look good with that much surgery done on them.

  • Babysis

    he so cute! I bet he is gonna be breaking a lot of hearts in 1026.

  • Smally

    He actually looks OK. Maybe he’ll be decent looking when he gets older. The twins are ugly as hell. Can’t stand seeing them. They never smile and their hair is always a mess…yes I mean both of them.

  • Wordly

    Not only did Julia court a married man, she had the audacity of wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with “A Low Vera;” her homage and disdain for Danny Moder’s then-wife, Vera, when the affair became public.

    America’s Sweetheart is dispicable and grotesque; the epitome of a disgusting low-life homewrecker. Julia and Orka deserve each other’s continuous butt kissing.

  • gigi

    He looks rather thin for 5 months. Where’s the baby fat?
    She should also get a new hair style. She’s had this one for ages.

  • bataglio

    i’m w/hanks’ original comment on this one – this baby’s so far from cute, it’d take a heck of a lot of air miles to get there

  • angiefan

    I think he’s a cutie and Julia Roberts looks great!!! Henry, Hazel and Phinn are far better names than Moxie Crimefighter etc.

  • landofaloha

    I like Julia, always have. I don’t find her phony at all. If anything I think she seems very down to earth and grounded. She actually takes time off to be with her family and provide as normal an existance as she can for them.

    And we do NOT know the story of how she and Danny first started up. There are details that I’m sure are pertinent that are unknown to the public. I’m not condoning dating a married man, but HE was the one married at the time, therefore if anyone is to be called an adulterer it would be HIM. Why is the woman always called the homewrecker?? But again, we do not know all of the details.

    P.S. Henry is a cutie!

  • fresh

    that kid looks like 2 yrs old lol

  • shoes4life

    It’s funny thou while watching the show Oprah tried to sell their (Julia & Danny) story about how Danny has changed Julia’s life since she has married him (not doubting that) but the silence in the audience was quite uncomfortable. Oprah just kind of tried to get out of it because there was no reaction from anyone, like it would have been with other celebs relationships she talks about. So much so that even Julia was trying to find a way out of the conversation because even thou people may like her as an actress, some seem to still be displeased as to how they met.

  • Nicole

    BOTH of the people involved are homewreckers, not just the woman. I feel bad for women who end up with married men WHEN THEY DON’T KNOW, but when they do? It’s disgusting. Part of the reason women are always called homewreckers is because some are genuinely willing to sleep with someone who’s married.

    And why did she bring a black and white photo? All this and the pic’s not even in COLOR? Whatever.

  • xena

    I dont like Julian, but I dont think she has any guilt to stole any men of anyone. If he left his ex it was because he WANTED. Could be Julia or anyone and ir been proved, In my opinion, he liked Julia. After this Vera went to the press, I think I would also call her LOW.

  • Yuck

    Ugly homewrecker. Her kid is not even cute.

  • Rae

    He’s a cute. He just looks like a normal baby to me. Julia is still beautiful. I couldn’t care less about her marriage- I don’t know the whole story or them to judge.

  • anonymous

    What a beautiful baby! I agree, the child isn’t responsible for his Dad, falling in Love with his Mom. And, Julia is a very talented and beautiful lady. And why, do you children blame the woman only? I mean, the men leave their wives because they aren’t happy anymore. You can’t change that, and when you find your True Love. It just happens. Usually woman or girls are so against other woman. It’s because they were jilted too, and vent at all woman who can make a man happier.

  • Me

    Please people, this kid is skinny and not ADORABLE at all! He’s just average looking.

  • smooth

    I also don’t understand why so many people here hate Julia for her mariage. It was his choise to leave his wife,if relationships doesn’t work they never will. With or without Julia he would left Vera and find another woman. If soomebody doesn’t happy in a mariage there is no mariage.
    And Julia didn’t break anything it was nothing to break…
    Look they are together for 4 years not,if I’m not wrong,and they are have 3 children…good nornal family.
    Wish everything best for them.

  • NOIR

    he looks just like her:)but i don’t know why celebs hide there kids…they’ll be dodging the paps in no time what’s the point?i know Halle is gonna act like her baby is the 2nd coming.just like brad and angie did.:P

  • Oh Canada…

    I hope all her children are loved, happy, and healthy. As for Julia she appears to be a reformed “Ho” turned good mother/wife.
    Glad she found what she was looking for after all her dalliances with her male co-stars.

    I wonder why so many find her so captivating. She made hookers likeable in Pretty Woman, she made you cheer for love those single mothers who are down on their luck in Erin Brockovich, but come on people “American Sweetheart”. Give us a break, why is Oprah onher knees kissing Julia’s ass. What has she done for humanity?
    Oprah is such a hypocrite, she’s had poor Jennifer Aniston on her show so many times telling the public how she has moved on in a passive aggressive way (she’s moved on/but still a victim). Does Oprah not realize that Julia was the other woman? Why is it okay for “reformed slut” Julia to find love with another woman’s husband, but not Angelina?
    The man that reformed Angelina from her reported bedhopping life was a little boy named Maddox, not another woman’s husband. Brad Pitt came after and was just a bonus. A Beautiful family that looks very happy.

    Julia looks happy also, and good for her; but let’s not pretend that she was this wholesome young woman.

    By the way, she does appear to have had some work done; her eyes appear to be receding into her skull. Nothing wrong with plastic surgery, but don’t make it seem as if you’re aging naturally like Diane Lane, Diane Keaton, Lauren Hutton…etc. It’s insulting.

  • remember da truth

    Everybody who as actually MET Julia Roberts says she’s down to earth, funny and a lot of fun to be with.

    Danny Moder’s marriage was SOOOO over, and the stupid wife was hanging on, like you insecure women, clinging and blaming Julia for “wrecking” her awful marriage. No one is a HOMEWRECKER, you idiots!! Anyone who says that is obviously an ugly, insecure fat woman sitting at home refusing to have sex with their husbands nagging at them until they go away and then wanting to blame someone else.

    Like Heather Mills saying she’ll stop fighting Paul McCartney if he admits that he is solely responsible for the end of the marriage. Yeah, right, you women SUCK! Like you never had anything to do with your relationships failing.
    I’m a woman and I’m disgusted with you crybabies.

    Moder moved on, and obviously it wasn’t just a fling. Julia is a true partner, something his wife wasn’t. People grow apart, get over it and stop whining about reality.

  • remember da truth

    I”m also appalled at the self-righteousness that calls women like Angelina Jolie and Julia Roberts, Sienna Miller and others s*uts and hos because they actually date while single. Julia Roberts was with Bejamin Bratt for three years! So it ended and she dated someone else. Before that she was single, so yeah, helloooo, people DATE, and they go out with several people before finding someone they want to stay with for a while. This is called NORMAL HUMAN INTERACTION. Just because you know the names of the partners doesn’t make it abnormal or slutty!

    WEIRD PEOPLE who don’t even understand how relationships work.

    Is every relationship supposed to last for years and you sit at home and don’t go out with anyone in between? Get real!! Just because YOU can’t get a date doesn’t mean that young, beautiful, talented, FUN people don’t have dates.

    And sure they date co-stars. Like actors are the only people on earth who date their coworkers? Again, wake up and smell the coffee! Where else do they meet anyone, when away on location for 12-hour days for weeks at a time? And so what if they meet on a set? Is that somehow salacious or seedy? If they met at a bar it’s okay, but getting to know someone day in and day out for weeks is not?

    What is WRONG with you people? Do you really live in the real world, or are you so glued to your celeb hate-fests that you have no clue how normal people live?