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Henry Moder: First Picture of Julia Roberts' Son

Henry Moder: First Picture of Julia Roberts' Son

Check out the first picture of Henry Moder, the son of Julia Roberts and Danny Moder. (Henry is 5-months-old now, but he’s probably younger in the photo.)

Julia, 40, also has fraternal twins– daughter Hazel and son Phinnaeus (both almost 3).

Julia shared that Hazel and Phinnaeus, were born at 1:21 and 1:22. Then, two and a half years later, Henry was born at 1:23! “I have to say, little Henry‘s the sweetest child known to mankind,” she said. “I think I can say that objectively.”

Henry is the cutest Munchkin,” Oprah gushed. “He’s just the cutest baby boy.”

“I didn’t find Henry as cute,” Charlie Wilson’s War costar Tom Hanks joked. “I thought, ‘He’s small, and he smells good. He has an innocent baby-like quality to him.’ But as far as being off the scale cute, I found him to be like an 8 or a 9 on a scale of 10.”

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  • MAX

    cute baby!
    julia looks beautiful and fresh.

  • remember da truth

    I know two men MISERABLE in their marriages, with wives who are also unhappy and bitching all the time, but out of spite will not let the man divorce. They dont’ love him anymore, they just want him to be as miserable as they are.
    The men have found other women who they do love and who love them. So those women are dating a man who is TECHNICALLY married, but what marriage is there? Men sleeping on the couch or in different rooms, trying to get away on business or any excuse to be gone, no partnership or love at home.

    But the women, like Moder’s ex wife, are clinging and refusing to divorce, and then screaming that it’s this woman the other men have found that is the cause of the broken marriage. If the man was happy, nothing could have pulled him away. But that’s not what sick, bitchy, insecure women want to hear. They want someone to blame.

  • smooth

    remember da truth

    good post,so true

  • hey there rdt

    52 remember da truth : 11/20/2007 at 7:56 am

    ITA with all your posts..ypu go womannnnnnnnn!!!!:smile:
    :smile: :smile: :smile:

  • namewithheld

    I don’t know for sure, but I think my husband may be cheating on me. My marriage is not cold, I am not bitchy and we have a good sex life. Do we get along? Not always, and we have had some ugly fights. He is negative and short tempered. Why do I put up with him? Because is also smart and funny and he has good heart, we have a 10 year old son together and for some reason I still love the man. I work full-time, cook, take care of the house, give him back rubs and VERY rarely turn him away if he is “in the mood”. If a man cheats on a woman, it isn’t always because she is a cold, nagging shrew….sometimes it is because he is just a DOG!

  • heyyou

    i think it’s your fault, namewithheld
    you’re a nag
    you make your hubby feel inadequate

    oh and julia looks cute. she looks like a kid, like america’s sweethearts era julia, so cute and girly looking. i doubt she’s had work done. she’s no nicole kidman. she’s not obsessed with her beauty. nor she should be. she’s got more substance than that.

    about henry, i don’t like babies but this kid doesn’t bother me much.

  • jo

    i’m sorry for what you may be going through. i think it’s ludacris when the woman is blamed for not being able to “keep her man happy”, etc…when a man goes on to cheat. some men are just @ssholes and never can be happy with what they have. the person the spouse is having the affair with, while not necessarily being quite as guilty, is horrible just the same for involving themselves in a relationship that has yet to be resolved. so if danny and his wife were truly having problems getting things finalized (if they were even having problems at that time)….whatever….julia should have waited until it was resolved. what’s the rush? if it’s true love it’s worth waiting for. he used to love his wife and he owed her a little bit of respect. some people unfortunately feel very entitled and place higher value on themselves and the things they want then on another person right to happiness and respect. people like that do not deserve respect and admiration…whether it be julia, angelina etc….

  • to heyyou

    You’re a dick. Someday you may get cheated on (maybe it’s already happened) and maybe you’ll be sorry for what you said here. Thoughtless and rude is what you are.

  • 55&57 same poster-story made up

    there’s 2 sides to every story ..then there’s the truth.

    Number 55&57 is the same person,jmo,check the writing& paragraph style.

    I get it you have hate for Julia and you think she is a adulter, so you write this passive aggresive made up story, to have posters feel for you.

    Then you respond to yourself as another blogger who gives you sympathy. Hon seek help, every story is different, cant believe every thing you read in a celeb blog/news etc.. You don’t know these people..please seek help. I don’t believe your made up story. I saw right through it. Pray.

  • jo

    55&57 same poster-story made up,
    ummmm…..miss marple you couldn’t be more wrong. too bad you’re not as smart as you think you are. save your energy up for something usefull you pathetic idiot.

  • Cynthia

    She said recently that her and Danny were destined to be together. She’s one of the most overrated actresses in hollywood.. She’s not even that great of an actress. I don’t know she looks like she’s a control freak.


    check out the presenting of the prize im AmA For Ashley And Vanessa here:

  • namewithheld

    To: 55&57 same poster-story made up,
    No, jo and I are not the same person. I am a 37 year old woman, who has been married for 13 years, and I just found some woman’s phone number in my husband’s cell phone along with a picture of a young woman (early 20′s) who evidently works at his favorite bar and grill. I happen to catch this post and felt like I had to comment because I am a good wife, and I know that if my husband is cheating on me, it is not because I pushed him to it. It just makes me mad when I hear people say that “she couldn’t keep him happpy” or “she forced him to turn to someone else”. That maybe be true sometimes, but like I said in my earlier post…sometimes men cheat just because they are dogs.

    BTW. I don’t have a problem at all with Julia Roberts. I don’t know her, and I don’t know the situation with Danny and his first wife, so I would not even begin to have an opinion on what kind of person she is. I do think she is a good actress, though.

  • Violet

    I like her!

  • Janna

    I saw Oprah yesterday. Julia is so beautiful. She doesn’t look a day over 28. Love her. To people who keep bringing up the whole marrige thing. You do know Tom Hanks was still married to his first wife, when he met Rita wilson. He left his first wife to be with Rita. Why doesn’t anyone bring this up? I still love them both. They are great people. Can’t wait to see their new movie.

  • sami

    About the views on adultery and divorce.

    What then about the studies which have recently shown that many times adultery is much less about how happy a marriage is or how wonderful a person the spouse is, but about something else? Specific findings are parent-child issues which a person unconsciously brings into the marriage and tries to work out by superimposing the parent’s values/character onto the spouse even when the spouse is nothing like the parent in question and recreating the same type of loop that existed in their parent’s or parents’ home, or deep seated personal insecurities, fears etc that come out through how one treats oneself and others, including self hatred, or simply being blinded by something/someone who seems better, more exciting, because it is not the everyday. And what about the fact that there are people who find married people more attractive because it shows they like commitment, they want a rich spouse, or are simply competitive and want to prove they can be “better” than the spouse? And there are the people who say that they don’t know why they were so stupid to leave their spouses for someone who turned out to be nothing better, and sometimes turn out to be much worse?

    My experience and knowledge is of the truth of these more often than not, and hardly of it ever being the overly simplistic “Oh, s/he couldn’t have been happy, or the spouse must have been horrible, or s/he is just a jerk etc.

    I know this is a gossip site, and I would not say anything for or against anyone in particular in this setting, but I just wanted to throw something, possibly thought-provoking and thoughtful in, for the rest of life where so many people feel unable to find comfort and support because we so love to jump on someone and fear to trust that the same ones who so enjoy gossiping could fail to gossip about their sufferings.

  • Hey Num #59 ITA

    Number #60 and Number# 63 are same ITA,
    So are Num#55 and 57.
    I concur.
    Thou PROTEST TO MUCH…#55,57,60 and 63…

  • sami

    Sorry I have so many grammatical errors, but I wasn’t writing from the intellect, which I do have, I promise. I hope what I was trying to say is clear. Thanks. Best to all.

  • malibumom

    Name withheld-I am very opinionated so forgive me if I am offensive, but don’t let a two dollar whore rock your world. Regardless of what ppl say, that’s your husband as long as you are still married to him and you have every right to act like it. Don’t roll over and play hurt! Get your house in order (meaning money and assets) and roll with whatever they can deal out. She may just be some flirt that flatters him. Meet him at the bar unexpectedly and check out the scenery! Give him an ambien and slip a toe tag around his toe so when he wakes up he fully understands he coulda been dead! If the “Cheese Moves” Move with it!

  • malibumom

    As Far as Julia, Angie and any other so called homewrecker is concerned, when are we going to realize that we have to take responsibility for the condition of our marriages? If Danny and Brad wanted to stay with their wives, they would have. Personally, I wouldn’t want any SOB that didn’t want me!

  • Jro

    He’s a cute baby… He looks funny, yes, and a bit like a tiny adult man! But he’s still adorable… I also think Henry looks a lot like Julia!

    Julia is the best! I so love her…

  • landofaloha

    Well said Malibumom, couldn’t agree more.

  • Winnie

    to “the original nika”

    What business is it of yours WHEN she has her children?

    There are plenty of women who have had their children at age 45 & above.

    The Wagon Train left 150 years ago.

    Many women, myself included were not ready to have children at age 20.

    Why is it that people like you dictate when women should have children, get married, who they marry, and what their husband does for a living???

    BY THE WAY; Most women today are in college at age 20, not changing dirty diapers and sterilizing baby bottles.


  • henryisuly

    she needs to stop spreading her legs. YOUR BABIES ARE UGLY JULIA. ALL OF THEM. they look slow. honestly. shiloh is a cute baby. frances bean cobain was cute when she was a baby. now not so.

  • Sam

    I think Julia is just adorable, she is charming and beautiful and a fantastic actor,and as for her baby he is as cute as a button, for the luv of God i cant understand you, people what is wrong with you, how and why are you so mean, its ok to express your opinion, but to be so visious and down right cruel and that to when its not true and absoluty un called for, shame on you,

  • fs

    These middle parts have to go away. That’s all there is to it. And unless you don’t die your hair at all, it’s tres unflattering. Damn you VS!

  • fs

    Shanel @ 11/19/2007 at 7:29 pm 8 sofia : 11/19/2007 at 7:10 pm

    Julia’s not aging too well. Or should I say, she’s aging normally. I guess people like Demi Moore have spoiled me. I expect stars like Julia to age just as well, but that’s not realistic
    Dummie, Demi Moore has has a million dollars worth of plastic surgery, anyone would look good with that much work done.

    Uh that’s the acknowledged point, a$$hole (since we’re name calling here).

  • fs

    “Correction of my last line: Like Shanel said, you can make anyone look good with that much surgery done on them.
    Report Abuse”

    Check out the Hollywood wax museum at awful plastic surgery sometime. Apparently you can’t necesarily make anyone look good with plastic surgery. And clearly the more you have, the more you dig yourself in deeper. Mickey Rourke is a case in point.

  • fs

    Sorry, but that is one funny looking baby not cute at all. Like the old saying if their so many cute babies why are their so many ugly people walking around.

    That’s a silly saying. People obviously don’t stay cute and babyish for life!

  • rachel

    julia looks OLD, her facial features looks like a witch ,,,seriously