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Nicole Kidman Heads to Supreme Court

Nicole Kidman Heads to Supreme Court

Nicole Kidman testifies at the New South Wales Supreme Court on Sunday in Sydney, Australia.

The Oscar-winning actress gave evidence in a defamation case against photographer Jamie Fawcett after being called to court by Fairfax Media, publisher of the Sun-Herald Newspaper.

Nicole, 40, told Judge Carolyn Simpson that she was “really, really scared” while being chased by Fawcett.

“[My driver John Manning] said that they were driving crazy and that they had run red lights and jumped the median strip,” she added. “I was frightened and I was worried about a car accident.”

35+ pictures inside of Nicole Kidman heading to Supreme Court…

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Photos: David G Morgan/Ben McDonald/Bauer-Griffin, Gaye Gerard/Sergio Dionisio/Getty
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  • ihavenolife

    we don’t need another lady di deja vu w/ all these car chases just to score a few shots.

  • well….

    It looks like she is dress to play a movie role. Hair up. Very little makeup. Matronly Dressed

  • yapiro

    omg she looks so so …

  • yapiro

    i have to say i like the way how she dressed

  • Tyd

    Correction: She testified on MONDAY. She looks great. The court case has been all over the news for the past few days. Poor Nicole!

  • marn

    It’s Monday here in Australia 5.31pm you guys are behind us remember & it’s a hot day whats with the cardie Nicole

  • yoyo63

    She is way hotter than Katie Holmes, even she is already 40 years old now.

  • oldnic

    she doesnt look well.
    princess di…nic should remember the tragic ending to her story. you cant win with the media – she seems to have an attraction / repulsion to the media – she talks in riddles and endlesly about her first marriage – and wonders why they want to get a piece of her private life. Never thought I’d say that Tom conducts himself sanely…but by comparison he does! We’d think it very weird if HE went on and on about his marriage to nic….Run Keith run!

  • hmm…

    Her 1st marriage wasn’t a good choice either, and when she got divorced, I thought she’ve learned her lesson from marrying that insane man. But now I think she simply doesn’t know how to choose a right guy. Even worse than 1st marriage! This guy clearly is a loser. He even cheated on her so bad!

  • Rae

    I know the press and the paparazzi to an extent are part of celebrity lives and culture, but laws are really needed to control them. I agree with poster 1, we don’t need another Diana. And running red lights and crossing medians? That’s a danger to everyone on the road, not just the celebrity they’re chasing.

  • hottest couple ever

    Rae : 11/19/2007 at 4:55 am
    I know the press and the paparazzi to an extent are part of celebrity lives and culture, but laws are really needed to control them. I agree with poster 1, we don’t need another Diana. And running red lights and crossing medians? That’s a danger to everyone on the road, not just the celebrity they’re chasing.

    ITA as well.

  • movie fan

    Oldnic, what the H E L L are you talking about, talking endlessly about her first marriage? Are you confusing her with Jennifer “I have no life or career that isn’t attached to Brad” Aniston? Or are you just showing your jealousy of nicole by making up LIES?!?!
    She NEVER talked about her marriage for YEARS, and only now after Tom has been married and had another child so she is asked CONSTANTLY about it, has she ever made ANY comments! Even then her very FEW comments have been to wish Tom well, or talk about herself and her career during those years in comparison to now.

    I’m sure we would all love to have known the inner workings of THAT marriage, but Nicole has stayed mum.

  • natalie

    Who is the virgin librarian, and when did she get boobs all of a sudden? Look at those hands, there is no way this woman is 40 years old – minimum 50! What happened to all the makeup she wore at the ARIAs and the CMAs? Quick trying to play the innocent, scared victim Kidman! Urban, what the hell were thinking? And please, please DO NOT compare her to Princess Diana!

  • Dieter

    any picture´s of her hot butt – still the best in the world

  • holly

    i love her outfit but the hair and makeup? wtf? the hair style itself is cute but what’s up with the color? almost looks like she has white streaks in it….and don’t get me started on that makeup….either the worst makeup ever done or she’s sick. whatever the reason, from the neck up she looks like she needs to be hospitalized.

  • natalie

    Why didn’t she wear the see-through black dress to court? She wore it to every interview she had for the premiere of her next flop!

  • Rob

    Somebody should show Britteny that this is how you dress when you are going to court!!

  • sb

    She said she had a cold last week and she does not look well. In one of the photos the area by her nostril looks sore.

  • Erik

    God I adore this woman so much I can’t even describe it in words.
    Absolute pure beauty. I hope this case will be resolved asap by court and everybody leaves her and her family alone. The problem is, the people are so get used to such a fame whores like Spears or those dumb and useless girls I even don’t know their names, so they started to make their angry, jealous and mostly silly commentary to such ladies like Nicole Kidman… It’s simply different wieght category, people. Relax and get a life!

  • Sasha

    Why I hate this woman, pictures speak louder than words.

  • corin

    she is amazing without make up. well don’t see where she is ugly or bad dressed. she is simple and relaxed…the right decision to go to a court!

  • TiaBia

    I really wish she would go back to her natural red-hair. It would make her looks less waxened and more youthful as well.

  • Daniel

    she is a natural and pure beauty!she doesn’t need make up and an extraordinary outfitt to look great. i don’t know why people envy her so much, yes because this hate is only envy nothing more…we can live with others beauty and is too big for few should accept others victories.this woman is amazing, as an actress and as a person, just leave her alone!

  • carla

    i just hate paparazzi.they should leave people alone!!!i don’t want any other disastour as the one that happened to Lady D.Nicole is to precious to suffer all this pression!

  • Shanel

    7 yoyo63 : 11/19/2007 at 1:55 am

    She is way hotter than Katie Holmes, even she is already 40 years old now.
    Katie is prettier because Katie is natural. Nicole is botoxed to the max.

  • Regina

    Nice outfit! I don’t like to see Nic unhappy! She usually smiles all the time!

  • zac

    i’m day by day more in love with her. She is a huge star, maybe she and Angelina are the most big stars of Hollywood, and even tough, she is so shy and simple.she doesn’t pretend to be better than anyone, she lives her lives and leave the others with theirs.
    I’m sorry for all these people who hate Nicole, envy is a very ugly thing!

  • katrina

    I like her like that. Ethereal. She has beautiful skin. I just wish she would switch back to her red hair.

  • a realist

    She looks like a botoxed ghost. No color, glassy botoxed face.

  • Mandy

    for those who say she has botox or lip injections, OPEN YOUR EYES and look ate her without make up!!!!LOOK AT THESE PICS!she is all natural.i know it’s hard to us ladies face the fact that some women who are older than us, look better tha us, but please face the fact: Nicole is divine and we aren’t…

  • penny

    i also hate paparazzi, why they don’t leave people alone????they need privacy!
    she looks amazing without make up, and i used to believe she hasd done something to her face, because as i’m not an expert and reading some comments, i tend to believe she did.but looking at these pictures now i think differently.

  • vespa

    love you Nic, hope you win this cause in court!

  • carrie fan

    i would be very scared with all these paparazzi and journalists attention. i wouldn’t like to be a famous person because of this.they never have privacy, they are never alone and relaxed!i hope Nicole win this cause in court. she is the Lady of Australia, i hope she doesn’t leave our country just because of them!!!!

  • not white

    25- Katie is not SO natural anymore, just look at her now, let’s see in a few years how the HW pressure forces her to change, look at how much she has already

  • carla

    oh please guys do not compare the Great Nicole with the baby Katie.please!!!

  • botoxed Nicole

    That is not her skin. She has admitted she is addicted to botox. So you fans just might as well come to terms with that fact.

    Katie is a natural, she does not do botox.

  • truth teller

    Nicole the Friendly Ghost…hahahahahahahaha

  • jhonny

    yes comparing Nicole to Katie, or kate is comparing a dolphin to a crocodile, of course Kate is the crocodile.
    Nicole is so beautiful that almost hurts. and love her skirt!makes she sexy!!!!

  • truth teller

    At least katie is not botoxed like Nicole the ghost is.

  • a realist

    to Mandy…the woman is botoxed to the max. Stop the denial, will ya.

  • Corrin

    love you Nicole!i imagine it is a nightmare living all the time with all these paparazzi.they shoudn’t exist!

  • mandy

    to A REALIST.STOP BEING ENVY!get a life!

  • Will the real Nicole stand up

    Katie is natural and pretty.

    Nicole naturally has a lot of lines, I saw her one time when she had not gotten to her botox treatments, and she has a lot of line and crows feet. You guys are not seeing the real face of Nicole. Sorry to burst your bubble.

  • bbbbbbb

    i would love to be a ghost like her!

  • a realist

    to Mandy: Envy of who? Girl, I look at least ten years younger than my age. I envy no one.
    I just tell it like it is, and Nicole is a botox queen, so deal with it.
    I love Katie though, she is a natural.

  • Vacationbarbie

    Reply to #22…her hair was never naturally red, she’s naturally a blond. And, like most 40 year olds, she has grey hair.

    She would look ridiculous going to court in Red Carpet hair and makeup.

    I think she looks great and appropriately dressed for court.

  • Dieter

    Nicole would never do any botox !!! neither would Sharon Stone and Cam Diaz, because they are A-listers, it´s for the c- and d-list.

  • kath

    I think perhaps some of the celebrities should hire people to hound and harass some of these more aggressive photographers right back. A little turnabout might be just the lesson they need. I think a few months of being chased down the road at dangerous speeds, or not being able to put your trash out with out someone sticking a camera up in your face or up your shorts, or seeing telephoto shots of some your own ugly pap beer gut on the internet might be in order for some of these guys…

  • Paola

    She seems afraid, but beautiful.

  • Sienna

    She looks good.