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Rihanna's Massive Shopping Spree

Rihanna's Massive Shopping Spree

Before picking up favorite female soul/R&B artist at the AMAs, Rihanna goes on a massive shopping spree with friends in Los Angeles on Saturday.

Her entourage helped hit up Fred Segal, Madison, a body piercing & tatoo shop on Melrose and then the GAP at The Grove, where she picked up a shopping bag full of goodies.

Rihanna even stopped for an ice cream cone at Haagen-Dazs.

40+ pictures inside of Rihanna‘s massive shopping spree…

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rihanna shopping spree 01
rihanna shopping spree 02
rihanna shopping spree 03
rihanna shopping spree 04
rihanna shopping spree 05
rihanna shopping spree 06
rihanna shopping spree 07
rihanna shopping spree 08
rihanna shopping spree 09
rihanna shopping spree 10
rihanna shopping spree 11
rihanna shopping spree 12
rihanna shopping spree 13
rihanna shopping spree 14
rihanna shopping spree 15
rihanna shopping spree 16
rihanna shopping spree 17
rihanna shopping spree 18
rihanna shopping spree 19
rihanna shopping spree 20
rihanna shopping spree 21
rihanna shopping spree 22
rihanna shopping spree 23
rihanna shopping spree 24
rihanna shopping spree 25
rihanna shopping spree 26
rihanna shopping spree 27
rihanna shopping spree 28
rihanna shopping spree 29
rihanna shopping spree 30
rihanna shopping spree 31
rihanna shopping spree 32
rihanna shopping spree 33
rihanna shopping spree 34
rihanna shopping spree 35
rihanna shopping spree 36
rihanna shopping spree 37
rihanna shopping spree 38
rihanna shopping spree 39
rihanna shopping spree 40

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53 Responses to “Rihanna's Massive Shopping Spree”

  1. 1
    cherembo Says:

    OMG!! she looks super!!

  2. 2
    shamilah Says:

    1st she looks fab!!!!!!!!!!!!!!rihhana rocks

  3. 3
    Brad Addict Says:

    She look gorgeous , i love this girl

    Rihanna Rocks

  4. 4
    az Says:

    Rhianna is just a gorgeous girl.

  5. 5
    cico Says:

    she´s looking like a pig she has such an ugla face i can´t believe it!wow she´s fugly a fugly stupid piggy

  6. 6
    tee Says:

    looking good

  7. 7
    az Says:

    Rihanna is just a gorgeous girl.

  8. 8
    scarlett is a cunt Says:

    did she lose weight?I think so!
    Her trousers are terrible!Wow,did she borrow this ugly piece of **** from a circus cashier.

  9. 9
    TEALEAF Says:

    She looks pretty, but couldn’t she pushed in those puppies..LOl!

  10. 10
    Rae Says:

    Does she ever cover up her boobs?

  11. 11
    katie Says:

    love it

  12. 12
    Chris Says:

    I love Rihanna!!!! She’s so great!

  13. 13
    Kirsty Says:


  14. 14
    okay Says:

    what 19 year old ever covers up their boobs? They are like your new fun accessory at that age!

  15. 15
    lola Says:

    she’s so cute-is that her guitarist from her band? She’s holding his arm in one of the pictures.

  16. 16
    heidiho Says:

    Cute as always, I think she looks super dressed down her and not trying to show off her body. she just has a push up bra on.

  17. 17
    carol (: Says:

    i loved her outfit! style!

  18. 18
    charll Says:

    yay! i love rihanna! =]

  19. 19
    boba Says:

    who’s the guy? just a friend or someone significant?

  20. 20
    sarai Says:

    oh, mediatakeout is going to have a HEYDAY with these pictures of her by a white boy-they go crazy everytime she is within 2 feet of one!!!

  21. 21
    just me Says:

    She looks quite pretty in here, nice outfit.

  22. 22
    wait Says:

    is that her bf? darn, I wanted her to get back with shia.

  23. 23
    nelly Says:

    great style! She looks good even when she’s doing the sweats thing.

  24. 24
    Isa Says:

    oh, i love her

  25. 25
    fergieferg Says:

    she is so beautiful! she was gorgeous at the AMA

  26. 26
    uh Says:

    who’s the pale dude? Please don’t tell me it’s her boyfriend-he looks like a male version of arvil lavigne.

  27. 27
    that guy Says:

    the guy in the pictures is her keyboardist on tour.

  28. 28
    nici Says:

    she looks sorta chummy with the keyboardist.

  29. 29
    buzy bee Says:

    hmmmmmmmm what a hot body, I’m jealous of this girl.

  30. 30
    angie Says:

    i love this girls style. love the louis vuitton bag.

  31. 31
    helen Says:

    she’s so pretty, she’s always on point.

  32. 32
    He-who-shall-not-be-named Says:

    Rihanna has emmerged as fashion forward. She will give Posh spice a run for her money.

  33. 33
    Fifs Says:

    You win some, you loose some…Rihanna cannot please anyone…say this country is filled with people who will put you up just so they can pull you back down…Rihannis a damn beautiful girl, and stop comparing her to Beyonce already…two different looks and two different styles…Rihanna Rocks

  34. 34
    fugly! Says:

    an alien has arrived in this planet!!!!!!!! hurt my eyes! She look ugly as fcuk! eww!!!!!!!

  35. 35
    maeva Says:

    Gosh I really like her style she looks stunning.

  36. 36
    no voice Says:

    oink oink..why is her nose so wide??4head so long??she will never be able to kiss bey’s feet.

  37. 37
    bitch Says:

    beyonce and her stans are jealous rihanna is hot she a beautiful chick.

  38. 38
    ihavenolife Says:

    nice boobs, perky and just the right size. but her hips are a tad too wide for her frame. :P

  39. 39
    awww Says:

    her and shia are on the same jj page….memories…..

  40. 40
    warhole Says:

    LOL at the 4th pic 1st row, rihanna’s girlfriend looks really hungry

  41. 41
    riri Says:

    looking good rih!

  42. 42
    nolan Says:

    she’s always hot no matter what she’s doing

  43. 43
    natal Says:

    wow, she has really long legs!

  44. 44
    lily Says:

    Rihanna rocks. don’t like the pants though but she is still hot. go riri

  45. 45
    Keysha Says:

    That girl eating a pack a Hill’s corn curls, all the way form Barbados

  46. 46
    sophie Says:

    is rihanna bleaching? or do they just overkill on the face and body foundation.

  47. 47
    Mini Says:

    I thought she got a ****** tattoo? I guess it was a fake one? I didn’t know this…

  48. 48
    gOssipBitch Says:

    she looks cute …dont like those pants too much

  49. 49
    Amanda *brazil* Says:

    Rihanna is soooooooo beautiful and she really can sing live.
    People who say that horroble things about her just envy her…

  50. 50
    deanna Says:

    cute, riri!

  51. 51
    ¨BaBBii¨ Says:

    ….!¡!! ShEs a SpOiLeD RaT !¡!!….

    ……… “BuT aLL cEleRaTes aRe”………

  52. 52
    Jen Says:

    Ugh, her style is unoriginal, uninspired, and definitely not self styled! However, her bag is quite chic…

  53. 53
    umm Says:

    wait her hair is that long…..LOVE IT!!….riri lukzzz HAWT!

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