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Vince Vaughn: Nose Hairs Gone Wild

Vince Vaughn: Nose Hairs Gone Wild

Vince Vaughn‘s nose hairs made another appearance at the European premiere of his new movie Fred Claus at London’s Empire Leicester Square on Monday.

Please, somebody get this man a nose hair trimmer for Christmas. A Secret Santa, at least???

10+ pictures inside of Vince Vaughn‘s nose hairs gone wild…

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vince vaughn nose hairs gone wild 01
vince vaughn nose hairs gone wild 02
vince vaughn nose hairs gone wild 03
vince vaughn nose hairs gone wild 04
vince vaughn nose hairs gone wild 05
vince vaughn nose hairs gone wild 06
vince vaughn nose hairs gone wild 07
vince vaughn nose hairs gone wild 08
vince vaughn nose hairs gone wild 09
vince vaughn nose hairs gone wild 10

Photos: Gareth Cattermole/Getty
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  • hellobeautiful_xo


    he needs to like trim them or whatever.

  • the_original_nika

    LOL, he doesn´t look good when smiling =\.

  • cherembo

    just ehhh

  • zane

    yak!!!! I’m so glad Jennifer Aniston broke up with him.

  • jake

    on the bright side, he has nice teeth

  • lily

    he i so ewwww.

  • bataglio

    gawd, SO hot! he & aniston together must’ve been stunning nekkid… maybe that’s why they broke up – they saw themselves nekkid in a mirror and could not stand the hotness?!

  • tyler

    That guy needs a hair trimmer and a gastric bypass.

  • Karen

    Forget the nose hairs. He needs to lose the eye concealer (wrong shade) and cheeck blush and LOSE 40 POUNDS. Geez, Vince, how could you let yourself go like that. Lordy mercy.

  • Breakup

    This is the man that those jen loonies convinced themselves is better looking than Brad Pitt. Desperation that woman must have felt to even date this, it is unbelievable. And he still dumped Jennifer for a college kid, lmao.

  • faraway

    Where is Jen?

  • well….

    He left jenny. Remember she ran after him to the UK not the other way around.

  • Jessica

    He always has nose hairs! I remember when he was dating Jennifer Aniston they caught him several times with nose hairs. I seem to remember the mag quoting “He better shape up to be Jen’s man” haha

  • warhole

    maybe he is sparing the hair to make dreads?

  • Alex

    10 Breakup : 11/19/2007 at 6:26 pm

    This is the man that those jen loonies convinced themselves is better looking than Brad Pitt. Desperation that woman must have felt to even date this, it is unbelievable. And he still dumped Jennifer for a college kid, lmao.

    Thanks for the reminder. Still a good laugh. I suppose after Brad Pitt, where can you go, so might as well go 180 degree the other direction.

  • s.

    I hate to tell you all this but when your man starts getting near forty he will also have nose hairs that need trimming. You will hopefully not start guffawing at the horribleness of it, but will instead do what most women do and advise him to get a trim. No f’n biggie people. I hate to tell you this but Brad Pitt has nose hair too, he just has Angelina reminding him to trim it.

    One thing we can agree on here is I also don’t like when they put make-up on Vince. It’s so wrong. He’s just fine without it, thanks.

    I will say I’m not shocked that you all go on and on about this when you are the same people that are mean about a little girl’s eyebrows. Sheesh. Thanks for posting the pics, Jared, even if you are ridiculous about pointing out some people’s flaws.

  • the whole truth

    Vince looks OK, he’s just getting older. He is not a 20 something anymore and he looks like it. He has also gained some weight, he has always tended to be on the heavy side, but he is naturally a big tall guy.

    He does need to insist that they use less makeup on him, it’s caked and too thick. They were probably trying to make him look younger but that is not necessary.

  • s.

    The weight gain recently is because he quit smoking again. So, good for him.

    And I just noticed that you made a point of zooming in on his thumb. What gives Jared? So it got messed up in a car wreck years ago, what’s the point in continually pointing out things you deem as people’s flaws?

  • take care of yourself

    Vince man get yourself groomed,you can afford it,that is the 2nd time JJ has a foto of you with nose hairs.

    I hate when peole don’t groom their nose hairs,pits and hands,yuck. Please stop bringing AJ&Brad into this. Vince’s
    Nose hairs have nada to do with them.
    Aniston dated Vince not A&B. Brad or Angie have no problem with him, I’m sure.
    Being in your forties is no excuse, my friend is 24 and she had nose hairs galore -but not anymore though,I bought her a groomer from Walgreen’s for $15.00, or less, is the going cost.

  • No thanks…

    He looks terrible…seriously! The nose hairs are the least of his worries!

  • ?

    Ha Ha Ha. this was the guy who Faniston loons said was way hotter and better than Brad Pitt.Hey, Jen loonie fans, remember the Us mag. poll a week before he was spotted fooling around with a 20 y/o coed. ?
    he was hotter than Brad Pitt , bwahahaha….. biggest joke !

  • ?

    This is the guy whom faniston loons voted as hotter and sexier than Brad Pitt in the Us mag. poll, a week before the loon found out he was fooling around with a 20 y/o coed, a week before they knew he had already dump their idol. hahaha…karma, karma.

  • pay attention

    sorry but we all know that the concelaer is is not fooling anyone. we all know there are dark shopping bags underneath that makeup. he really needs to watch his weight. I just saw Swingers again and he was half the size he is now.

  • lulu

    10 Breakup : 11/19/2007 at 6:26 pm
    This is the man that those jen loonies convinced themselves is better looking than Brad Pitt. Desperation that woman must have felt to even date this, it is unbelievable. And he still dumped Jennifer for a college kid, lmao.


    Yeah, the Us mag poll. and now those loons are saying it’s good that Jen dump him .

  • so what


  • anonymous

    The One the Only, Chinifer Manistons True Love! They make the perfect couple, he should have never left Chin-Chin. As they have a lot in common! I mean, they both have ugly and manly chins!

  • http://deleted OMG

    Can’t beleived it, Jennifer Aniston slept with this guy for 1 year ?

  • raye

    Funniest title ever Jared! lol!
    Vince is gross!!!! Yuckytori!

  • remember da truth

    #25 So what
    Yeah, okay, I’m rubber, you’re glue, whatever you say bounces off me…. LOL!! JEEZ!! Grow the F up already!!

    Yes, we all know you get nose hairs, and hairs in the ears, too. But basic hygiene means you take care of those things! Vince has simply let himself go, that’s all.

    Probably depressed over his stupid career choices. This is a man who can really act, not sell out by exploiting all the whiny women in Breakup and crap like that.

  • sasha



  • kiny

    i m a fans of Vince Vaughn, and enjoyed most his videos…but i m surprised to hear that he just been to to enjoy an interracial hot dating…may be i need to check what really happened…

  • Steph

    Goodness… such a shame. I remember his movies from the late 90′s. He was so cute. What the F happened?

  • theoni

    he’s a boring actor, he’s not even remotely handsome.Why is he even a little bit famous I will never understand it.Lets just not discuss him any more.

  • blondie

    How much do you think a photograph of Jennifer Aniston and her
    parents, caught together, for the Thanksgiving Holidays would fetch?
    I would PAY to see a photograph of Jennifer with just her own mother,
    this year!!!! Please, please see if Jennifer will spend ANY time
    with ANY of her relatives this Thanksgiving….at ALL. I would faint
    from the shock. Put a picture of Jen and her mom sharing Thanksgiving
    on the cover of a magazine, and they would fly off of the stands. (IMO)

  • blondie

    Watch your filthy mouths, when you talk about Vince. One day, you may
    have to each every word that you say about sweet, funny Vince.
    Comedy is sometimes dependant on the character to gain weight, so
    the gags will seem more comical. (Jim Carey is a nut, no matter how
    thin he is.) What matters is that he did make Jennifer very happy,
    once, and it seems that he stilll does. (As quiet as it is kept. I think where some of us expect the outside to look as good as, or better that what lies beneath may appear to be, I think that Vince
    is just a really great guy, and he is a good person that is unselfish,
    and caring, and tell great jokes, and wants everyone to feel good.

    I think that his star is rising steadily, because he takes care of his
    friends, and that he is always welcomed back. I think that he is dependable, hard working, and slowly but surely, he just may land on
    top, where good men like him belong…(IMO)

  • Noah

    Wow, internet buffoonery. I bet I would fuck Vince over any of you, if I had the choice..which I don’t.
    Anyway, get a life and your own mind. I’d to see the people you respondents actually get with.

  • Jaime


  • Sebastian

    he’s a natural older big man…not like Bradcita Pitt,he should loose weight though..he used to be more handsome,just chop those nose hairs and run for some weeks,hang out with mathew mccgoahHEHHS}SHheyHEW…YOU ALL KNOW WHO I MEAN lol.

  • My Lady

    Chain-Smoking Fat Boy needs a more honest team behind him. He apparently drinks and smokes to take his mind off of the plagiarism by losers who only wish they could create art but are so desperate that retooling others’ art is honky dory with them.

    One vice won’t erase another.

    His team is into the woods and into plagiarism.

  • My Lady

    Oh, yeah, merry christmas. Or more appropriately happy chanuka to the Hollywood plagiarists who steal Christian presents.

  • Lisa

    I’d spread my legs for him!!! MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM……………………..