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Daniel Craig - "GQ" December 2007

Daniel Craig -

James Bond actor Daniel Craig looks très sexy on one of the three covers for the December 2007 issue of GQ Magazine (Kanye West and Bill Clinton are on the other two). Here’s an excerpt from the article:

As told by GQ magazine’s style editor Adam Rapoport: “Standing in a small foyer at the top of a long, narrow staircase, I nervously checked the clock on my Treo, once, twice, three times, wondering just how late Craig would be. Not late at all, it turned out. The door from the sidewalk opened, and Craig made his way up the stairs, sunglasses in hand, wearing a pair of beat-up Levi’s, a distressed James Perse T-shirt, and the kind of no-nonsense stare that said, “Let’s do this thing and get it over with.” Or more specifically, I believe the Briticism he employed was “Let’s crack at it.”

And so we sat down, got the tape recorder out, and started cracking. Was he difficult? Maybe a bit. Challenging? Absolutely. Particular? No doubt.”

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Photos: Nathaniel Goldberg
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  • zanessa110


  • Ria

    That is one ugly guy.

  • zanessa110

    does he wear eyeliner?

  • the_original_nika

    He´s a handsome man to me, but, that cover is not a good one. And he looks photoshopped geezz.
    bill clinton?

  • mouche

    I have always liked Daniel Craig so much but now – why…WHY does he pout with his lips all the time – that totally ruined James Bond for me! He looks like a sulky teenager lol!

  • Orchid

    I don’t find him attractive. Saw him in “Munich” and decided I don’t like him, so I decided to skip “Casino Royale.”

  • cutiepie

    He is definately ugly! Why on earth was he cast as Bond? He’s neither “Dashing” nor “Handsome”.

  • [~Famous~]

    holy mother of all fug.

  • http://justjared Ugly as sin.

    Read my name!

  • http://justjared Ugly as sin.

    I’ll still sleep with him thou!

  • Kate

    I find Clive Owen much better looking.

  • NJS06

    What is the hype surrounding this guy? he is not cute..

  • Didi

    lol @ [~Famous~]

    my sentiments exactly
    looks like he got hit by all the ugly sticks from an entire ugly motherf*cking forest

  • http://justjared Ugly as sin.


  • mossy

    HOT. hello. very gym teacher hot.

  • poodle puddle

    What is this guys appeal? He’s only 39 but his face looks 59. And his body is average. So ugly.

  • [~Famous~]

    LOL @ Didi.

    god bless you, that made me laugh.

  • Romy

    He looks absolutely horrible in that cover photo.

  • cutiepie

    #18, He’s really only 39? DAMN, You;re right, he does look like he’s 59.

  • Mery

    I agree, he looks absolutely horrible, and he seem very old.

  • Sebastian

    When i clicked here to read the comments i thought i would be the only one about to post how bad the cover and Kanye’s too are.(though Kanye’s looks better,there’s alot of photoshop in his eyes too)

    Daniel Craig is a hot man but this photographer or whatever sucked.

  • He-who-shall-not-be-named

    Daniel Craig doesn’t really do it for me. He has a creepy stare and is alien-looking. Shame on James Bond. We want Clive Owen to replace him!

  • Oh Canada…

    Check out Daniel Craig in “Layercake”, “Enduring Love” or “Sylvia”, he’s an outstanding actor. I think he’s the best James Bond since Sean Connery. The GQ cover doesn’t do him justice, his looks aren’t conventional, but he is a good looking man with alot of sex appeal…in my opinion. Did y’all not see him coming out of the water in “Casino Royale”? Yummy, beautiful proportioned body.

    Daniel is/was the best choice for Bond; Casino Royale was one of the best Bond films since Sean Connery stopped making them in the 60′s(the ones after kinda sucked). Clive Owen is a fine actor and handsome, but he doesn’t have that tough/vulnerability that Mr.Craig does with such ease. Aah and the way he walks, it’s very self assured. Not to mention those eyes, it’s not just that they’re blue, they’re absolutely piercing.

    An all around great package.

    Love you Daniel

  • Billie

    Daniel Craig saved the James Bond franchise, you dumb fucking twats. He is the best Bond since Connery and it can be argued he’s better than Connery. And if anyone bothered to read Ian Fleming’s books, you know the ones that the films are based on, you would clearly see that Craig is the closest to the character in the book. He looks like a man, not a pretty boy, but a man who has had experiences and is sexy as hell for it. Jesus, what do you want him to look like Zac Efron, a little, itty, bitty princess??? Appreciate what you have people.

  • Phoenix

    *LOL* he’s pouting like Keira “bobble head” Knightley, he’s just ugly but I like the James Bond with him thought. Come on Billie he didn’t save the James Bond franchise and is not better than Sean Connery.
    Sean Connery he’s the best and will always be.

  • chelden

    still can’t figure how a 70 yr old looking guy get to played the role of james bond…

  • darryl

    silly, silly, inexperienced and shallow kids. how the heck do you know what 39 is? you think turning 20 is old and god forbid you turn 25… OMG! give me a break.

    mr. craig looks 39, acts 39 and presents himself as 39…. and 39 being a good thing.

    he may pout but the pic captures his intensity.. he is an actor of the intense type.

    i find him v. attractive.. plus he presents the complete package (and that package is hot).. all puns intended but not really.

    wait til you are 39 or god.. even 29… yikes.

  • darryl

    silly, silly, inexperienced and shallow kids. how the heck do you know what 39 is? you think turning 20 is old and god forbid you turn 25… OMG! give me a break.

    mr. craig looks 39, acts 39 and presents himself as 39…. and 39 being a good thing.

    he may pout but the pic captures his intensity.. he is an actor of the intense type.

    i find him v. attractive.. plus he presents the complete package (and that package is hot).. all puns intended but not really.

    wait til you are 39 or god.. even 29… yikes.

  • dunda

    Only one word: BEAUTIFUL

    This is the most beautiful specimen on earth.
    F****** sexy and hot as hell. Takes my breath away everytime I see him. He’s gorgeous and a real great actor. All the naysayer, please eat humble pie.

    Just GREAT!

  • justone

    Daniel is a cuttie! I am his big fan! Is he single now? I saw his profile on millionaire dating site Wealthy Romance. com last week! Just curious!

  • Eve

    Sexy and manly.

  • remember da truth

    I agree that Daniel is sexy, and probably the best Bond. Everyone likes Sean Connery because he was the first, so that’s their idea of Bond. But in the first one Pierce Brosnan made, that updated the franchise and winked at former ones, HE saved a series that was going downhill.

    Layer Cake was a movie that made me sit up and notice this guy!! Sexy, and sooo masculine!!

    Good on you, Darryl, you are so right. This is what a man, a REAL MAN of 39 should look like!

    Hate the pouting though, and agree the photos are poor. He is MUCH better looking than this! But stop the complaining about photoshopping. You make yourselves sound so ignorant — you do realize ALL photos on mags are photoshopped, don’t you? Jeez. It’s like complaining that it’s not a painting but really a photo. Well, DUH!!

  • mouche

    “mr. craig looks 39, acts 39 and presents himself as 39…. and 39 being a good thing.”

    lol lol lol I don´t think he looks especially old – and he can undoubtly be a very good actor – but no I didn´t liked him as Bond, tastes differ…But this pouting thing – I can´t understand how anyone can find that attractive in a grown man. I don´t know if he himself thinks that´s looking sexy because it´s become much much worse since Bond lol lol!

  • sharyllee

    craig is so ugly yuck!! i find Jude law more best looking..

  • sharyllee

    Craig is so ugly… yuck!!!! I find Jude Law more best looking….

  • Mel

    I don’t think he is intentionally pouting – that’s just the shape of his lips and how they naturally come together.

    @Billie: Right on. Most people on these boards can only appreciate girlie boys like Zac Efron.

  • dunda

    @mel/@Billie: that’s maybe because most people on these boards are far away from being adult:-)
    btw: I like Zac Efron, he makes my teenager-daughter smile

  • You don’t know me

    The pout is not intentional. If you bothered to pay attention, you’d see that his bottom lip is a bit larger that his top lip, and the ridges around his mouth are quite pronounced thus giving him a natural pout.

    He looks 39 to me, I’m 39 so I know what it looks like. He’s not a metrosexual pretty boy that the majority of these little girls on the board like. Daniel is mature, very sexy, and masculine; he appeals to the sophisticated women of the world who can appreciate what a real man looks like.

  • Ms M

    No he is not single (as everyone knows)….he’s engaged and will marry. This man is a stunning actor and will survive the Bond franchise (I still cant believe he took that.)..he is one of Britain’s national treasures. BTW, 39 is not old..I have seen him many times in real life and he is something else! The photog (Nathaniel) didnt do him any favours this time but remember, Dan likes to have a huge say in what pics are released too…he evidently liked them.

  • blondie

    In my opinion, if Tom Cruise is not going to be in anymore “Mission Impossible” movies, then I would love to see him as “James Bond.”

    And Jon Voight. What would be wrong to have Jon Voight continue to be Jim Phelps, the leader of Mission Impossible? Would Brad get mad?

    Vince Vaughn is a pretty tall guy, and he can be made to get into
    good shape.

  • blondie

    Forgive me, but his upper lip is too long, and his forhead is just
    all wrong, in my opinion. I want Tom Cruise. He can do “serious”
    and look good at the same time.

  • blondie

    It is the funniest thing, but ugly men, like this one,
    always and without fail, turn out to be the best lovers, the best husbands, and the best fathers. Why? Because life is not handed over
    to them on a silver platter, they have to put forth an effort, and they are determined. They try harder. Just look at the Chef on the show called Ramsey’s Kitchen Disasters. The man is good at every single thing that he does. I get horney just looking at him and that
    “not so handsome face.” He has confidence. He knows what he is doing.
    He is so unhandsome that he turn that mug into being very handsome.
    He has the “it” factor. Tom Cruise makes me change my mind several times during every movie that I see him in. Handsome. Yes. No. Yes, yes, yes. No. YES!!!! No. Gosh, yes. no. no. I love you TOM.

  • Jules

    Daniel ROCKS!! He’s a great actor and HOT!! The cover does not do him justice. AND he single handedly saved the Bond franchise.
    Thank God for a real man…

  • aj

    why is this man consider hot? he’s fugly as sin! yuk he’s so gross looking like a pedophile ewww

  • Ms M

    AJ: A PEDOPHILE???? are you sick??? I find that, as I’m sure any persons (including Dans’ admirers/friends would) an absolutely disgusting remark irrespective of what the intonations of it were. (and dont EVEN bother to say “it was just a joke”..)

  • suzi

    AJ: Pedophiles come in all sizes, shapes, and facial features. It is not possible to tell if a man is a pedophile just by looking at him. If it were, every police agency would be busy rounding them up just on looks alone. Your remark is, as Ms M rightly says, disgusting. I don’t know if you are trying to be funny and I dont care. It was, in my opinion, uncalled for and unkind.

  • sharmaine

    One word descriptions are not sufficient to describe anything or anybody. The singular word is as meaningful as pressing PLAY or STOP on a remote control feeding our desire for instant gratification. Have we all become a world of “scanners”, whipping throught the internet at lightning speed to find the latest, hottest, newest, best, most beautiful and not really taking the time to pause before putting an opinion out there?

    Daniel Craig is an outstanding actor who is finally in the limelight where he should be. He deserves every award, accolade and complimentary interview given to him. Regardless of the negative opinions stated here, he has a charisma and quality that is very rare. Those that recognize it know precisely what I mean and those that don’t are simply too shallow to look further.

    Press the PAUSE button every once in a while and really take a look before you make inflammatory comments.

  • Redluna

    @Sharmaine: You are so right!!!! I could not have said this better!