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Esquire Magazine - December 2007

Esquire Magazine - December 2007

The December 2007 issue of Esquire celebrates “Performances of the Year” with two sexy covers circulating!

Cover stars: Denzel Washington from American Gangster, Cate Blanchett from I’m Not There, Javier Bardem from No Country for Old Men, Robert Downey Jr. from Zodiac, Emile Hirsch from Into The Wild and Jake Gyllenhaal from Rendition.

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  • lauren

    thats a cute cover

  • EVA

    Jake Gyllenhaal looks so DUM on this cover. Like he gained some weight over night… some heavy weight. I don’t understand what Reese see at this guy. Eva

  • [~Famous~]

    why’s gayllenhaal there..?

  • angel

    wtf,rendition was not a good movie,whatever

  • Devin

    Emile looks so clean cut and nice! He was fantastic in Into the Wild. Good choice.

  • salma

    love love jake he’s so hawwwwwwwwt and sooooo cute

  • vicky

    Jake is gorgeous and a great actor.He deserves to be on that cover

  • salma

    reese is so damn lucky love ya jake

  • betty

    I’m so happy for Cate she’s such a good actress. I hope that she’s going to win the “best actress”oscar for Elizabeth the golden age.

  • tino tonatini

    what the hale is this who decide what is the movie of the year….

  • tino tonatini

    what the hale is this who decide what is the movie of the year….whar is Brad and Angie?

  • Nicky

    Nice to see Jake without The Beard!

  • tino tonatini

    they all look fools to me!!!!!!!!!!1

  • joan88

    Where’s Viggo? He was AMAZING in Eastern Promises :)

  • kel

    Nicky, this is getting really old!

    Jake looks great! I’m glad he’s getting some recognition!

    And yay for RDJ for Zodiac. The movie and his performance rocked!

  • Evelyn loves the Pitts

    Angelina jolie for A Mighty Heart.Brad Pitt for Jesse James!!!!
    These are the great performances of 2007.SAYS ME!!

  • tino tonatini

    I agree completely wher are they

  • kel

    Don’t worry, Angelina will definitely be nominated for an Oscar! Those are just some of the good performances of the year. So chill! ;)

  • paola

    hmmmm….interesting….no angelina to be seen anywhere. i wonder what that means?????

  • Helena

    Lol at Jake Gyllenhaal being there. It was a decent performance but compared to the other 5…just lol.

  • [~Famous~]

    its disrepectful to those other actors (who are great) to have that pudgy prepubescent santa claus on the same cover.

  • HUH

    That must be Jake from Zodiac also. not pos rendition.

  • Thelostgirl

    Jake is yummy!

  • Helena

    That must be Jake from Zodiac also. not pos rendition.

    Sadly, no. He’s work was brilliant on Zodiac. What were they thinking? I think they should’ve had more women. Marion Cotillard, anyone?

  • talula

    Reese saw a paycheck in Jake. You know all that loving fakery ain’t cheap.

  • Jane

    Come on, what’s 1.000.000$ among friends?

  • Anon

    Don’t the TT’s get fed up of infesting every post with their regurgitated S***.

  • kel

    [~Famous~], what’s your problem? Did you even see Jake’s performance in Rendition? The movie itself got mixed reviews, but Jake was mostly praised.
    I agree with Helena that Jake did a really good job in Zodiac, but for most people the standout was RDJ!

  • NAnci

    Jake’s performance as a straight man in an actual relationship with a woman is winning raves all over the internets!! Check out the fanboards boys and girls the Gyllenspoon love is INTENSE and INTOXICATING! Can’t you just feel it? Don’t be the last of your friends to jump on this celebrity love train.

    Name their babies now! Beat the rush.

  • VOice of reason

    Every review I read of Rendition said Jake was miscast, dead weight or just blah.

    Rendition sucked and he sucked in it but in his defense he didn’t have much to work with.

    Most of these polls and choices are the result of studios and publicists pushing their clients and trading exclusives and interviews for good press.

  • nerea


  • Anon

    They were picked by Esquire themselves, they said that Jakes performance is the kind that is always overlooked, perhaps you should read it first before you say something.

  • Anon

    Hey NAnci is that Dany in disguise.

  • poodle puddle

    why is Jake G amongst them? i don’t recall his performance in Rendition being highly praised.

  • Courtney

    More women!

    Where’s Casey Affleck?

  • [~Famous~]

    to whoever that person was who typed my name – yes. i’ve seen rendition – 20mins of it, that’s all I could take. and i don’t know what reviews you’re talking about but all the reviews i seen and heard about jake’s performance were all negative. miscasted, irrelevant… stop fronting.

  • the_original_nika

    wtf.. I agree with everyone else there, but, jake? seriously? c´mon.. I like jake, don´t get me wrong, but he is not supposed to be there. he´s overrated =\.

  • bl

    Gyllenhall is a cautionary tale about nepotism and entitlement. He’s not good looking enough to be a leading man and his acting isn’t a good enough reason for me to look at his ugly mug. He’s utterly underwhellming.

    I don’t care if he’s straight gay or into beastiality BTW.

  • Meme

    So much nasty Jake G. hatred. He was brilliant in both Zodiac and Rendition. I totally agree with vicky, kel and anon. Esquire picked Jake’s performance in Rendition for all the right reasons. Here is what they had to say about it and I totally agree:

    “It is a near silent performance, apart from some minor heroics near the end, and most actors would likely have felt the need to signal their disapproval to the audience via exaggerated winces.
    Gyllenhaal refrains, allowing us to project our own turbulent, conflicted emotions onto his placid expression.
    Knowing when to do nothing is one of the least appreciated of an actor’s skills; here’s one who’s learned it early.”

  • lolz



    That Esquire quote is the only good thing you’ll find written about that godawful movie. I don’t hate Jake but BRILLIANT?? Cute…maybe…but he has yet to be brilliant in anything!!

  • TS

    I think Jake gave an excellent performance in Rendition and deserves to be on the cover with those great actors. Don’t care what the haters say. So glad that Esquire went against the typical critic response and paid attention to Jake’s work.

  • Rae

    Very nice to see Cate on there for I’m Not There. I don’t agree with Jake but other than him for Rendition, this is a great group.

    It’s kind of cold that Emile Hirsch is never on the cover because Denzel doesn’t move. I love Denzel, but come on. If they’re going to switch the groups, switch them.

  • Hello

    Honestly I read that someone in his family is in the publishing bus do they work for Esquire really so sad to overlook some really stellar performances. Examples Viggo, Chris Cooper, Tommy Lee Jones.

  • Susan

    Lord have mercy! Jake has the most gorgeous eyes!

  • lolz

    I would rather see Shia instead of Emile and Christian Bale instead of Jake for the younger actors. Disturbia was better then Into The Wild and Bale is amazing in 3:10 to Yuma. JG wasn’t great in anything this year.

  • Ted

    Jake’s best performance was the one in People magazine. LOL!

  • Ashley

    lol… it looks like Jake is dressed as Mahmoud Ahmadinejad …

  • aj

    I havent read all of the replies so I dont know if this was already mentioned, but so many keep complaining “where’s so and so, they were great”, but it says right on the cover of the mag the 36 performances. They cantfit 36 people on the cover, relax, these are the people they wanted for the cover shoot.

  • Fina

    Hello, no one in Jake’s family works for Esquire, His uncle is the editor of the Miami Herald You should check your facts.

    Thank you AJ. Esquire has every right to chose the performances they think were great. Clearly they have others listed in the magazine. They are allowed to thought Jake did a good job in Rendition even if other critics didn’t.

  • Fina

    Sorry the above link doesn’t seem to be working. Here is another one