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Heath Ledger is Rainbow Bright

Heath Ledger is Rainbow Bright

Heath Ledger heads home to his SoHo apartment on Monday wearing a bunch of bright accessories–sneakers, fingerless gloves, sunglasses and oversized beanie.

Heath, 28, and actress Michelle Williams, 27, have 2-year-old daughter named Matilda.

Todd Haynes, Heath‘s director in I’m Not There said that Heath “is the most loving father. He’s so devoted to that little girl, Matilda, and she looks exactly like him. She’s like a little, mini walking Heath. She’s adorable.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Heath’s style — LOVE IT or HATE IT?

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# 1

he is an individual so I can appreciate the fact that he doesnt care what people think, but personally, I like my men a little more cleaned up and crisp.

# 3

I think i donno Mattie, would love to see her!

# 4

MMM he looks hot..

# 5

What the F F F F is going on with him? First when I seen the photos I thought that it’s a homeless woman. He trying to copy on Johnny Deep. Guys look at some of Johnny’s interviews and you will see that I am right, BUT the thing is that we all love Johnny, sometimes he has some strange choices in clothes but he’ s damn good actor. Now, Heath is just trying to look as a hobo on the street to attract our attention … and gossip about him. What is weird sell to the media. think about Amy Winehouse… she has a huge RATS NEST on top of her head, and that makes her look so odd, me for one I never seen another woman like her, and exactly because of that we get to make fun of her and Amy stays on the magazine covers. I don’t understand why some celebs dress like that, take for example Demi and Ashton… until recently she was the ”old” one in the couple, but oh boy Ashton dressed day by day more as a grandfather. They attended some event in Las Vegas and in the Red Carpet he looked 100% as my grandpa. I just don’t get him, and all the other stars, like the Olsen twins, Britney, and the list can go on forever. The have money, the could get some decent clothes (and sexy). Eva

# 6

he is a little “different”

# 7

come on, he’s so hot. he can wear whateveer he wants, and I will say, SO FREAKIN’ HOT.

# 8

Looks like a girl …

# 9

he looks terrible -_-

[~Famous~] @ 11/20/2007 at 12:43 pm

he tries way to hard, fcuking lame.

I agree.He tries too hard to look like an “artist”

Sir-Cocks-Alot @ 11/20/2007 at 12:54 pm

Love those tight pants, now let me help him out of them. :)

I love a man with his own unique style but this is just tacky now, and reminds me of an emo teenage girl

He looks like a gay, don’t you think? And I really really don’t like his clothes…

Love the style, but his pants are too tight/bunchy in the front and thighs. I do miss the Heath from a Night’s Tale. Matilda does look EXACTLY like Heath!

Awwww, isn’t he “sweet”!!!

I don’t care about the shoes, or the gloves, but the hat is disgusting. Maybe someone made it for him and he likes to wear it. It’s been around for years. What I really find disgusting is he looks dirty. Unwashed.I agree he loves to try to imitate Johnny Depp. But Johnny Depp is original. If Heath wants to imitate him, he should try to be original…and bathe!!! Heath is a hot looking guy when he cleans up. He really is sexy. Maybe that is what he is trying to do. Hide how sexy he is. Why doesn’t he just be normal.Jeans T-shirt, jacket. How hard can it be! Add a shower and just a little scruff. Ten minutes away from gorgeous.

His sweater is clean at least. It’s that long hair and the face hair. Heath grows an awful beard. When he had that long beard before he looked like Unabomber. Maybe he will do a movie about the Unabomber! Ha. Ha.

Here's The Deal @ 11/20/2007 at 1:38 pm


i LOVE it!!! :D :D :D

Just plain NASTY, and he’s always dirty and scruffy looking.

he tries to get the european-style…….but NO,NO,NO

you guys in america dont got style!!!

He’s no joker..the joke’s on him! Jack Nicholson thinks he wont be able to surpass the Batman 89 Joker.


He needs to lay off the crystal meth

I looked at a post from two days ago of Selma Blair and her boyfriend. He’s a way hotter Heath that isnt so dirty.

He’s strange looking. He’s actually not even that good looking if you clean him up. Wierd nose. But at least he doesnt look like michael Jackson/ Zac Effron

love it. and he looks fab in those jeans.

new johnny depp :P

JasonRoth @ 11/20/2007 at 3:24 pm

you tools..he is still working on the “Joker.”….he is staying in character… ;)

oh..i definitely love him!!!!! ^^

poodle puddle @ 11/20/2007 at 3:39 pm

i used to own a pair of those gloves lol

gay and gross. Depp wonnabee.

totally love it, reminds me of my style……..individuality

Diggin’ the individual look. Nice :D

Looks like he rolled outta bed at a lady friends house and accidentally put her jeans on. lol. Then kept them on for the thrill of it. Scruffy Heath is still hot, you nay sayers have prissy standards (you should stick to the Zac Effrons of the world).

Obviously he doesn’t take himself too seriously and I’m sure there are plenty of single mom’s that would love a playdate.

black : 11/20/2007 at 2:16 pm

he tries to get the european-style…….but NO,NO,NO

you guys in america dont got style!!!

ummm hes not american you know.

[~Famous~] @ 11/20/2007 at 4:49 pm

this tight pants weirdo gonna catch a yeast-infection, you chicks know about that, wearing your jeans to tight will fcuk you up! LMAOOOO

he looks goooooood! haha

lovestoned @ 11/20/2007 at 5:25 pm

… What’s up with skinny jeans?! He’s hopeless. I do not like to judge, but I don’t prefer men with super tight jeans. Super tight jeans belong to a girl or…, er…, FOD’s.

Why is he wearing sunglasses? I think he’s confused about the weather.

Oh I’d totally do him.

I don’t think he’s an individual at all. That outfit is way too contrived with the matching red Raybans, gloves and laces. Clearly in need of some attention or trying to channel Johnny Depp. Seriously, for people that hate the paps, some of these celebs don’t try very hard to stay inconspicuous. Not that any of this matters; apparently he’a a wonderful father and that’s all that counts.

He’s Australian.

I think Heath marches to the beat of a different drummer and I liked this look. He looks relaxed and casual.

I feel bad for him. He needs someone brave enuf to tell him that even tho he claims he hates attention when he is not on screen, and he just wants to have his private life, it seems like he deliberately dresses to get attention. Only it is the wrong kind, bcz more and more people are laughing at him and he really is talented and could be a great actor. But he looks gross and silly and stupid. Also, I don’t think he could have much luck getting girls if he is dirty looking and smells. And the outfit he wore to the Venice Film Festival was so disgusting it was a disgrace. Totally. Even Johnny Depp and Tim Burton were never quite so bad. Well, Johnny wasn’t.

I hope is not really messing with that wh*re Kate Hudson.

Lickin’ my lips – he looks great. Just a response to the contrived comment. Isn’t being contrived what acting and actors are all about? We could go down the list of people who dress because they know they are going to be seen and commented on. He has a lot of clothing and ‘stuff’ available, and I don’t mind the statement he is making with them. Some do it ‘better’ but he’s doing just fine by my lights.

Well, at least he is coordinated…purple cap, shoes, umbrella; red mitts, shoe laces, Raybans. Is that a scarf hanging on his right side? The cap is from last season. So he is frugal and fashionable…LOL He’s trying to make some kind of statement that seems to go along with his hyper nature.

I definetelly love these pix! Just look at him, he’s sooo nice and sooo damn hot! LOL! And guys STOP blaming him for his clothes’ style! He tries to be unique! And I don’t think that he tries to look like Johnny. They have something in commom, but Heath is on his own way! Is it his fault that he was born after Johhny? Of course, not… So, he mustn’t change his own style because somebody before him had it!And how did you see that he smells awful, ah? He’s not dirty looking at these pix, his clothes is clean and he’s wearing sooo sexy skinny jeans! LOL! In general, he looks even more stylish then he usually does! Exept of this hat, of course… And he has the most beautiful and amusing daughter in the whole Hollywood!

Sebastian @ 11/21/2007 at 1:49 am

Johnny Depp wanna be writen all over him but i kinda get his mood,he’s hot but too much marihuana is going to ruin his face more.

He’s a chick magnet in that outfit. lol

georgette @ 11/21/2007 at 4:42 am

I think tight jeans were made for him! he’s original,hot …Ah…

He is obviously trying to hide the fact that he is gay….

OK I want him to do me now, he’s so ******* sexy, oh and that hot body of his *drools* Rock on, Heath!

Jared – I have the same gloves in purple…$5 at Marc Jacobs yeaaahhhh

He’s very european looking in that outfit! He’d fit in anywhere without question!

Nice manly outfit there Heath! Michelle’s jeans? Well chosen clown look…bet he spent all day picking out the hat and gloves etc. Not a good man/father look but gets him the attention he does/doesn’t want!

He’s looking better than before, however, isn’t it a bit pathetic that he’s trying to be ‘cool’ when he so obviously isn’t. He’s trying to be an emo….at his age it looks stupid. He always wears a stupid beanie because he is seriously thinning. The poor guy hardly has any hair left up there, although he tries to hide it with beanies and hear weaves. What a tragedy it must be for him…to know he will be totally bald within 5 years, like his dad was.

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I have watched a couple of Ledger interviews on You Tube and am amazed at how fidgety he is. He fidgets incessantly like a ten year old. I recall watching him advertise Brokeback on Leno and Leno had to calm him down. Is he mervous and shy? Or on some kind of drug? I think it is really quite bizarre, especially when in Brokeback for example he is so quiet and composed most of the time. Compared to Jake Gyllenhaal who is suave and poised (he is an upper class kid who went to a fashionable prep school and then Columbia), Ledger is awkward beyond measure. I imagine this might be why is isn’t asked to do many interviews in fact.

I have also noticed that Heath’s appearance and choice in clothes has become worse recently, but you have to take into consideration he has recently split with Michelle, and probably doesn’t get to see his daughter as much as he would like, so I would say he is probably very depressed and unhappy with how his personal life is right now, so how he looks to us is probably the least of his concerns. He could also be trying to not look like himself, how everyone else perceives he should look, just to avoid the photographers, because he said in interviews before that he doesn’t like that attention he got before as a pretty boy. I have also noticed how fidgety he is interviews recently compared to his earlier ones – which has me thinking he is very insecure and lost right now and I feel we should let him be while he goes through this painful time in his life.

He hasn’t appeared to be too depressed about his breakup with Michelle, the way he chases the ladies. He flits from one to another. Some of that might be here-say, but his past reputation shows him needing different ladies around him. Sounds like he and Michelle have pretty equal time with their daughter now.

He looks great. I love all of those colors that he is wearing.

Eva at #5

please take your medication and take a few days off

you sound psychotic

we’ll miss you without a doubt

He was such an amazing person.
And he’s being funky yet in a totally straight way. =)

I love his outfit. The tight pants are really hot. And I love the hand gloves. I think it’s hot how he tryes to look emo.
I mean the guy can were a pink dress and still look hot.

R.I.P. Heath

Hal-forever @ 02/06/2008 at 5:48 pm

He is cute… I loved him “10 things i hate about you” and in “a knights tale” as well as “The Patriot”… I think he would have made an ever better prince for the movie “Ella Enchanted”… Too bad he didn’t play in that one..! And i am pretty sure, from what i heard, this outfit he has on was from the set of the new movie he is making “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus”…

There’s no earthly way of knowing. What was in your heart?! When it stopped going. The whole world shook. A storm was blowing through you. Waiting for God to stop this. And up to your neck in darkness. Everything around you was corrupted. Saying something. There’s no dignity in death. To sell the world your last breath. We’re still fighting over. Everything you left over. I saw you staying at the gates. When Marlon Brando passed away. You had that look upon your face. Advertising space. No one learned from your mistakes. We let our profits go to waste. All that’s left in any case is advertising space. Through your eyes the world was burning. Please be gentle. I’m still learning. You seemed to say as you kept turning up. They poisoned you with compromise. At what point did you realize. Everybody loves your life but you. A special agent for the man. Through Watergate and Vietnam. No one really gave a damn. Did you think the CIA did? I’ve seen your daughter. Man, she is cute. I was scared but I wanted to. Boy, she looks a lot like you!
Fans from Bulgaria,

With or without clothes, with or without a beard – he was sexy.

And yes, he reminds me Johnny Depp as well.


everyone needs to shut up with these johnny depp comparisons. and if youre gonna make one, then its that johnny depp is **** compared to heath ledger. i have never seen one of depp characters that broke my heart as much as the potrayal of ennis from heath. depp is a fucken woman with ******* facial hair. he blows and everyone just loves him because they follow what the trend is and what everyone thinks. hes overrated. heath was the sexiest man and a great actor. so shut your rotten ass mouths, you fucken losers…

funny how the comments change after he died…first it was all “johnny depp wannabee” “aging bald man” bla bla bla…now its “oh you were so talented, i loved you in this movie”…why couldnt we all say nice things when he was around or just not say anything at all??

his outfit looks so groovy!!!

omg i miss him so much. i love his style, personality and everything. if only we could turn back time and bring him back.

i love his beanie could anyone tell which brand this is or where is it from

Heath, I wish we could go back to this day and start all over.


iloveheath @ 08/25/2009 at 8:43 pm

everyone that says something bad about heath, just shut up. he had the best style and was the best actor the world will ever see. he is beautiful and soo hot and STOP SAYING **** ABOUT THIS GUY!!!

The people commenting on his clothes are idiots. He’s obviously just going for a walk some where. So what, that means he has to dress like he’s ready for the runway? He was a unique and amazing person. He wasn’t afraid to show his true self. And yes, it is quite humorous how people can rip him to shreds over what he wears then talk about how they thought he was so talented.. it sickens me how 2 faced people like to pollute the internet with their garbage.. Rest in peace Heath, we’re still missing you till this day..

chanelprincess16 @ 12/09/2010 at 3:20 pm

@yoko: i know right

I still miss you Heath. Wish you were still with us so we could enjoy your amazing talent.

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