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Joe Jonas: I'm Bleeding!!!

Joe Jonas: I'm Bleeding!!!

Joe Jonas of the pop/rock group The Jonas Brothers blogged about his spill during his performance at Sunday’s American Music Awards. Check it:

“So the introduction started and we could hear the fans screaming and running down to the stage. When the glass broke we started walking through. On the way through I slipped and fell down on my hands and knees. When I looked up I saw one of our fans, Alexa from Mexico and the smile on her face, as well as the faces of the other fans. This let me know that I had to get right up and perform for them. Once I got up it was so much fun. I decided to give it everything I have to give!

“After the performance I got back to the dressing room. Someone said, ‘Joe, you’re bleeding!’ I had felt some pain but had no idea that there was so much blood. I noticed that my white suit had blood on the knees. I also had cuts on my hand. We called the medic and they cleaned up my leg and hands.

“After we changed clothes we headed back to our seats. Everyone greeted us when we walked in and told us that it was awesome that we got up and performed our hearts out!”

Read more about the Jonas Brothers‘ experience at the 2007 AMAs, check out their blog. Apparently Celine Dion is even a fan of JB!

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  • Heather


  • Heather

    yay I was first,for once!

  • roxy

    glad he is okay now,
    he is totally awesome.
    and woohoo to heather for being first, haha!

  • vanessa

    Joe is too amazing to let a fall get in his way

  • natashaa.

    glad hes ohkay!
    you rock

  • kat

    awww…. im so sorry.
    he cares so much about his fans

  • Nicole

    he’s still a hottie no matter what.

  • myza

    i thought he meant to fall.
    feel bad for him tho.
    but anyways, JB keep rockin!

  • purple gem

    I saw that. He played it off well.

  • lisset

    okay so i kinda
    really think joe
    is hot.

    hope hes doing okay..
    seems like it in his
    blog. seems like it
    didnt even faze him
    bc of his fan alexa.

    power of the fans baby!

  • My Lady

    This look says, “I have no identity. They told me this look was commercial. I can lip-sync better than that blonde woman’s younger sister and I promise not to do a folk dance while making a hasty escape when I’m caught as a fraud.”

  • My Lady

    It looks as though he skinned a cub, cut off its head and threw the skin on his head. He’s look is a cross between Duran Duran and late Beatles circa Seargent Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club Band when the band wanted off the touring circuit.

  • My Lady

    The band desperately needs their own identity.

  • Kayla

    he’s hot and emo I would do him haha!

  • Natalie

    Aw poor kid! glad he’s ok now.
    I still have no idea who the hell he is or the jonas brothers…JJ, you seem to be catering to the tween crowd now…LOL. Grown ups, please!

  • Zanessa Fan

    omg i saw him fall but i thought it was on purpose cuz he jumped rite bak on like it was supposed to happen but then my the next day my friend was like it happened by accident n we started arguing but we got over it so now i guess she was right but, hey at least he’s better now

  • Kelsea

    Awww I’m sooo glad he is ok!!!
    Last night when i was watching it i swear i thought he did it purposely!
    If your a Jonas Brothers fan then you’d Joe that Joe is the funny guy and always doing jokes! I seriously thought he did it as a joke. I didnt even notice he was bleeding until i came on Just Jared later!

    BUT since Joe is the AWESOME guy he is…….. he got back up and did the performance. I also thought he was joking because he got up so quickly!!!

    And psh who cares about that fan Alexa. Joe really knew i was with him ‘mentally’

    hahahaa. Cutie!! you and your bro Nick are HAWTT!!! Sorry kevin..

  • jenna

    who cares, it was a just a few cuts

  • mark

    Wow, with that writing you can really tell it’s a Disney group. Could that be anymore trite and juvenile? Is he dating Hannah Montana and hanging out at Raven’s? Sheesh. If they want to be taken seriously (HA!) as musicians they’re going to have to do better than that. Glad he’s alright as I have nothing against ‘em, but you just KNOW he caught a ration from the ‘bros when they got backstage. How embarrassing. But, then, he’s young.

    “Rock” on, dude.

  • kim

    He recovered so well after that fall, thats what great performers do , that beyonce fall was funny thought

  • Kelsea

    If your dissing Joe well then psh you obviously know nothing about the Famous life!

    Do you guys think it was easy for him to get back up after falling in front of thousands of people? NO!!!!
    He did the right thing and got up because he knows better than to run off stage!

    I bet most people 1. wouldn’t even be up on that stage!
    So dont judge if you dont know how their life is!!

    Good for joe!!

  • Kelsey

    Agreed. ^

    Well I’m just glad Joe recovered well.
    He cares a lot about his fans, which is awesome. =)
    They already have their identity.
    It’s not like they’re copying anyone.
    They’re THEM.

  • Lauren

    Jared has become a JB fanatic now. lol CUTE! I LOVE THEM TOO!!!

  • YOYE


  • Sebastian

    these kids suck…i can’t get his idiotic face of my mind after he felt.

  • jo,

    uuui, cat! :9

  • lmj13

    The performance was fantastic; Joe made the fall look like it was done on purpose.

  • Amy

    Poor Joe. There’s already a Feel Better Joe bullitin goin through youtube. I signed it!


  • Amy

    You can see there’s a little blood on his hands in the pic.

  • hmmm

    He is a cuttie! I saw his profile on millionaire dating site Wealthy Romance. com last week! Apparently he is single now!

  • susan

    they did awesome.
    that kids a trooper.

  • Maria

    OOOMGGGG I might just have to marry him :)

  • almost…

    I love JB but Joe really needs to cut the hair a bit…. it’s starting to look like a rat.

  • angela

    That is so awesome that
    Celine Dion is a fan

  • Lilly

    OMG, I’m like SOOO glad Joe’s alright !!! When I saw him fall I was like… ” AHHH !!!” seriously, I gasped SO loud ! I was so worried (and NO it was NOT funny, as some people said it was) ! But you know what, he pull it off just great. Like a real performer ! So proud and happy for him. Ooh and I have NO IDEA why people are saying that he did that fall on purpose ! It doesnt look like it. Seriously… but I guess cause when he got up real fast people thought that it was part of the show.

    Anyway, THEY ROCKED that stage at the AMAs ! So HAPPY for them

  • Lilly

    THANKSSSS Jared SOOOOO much for potsing about ‘em and letting us know he’s alright. Ooh and DO NOT listen to all these people telling you to stop posting ‘teen’ stuff ! Keep going that, plz. We dont care no more about Britney and stuff, thats just old talk.

    Keep rockin’…

  • Lilly

    Ohh and to all these HATERS on here. Please just DONT waste your time commenting on something your obviously NOT interested in. Just keep it to yourself. Really, I’m not trying to be rude or harsh ! I’m just saying just leave these boys alone. They’re going their best, and by them being with Disney it DOES NOT mean that they suck ! You guys are probably just jelous ! You dont even know these guys, why you wanna diss them for ?? I bet if you fell on stage like that you would’ve never got up and continued like nothing happened. You’d probably run down the stage crying your little eyes out ! So SHUT UP and keep that trash to yourselves cause guess what ?? NO ONE CARES WHAT YOU THINK OF THEM CAUSE THEY’RE AWESOME AND THEY ROCKK !!!

    Sorryy… but thats my opinion !

  • Nikki

    AWW!!! Glad he’s OKK =D He pulled it off great the other day. Good for him. They we’re all awesome performing SOS at the AMAs, rocked that stage ! LOL.

    Thanks JJ for informin’ us. Later…

    BTW, I totally AGREE with the person about ^^ (Lilly, you rock… haha)

  • mandy

    awhh poor joe.
    hope he gets well soon :D
    is JJ liking them?? …i mean who wouldnt :P
    love them!

  • Kelsei

    aww poor poor Joe :(
    some people see it as a laughing matter but i dont. Joe could have really hurt himself and im really glad hes ok :)

    Aww it was sooo sweet and good of him to get up and continue performing :D

    Joe you rock!
    (so does kevin & nick)

  • lucero


  • Kara

    awwwwwwww falling isnt fun! im sooooo glad hes okay! i love u joe!!!!!!!

  • Alison

    hey joe sup you are so sweet to do that for your fans you know wat im talkin bout getting up when your hurt just for us that was so sweet and we love you for it xoxoxoxo always Alison Lea!

  • lisa

    joe is amazing

  • Jay

    The Jonas Brothers are awesome and so hilarious! =D
    Props to Joe for still rocking and to Nick and Kevin for not laughing like madd, ‘cos it was pretty funny ya gotta admit.
    They all are amazing!!

    But Joe-Hawk come back! We miss you haha
    *Nick J is off the chain

  • Nena

    im so glad youre ok i was so worried love you joe

  • meria


    we love Joe even more now, he rocks!

  • bree

    so being so mean, goodness. he’s just a human being.

  • Gabby

    Joe is amazing to stand back up after he fell, it takes a real man to do that!

  • Gabby

    Joe is amazing for standing back up when he fell, it takes a real man to do something likw that!