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Miranda Kerr & Brandon Davis: New Couple?

Miranda Kerr & Brandon Davis: New Couple?

Victoria’s Secret angel Miranda Kerr leaves the boutique Diavolina in LA on Monday night with her arm wrapped around oil heir Brandon Davis (Mischa Barton‘s ex). When Kerr spotted paparazzi, she broke off and walked the other way.

Kerr has reportedly been seeing Orlando Bloom for the past few months but were first spotted apartment hunting together back in March.

Orly was reportedly backstage this past week to cheer on Miranda at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

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  • SkankyHO

    She can do so much better than him…Go back to Orlando Miranda.

  • whocares

    WHOOOOO CAAARRREEESSSS!!!!! He’s a douchebag!

  • EVA

    How is this possible, all the time Brandon Davis is either drunk or high. I don’t get it how he manage to drink so much and don’t collapse. You know, drinking is God’s way of saying Brandon has too much money. Another drunk, this time a girl, Jennie Garth tasted too many bottles of wine at an event and she put a marvelous show for us. The photos make it clear that she is drunk. Eva

  • bathe

    i hope that fat fug greazy gets not a dime from his family.
    i still remember him and parasite laughing and calling lilo names. those 2 ,herplex and greazy are scum. yuck,and gross. Orly can come with me.:smile:

  • katie

    he is not looking good

  • june

    He looks gross.

  • Susan

    He’s nasty and looks like he needs a shower.

  • *lea*

    Orly is a free man, well greasy Brandon “fat elvis” is good for her.
    They are both ATTENTION WHO***. they deserve each other.

  • Stila

    WTF is wrong with her? She breaks up with gorgeous Brent to hang with this dirty douchebag and fading Orlando Bloom. models really are stupid.

  • ella

    free orlando. yeyyyyyy. and yeak, how gross is brandon davis

  • jess

    She looks like a cabbage patch kid with a barbie body and he looks gross.

  • Cristiana


  • jen

    i love greasy bear he’s so hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Miapocca

    this guy is broke, his family is broke, Paris got rid of him, he dates rich girls now to make ends meet…poor greasy bear, I guess firecrotch can now buy him over and over and over again,,…ahahhaha


    There’s someone at Perez Hilton giving details about how this Miranda cheated on her last boyfriend. I wonder if she’s dating Orly and cheating on him with Greasy Bear. Models are really overly ambitious shameless whores. YUK

  • to #15

    The person on Perez is using a real name so I am sure the real “pottsy” will be asked very soon if it is him or not.
    This will be over soon if it isn’t him.

  • WTF?

    Two nobodies ———> NEXT!

  • Iris

    Wow, it’s strange to see Miranda hit the big time all of a sudden. In Australia, where she’s from, she is not really famous at all and considerered quite b-grade. Am I correct in assuming that Victoria’s Secret is also b-grade?

  • soap

    he is plain nasty. her face is fat. Orly is still relevant to me. i dislike herplex hilton immensely. her new do, is a fake weave piece in front.the hoe, she hung around trashy brandon, cuz they have that in common. he’s disgusting,

  • Mr. Barky von Schauzer

    She has Orlando Bloom eating out of her hand, and she’s running around with THAT?!?!? What the hell is wrong with her?

  • dont let him near da beach

    Greasyyyyyyy is right, he’s a dam oil spill..walking.
    That model is a buttaface.
    And Infestation Pillton(valtrex)is a walking clinic ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!

  • Orly is fine

    Orly is hot! These two- so not!
    They can both be useful and fade away!!

  • Ha!

    She’s weird looking.

  • Katie

    I think her and Orlando are just friends so I really don’t think Orlando Bloom really cares about this supposed cheating with another man.

  • Celina

    I could have sworn I saw some pictures of Orlando taking Miranda’s little Yorkie out to the dog park. How stupid does he feel that he’s dogsitting while she’s out lingerie shopping with Greasy Bear hahahahahha. That’s too f-ucking funny hahahahahah.

  • meline

    ^ those dogs look all the same to me, maybe it was Orly’s father one.
    I think they are just friend , have you seen any pictures of them kissing? NO so let’s move on.
    Miranda looks weird in those pictures and Brandon is a real douchebag.
    What a strange couple they surely like the attention.

  • Cynthia

    She’s fug, I see why her and Orlando didn’t last.

  • Celina

    ^I didn’t see Orlando and Kate kissing until like 2 years into their relationship so that means nothing. You hope they are just friends and Orlando isn’t being played like the loser he’s been looking like recently. Why is he even associating with someone coming out of lingerie store (that’s not Victori’s Secret who she works for) drapped all over one of the biggest douchebags around a known cocaine and alchol addict? Come to think of it Orlando’s been looking a little Greasy Bearish himself.

  • meline

    good celina you seem to know everything, you should have your own blog. *LOL*.

  • That’s random

    that post from Perez is wild.
    Those x17 pictures with Miranda at Orlando’s hotel in
    April is werid too but I’m not sure we will ever know what really happened.

  • Celina

    No meline I don’t need my own blog. I’ll let Jared do all the hard work while I sit back and screw with random posters. Thank You.

  • Mr. Barky von Schauzer

    “Those x17 pictures with Miranda at Orlando’s hotel in

    Unless there are pictures of her in his room, I don’t see what everyone is getting so excited about.

  • Marta

    he is so gross


    Interesting little store they were coming out of looking all cozycozy.

  • That’s random

    @#32 I think the point they are making is both Miranda and Orlando said they just ran into each other at the Atelier that day. The pictures of the hotel are taken in the morning before the photo shoot according to what is listed on them.

  • Intersting

    ^Meaning they didn’t just run into each other. Hmmm?

  • LOL

    ROFL! if what they are saying is true than maybe Brandon is just her type.

  • ~fwb~

    Am I the only one that thinks none of these fools are in a serious relationship? Bloom seems to be banging every girl he gets the chance to and Miranda seems to be an opportunistic little whore.

  • Sherlock Holmes

    35,36: It was a set up stunt. They probably met at his hotel and drove over to strut their little famewhore selves before the cameras. Duh, they’re not going to say, oh, yeah, and we totally planned this out and went over there together! No way. They are going to say OH NOES the evil apartment building people set us up!!! But they were all in cahoots.

  • booboo

    ???????????????? 1-Orlando is not dating Miranda”Cabbage path kid head” because he left the Victoria secret show with another woman.
    2- I think she’s dating Brandon ugly oily face.
    3- Orlando and Miranda are just good friend; they are both buddhist and they’ve got a lot friends in common.
    4-Both Miranda and Brandon like the attention of the paparazzi.
    5- She thinks she gonna get more famous by dating this dirtbag, how funny.

  • Interesting

    ^Then they are both opportunistic famewho-es, the very thing Orlando fans accused Kate Bosworth of. Looks like Mr. Wonderful is turning into his ex: a skinny, no talent famewhore. lol

  • Mr. Barky von Schauzer

    “I think the point they are making is both Miranda and Orlando said they just ran into each other at the Atelier that day. The pictures of the hotel are taken in the morning before the photo shoot according to what is listed on them.”

    I see. But as far as what some other celebutards are doing to get free publicity these days, shilling for a condo complex then pretending the paps just caught them there isn’t so bad. Sleazy, but not so bad.

  • Stila

    booboo is that what you tell yourself to justify being an Orlando fan? You don’t know any of that for fact you just want it to be true so Orlando doesn’t look like a complete loser who’s being played like lotto. I bet at the very moment Miranda was hugging all over that Greasy Nastiness Orlando was home dogsitting her Yorkie. hahahaha Too funny. I heard she is only pretending to be a Buddhist to please Orlando and get some more fame off his name. I bet the poor guy is pu–y whipped.

  • elle

    INTERESTING you’re are just not interesting so go away as far as you can and don’t come back, you’re a dumba$$.
    Why are you talking about Kate?
    Orlando is a lovely man, and I’m glad that he’s not dating this famewh*re.
    She and Greasy bear deserve each other.

  • elle

    Stilla you don’t know anything about his life so stop making up things, you’re just not interesting .

  • @ 42&39

    #42 & #39 do you really need people to explain this to you?
    The point isn’t the apartment set up. The point they are making is Miranda was never meant to be a part of the deal with the Atlier. She just caught got being with Orlando at his hotel.The cover was for them to say she was going with him and become part of the photo shoot.


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    hi …see the video of presenting the ama’s to the hsm cast at this web :

    athy anf jay

  • Mr. Barky von Schauzer

    “The point isn’t the apartment set up. The point they are making is Miranda was never meant to be a part of the deal with the Atlier. She just caught got being with Orlando at his hotel.”

    Well excuse the p*ss out of me for not going over this crap with a magnifying glass and memorizing every detail. Apparently you’re some kind of superduper insider who knows all and tells most, but the rest of us are just having fun with it.

    Man, what is it about Orlando that attracts the most humorless and officious jerks? Whether it’s fans or “haters,” you people talk this crap way too seriously.

  • Shut Up Elle

    elle if these people aren’t interesting to you then why are you responding to them? I guess your just being the stupid little girl you are.