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Ellen Pompeo's Newly Wedded Bliss

Ellen Pompeo's Newly Wedded Bliss

Ellen Pompeo and Christopher Ivery continue their newly wedded bliss, leaving Beverly Hills restaurant Yoshinoya together on Tuesday.

The couple will celebrate their two-week wedding anniversary this Friday. Grey’s Anatomy costar Patrick Dempsey and other close friends were told about the wedding the Monday before. (McDreamy talks about it on his appearance on Live with Regis & Kelly!, which can be seen here. His Good Morning America appearance can be watched here.)

An all-new episode of Grey’s Anatomy airs on Thanksgiving! What happens, you ask? An ambulance crash endangers the lives of the paramedics involved, as Meredith and the Chief work on-site to save them and Bailey treats a patient who refuses her help. Grey’s episode “Crash Into Me: Part #1″ airs this Thursday, Nov. 22 @ 9PM ET/PT.

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  • Jynn

    She’s so cute !!

    First ?

  • pete

    love her!!!!

  • Cristiana

    Happy for her! 3

  • mk

    She is so ugly. She told PD about the wedding before her father. What a cold hearted bitch.

    What a skank to marry a convicted Felon. I guess you have to keep your drug dealer all in the family.

  • Matt

    Fugly psycho bitch!

  • Courtney

    All the BOTOX in the world could not save you UGLY SCARFACE!

  • Violet

    She’s really pretty! Thanks for posting!

  • Sue

    Love the mocks Ellen! Congrats to the happy couple!

  • FUG

    EW! She even looks like a druggie. I agree with mk when you marry a druggie you are a druggie.

  • Mary

    Piece of trash. Ellen Pompeo is a bitch.

  • Cleo

    People are jealous because Ellen isn’t a loser like Kate Walsh.
    She will be always the second. Miserable woman.

  • anti kate walsh

    I agree Cleo. Kate Walsh is a WH0RE!

  • Kate

    looks cute. doesnt look happy with the pap

  • Violet

    Ellen haters are ridiculous. Jealousy is bad.

    She’s a classy woman!

  • tina marie

    id rather be a drug dealer than a drug user, wouldnt be drug dealers if there wasnt drug users. You people always talking about someones past, look at all those skeletons coming out of you closet, some of you maybe can start a damn cemetary, especially whhen it comes to that child molestation crap.

  • thegamingamine

    May I inquire about all the ‘Ellen hate,’ she’s always seemed very down to earth and humble on interviews and such, she stays out of the public eye and doesn’t gloat about her fame. She’s the lead of Grey’s and yet she’s one of, if not the most, inconspicious of all the cast members, she seems genuinely happy w/her life, as if she’s just enjoying the ride while it lasts, and I respect her for that.

  • Niles bgg


  • Jake

    WOW she is gorgeous no matter what.
    Amazing lady. down to earth and very talented. I adore her. thanks JJ. and congrats for the marriage. wonderful couple indeed.

  • magie

    She is sooo beautiful on the outside as well as on the inside.
    She deserves every happiness there is.
    Congrats to Ellen and Chris!!!!

  • Mary

    She was a psycho bitch on punkd! She was absolute trash on that show.
    Who in their right mind would marry a Felon? Apparently Ellen.

  • ken

    Wonderful wonderful lady.
    beautiful pics.
    thanks JJ

  • ana

    She is so classy love her for the nonceleb wedding

  • IhavemetEllen

    I have met Ellen before. She is not a nice person. She was a total rude bitch. She has no class.

  • Katie

    She had a trashy wedding, Katie Heigl will have a gorgeous wedding. Ellen cant even win an award or get on a Hot list. lol.

  • leamnan

    THANK you Just Jared for all the EP pictures lately.
    I absolutely love this girl. she is natural and so the girl next door. everything she does makes you admire her more.
    looking forward to tomorrows Grey’s Episode, Ellen seems hot in it. as in a hot situation will happen. life saving and all :)
    she’s hot in every epi.

    Love her pictures with Chris.

  • leamnan

    Katie, they are all friends, why do you go around spreading such thoughtless words. Ellen had her dream private nupituals with Chris alone. they have a marriage, they didn’t want a wedding. And everyone who knows her understands her and why, and they are all excited for her and happy. and Heigle said it, so did Chandra Wilson and Patrick Dempsey. Why can’t you all just be happy for other people. it will make you a happier person, trust me.

  • frank

    I met Ellen, I worked as a foodcart delivery boy there a few times. and I would stay around till we take the carts back. Ellen is one of the sweetest people I have met. She was soo nice to everybody. and accepted to take photos and sign autographs. and all the cast members adore her, its obvious. they all love each other, they are like a family.

    But to answer “IhavemetEllen” I saw her more than once and saw her interact with her cast members and with fans, you have no clue what you’re talking about. SHE IS A SAINT. always laughing and smiles to everyone and is considerate and the most down to earth person I personally have ever met, and I have met stars in movies and shows, I never met anyone as wonderful as Ellen. thats how I became a true fan. I started wathcing the show after I met her and all the cast.

    Thank you JJ for her pictures, she is truly someone to admire.
    and congrats for the marriage. She deserves happiness indeed.

  • HellYes

    It’s just easy to type words of hatred in front of the keyboard,nobody will know that even Ellen Pompeo’s ass looks 99 times better than your own pucker face,just type and enter and voila!I’m sure these haters are Kate Walsh fans,go to your private practice boards and ogle/salivate/worship over you goddess,how gorgeous she is blah blah blah,I’m gonna puke kind of adjective crap.

  • trash

    There is nothing classy about marrying in a courthouse. It is trashy.

  • Brian


  • daisy

    Ellen Pompeo is the best.
    I love her pictures.
    is she hiding something unerneath her coat??? :)

    they look cute as a couple.

  • Ellen fan

    i love Grey’s Anatomy because of Ellen.
    Meredith Grey Rocks!

    love her pictures after the wedding, she looks soo happy. thanks JJ.

  • Joey

    Pure admiration. simply sonderful.

  • Joey

    Pure admiration. simply wonderful.

  • Grey

    and to everyone as well.

    love her

  • idiots

    Wow! some people are malicious, vidictive and spiteful. All you Ellen haters get a life and get off this woman’s back. God you guys are unbelivable, arent you even ashamed of yourself ? judging someone you have never met before?
    Ellen looks happy and contented with her life, why you guys think you have to say bad things is beyond me. Why dont you grow up and get something useful to do than being spitful.
    Also, how in the name of God is this woman ugly? so she may not be Angelina Jolie or Madonna but she is nonetheless beautiful in her own sort of way. SO LIVE HER ALONE!

  • RachelSun

    Don’t know why marrying in a courthouse is trashy. Worked for a judge who married people in a courthouse and saw no difference in the love and commitment than those who married in a church. That remark is just plain ignorant.

  • Rick

    ELLEN is amazing. someone to look up to.
    chhers to Ellen and Chris. thanks for the images. they look lovely as always.

  • Rach

    Aww, I’m happy for Ellen.

    And whoa, what is up with the hate?

    And why must people bring Kate Walsh into this? Seriously?

    Dempeo lovers need to get over the fact that Ellen is married now AND happy and WILL NOT be with Patrick.

  • Belle

    so whats wrong if he was convicted before. People get a life!!! doesnt mean somebody bad before can not change today.

    Good Luck to the newlyweds.

  • Tammi

    Aww i love her, she’s so cute. Thanks for the new photo’s keep em coming.

    And all haters need to get lives!!

  • babe carey chandler

    Kate Walsh is my hero and I wont here a bad word said against her. And at the same time Ellen Pompeo is cool also, and IMHO both get on really well.

    Wth would Ellen be jealous of Kate! IMHO Ellen has got her own show kinda! she’s the voice over also! OMG some people speak utter rubbish!

  • luvellen

    ELLEN POMPEO IS AMAZING. they are a great couple. more power to them.


    I love her. She’s so cute. Congrats to Ellen and Chris!

  • EP fan

    Ellen is wonderful, she can do so much with little dialogue, amazing talent. I love Meredith Grey.
    great pics, congrats to her and Chris.

  • haylz

    Aww she’s so cute. Love her!

  • SAL

    she is so ugly and you cant even compare her to kate wash who is simply amazing. so antikatewalsh and cleo better run to trailer park like your precious ellen.

  • t

    I love how down to earth she is, not a famewhore at all like some other stars these days.

  • Rach

    Seriously stop with the comparisons. I LOVE Kate Walsh. My favorite actress but why do people feel the need to compare the two? Ellen is beautiful and I love that both of them have found happiness and both have their own shows.

    Lots of love for Ellen and Chris and Kate and Alex.:) Hope they stay married for a very long time.

  • Adam

    Ellen is gorgeous. I love how she and Chris managed to keep it all private. loving her even more. thanks JJ