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Miley Cyrus on Oprah

Miley Cyrus on Oprah

Disney star Miley Cyrus of Hannah Montana fame talks dating on today’s The Oprah Winfrey Show. Here’s a sneak peek at what she and her country star dad, Billy Ray, said:

Miley Cyrus on her dad’s response to her dating
Oprah: Are you allowed to date?
Miley: I am, but my dad is, like, weird and the other day I had one of my guy friends over — (laughter) — and he was — he was hiding in the kitchen. We were outside just like hanging out and I look around… why are the lights on? They were not on and my dad’s standing there like this. (indicating/laughter) He’s standing there with his German Shepherd watching us (laughter) and I’m, like, dad, you’re gonna scare him. I’m not going to have anymore friends.

Billy Ray Cyrus on his daughter dating
Oprah: Were you really looking outside the window…
Miley: Don’t start.
Billy Ray: I don’t think it quite happened like that.
Miley: The lights were off, the lights were on, you were sitting there with a dog watching.
Billy Ray: I was kidding them.
Oprah: You were kidding them.
Billy Ray: Because they knew I was there. It’s not like I was spying.
Oprah: Not like you were spying. Yeah. Are you nervous about the whole dating thing? (pause/laughter)

If anything, watch the end of show when she performs her hit song “The Best of Both Worlds.” One girl supposedly falls to the floor, crying happy tears!

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    Anyways she really shouldn’t be worrying about boys and dating cuz she’s young and she has such a busy career!

    But i guess it might be ok if she dates Nick Jonas since they are on tour together and he is really really really cute!

    No scratch that i Like Nick

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    Jealous much? This is a beautiful young (still growing) girl who
    is talented and blessed. Her show could have tanked, but it didn’t.
    The kids love it, the whole fantasy of it. So why be so critical,
    you can tell she is being raised right and it’s not her fault the
    tickets were selling at that price, believe me she is not the one
    who took home the money. Peace and Love.

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