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Vanessa Hudgens is a Fitness Buff

Vanessa Hudgens is a Fitness Buff

Vanessa Hudgens meets up with an older mystery male (not her father) on Wednesday after her daily workout at LA Fitness with her mom, Gina, in North Hollywood.

The High School Musical star spent about an hour at the gym before returning home with mommy Hudgens.

Next month, Vanessa will be performing on TNT’s annual benefit show Christmas in Washington, hosted by Phil and Robin McGraw. Tune in Friday, Dec. 14 @ 10PM ET/PT on TNT!

Other stars scheduled to perform: Ne-Yo, Alan Jackson, Andrea Bocelli, Colbie Caillat, Heather Headley and Katharine McPhee.

10+ pictures inside of fitness buff Vanessa Hudgens

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vanessa hudgens fitness buff 01
vanessa hudgens fitness buff 02
vanessa hudgens fitness buff 03
vanessa hudgens fitness buff 04
vanessa hudgens fitness buff 05
vanessa hudgens fitness buff 06
vanessa hudgens fitness buff 07
vanessa hudgens fitness buff 08
vanessa hudgens fitness buff 09
vanessa hudgens fitness buff 10

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    The cutest girl for me! Everytime i see her i feel refreshed!
    Hi ZA’s!

  • toni


  • MileySmiles

    wounder who that is???

  • stillthereforme

    She looks cute!!! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  • MileySmiles

    where the pics?

  • stillthereforme

    V Loyalist…did you see the blooper video? Cute Zanessa blooper of the kissing scene.



    likewise to JJ! thanks for this pics! i’m lovin it!

  • rara


  • rara

    Lol 8th

  • http://myspace/muffymutt zanessafan-


  • Sarah

    I love V. and, I love zanessa. :] she is cute no matter what. :]


    Hi stillthereforme.. nope not yet, im at the office, and they block those sites here..quite a bummer! hopefully when i got home. they way you guys describe i cant seem to wait to check it out!

  • toni

    Who is this man with V ?

  • stillthereforme

    Here’s the link again for anyone that wants to see it.

    V-Loyalist…Are you in Asia? I’m always curious as to where people are from.

  • emma

    thanks jj

    za efron update –


    Everybody here wishin for her to tie her hair up, well it came true..(for you czar) and dont you love her beauty! always refreshing to look at!

    Rise and shine ZA!

  • V-LOYALIST from Asia, Philippines! its 5pm here, so im still at work.

  • stillthereforme

    I thought so…I’m filipino as well.


    I wish ashley was with her, i miss the BFF…


    Wow your filipino stillthereforme! not sure but are you in the US or Ausi?

  • Jass

    Yay Vanessa!
    I Love her an Zanessa!
    I hope there will be some Zanessa pics :D
    Zanessa 4ever

  • stillthereforme

    I’m in Cali…San Diego to be exact. I’m up late because I’m waiting for online stores to go live for their Black Friday sales, to score some deals for Christmas.

  • http://yahoo gemma





  • troy

    What a nice Thanksgiving suprise I wasn’t expecting this, it just makes a nice holiday even nicer. What can I say the girl looks great just as she always does. I wonder who the guy is as well, I’m sure he works for Vanessa in some capacity, maybe he’s a publicist or something. He’s obviously too well dressed to be working out. He could just asking her for directions to nearest 7-11 for all we know. It may because I’m tired and my imagination may be kicking into overdrive but there almost seems to be something familiar about him. I wish we could see at least part of his face, I would think if he was someone we would know Jared would mention it. Or would he? LOL.

    Hello V-Loyalist congratulations on being first. Is this you’re first time being first? Enjoy your time in the spotlight it couldn’t have happened to a nicer more deserving person. :)


  • ellie

    Hi v-l, and any other ZA’s still on here, I’m back!

    The speech went well, even if the audience ended up being about double what I thought it’d be!

    In regards to the pictures, I really like V’s hair pulled back like that, gonna have to write a limerick bout it…

    Oh, and congrats on first post V-Loyalist, when I come back with a limerick, I’ll dedicate it to you!


    I love some parts of this songs..for Vanessa
    “Isn’t She Lovely” (stevie wonder)

    Isn’t she lovely
    Isn’t she wonderful
    Isn’t she precious
    Less than one minute old
    I never thought through love we’d be
    Making one as lovely as she
    But isn’t she lovely made from love

    Isn’t she pretty
    Truly the angel’s best
    Boy, I’m so happy
    We have been heaven blessed
    I can’t believe what God has done
    Through us he’s given life to one
    But isn’t she lovely made from love

    Christina Aguilera – Beautiful

    You are beautiful no matter what they say
    Words can’t bring you down, oh no
    You are beautiful in every single way
    Yes, words can’t bring you down, oh no
    So don’t you bring me down today


    Hi troy! yup my first it is! you are early! Happy thanksgiving!

  • ellie

    Ok, here’s Ellie’s Limerick of the Day, dedicated to the lovely V-Loyalist…

    On this Thanksgiving day
    V has a new thread on JJ
    Looking cool in black
    With her hair pulled back
    And V-L got first post, hooray!

  • asda

    her hair is so cute while she tie up!


    Wow ellie that was good news! thanks, can’t wait for your limericks!

  • Boris

    Love her! Go Baby V!


    Awww ellie that was cute! another one for my file!

  • God bless vanessa

    God Bless Vanessa
    God Bless Vanessa
    God Bless Vanessa
    God Bless Vanessa
    God Bless Vanessa

  • hayhay

    she looks hot as lol cant wait to see her perform!!!! isnt it her birthdsy on the same day??/

  • zvkg

    cool. The paps are doing long lenses.

    See papz…you do own long lenses.

    Now, w/ those long lenses…why don’t you all go back to the past, when you guys used to know how to do incognito work, and actually give us pictures that matter. Instead of taking pictures of pics that are always the same? Gymn pictures again? tsk tsk… They’re fine and all, but you need to give us some substance. Anyways, nice of you guys to actually not go in their faces this time.

    Oh, and Van. I love your workout clothes. I wish I was thin as you, but…well, I’m working on it. Looking good as always girl.


    I love the stanza of this song for our girl Vanessa!

    Christina Aguilera – Beutiful

    You are beautiful no matter what they say
    Words can’t bring you down, oh no
    You are beautiful in every single way
    Yes, words can’t bring you down, oh no
    So don’t you bring me down today


    Hi there zvkg! sana magaling kana!
    Hi also to gemma, good to see you again!

  • asa

    she look so skinny :) but healthy kind of way

  • ellie

    You’re welcome V-L

    Hi zvkg, I noticed that too, I’m guessing that these pics weren’t taken by X-17 paps because they’re the ones that get in Z and V’s faces all the time.

  • asa

    Next month, Vanessa will be performing on TNT’s annual benefit show Christmas in Washington, hosted by Phil and Robin McGraw. Tune in Friday, Dec. 14 @ 10PM ET/PT on TNT!



  • zvkg

    hello ZAs and to everyone. Congrats V-L for being number 1. lol. and thanks.

    Yeah ellie, X17 are such two face. They’re all nice to Van upfront and what do they do in their website? Bash on her. *spit* Oh, and ellie…nice limerick as always.

    Anyways…HAPPY HAPPY THANKSGIVING to anyone who celebrates it.

  • http://yahoo gemma



    Wn ur lyf goes wrOng,
    dnt waste ur tym lurking
    bAck at wat uv Lost
    4d road of lyf ws nOt mEant
    2b traveLed bcKwrd,
    jz mOv oN & say
    “i’m w/ God i can dO it!”


  • ellie

    Hee hee, I probably can’t mention on here what I’d like to do to some of the X-17 paps… *evil grin and menacing finger cracking*

    On a happier note, I’ll say Happy Thanksgiving again to all those who celebrate it!

  • zvkg

    39 asa : 11/22/2007 at 5:15 am

    lol. yeah. Van’s always doing charity work. But haters always overlooks it and turns the other way. Ever since HSM1 (not sure if she did before that) she’s been doing charity work. It’s only now that she’s more visible in the media’s eyes do we see and hear about her c-work. And even with that, the haters and bashers choose to just be ignoramous and just fire away with their ignorance.

    For me..I laugh and spit on those ignoramous. (lol…don’t mind me. I’m heavily medicated right now.)


    24 troy : 11/22/2007 at 4:57 am

    Lol! looking for direction for nearest 7-11 hahaha.. why not troy!
    we can just assume its business or maybe her lawyer..idk, jj do you know?
    Yes troy this truly unexpected it is, i go back and forth in this site and saw her, i literally forgot that im doing other things and now i’m staring at her beautiful face!

  • Jennifer w.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Have fun and eat alot. :)

    Vanessa looks great and I love her shirt. I have one almost just like it but mine is pink.


    So true zvkg. but we’ll never know if this is taken by x17. It was in safest distance, its seems vanessa is not aware there are papz. The
    photo of zac on the way to dvd premier seems similar, taken from accross the street, as poster there named John Doe says it might be
    from another group of papz.

  • http://yahoo gemma

    HI!!! 2 ALL ZA ANGELS…

    Sory 4 not posting messages lately i’m
    bc with my studies and our prof. wow
    godzilla looks so tamed.
    Anyway i always visits jj sites 4
    vanessa’s latest.

    Nice hearing from u guys again…missed u all.

  • rock n’roll, baby, don’t you know?

    What’s up with this little girl and Zac Effron (am I saying his name right?)? All of sudden, they’re popping up all over the internet and I don’t see why they are the center of attention. Are they singers? May be actors?? They look so ordinary to me.

  • troy

    Okay, one more post before I hit the sack, this “mystery man” thing is driving me nuts. Whoever he is I hope everything is okay, because it seems like whatever he is saying isn’t something Vanessa is happy to hear. If you look at pictures #4, #7, and #9 judging Vanessa’s posure it looks to me like she’s fidgeting. In other pictures the expression on her face is fairly serious and her brow is furrowed, Of course that just meant that she is just listening intently or that sun is really bright and is shining directly into her yes. So I admit I’m probably trying to read waaaay too much into this. J’m just curious as as who he even though we most likely ever find out.