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Penelope Cruz - "Vogue" December 2007

Penelope Cruz -

Penelope Cruz takes the December 2007 cover of Vogue, giving us a peek into her life at home in Madrid. Here are some interview snippets:

On what she looks forward to everyday: “I’ve always looked for my sanity, my sofa time, my long dinners.”

On director Pedro Almodovar: “I became completely obsessed with Pedro. Then he called me when I made my first movie, Jamon Jamon. I remember that day like it was yesterday. I was drying my hair in the bathroom, and somebody said, ‘Almodovar is calling.’ I couldn’t believe what I was hearing–I’d dreamed about that moment for so long… Now, he’s like family to me.”

On why she won’t comment on being single or not: “That’s the same as saying, This is a subject I’m prepared to talk about. And I’m not.” (She’s currently seeing Spanish actor Javier Bardem.)

On how you shouldn’t live your life: “You cannot live your life looking at yourself from someone else’s point of view.”

On her supposed love affair with Bono: “Like when I went on holiday to Bono’s house with his wife and kids… we were holding hands because we’re very good friends, and do you know what the paparazzi did to us? They took photos and cropped out Bono’s wife and children! So they made up a story about us being together, knowing perfectly well that I was there with the whole family.”

More scans inside of Penelope Cruz in Vogue December 2007

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Photos: Annie Leibovtiz
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  • Rachel Nguyen

    First! Gorgeous cover. Loves the fabulousity of it.

  • jas

    second! i think. love the outfit!!

  • Misjelle

    Dita wore the same dress, in the picture with the black+gold dress and where she stand close to the stone wall :D. She’s beautiful!

  • Tina

    i love her dress!

  • terryunderwood

    nice dress


  • salma

    ohhhh my gosh i think one of of the most beautiful shoots ever made
    VERY DRAMATIKKK and simply classy
    love the outfits love the cover owwwwwww LOVE PENELOPE SH’s soo gorgeous and seems to be very cool relaxx

  • http://deleted flower

    I love the pictures but i have to say that penelope is ugly.

  • lily

    i don’t buy the Bono bit and the explanation for holding hands. they were on either diddy’s or jay z’s both chillin in st.barths. no wife and kids were there. i hate when celebrities lie and pene has a history of dating married or taken men.

  • Marti

    in the cover Penelope has a Valentino’s dress, haute couture 2007/2008,in the second pictures she wears Marchesa,the green dress is an Armani privè fall 2007 and the other dresses are Dior couture.Penelope is wonderful very very beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Annabel

    i dont know what tom cruise saw in her. maybe they have same family. hehe

  • Regina

    I loved her in Volver. Such a wonderful actress. She can also look occasionally beautiful…

  • Ruth

    Penelope looks just gorgeous in these pics. I love her Spanish movies, she is great when acting in her native language. Lucky girl to be dating Javier Bardem!

  • Helena

    Dita wore the same dress, in the picture with the black+gold dress and where she stand close to the stone wall . She’s beautiful!


    Let’s not forget picture 4, the dress Cate Blanchett wore at the Rome Film Festival premiere for Elizabeth The Golden Age.

  • fuggy

    There’s weird shaped- over bite- every man gets a turn-pee pee.ewwwww!!

  • carol (:

    i hate her, but she looks beautiful

  • nalini

    She’s ugly but I like her ha so funny but so true. Penelope is not that beautiful but she’s a very kind person.

  • .

    I really have never been able to stand her for some reason

  • bucky

    USED GOODS.,remember those pics JJ had on here awhile back,
    of her at the pool? Her gut spilled over,and her squarish waiste.
    I feel she’s overrated and played out.But no ones really cares about her anymore. She’s not Spain’s finest. These fotos have been fotoshopped to death.

  • Jamie

    I don’t buy the Bono story either. She’s funny looking. Maybe it’s her bugged out eyes.

  • Maddie

    she’s ugly but the dress is nice…
    Penelope: Ugly, hete her
    Dress: Nice, love it
    I prefer Monica,her sister

  • lexi

    she was nothing until she shagged Tom Cruise . . .
    she has always been ambitious… saw some pics of her putting herself between George Clooney and Leonardo diCaprio . . . guess she failed seducing any of those two . . .

  • TheLostGirl

    Stereotyped much!?!

  • flo

    wooo Cayetano Rivera is beautifull and amzing. he´s a big torero of spain. is wonderfull. he has to next of penelope.

  • siouxsie

    Her only fault was trying to do hollywood horrible movies, besides that, all her movies in spanish are wonderful, and yes, her worst mistake was dating to that Tom Cruise gnomo, she didn´t fit…

    She has a strange beauty, but she is certainly beautiful… and those pictures reflects a culture that America will never have.

  • maria

    Pene is certainly not beautiful, jmo. She is far from it.

  • Helena

    Why do people have to be so superficial? She’s a good actress, she’s not a model. She’s not there to be beautiful.

  • love dita

    Well it’s good to be both. lol!!!!! I think she’s good in spanish movies, but when she does an american movie she sucks.
    Her career is not as goos as you think she only did 2 or 3 good movies Volver included. At least she still better than Salma Hayek.

  • siouxsie

    Jamon, jamon, belle époque, carne tremula, abre lo ojos, la celestina, todo es mentira, brujas, la niña de tus ojos, sin noticias de dios, blow, bendito infierno, la hija de mata-hari, and dozens more, those are more tha three films.

  • siouxsie

    She´s made like thirty movies!

  • purple gem

    Pene is not beautiful, but hey, her career is in films and not modeling and I think she’s a wonderful actress.

  • hmmmmmm

    ITA,her spanish movies are better,can’t hardly understand her when she speaks in American movies.I use caption. She’s a cross between a cute advark and a kinda cute rat in looks. Not trying to be mean.


    I’ve always liked Penelope and probably always will. Like her sister too

  • katrina

    Excellent actress. Belle Epoque was the first movie I saw her in. She was so young, and yet she held her own amidst the more experienced actresses. My favorites are Volver and Todo sobre mi madre, although the latter isn’t really HER movie. I agree, though, that her english-language films are bad. Not sure what it is.

  • kate

    Who care about her she’s ugly , her career in America is almost over, and her sister is more beautiful than her a$$.

  • violin


  • spanich taste

    what a shame the pictures are a bit dark but I still like the editorial. Spain Rocks.
    She surely not the best actress in spain, she’s just alright no more no less.

  • spanish boy

    Spain is much more than what is reflected in this report. Always with the same stereotypes: flamenco, bullfighting, andalusian-style dresses…

    You should meet the other face of this country.

    However, I think she is a good actress and a beautiful woman.

    (sorry for my english)

  • Original shar

    I love Penelope. I have to agree her American movies have not been very good, but when she’s in her element is a great actress. Love her.

  • wow

    wow, she looks so beautiful! I love her! I saw her profile on millionaire dating site Wealthy Romance .com last week. Is she single now? Just curious.

  • zz

    the guy in her left is a bullfighter,cayetano rivera and in the spanish media people was saying they was toguether.i dont know why people like her,she is beauty but bad actress,we have better actresses in spain.

  • al

    i hate her and almodovar too,they are always showing a stereotyped of spain.spain is more than flamenco,actually not a lot of people knows how to dance flamenco as it is very difficult.and yeah she did good movies in spain but that doesnt make her a good actress.sorry for my english.

  • gi

    I think she IS beautifull and a dam good actress:)))
    Didn’t mind at all to have her as a good friend…

    I whant to have well produced pics with her too;)))
    come to Tomar and have COnvento de Cristo as scenary for the pics:))

  • Samantha

    I think Penelope ACTING is much STRONGER in Spanish films. I swear she looks so much like fellow Spanish actress Paz Vega!!!

  • Samantha

    I disagree if you paid attention to EUROPEAN CINEMA you would KNOW Penelope was ALREADY a HUGE STAR in Spain and Europe BEFORE she dated those Americans.

  • Samantha

    I disagree if you paid attention to EUROPEAN CINEMA you would KNOW Penelope was ALREADY a HUGE STAR in Spain and Europe BEFORE she dated those Americans.

  • Luis

    I’m spanish, and i think that the pictures are beautiful, but that’s not Spain, that’s a very small part of our country, it’s like saying that the us is a country full of cowboys

  • Ha!

    What a duck face.
    I can’t stand listening to her talk – thank god this is a print interview.

  • unknow

    penelope is ugly(so, i agree to who ever said she was ugly)

  • Mari

    Penelope Cruz has an ethnic beauty that Anglo-Saxon Americans are not used to seeing, not to mention the fact they have no appreciation for such a beautiful culture. BTW, it’s spelled PHOTOSHOP. :)