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Lauren Conrad for Linea Pelle

Lauren Conrad for Linea Pelle

The Hills star Lauren Conrad puts on her guest designer hat again and has just released a new Linea Pelle Collection.

Her designs are now available online for order exclusively through

“I love the bag (tote) because it holds so much and the leather is super soft,” Lauren tells “It is available in 3 colors. There’s also a clutch and a coin purse.”

Lauren Conrad Coin Purse ($45.00)
Lauren Conrad Tote ($350.00)
Lauren Conrad Clutch ($145.00)

All bags available in these colors: Dark Olive Green, Black, Espresso Brown. All items are for pre-order and will ship in December 2007.

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Photos: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin
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  • talula

    That bag has NO design. It’s the detailing and the intricacy that is worth the high price or at least something that catches attention. This bag looks like Lauren just went and killed a cow, skinned it, sprayed it brown, hooked some chain and called it a design.

  • ILovePapaSmurf

    Those bags are hideous. I think I’ll stick to buying OTHER worthy designer bags.

  • Stephie

    They should have named them:

    The Beef Curtain clutch
    The Unibrow Coin Purse
    The Wanna-be Tote
    coming soon to TJMaxx near you!

  • Ashley2

    eww…TV whore

  • j

    I love the tote,but it’s too high :(

  • Ashley2

    god, since when is Wh0R3 curse word?

  • Tony the tiger

    SHE SHOULD DESIGN A SPECIAL LINGERIE FOR GIRLS WITH MASSIVE BEEF CURTAINS SUCH AS HERSELF. (Some say meat curtains but I prefer beef curtains.) I throw a girl right out of bed if she has beef curtains. ECK!!!

  • http://n/a omaria

    I would not wear this even if someone paid me six figures LOL
    sorry lauren:D

  • Tony the tiger

    On second thought she should host a charity event in west hollywood for women cursed with beef curtains….they need to form some kind of support network and could fund plastic surgery for women who can’t afford to surgically remove their beef curtains.

  • me

    she must be out of her effing mind. why would I by LC bag for that price when I can get a coach bag or Michael Kors bag for the same price!?

    Lc your a cool girl but ur not THAT cool. Get off ur high horse, your not all that.

  • lth

    Overpriced, uninspired rubbish. What else do I expect from this so called wannabe designer. She needs to do something original because so far every single one of her designs is complete and utter crap.

  • Katie

    First of all, it’s obvious that the same person is posting mean comments above. And the reference to “B.C.” really needs to stop. It’s rude and insulting to all women. Spencer you really need to get a job and stop sitting at your computer all day obsessing on Lauren.

    The collection is not expensive compared to other quality bags. The girl likes quality, nothing wrong with that.

  • TheLostGirl

    Hmmm, cheap tacky looking accessories you say?

  • Sasha

    I really like them. Cute and simple. I like that it’s not overdone.

  • sarah

    I love the tote! The bags are actually cheaper than other Linea Pelle bags. Linea Pelle is known for high quality leather…so if you want a good leather bag, you’ll have to shell out the money for it.

    The BC comments are getting old. Grow up!

  • i hate lc

    seriously 45$ for that crap?? i really hate lc. shes ripping young girls off because she “designed” those coin purses with some little L charm on them. the hand bag is she serious? not worth over 10$.

  • Anthony to the S.

    celebrity co-signs = holiday $$$

  • DUI

    Jared are the decimals in the wrong spot?!?

    $350 for a bag from her! No offence, but isn’t LC just starting her fashion line, don’t you have to earn a certain level of respect before you can charge so much for a bag. This looks like stuff you could find at Taget, pardon me, Targe

    For $350, I would rather buy a Coach, Duney& Burke, DKNY, etc bag.

  • ihavenolife

    i wouldn’t even want those for free & think it’ll sell better if they were priced 25% of what they r currently priced @.

    – Lauren Conrad Coin Purse ($11.25)
    – Lauren Conrad Tote ($87.50)
    – Lauren Conrad Clutch ($36.25)

    looks more like kmart/walmart quality to me.

  • ihavenolife

    just read through the other comments. what’s beef curtains?

  • emma

    the bag is rubbish – maybe lauren should stop designing bags and just let real designers like marc jacobs set the trends =)
    oh yeah by the way i love marc jacobs =)
    just got the new canvas bag for only $ 25

  • pele

    The tote is really chic. I will buy definately. This is a cute collection and linea pella bags are high quality.

    If people do not have anything nice to say then they should STFU!!!

  • lth

    I love that to an LC fan negative comments must be from Spencer and people should stop calling her beef curtains because it’s apparantly offensive to all women. Not true. I dont find it at all offensive at all so please get off of your feminist high horse and admit that in reality you want people to stop because you’re obsessed with Lauren.

    Oh and sorry to burst some peoples bubbles but Lauren has zero future in the fashion industry and the only reason she’s getting any of these deals with companies to release clothing and accessories is because of her fame from The Hills. Once The Hills dies down hopefully we never have to see her bland and boring designs again because apart from having a somewhat famous name to it her collection is the worst celebrity line I’ve seen in a long time and the only reason she’ll make money is because she can overprice it and sell that shit to all the people who are obsessed with her.

  • pain

    Love the bags. prob will buy one since i like linea pella and LC. Go Girl at least she is doing something constructive with her reality fame.

    Linea pella bags usually cost around 500 dollars or more.

  • pain

    lth, how do you know that LC has zero future in the fashion industry? Are you psychic. The first time I saw the bag, I did not even know she designed it and I wanted to know where she bought it. On other blog… many said they love her bag. LC like simple and chic design… so this is her style that she selling to the rest of the world. If you do not like fine but do not talk and make assumption. I will buy the tote, not because I am obsess with LC but because I like it and it is good quality since it it from linea pella.

  • j

    Those designs are ZZzzzZzZZz. She doesn’t have impeccable style or fashion sense, she’s just a star of a “reality” show…it’s a shame other, more talented emerging designers are being shadowed by all these celebrities faux-designers.

  • j

    pain : 11/24/2007 at 7:18 pm

    Love the bags. prob will buy one since i like linea pella and LC. Go Girl at least she is doing something constructive with her reality fame.

    Linea pella bags usually cost around 500 dollars or more.

    Something constructive? a.k.a. making more money for herself? something constructive would be putting her face/name behind a charitable cause rather than a label.

  • Reader

    $45 for a coin purse? That’s crazy!

  • Sara

    Effing espensive

  • Natalie

    Oh hell naw.
    Why would i pay $350 for a LAUREN CONRAD purse?! If i’m dropping big money, I’m going to buy a purse by a real fashion designer. Those bags are decent, if they were priced at $50 or less but wow. You know thats just a leather sack with fake gold detailing and then a metal L design on the zipper that some kid in a sweatshop made.. bag probably cost $10 to make in the factory. I wont buy that

  • linda

    wow . some people dont have no life but to bash
    anyways they`re cute and casual
    reminiscent of juicy couture a bit though

  • Crystal

    $350 for that shi*! She’s a phony fatas*. The Hills is fake.

  • Crystal

    That’s probably how much this rich little brat usually pays for her purses. Did she price the line herself?

  • celebpsychic

    Lauren should really stick to reality shows.

    Check it out:

  • Catherine

    Come on now, even the most hardcore LC hater cannot that the bag and clutch are HOT! I wanted to know where she got her bag even before I found out it was from her designs. Stop hating, the bag is nice. End of. And calling her B.C. and all the other shit aint gonna take the designs back so perhaps you haters should be the ones to get off ur high horses and put ur stuck up attitudes elsewheres. “Oh, she’s just a reality star” and so? She’s making something of it….that’s smart. And her bags wouldn’t be priced this much unless they were worth it. If they belonged in Kmart or whatever, don’t u think they’d be there already? Quality recognizes quality. Linea Pelle wanted her to design for them and there you go. Oh and to the person who said she should be using her fame for a more charitable cause…I’m sorry, how much have you done for charity?
    Lth, B.C IS offensive. To Lauren and to women, whether or not u want to face it. You obviously would be pleased to have someone call u that, but us, who were blessed with more than two brain cells, know that it is offensive, whether targeted personally at us or someone else.

  • Kristin

    No furture in design? Her clothing line sold out in 3 days, so I think she knows what she is doing. Fashion is a personal preference. If you don’t like her designs, you don’t have to personally attack her. Her bags aren’t that expensive unless you are a Walmart shopper. She doesn’t want to sell cheap crap!

  • Lisa

    So cute! I preordered the black tote and I would like to get the clutch to match. The bag looks so cute on Lauren.

  • Jennigirl

    lth – you’re honestly not offended by people rating women’s genetalia?
    if that’s truly the case – get back to me in a few years when you have a daughter of your own and someone tells her her vagina is “flawed”
    it’s sad…..

  • Jiminy

    JCPenney has these bags for twelve dollars. LC should stick to home videos and leave the designing to people with talent.

  • ver

    Why are they all so expensive? I could get a purse that looks the same at Target for $30 or something and that’s not even on sale.

  • passion fruit

    UGLY. CHEAP looking, BORING. OVERPRICED. Just like Lauren “LC” Conrad herself!

  • um

    grow a neck, lc.

  • nancy

    seriously, i cant handle the immature comments on BC. do you really have nothing else to do. If you dont like it dont buy it, but i know that linea pelle has awsome leather bags at saks that i fell in love with. the leather is high quality for such an affordable price.

  • miles

    My girlfriend wants that tote, she’s a huge Linea Pelle fan. Does anyone know where I can get it?

  • sabina

    Wow, lots of commentary here and not very mature…

    Honestly, I think some are missing the point. While this bag is not completely innovative and out of the box, it’s classic. It’s certainly a bag I would wear. I like its pure simplicity and I love that it can be worn open and closed at the top.

    I’m interested in hearing some more constructive comments from the adults out there.

  • Amy

    This is an awesome purse. I’ll deffinently be getting one in the near future. && for everyone with negetive comments, grow up. At least she’s doing something with her life where-as you are just sitting on your fat ass at a computer with nothing better to do than talk trash about someone. It’s pretty pathetic.

    Great Job Lauren!

  • Sahra

    EWWW. Those bags are ugly and not worth the money. LC should go back to reality TV. as a designer she sucks. sorry LC Just being honest!!!

  • marisol

    No offense to Lauren but I do agree with some of you. The bags are kind of boring. I wouldn’t buy them.