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Zac Efron: EW's Entertainer of the Year

Zac Efron: EW's Entertainer of the Year

Zac Efron was named one of the 25 Top Stars of 2007 for Entertainment Weekly‘s “Entertainers of the Year.” Check out a few of the Q&As:

If he could put a face to that career: ”Leonardo DiCaprio is someone whose career path I would love to emulate. The problem is there’s not enough scripts about giant boats sinking that are immersed in a love story. I can’t find that script. I’m thinking about writing Titanic 2. It would pick up right after where the last one left off.”

Top items on his wish-fulfillment list are: ”Lately I love my iPhone. I’ve also got a new car that I’m really excited about: an Audi S6. I don’t think anyone in my family tree has ever earned a car this nice. I find myself driving for no reason at all these days.”

To check out the full list of entertainers of the year, including EW‘s top pick, click here.

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  • Jennifer w.

    zac is so great and i love him so much

  • Emily

    yayyyy zac

  • Maria

    im gonna marry him!

  • Troy

    4th!! GO ZAC!

  • Kiersten

    way cool

  • C


  • Hannaaah

    Vanessa is a lucky girl

  • Kayla

    Congrats Zac!!

  • Spirit

    Oh, so proud of him! And Leo’s career is something to admire. Good choice! I can only wish him the same success.

  • http://www.photolog/bruna bruna

    zaaaaac , perfeito (lll)’

  • http://www.photolog/bruna isabelly

    aiiin , i love you zac ! *—*’

  • zane

    Vanessa and Zac’z son will marry my daughter!!! HE!EHE!!Just love this guy!!!

  • Tina

    hehe i love zac.

  • sophie

    woo! congrats zac!

  • cindy

    Way to go , Zac! He really deserves this honor. I hope he goes far in his career. He is blessed to have such good looks and so many talents, but most of all he seems to be a great person. I think that is one of the things his fans admire the most in him.

  • Spirit

    #13 tony the tiger- YUCK! JUST YUCK!!!

  • Zanessa Forever

    ZANESSA FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am number 1 fan!

  • leanne

    Proud of you Zaccie!! Be good to Vanessa! (jk. lol)

  • Lola

    Jeej Love Zac!!!!

  • DEE

    Well now we know why Zac is always at the gas station. Like he said, “I find myself driving for no reason these days.”

  • lov zanessa

    i love zac efron he is hot i would love to be him or vanessa. they probable have hot sex all the time. i hope

  • goz

    yay!! zac totally deserves it!!

  • sophie

    #22. OMG. you are completely revolting.

  • rokstur

    congrats zac,love you, have fun with your family this weekend, hope you ate alot of turkey.

  • likeomglikeomg

    aww hes adorable!!

  • [~Famous~]

    Problem – Leonardo DiCaprio can actually act. And he wouldn’t do shittastic kiddie films like HSM.

    ROTFLMAO @ Titanic 2. Yeah I wouldn’t mind seeing Dudette take over from where Leo left off… He’d would look great dead and sinking to the bottom of the ocean. Fcuking loser! LOL

    Leonardo DiCaprio, HAHAHAHA That was funny.

  • elliott

    he deserves this award, just like everyone on the list. good job!

  • Mìh


  • danielle

    how a hottie

  • danielle


  • Spirit

    *sigh* geez, Famous, It doesn’t matter what thread you are on from Angie, Jen, HSM, Vanessa, Zac, Brad, Celeb kids, etc… you are so hateful… If all these celebs are not worthy of your time~ Why do you insist on posting on celeb blogs???

  • zvkg

    Congrats Zac

  • Karen

    I’m so proud of you, Zac.

  • 565


  • mhm.

    yaaay to him ♥

  • Karen

    It would seem Famous is just jealous of about everyone that gets their picture on JJ. Famous can only be noticed if the comment is derogatory or hateful in some way. Famous has to post on every popular post to be noticed but would not dare say anything nice or the post would not get much attention and be lost in the crowd.

  • meme


    love u z

  • Z & V Fan

    Zac is a great actor beyond what you see in the HSM movies. They are cute but if you look at Miracle Run and any of the other dramas he has been in, you know he has something special. He has so much more to offer than just his wonderful musical and comedic capabilities if he chooses to go in a different direction. I can’t wait to see him expand his acting chops…

  • yay

    I agree with 27. Dicaprio can actually act and has had some great parts. If Titanic is the movie he admires from Dicaprio…then what can i say?

  • dee (Deanna)

    26 [~Famous~] : 11/24/2007 at 3:25 pm
    Problem – Leonardo DiCaprio can actually act. And he wouldn’t do shittastic kiddie films like HSM.

    Yeah, maybe if you were a little older, and/or wiser, you’d know that Leo did “shittastic” kiddie shows like Growing Pains.

    Heaven forbid we entertain our youth (kiddies)!

  • http://justjared just a fan

    Man, jealous much? I so think he deserves this honor. I don’t
    think people realize just how famous, popular,and loved he is all
    over the world. His movies have touched many of all ages.
    I think it is so sad when someone has to degrade someone to make
    themselves feel better. There are other sites for that if you must,
    but JJ has more fans of Zac than you can ever handle. Peace and Love
    to all.

  • DEE

    Dee…I was totally going to say that. Great names think alike!!!!!

  • Lauryn

    Hahah Thats second question was kind of stuck up. I love him though.

    I hope he never makes another Titanic. The first one was horrible enough.

    Its a sin to be that hot.

  • Tony the tiger

    Why is my comment “awaiting moderation”??? I didn’t use profanity and was completely respectful to the site??? Just cause I tapped that doesn’t make me a criminal!!! He was legal!!!

  • Erin

    go zac!

  • kgg

    Famous…what are you famous for? derogatory remarks, smart aleck comments, lame insults? Go find another place to spew your venom…have a nice day!

  • narf

    Hey zac fan, you tell them.

  • narf

    Hey tony, Frosted flakes kindly requests that you stop giving there image a bad name.

    And no one believes a word you say, so give up.

  • kgg

    Tony the Tiger – go eat some cornflakes and step away from the computer. If you can’t say anything nice, then don’t say anything. No one believes you anyway…wake up, you’re having a bad dream…get back to reality.

  • Spirit

    JJ strikes again!!! Gotta love tha guy! :-D