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Andy Baldwin is a Football Fanatic

Andy Baldwin is a Football Fanatic

Former Bachelor Andy Baldwin spends Wednesday afternoon chillaxing at a beach with friends in Oahu, Hawaii. He spent over a hour throwing around a football with a friend before jogging and cooling off in the ocean.

Earlier this month, the 30-year-old U.S. Navy Lt. stopped off at the Navy Exchange Barber shop for a quick buzz cut.

Andy and the Navy SEALS are reportedly headed to the Persian Gulf country of Bahrain (an island kingdom) in early 2008 to help troops with the war.

“We’ve recently been tasked to go over to the Persian Gulf and serve as a special command and control element over there,” Andy recently told Hawaii’s KITV-TV. “It’s an opportunity that’s going to be risky, but it’s also our opportunity to do our job in protecting our freedom.”

As for former fiancee Tessa Horst, check out this video. “Tessa and I love each other very much,” Andy says. “We’re trying to keep our private life private now. It’s on to the next bachelor, but things are good,” he said.

50+ pictures inside of football fanatic Andy Baldwin

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  • Gabriella


  • Gabriella

    Oh.. i can’t believe!! 1sr xD

  • lauren

    Scary that he’s heading to Iraq but I am sure as part of the armed forces that he’s received the right training and prep.

    Hope he comes back safe & sound!

  • M

    Wish him the best of luck!

  • tony the tiger

    QUICK QUESTION FOR EVERYONE: Andy Baldwin went on the Bachelor show claiming he was looking for love (but pretty quickly dumped his final choice after the show ended). Since Andy still arranges for the cameras to follow him everywhere (he is constantly pictured on Just Jared and the weekly magazines) doesn’t that mean he was just looking for a movie or t.v. career all along? And he misled those women? What a creep.

    I heard the guy who won the most recent season of the Bachelor only went on it to promote his chain of bars….and he had a pregnant girlfriend back home!!

  • groundcontrol

    This guy is so gay. How many clues do people need? Maybe they should stop the charade and have a bachelor/bachelor show and let them find real love. It must be awful living a lie.

    It isn’t always all about the ladies.

  • amy

    Andy Baldwin is SO hot!!!

  • tony the tiger

    What a liar!!! Andy Baldwin was quoted as saying “we are trying to keep our private life private now”. Then why does he arrange for photographers to photograph him getting his haircut, getting ready for Iraq, etc. He is aching for a career in film or t.v. and that is why he is constantly photographed!!!

  • hmm…..

    How come the pics with the girl in them won’t open?? When I click on those it says something like “can’t perform operation”….are those blocked?

    The other pics, with just Andy, are…well…WOWZA. What does he have, an 18 inch waist and 45 inch chest??? :-) I have nooooooo problems seeing pics of him on here or anywhere else for that matter! LOL

  • hmm…..

    awwww…..I just noticed the one where he is holding the door open for the lady at the Credit Union…that’s sweet.

  • Sebastian

    Irak will cut his head off.

  • bevin

    dang andy, you looking fine, just like that time we were snuggling up together real nice

  • Jennifer



  • kira

    Whatever turns you on…. The reason the show appealed to me was not due to its military bent nor his physique but the overall quality of the women and, especially, beautiful Tessa whom I would guess is a “peaceful warrior”.

  • blasie

    Andy, Keep on doing the right things for the right reasons. Don’t pay attention to the negative posters. THEY are just trying to get some attention by drafting in your slipstream. Wouldn’t you love to see about 20 shots of them in speedos.
    The reality of deployment will heighten awareness of so many to the sacrifices all of our armed forces are making. Thanks to you and your guys, I know you are the best of the best.

  • tony the tiger

    oh PLEASE!!! This guy is angling for a film or t.v. career after he finishes his tour of duty in Iraq. That is the only possible explanation for why he arranges the cameras to follow him all over the place even after he conveniently dumped his final choice on the Bachelor (note in particular he waited a safe number of months before dumping her).

  • Debbie Gibson

    I think Andy is the finest specimen in the whole world. I get lost in his eyes.

  • Ohiogirl


    Hang in there man. Sooner or later everything is going to work out fine for you. Have a good night rest and tomorrow you are going to wake up feeling better than you did yesterday. Take care of yourself now.


  • Koren

    #16: Andy is still in love with Tessa and he would be with her right now if he could. So what makes you think he would “conveniently dump” her? He is in love, he has put his whole heart into it and he has no reason to get rid of her despite what you may think.

    Please, let him be as he prepares for deployment. He will need all our support and not insults and hurtful comments.

  • Koren

    #17 You are delusional! In your dreams old hag. You could be his grandma. Andy’s heart belongs to Tessa and Tessa only.

  • moana

    I can’t wait to be with you Andy

  • bellgirl

    Lol! Guess again. You weren’t even worthy of Dr. Travis Stork. Go away you dark heathen of the night.

  • Gypsyartist

    I cant believe any of these males or females are looking to get married. They all want to see their faces (and bodies) on TV. The network has to stop picking models, actors, hulks and hotties. It would be nice to see just a “normal” couple that really is looking for Mr or Miss Right. I also think they should stay in their home states since the hardest part of continuing a romance when the show is over is relocating to another state in order to date. And with all the high tech matchmaking going on – surely they could pick females that are more compatible. Did they really think a gal that never exercises would be happy with Andy? One season they had a gal dating I guy with a ranch and horses. The gal was allergic to horses! Like he’s going to give up his ranch for HER? not. Networks – get real. Find compatible people – not singles looking to be the next TV star.

  • tessatessa

    Oh boy ! the photographers are in his salon too .. what a joke .. thank god Tessa is through with him

  • Samantha

    WRONG – TESSA dumped Andy for a lawyer. Gay – FAR FROM IT. Ask Bevin!!!

  • jenny

    he just keeps getting hotter. his body is perfection. his army haircut looks even hotter. is so totally ripped and so athletic and so strong! together with his hotness, his personality – he is a 1 in a million !! I want him to play the next James bond or something.

  • Jay

    I live in Hawaii. I am gay. There is a gay bar called Fusion at Waikiki. I saw Andy many times in this bar. He is not that attractive, there is something wrong with his teeth. He is very arrogant too. He is a typical macho gay. So, I never talked to him. But, then I saw him on Honolulu Advirtiser apparently he was on a TV show called Bachelor looking for a woman. I was suprised because he comes to bar with a few guys and he is cuddly with everyone around him. I don’t know if he has any partner. According to the newspaper, he is a Navy officer. Because of Navy’s don’t ask don’t tell policy, I think he is hiding his sexuality. He always drinks beer. He likes to dance when he buzzes.

  • bob

    Andy obviously works out a lot and is a great athlete but, he seems to be obsessed with having his picture taken. He must live with a photographer since there are so many pics of him. I can believe the gay rumors too. He never has a long term relationship with any women. Sure seems like the stories about Rock Hudson. He was a great athlete at one time too. Back in the 50′s the studio had him marry his agents secretary to try to stop the gay rumors about him. That marriage ended quickly. Andy may be the Rock Hudson of today.