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The Jonas Brothers @ Good Morning America

The Jonas Brothers @ Good Morning America

The Jonas Brothers stop backstage for a quick photo op at Good Morning America on Friday. They performed their smash single “S.O.S.” for the throng of screaming fangirls and boys.

Their dad Kevin Sr., mom Denise and younger brother Frankie accompanied the pop rock trio backstage at GMA.

Peep Joe‘s tight silver pants. Shiny!

To check out The Jonas Brothers‘ sit-down interview with GMA, click here. Watch a video of their S.O.S. performance below!

The Jonas Brothers @ Good Morning America
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  • suzy

    so sweet they got their mama’s hair

  • angellbb.

    3rd, or 4th! =D
    what hotties

  • hillary

    i love you nick!!
    && joe!

  • cant say

    Nick looks so much like his mom!!

  • cant say

    they’re so hot! Nick looks so much like his mom!!!

  • roxy

    kevin really does look like his mother dont you think? nick does have his mothers hair i agree with that, but joe does not his hair is cool though and his pants are.. different

  • Ladbug

    They make Michael Jackson look hot.

  • http://justjared zefronluver


  • Kitty

    haha, i agree with number 8 ladbug.

  • janyce

    I LOVEEEEEEEEE joe!!!!!!!!!! he is soooooooo hotttttt!!!!!!! he is the besttttt. i love the way they dress ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • janyce

    I love nick too!

  • janyce

    and kevin! i think.

  • Kelsey

    They make Michael Jackson look hot?
    Wow, I think not.

    Joe needs to throw away those sparkly skinny pants. =/
    All in all I love them! :D

  • Kelsey

    I love them oh so much!
    But Joseph, please ditch the sparkly pants. Haha

    They make Michael Jackson look hot?
    I think not.

  • cindy

    joe :]

  • Shay

    OMFG, Kevin looks so hot there! I love his curly hair!

  • Natalie

    their mom is beautiful. lol

  • adasdasdasda

    joe definately the hoteest!

  • Michelle

    I just don’t see how they are considered attractive. I think the charm comes in that there are three of them and they are clearly related. If you saw one of them walking down the street, most would probably think. “He is to pudgy to pull of those overly tapered jeans.” or “Some one needs to stop flat ironing their hair to death.”

    Also note the guitarist in the background playing the important parts of the song.

    It is also sad to think that one of them is probably repressing his homosexuality to fit the Disney mold.

    Regardless they seem like nice people. Just a little to contrived.

  • whoah

    best part
    is that they can sing live
    amazing, ps i think nicks the hottest if you had to choose
    and not hot but “cute”

  • kate

    nick so has the whole zoolander blue steal going on!

    aint he got a thing with miley??

  • Anthony to the S.

    lookit em. all shaggy!

  • Erica

    awwwwww cuties (:

  • http://111 Amy&aMANDA


  • John


  • kat

    eh…they’re hot…but ZEFRON is def. hotter

  • Ice

    Joe, those shiny pants, THUD!!!!!!

    You all rocked the GMA studios. So many of performers lip sync. You make all your fans proud. Wish I coulda been there. See you in a week or so.



  • Jamie

    Hanson part 2

  • enoughforforever

    It is also sad to think that one of them is probably repressing his homosexuality to fit the Disney mold.


    i think not. wow, someone really needs to do some research before making comments.

    those boys are extremely stylish, and great singers.
    you should have heard nick in his early days as a solo singer.

    they’re just doing what they love and they finally caught their big break.

  • lih


  • lainey

    Now THAT is a cute family!!! Kevin looks just like his Mom, but she really passed on the good-looking genes to ALL of them. Nick has Dad’s squinty eyes. It’s hard to tell with Frankie, but I think he’s gonna look more like Dad as he gets older. A-FREAKING-DORABLE. Thanks for posting! When they were on Kidd Kraddick, they said that their parents had been in a Christian band. Not just good looks run in their family.

  • hotone

    Kevin is a cuttie! I am big Kevin’s fan. It seems he has a major crush on wealthy young women. His profile was found on millionaire dating site Wealthy Romance. com last week!

  • likeomglikeomg

    they always look so bored and tired. I’d like to see them have a little fun once in a while. They’re really cute, but they always look like they really just don’t wanna be there.they need to have some fun

  • Jen

    Wow. They’re trying waaaaaaaay too hard to look cool. They make me break out into a sweat because they have so many layers on. Between all the layers and the tight pants, they must go backstage and pass out when the show is over. I really don’t know how they breathe. Easy does it, dudes. (And trim your hair.)

  • Florencia

    I LOVE The Jonas Brothers !!!!!!!

    Grax x las pics ^^


    nice pants joe :/

  • angela

    They did great
    and Frankie is so cute

  • Kelsei

    OMJ Joe i LOVE your pants :P lol
    Joe can make anything look stylish
    kevin & nick look good aswell :)

    YAY JJ is posting JB more often :D :D

  • mandy

    Go JB!

  • Jenna

    They suck

  • Ally

    i dont see the big deal about them their song is ok

  • terryunderwood

    THEY ROCKKK. Joes pants are rockinnn’

  • yvette

    I love love love Joes solo. Sexxxy

  • linds

    they are straight in response to the person saying
    they might be repressing their homosexuality. they are
    gentlyemen and wear purity rings to remain pure till
    marriage. i admire them for that.

  • :)


  • maria

    Ohhh you know joes shoes
    on the back of them they say ‘super’
    my best guyfriend has them

  • http://ruthanne ruthannescudder

    Daer joe jonas you are a good singe
    you go out with me joe said yes to me
    i like you and i to see you and your brother to.

  • http://ruthanne ruthannescudder

    Daer joe jonas you are a good singe
    and your brother are to and i like you
    go out with me and you go s lake tahoe
    and you like it and your brothe to

  • alyssa

    hella bomb.