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Lindsay Lohan's Black Friday Shopping

Lindsay Lohan's Black Friday Shopping

Lindsay Lohan does what every other American does the day after Thanksgiving, she goes Black Friday shopping! La Lohan, 21, brought along her mom Dina and little sister Ali to the Armani Exchange store on 5th Avenue. The Lohan women picked up free duds including head scarves, sweaters and beanies.

Linds spent Thanksgiving with her family at their Long Island home.

Late Sunday night, Dina dropped off Lindsay and snowboarder boyfriend Riley Giles at New York’s JFK airport to catch a flight back to Los Angeles.

And is it just me or is Lindsay overdoing it a bit at the tanning salon? Her face is getting just a little too orange!

30+ pictures inside of Lindsay Lohan‘s Black Friday shopping…

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lindsay lohan black friday 01
lindsay lohan black friday 02
lindsay lohan black friday 03
lindsay lohan black friday 04
lindsay lohan black friday 05
lindsay lohan black friday 06
lindsay lohan black friday 07
lindsay lohan black friday 08
lindsay lohan black friday 09
lindsay lohan black friday 10
lindsay lohan black friday 11
lindsay lohan black friday 12
lindsay lohan black friday 13
lindsay lohan black friday 14
lindsay lohan black friday 15
lindsay lohan black friday 16
lindsay lohan black friday 17
lindsay lohan black friday 18
lindsay lohan black friday 19
lindsay lohan black friday 20
lindsay lohan black friday 21
lindsay lohan black friday 22
lindsay lohan black friday 23
lindsay lohan black friday 24
lindsay lohan black friday 25
lindsay lohan black friday 26
lindsay lohan black friday 27
lindsay lohan black friday 28
lindsay lohan black friday 29
lindsay lohan black friday 30

Photos: Clark Samuels/, Anderson/Bauer-Griffin
Posted to: Aliana Lohan, Dina Lohan, Lindsay Lohan, Riley Giles

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  • Melissa

    her sister actually looks kind of pretty.

  • lola

    I’m sorry but she looks so bloody white trash. Honestly, that bleached blond hair and orange tan along with those clothes—it is all just so awful. I used to think she was really pretty when she was a redhead but now I don’t even want to look at her. It actually makes feel a little ill in my stomach. She looks so dirty and crusty.

  • cant say

    WE WANT ZANESSA!!!!!!!!!!

  • ashley

    okay! thanks!! zanessa rocks!!

  • antonia aka toni

    hey sister look JUST like her only if lindsay was still a red head!
    am i right or am i right :] lol :]

  • M├Člly

    Where’s Zanessa!?
    We want it!

  • Anonymous

    yea usually Aliana doesnt look that great, but I think she actually looks pretty here.

    Antonia Aka Toni, you are right! :-P lol

  • adasdasdasda

    i kinda like lindsay style but the blue beanie!! eww

  • Anthony to the S.
  • Judas Lucyfer



    kkkkkkkkkk orange face?!?!

    I don’t think so XD

    she toasted on sun hahahaha




  • adasdasdasda

    i don understand why her sister nid to make up so thick

  • caro

    she looks so orangee!!

    i want zanessaaa (LLL)

  • Nessa

    LiLo needs to lay off the spray tan…

  • aryanna

    how old is Lindsay’s sister? they both look older than 21.

  • ian09

    Her entire body is like one massive tan line! Why is your face a different color than the rest of you, Lindsay? I actually thought her sister was her, which would have been such a massive improvement. Here’s to hoping she realizes how beautiful she is naturally and she stops going for that fake and bake hobo look.

  • ummmm

    she looks over fried and a mess with that harsh blonde hair color.
    she looks at least 27-30 now,shows how meth,crack,drinking can age you.she really needs to go back to her natural color and buy some soap for her racist mouth. her mom sickens me.

  • Paty

    STFU about Zanessa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • purple gem

    That is an awful tan. She also should consider going back to being a red head, or at least a darker shade of blond.

  • bindy

    her sisters wearing contact lenses…

  • Cyndi

    such pretty sisters, but please lay off the fake tan and heavy makeup.

  • M

    shes pretty and so is her sister, but she needs to stop with the fake bake

  • dysfunctional mom

    the sis has a weird shaped nose.not as cute as lilo use to be. lilo does look ridiculous with the tan face and white pale arms. her boots are dirty. what did she have in them for her to have to take em off.

    tights??leggings???80′s??? i’m over her though.I would like to see her completely get it 2gether and makes amends to what she did to those people she kidnapped& the African American guy she was racist to& she offended and ran his foot over, said he stole the car,as she went amuck on her drug crazed ride, to try& kick her ex-assistants @ss.

  • daniel

    the little one is definetely whoring up!

  • Nicole

    her sister is way prettier than she is.

  • Lesli

    Shut up abput Zanessa, u make me sickkk!!. Respect other threads!!! If you don’t want us to comment about other people on Zanessa’s threads, then stop being so freaking hypocrite and get the hell out!! This crap is not only annoying to me but to other people tooo!!!!!!!

    Lindsay should lay off the tan. Should go back to redhead and her normal skin color. That would be one good way to revindicate herself.

  • charlotte

    zanessa please
    and zac efron or
    vanessa hudgens but we want that news


    ia love u zanessa

  • aryanna

    I just read that ALi lohan was born on december 22, 1993, she’s just 13 going on 14!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I would’ve never guess that

  • Katie N

    She used to be such a pretty, bright girl in parent trap. Now looks like a dirty, old washed up “you know what”

  • Bruuh

    aii; na moral
    ela tah muuito feia Oo’

  • tony the tiger

    This will sound totally hypocritical because I am making this statement on this site but the more actors and actresses (Lindsay Lohan being the most egregious example) flaunt themselves in front of the media and end up on the cover of every weekly and monthly rag they make themselves LESS marketable as actors and actresses.

  • wahine

    Why does she insist on being orange? She also needs to dye her hair back to dark or red, I HATE it blonde. Hope she’s still sober, if she ever was…

  • Shauna

    I have to confess that I am a bit stunned by the extreme make-over Ali has had. She looks ten years older! Dying her hair alburn, and wearing the coloured contact lens with a lot of make up has changed her so drasticly. Yes, she is pretty, but Geeze she looks old for her age!!

  • kat

    her face looks pink and her ares are too pale ….gross

  • wahine

    Yes, Ali’s a chip off the old block, UNFORTUNATELY…won’t be long until she’s crashing a mercedes into sh*it, drunk off her ass…

  • belle

    wat da hel!!!!!!!she looks burned……lol….
    her lil sis looks like ger when she was stil young
    n her mom looks prettier than her……..lindsay is da ugliest!!!!!!

    more zanessa pls!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mary

    yea she def. needs to lay off the tan. Lindsay lohan just has such a biotch looking face. It’s sick.

  • lololololol 696969

    wo0o CHiilD sh3 n33ds j3sUs

  • jade

    #35-Shauna,I agree with you.I was stunned too,when I seen how old
    Ali looks for her age.I seen pictures of her and Lindsay before Lindsay went to rehab and Ali didn’t look like this.I think she is only 11 or 12,but I could be wrong on that.She is very pretty tho.
    I hope Lindsay has cleaned up her act from the rehab.She does look
    so much better now.


    i think they are both pretty Ali looks pretty with blue eyes too bad they arn’t real i wonder if she is going to use them for her new show on Disney

  • Suz

    SHe is only thirteen! and wears more makeup than her big sister and her mother … another trainwreck in the making.

  • jy

    I’m also a zanessa fan,I apologize for other fans here asking for Zanessa thread.Please guys, this is not proper.Go back to Zanessa post.
    Lindsey Lohan is a very good actress.She is just misunderstood by others.I wish her the best.

  • Monique

    Oh my,the teens are here.Go back to Zanessa post.We are all waiting for you there.Please lets show respect to others.

  • Natalie

    IMO Lindsay is so beautiful naturally (kinda like Christina Aguliera), so why does she insist on the orange tan and severe look!? Homegirl needs to get her hair back to red, or at least a soft brown. Get rid of the fake tan and get a natural tan…. doesn’t she live in Cali, where she can get some real sun? She looks like a mess right now, and her gold digging mother isn’t much better. Ali is beautiful like Lindsay, but why is a 13 year old trying to look like a grown ass woman?

  • sam

    Her face is SO orange it’s laughable.

  • Jagoda

    love her !!

  • linda

    why do both sisters feel the need to change their natural eye color with coloured contact lenses??

  • d holiday

    ali isnt prettier than lilo. that’s crazy. ali look like dina…and well?

    lindsay was always cute, she needs to gain her weight back and go back to the red or dark brown hair because this blonde haired mess looks ridiculous!