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Rihanna: EW’s Entertainer of the Year

Rihanna: EW’s Entertainer of the Year

Rihanna was named one of the 25 Top Stars of 2007 for Entertainment Weekly’s “Entertainers of the Year.” Here are some snippets from her interview:

Celebrity fan she was most surprised by: ”Celine Dion. I’ve been in Europe for maybe a couple weeks now, traveling and doing a lot of press and tour rehearsal. We’ve done, like, three TV shows at the same time. And every time she sees me, she’s always singing one of my songs. I just love her! She is a legend. And if she only knew how starstruck I was meeting her.”

The career she’d most like to have besides her own: ”Kate Moss’. She just looks like she has a fun job. I know it’s hard work, but she’s a very successful model. I would like to try something different instead of just singing. If I had to spend a day in the life of another career, it would be hers.”

To check out the full list of entertainers of the year, including EW’s top pick, click here.

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  • sancii

    1st. YAAY.
    Love rihanna.

  • salma

    whoreeeeeeeeee rat face can’t stand herrrrrrrrrrr

  • lukie


  • lukie

    ohh no i was third =/
    i love rihanna! she is beautiful and very talented. the haters should get out of here.

  • celebpsychic
  • Amanda

    good for her, love her and everything else she does to promote her home country of Barbados.

  • musicisourhigh

    Not really liking that picture but she is working hard and deserves her success

  • Lucas

    I love her

  • riri

    Salma you’re an idiot I’m sure you’re ugly.
    Rihanna is beautiful and I’m happy for her this is her best year so far.

  • lauren#

    Wow she looks stunning I like her haircut but why does she want Kate Moss career?????

  • lady d

    §§§§ Kate Moss and Celine dion How weird, she’ beautiful though.

  • http://justjared SHAMILAH

    ~ she is so pretty and her songs r the best ~
    RIHANNA ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nona

    When I think of Kate Moss I sorta think coke ho and gf to drug addicts. But whatever-Rihanna still one hot mami! And look-she likes Shia on top!

  • dex

    She’s so hot

  • lola

    Love this beautiful girl-she deserves this. She’s had a great year.

  • bubba

    lol, if that’s a rat face than rats are a highly doable species!

  • chilite

    aw, I wish her and shia were still dating-look how cute both of them are side by side and being the “it” kids of 2007!

  • piko

    She’s had a crazy successful year. Good for her, she works hard for it.

  • French-lilac

    she surely deserve this title 2007 was definitely her year.

  • Moviemadness

    rihanna is beautiful, but /I find it really weird that her album has yet to go platium. just saying…

  • Vanessa

    Love her shes soo………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

  • Huh???

    She went DOUBLE platinum along time ago Moviemadness you live in a cave?

  • French-lilac

    Rihanna is one of the best selling female of this year, what are you talking about?
    Umbrella was number one the single topped the charts all over the world, remaining at number-one in the United States for ten weeks and in the United Kingdom for ten weeks. “Umbrella” was the biggest-selling song of 2007 in the UK.
    Good girl gone bad is double platinum with more than 800 000 units in the US and ‘is platinum in others coutries
    Chart (2007) Peak
    position Certification Sales
    Billboard 200[13] 2 Platinum 800,000+

    UK Album Chart[25] 1 Platinum 457,000+……………………..

  • Regina

    She seems to take her clothes because she thinks it’ll get her attention.
    Let’s change some of her songs.

    If Umbrella meant forehead…”You can stand under my forehead.”.
    Just Shut Up and Whine.
    Love That I Hate You.

  • Loana

    Regina each time I see one of your stupid post you bored me to death can’t you shut up for once.
    Good year for the princess of Barbados, she deserve it.

  • Regina

    If my posts BORE you to death, why read them?

  • dionne warwick

    ella ella has a moose nose and is over rated.. and over played.

  • blue flower

    Dionne Warwick is actually beautiful and also a good singer thanks for Rihanna she will take this as a compliment.
    I’m sure you have a sad, life and you wish you could be her. She’s only 19 years old and she’s selling a lot of cd’s, she’s got designer clothes and she is on the list of the entertainers of the year.
    It’s not her fault if you are a loser. GO RIHANNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Natalie

    #13, “see, she likes shia on top”.. LOL!

    I like a couple of Rihannas songs. She does have a decent voice but as far as her personality (as least how it comes across on tv, interviews etc) I cannot stand it.

  • leah

    Oh, wow, really original–more forehead and nose insults.

    You know everyone just assumes you have a harelip and have cheeetos dust all over your mouth when you sound that bitter. It’s always the jealous ugly heffas making rude remarks.

    I think alot of people aren’t that pretty on this site, but I don’t go on their threads and say stupid stuff like their forehead isn’t perfect. That’s pathetic.

  • lilyla

    Rihanna’s had a great year. Too bad she ain’t with Shia still, they’d be like a younger, less domestically boring brangelina. That was hot when they hooked up, she’s on top in music he’s on top in movies.

  • nono

    That pose is weird, but she’s really pretty. So weird how catty girls get when someone is pretty-do you think a guy cares about her forehead, or that you’ll convince everyone she’s really ugly by calling her a rat. Insecurity makes chicks do weird things.

  • kori

    omg, love this girl! She’s living the life-walking down runways, having a hit album, on the cover of magazines, kissing cute boys. Congrats to her for getting alot of recognition for her work.

  • tutu

    I used to not like Rihanna cause she seemed boring, but she grew on me this year. She’s more interesting and her music was good and she has a great look right now.

  • http://WWW.IHATETOMCRUISE.COM Miapocca

    Rihanna has teh most annoying voice ever, not somethign I see enduring as the classics like whitney, aretha etc…its evident that she knows that, because her wadrope is designed to sell to a certain demographic and for someone in this for longetivity you will be wondering how to keep it up at age 40.;ahaha

    she looks good though so why not make the most money for the eis no beyonce though..ahhaha

  • http://WWW.IHATETOMCRUISE.COM Miapocca

    oh she also talks before she thinks..she pretty much dissed the whol eof her island fo rbeing jelaous of her..girl need a publicist before she goes any talking skills whatsoever,.piss off your fan base and you will timing your last paycheck aka marion jones…dont forget , the fans make you and they tear you apart…

  • Anthony to the S.

    didn’t like the video.

  • angeles

    i dont like her..

  • bitch

    beyonce stans are the main ones who talk about rihanna forehead they are jealous and beyonce is to.

  • lola

    Rihanna is not going to be remembered for having the best voice out there-BUT neither will Janet Jackson, and she carved a nice place for herself in music history.If Rihanna takes more control over her music and continues to churn out hits, she can carve a place for herself too. She had one hit wonder stamped on her forehead with her first single-but she doesn’t go away. If anything, she’s getting bigger. So, she has a chance to sustain something if she is smart with her career path.

    And there’s no reason to compare her to Aretha-no one touches her. Whitney squandered her place in icon history with bad music and addictions. And Beyonce has a great voice and look, but she’s still a pop star when it comes down to it.

  • lola

    ps-her saying that folks in Barbados can talk crap isn’t coming out of nowhere-she’s had a sizeable backlash from Barbados from the start of her career. I have a friend there who said from the start alot of people talked crap that she slept with jay z to get on the label, other more conservative types(which is many there) disagree with her sexy image, and others say she’s uppity now. Basic hometown gripes from a local person making it big, but her hometown is an island essentially and the nation newspaper has covered this backlash extensively in it’s news. It’s interesting to read actually-equal parts of people supporting her and people really hating her.

  • lily

    I”m not a huge fan but I saw her on Tyra and her personality came off very poised and classy for her age. Like Tyra was acting like a total spazzy teenager and Rihanna seemed like the adult, not the other way around. I think sometimes she dresses too sexy though, and she doesn’t need to cuz she’s so beautiful.

  • popo

    that’s a bad pose, like her neck hurts. But she’s really pretty.


    LOL on the Tyra Banks’s show Rihanna was very calm and Tyra was hysterical like usual.

  • ger

    Am I THE ONLY ONE who like this pic’ ? I think she looks gorgeous and classy.

  • leah

    I like the picture-she looks very sleek and model like. I don’t buy her Cds, but I can’t believe how much people hate on her looks. She’s so pretty, there’s really nothing to complain about!

  • Tia

    I saw that Tyra show too, and rihanna seemed really sweet and classy. She’s very together for her age with her public speaking, she doesn’t giggle and say “like” or “you know” like alot of her American counterparts.

  • rai

    she be hot

  • C

    In the United States an album is platinum when it’s sold 1,000,000 units.

  • Here’s The Deal

    She’s so beautiful…….look at that great skin!