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Halle Berry: 6-Months-Pregnant and Loving It!

Halle Berry: 6-Months-Pregnant and Loving It!

Halle Berry, about six months pregnant, is all smiles as she drops by a friend’s house Monday morning in Santa Monica, Cali.

“I’ve loved every moment of pregnancy,” Halle recently said. “Morning sickness, hot sweats, whoopsing, everything.”

The 41-year-old maternity chic actress looked incredibly stylish in a pair of maternity jeans and a paisley top. And she’s still wearing heels!

Halle seemed to be holding a sheet with a costume design sketch and a fabric swatch. Designing her baby’s nursery, perhaps?

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Photos: ODuran/Fame Pictures
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  • http://justjared paula abdul

    Can’t wait to see this kid.

  • Ally

    ah love her!!!

  • Hannaaah

    Aww She Looks Really Good
    And Happy

  • Vare

    What’s “whoopsing”?

    Is that a euphemism for pregnant sex?

  • Roberto


  • Ha!

    Vare – I have a sneaking suspicion it may have to do with being gassy? Not sure though.

  • http://pplrreallystupidiftheybelievethetabs..itsallabouttheifmeanitridiculouswhyevenfeedinto..bradandangiehavingbeenbreakingupsincetheymet samara

    i think she is going to be a wonderful mom


    Her outfit looks cute from the back but we need a front view

  • Natalie

    She looks good… love the outfit but i agree, front view plz?

  • OMG


  • natural beauty

    She looks stunning Gabriel is a lucky guy.

  • pink_tulips

    sexy and still hot

  • Carly

    Halle looks beautiful.

  • the_original_nika

    oh cmon who loves morning sickness? really who..

  • Helena

    She’s going a bit OTT with this pregnancy. She’s acting like she’s the only woman that’s pregnant.

  • oh lord

    knocked up and manless.

  • Anthony to the S.
  • lily

    she’s a beautiful woman.

  • Rachel Sun

    She is acting like a woman who is very happy to be pregnant at the age of 41. That comment is months old. Since she has not been seen lately don’t see how she is acting like the first person ever pregnant. When you become pregnant and if you are happy about it you will act the same.

    She looks good. Looks like everything is going well. Gabriel is still w/ her contrary to other blog lies. Any one who has been on these blogs should know by now you have to take what they report w/ a grain of salt.

    Anyway wish her the best w/ the rest of her pregnancy.

  • http://WWW.IHATETOMCRUISE.COM Miapocca

    Gabriel hasnt left her.,,but he is not miving in with them ..he lives in NY , she lives in LA..i think she had joped getting pregnant would somehow resolve the distance and she will get her way…she is only sitting on a ticking time bomb,..I dont know what tow self involved people can give to a child anyway…

  • http://WWW.IHATETOMCRUISE.COM Miapocca

    she justs need to be where she has been the last few months, so she doenst make a public spectbale out of another break-upp..its iwll come , so she needs to enjoy her little happiness in private and not put it out to public display that she did when she first got pregnant..I think she assumes getting pregnant means you have the man hog tied ..ahahhah

  • ihavenolife

    her rear got wide :O hope her baby doesn’t get her real nose. :lol: anyone remember her high school pic? :mrgreen:

  • bada bing

    her ass is getting big, see it? see it? and so are her boobies.

  • alohaland

    Love her and I’m happy for her. She looks great! You guys don’t know what goes on between her and Gabriel, so stop pretending like you do.

  • tOOTS

    She is one hot mama to be. Leave her ass, boobs, nose- jealousy makes u nasty!! Pregnancy is a special period in a woman’s life so whatever the haters say -really does not make a damn difference to her She’s glowing …Go Berry -Audry!!!

  • emma

    NIce outfit and hot body , she’s looks soooo gorgeous.

  • NOIR


  • Blackgirl

    I could understand why she’s excited.i would be too.Finally she has a baby….what she wanted forever.I still think that the Gabriel guy is using her…but everyone “LIVE YOUR LIFE FOR YOU”!I wish her happiness as a mama.Hope the baby is a blessing from God:)I just hope she dosen’t act like her baby is the “2nd coming”…cause it won’t be.

  • Blackgirl

    I could understand her excitement.Having a baby was something she wanted for a while now.I still think Gabriel is using her…but her life.and let us live ours.Let’s not assume she is “Perfect and all that stuff that only God is…cause she’s a human like us all.Wise up people!!!

  • Tam

    I just saw news that she bought him a Mercedes… G-Aub = K-Fed got it made…

  • Julie B

    So much for her supposedly being guarded by her bodyguards 24/7, guess they have the day off, the threats are over or she could be being stupid.

    Whoopsing= vomiting. Yes, she’s glowing and growing. The tush thing all part of being pregnant.

    Yes, none of us know anything about Halle’s and Aubry’s relationship or if any of the rumors of him wanting to stay in NYC after the baby is born or if she really did buy him a $150K load Mercedes-Benz. Check the sources in which they originated just like the sources with the conflicting sex of the child reports. Do I believe the rumors that Eric’s involved in some way or will end up helping Halle raise the kid, from my sources in Black Hollywood, those could be slightly true, but I am not holding my breath either on that one.

    Personally, I don’t see Aubry moving out to LA permanently nor do I see her moving there permanently, if she does I see it temporarily, either way I think she/they will agree to do what’s best for the child. As for the car thing, gift, payment for services rendered or to keep his mouth shut, playing faghag, etc.

  • jazzie

    I wish her CONGRATULATIONS and best wishes on her pregancy and the birth of her baby.

  • Thanks Jared

    Thanks Jared for not adding to the madness from earlier this month w/Perez Hilton manic diabetic diatribe, the relocation and car rumors.

    Keep up the good work!

  • CosmencE

    I’ m very happy for her she had so many bad relationships before Gabriel Aubry.

  • looks like $&^#

    Huh? She looks like $&^#–yes she’s glowing and growing. Her hairs a mess as usual with her normal circles under her eyes. Sure she’s smiling but had that same smile when she was photographed with Eric acting like everything was fine, when we all knew that it wasn’t.

    Rachel she hasn’t been seen in two weeks, quit making it sound like it’s been forever. I’m sure Aubry is still with her. The blogs didn’t say he wasn’t with her, they said he was planning to stay in the Big Apple after the baby was born, which I think is ironic when he said in September that he was planning to be a hands on Dad with the diaper duty thing. Agree with alohaland—we don’t know what is going on with them. Regardless, man or no man, Halle got what she wanted and actually followed through with what she said–A kid. Only time will tell if they or still together or if she really bought him an expensive car. Please.

  • 5th or 6th month–JJ?

    Jared–isn’t the data wrong—isn’t Halle still 5 months not 6 months if she announced the news in September that she was three months and is going to be going into her 6th month unless she’s farther along that what she is admitting.

  • got a life

    Blackgirl, sounds like she used him. She wanted to get pregnant. Didn’t she!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the media will make her baby the 2nd coming. Just like Angeline and Brad’s baby!!!!!!!

  • 7th Month and Counting!

    Dec. 30, 2007
    Halle Is SEVEN Months Pregnant Now!

    That shot of her was posted on Nov. 26, 2007. She’s (we’ve) got two more months before she (we) get to see her baby; and I can’t wait.

    I am so excited for her, and I don’t even know her. Can’t wait to see that kid. He’s going to have his mommy wrapped around his cuddly finger; and I can’t think of anything cooler than that.

    Congratulations Halle, girl! Spread the love and show us the baby pictures when he’s born, though. We can’t wait to meet him! :)

  • maria

    hi halle
    im maria of course im 15 and 6 1/2 months pregnant my baby is due feb.12th supposedly they have changed it so many times like they dnt kno wat their doin im havin a gurl i named her KENIAH TYSHAUNNA NICOLE on deck my baby so rachet. ANYWAYZ

    lovin you alwayz gurl 4-real don seen almost all your movies my fav. movie BATZ YOU GO GURL HOLLA BAK AT YO GURL