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Hayden Panettiere is a Turtleneck Tease

Hayden Panettiere is a Turtleneck Tease

Speaking of Heroes hotties…

Hayden Panettiere drove her Porsche Cayenne to a headshot studio in Los Angeles on Monday. While parking, the 18-year-old chatted on her LG enV cell phone by Verizon Wireless.

Last week, GQ magazine named Hayden their “Obsession of the Year.

Catch Hayden on an all-new episode of Heroes tonight @ 9PM ET/PT on NBC.

10+ pictures inside of turtleneck tease Hayden Panettiere

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hayden panettiere turtleneck tease 01
hayden panettiere turtleneck tease 02
hayden panettiere turtleneck tease 03
hayden panettiere turtleneck tease 04
hayden panettiere turtleneck tease 05
hayden panettiere turtleneck tease 06
hayden panettiere turtleneck tease 07
hayden panettiere turtleneck tease 08
hayden panettiere turtleneck tease 09
hayden panettiere turtleneck tease 10

Photos: Gabo/MO/Bauer-Griffin
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  • blah

    im first

  • blah

    finally. shes pretty

  • the_original_nika

    she likes the attention =X.

  • sara

    cute boots! & is that milo’s ring i’m spotting??

  • cant say

    WE WANT ZANESSA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Come on Jared!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Daniela

    I think that every celebrity who stops by STARBUCKS ALMOST EVERY DAY loves the attention because they know SB is the home of Paparazzi.

  • transparent to a T

    Didn’t old face ‘save the dolphins’ to get admiration from the public-just say she was a bi sexual ??,, waiting to have affairs with some of Hollywoods big leaguers ??
    Just a matter of time be4 she goes buck wild, her comments of late says it all. Never believe she ‘save ths dolphins’, because she just loved the dolphins, this gurl loves publicity, her big reward for positive PR is she wants to be a mega star, ,instead of a paltry cheerleader.
    Every move she makes is a publicity stunt. She’s playing the game. Here we go again,like Parasite pose,event,pose,gas station,,on and on,blahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

  • sally

    love those boots…. anyone know the brand???

  • tony the tiger

    SHE IS A MIDGET!!! Unless they do a remake of the Wizard of Oz (in whihc case she can play a munchkin) there is no way she is ever going to get a movie role or even another t.v. role.

    I started watching Heroes this past fall and it was so boring I couldn’t watch a whole episode. All of my friends that loved it last season hate it this season and have stopped watching.

  • LANA


  • dani

    yes, that´s Milo´s ring!!!

  • sally

    i love her boots

  • imzadi

    Why does everyone keep saying she’s wearing Milo’s ring? It looks nothing like the one he supposedly gave her. Plus, she’s wearing it on her right hand, which is not where you’d wear a ring from a boyfriend.

  • zanessa110

    why are you people saying she has his ring? thats zanessa. not her, shes cute, but a bit of a tomboy right?

  • Clementines

    She’s turning into a sad old vulgar star like all of them.

  • teeny weeny

    Yes she does think she’s the new thing. But Heroes is zzzzzzz..
    also I figure the ‘Dolphin’ thing out long ago.

  • sillyme

    The thing that bugs me about the GQ Obsession of the Year is…didn’t she just turn 18 recently? So, doesn’t that mean that part of the “year” they were obsessing about her, she was still under age? I think she’s a pretty girl and all, and I know she’s “legal,” but it still seems kind of creepy…maybe because she still looks like she’s 12.

  • num 17 um

    Number 17 Hayden wants men/women to want her, its obvious,she advertises her azz every chance her little self gets. ITA it’s pervy. Hayden seems to court this type of attention,as long as she thinks she is in control.

  • celebpsychic
  • becky

    she’s SOOOOO gorgeous.

  • becky

    WFT tony the tiger. as if there not gonna cast someone for a movie cos there too short.

  • jen

    did she borrow those boots from britney?

  • Shannon

    Love her, she looks great! Haters GTFO

  • no talent

    Lovers GTFO..hahahaha.. how juvenile.
    This young person is a media hor.e and it’s sooooooooooooo obvious. Transparent in fact.
    Plus I’ve seen Heroes she can’t even act on that..puleeeeeeeese!

  • Nazri

    hey guys, is that true she’s gonna get engage?

  • ginger

    I think people keep saying it is the ring Milo gave her because she has been wearing it in all her recent pics (the ones ‘ve seen), sometime on her left and sometimes on her right. If you see a close up it looks like a diamond infinity symbol, which is typically a couple thing. BUt who knows….

  • sure.

    So…..tell me, whyyy is this girl so famous?

  • vidzz

    i love them

  • Y00

    i am a crazy *****! i fck my dog

  • jenns

    ok, while i will admit ANYTHING is better than “zanessa”
    i still don’t get why people think she’s all that…

  • visa fan

    You’re too beautiful for a turtleneck. Show skin, if not for the audience for yourself. Expose your eyes. Use botox not sunglasses. You always want to appeal to your fans an audience.:)

  • careone

    Hayden looks good in that dress. I am big Hayden fan. It is said she is single now. I saw her profile on millionaire dating site Wealthy Romance. com last week. I am wondering what kind of relationship she is looking for on that site!

  • careone, you idiot

    careone, loser. Just stop!

  • mee

    what an awful color tu ruin an awesome vehicle

  • Amor

    she’s great

  • Heidi

    she’s fat!, she has an horrible body and she doesn’t has a good taste to dressing up. LOSER

  • The girl with no name

    i only come here for Zanessa! news coz they simply rock! i love evrybody else here except Hayden she is a slut!

  • dani

    By the way….today I saw a video on youtube that has Hayden and Milo, with Adrian Pasdar and his wife…..double date maybe??

  • paige123

    She just has a pear shape body……it’s not bad it’s just her body type. I like her on Heroes.

  • marisleysis

    Those boots are leather. I thought she was a big animal rights activist.

  • CrazyCrazy

    # 25 where did u hear she was getting engaged? Also she thinks if they start a rumor about her being a lesbian with angelina jolie lol its a funny rumor to start about her. And she doesnt mind WOW !! shes got guts to spill it out like that lol. OKOK hayden seems really cool and She has an arrest warrent out for her in Japan, ( But she doubts it ) She doesnt mind if they start a lesbian rumor about her ( With Angelina Jolie ), and shes not dating milo. Seems like Hayden gots it all under control way to go HAYDEN P. :)

  • CrazyCrazy

    Oh yeah and shes half of Italian decent lol (same here) doesnt look like it lol and her last name Panettiere means *BAKER* in italian lol

  • angela