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Nicole Kidman: Looking Lovely in London

Nicole Kidman: Looking Lovely in London

Nicole Kidman leaves a London hotel early Monday morning to do a press junket for her upcoming film The Golden Compass, based on Philip Pullman‘s popular fantasy novel.

The Golden Compass London film premiere will be on Tuesday at Leicester Square’s Odeon Cinema in Westminster. Hopefully all of the stars will come out for the big event–Nicole, Daniel Craig, Eva Green and Ian McKellan.

Below is Nic‘s appearance on Live with Regis and Kelly! from Friday. The Aussie actress talked about The Golden Compass and her other recent film Margot at the Wedding.

Watch the video of Nic’s interview below! Bigger pics inside…

Nicole Kidman @ Live with Regis and Kelly!, 11/23

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  • http://yahoo Yes

    I wont go. lol

  • Eva

    The most beautiful actress (except Angelina), and humble preson @ Hollywood. Eva

  • Christy


    Ok. If washed-out blonde and botoxed within an inch of your life = lovely.


  • Pinot

    Nicole looks good here. She really should wear black more often. Wish she’d go back to being a red-head though.

    Looking forward to the movie!

  • ella

    She’s pretty, but lawd, I wish she’d stop with the blonde hair that washes her out and ages her. Red, Nicole! Red is where it’s at for you!

  • lexi

    She does not do botox! But Botox-gossip or not, she is lovely)! Botox does not make you lovely, it is the person inside . . . and she is lovely inside.

    Can’t wait for the movies!

  • natalie

    Looks like the lips got injected again! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, she is dying her hair blonde because it is easier to cover up all grey hair. Red hair needs constant maintenance as it grows out. Grey hair blends in with blonde hair.

  • pr person

    Nicole Kidman is always a class act … but I have to say that I am not that crazy about her hair. Yuck! Go back to red!

  • liza

    I also don’t think Nicole looks good with blonde hair. However, in the final anaylsis it’s not important what I or anyone else thinks. What matters is what she wants and she obviously likes her hair that color.

  • Anthony to the S.
  • Kensey

    gorgeous woman!love you Nic!

  • jenny

    love see Nic in black, i think it suits on her because she is blond.Can’t wait to see GC!

  • ugly betty fan

    I’m a huge fan of GC.i loved the three books and i’m sure i will love this film too. Nicole Kidman is perfect as Mrs Coulter, she knows how to be icy!

  • Mim

    Jeez, Leicester Square isn’t in Westminster. Don’t yo people know anything?

  • minx

    I agree that she went gray and has to color her hair blond or the roots will show. She looks like a marble statue, btw. A wrinkle or two would really make her look more human but then I guess her frozen look works for the promotion of the Golden Compass.

  • zpppsss

    lovely’re the best!i know she will be perfect tomorrow!

  • candy girl

    Nic is my favorite actress and this triology my favorite ever, so i’m the paiiest person right now!

  • Belga

    she is always so sweet and her interview in Regis and kelly!

  • John

    don’t like her hair in these two photos, but that’s ok…i suppose tomorrow night she will be terrific!

  • http://justjared wendy from oz

    i watched the story on her taking that guy to court and i really think she is pregnant coz she was shielding her very big ( for her) belly!! i don’t think she is wonderful but i loved The Others hope it all works out for her she deserves some good kharma after her last Marriage !!

  • http://justjared wendy from oz

    ps i really don’t think she is the botox queen like so many think she is- it is really disheartening to read replies that are always so disheartening (not sure if that is right haha) i always seem to get the feeling that ppl are so unhappy with themselves that they take it out on the nearest celeb whitch is very sad!!!!

  • Hellagood

    Classy. Loved her in “Birth”. Can’t wait to see her at the London premiere tomorrow.

  • x

    anyone who thinks she is not botoxed to the gills, or at least applying a topical muscle relaxer when she knows she’ll be photographed is blind. And her lips have been injected ridiculously! All you have to do is watch any movie of hers before the divorce and see any picture of her pre-2002 and she had lots of lines in forehead and around the eyes and very thin lips.
    No one gets less wrinkles and bigger lips as they age. And if it doesn’t matter so much then why argue about it. And why lie when you can see “To Die For” with huge closeups of her thin lips and now they’ve doubled in size. In old photos you could always see all her upper gums now her upper lip is so inflated it covers the issue.
    It’s sad, her sister has the same lips and hasn’t done anything and has wrinkles BUT is still cute and pretty.
    It’s just annoying when celebrities go on about how aging doesn’t matter, it’s what’s on the inside blahblah as NK has done and then are so obviously obsessed with how the appear.

  • celine

    Ew, I puked! Good for Tom to dump that freak lying pale ass!


    Freeze Face, she used to be she looks like a waxed dummy

  • Eva

    Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful!

    Some people are envious.

    Ridiculous and lamentable.

  • Dr Jube

    I wish she’d lose the scraped back, long, bleached out hair. It does nothing for her. It just ages her and is very hard looking. Her hair would look best red or a dark blonde and she needs a fringe of some sort.

    Oh yeah, and she’s done botox and had lip fillers FOR SURE.

    So deal with it.


  • Samantha

    I am sorry to say but I am shocked Nicole looks white as a ghost. The blonde hair does NOT go with her skin colour she should just go back to being a natural redhead. Also, it does look like Nicole does indeed have botox injections. She’s not fooling anybody.

  • Dieter

    I love her hot pooper a lot !!!!

  • alohaland

    Is it possible to OD on botox?

  • bela

    let botox in . . . I hope they’ll improve it through these coming years, CUZ . . . I am going to use it someday ! ! !

    so deal with it!!!

  • noel

    I have my lips adjusted and was never sorry for it . . . just so glad that I did it. No regrets, got lots of compliment about it.

    Someday, all these botox thing will be a thing of the past . . . another better product will come along and women will line up for it. Who cares about criticisms.

    Big deal about wanting to stay younger and beautiful… it’s the thing of the future!!!

  • Charloote

    I adore Nicole, but her hair looks awful here. Way too white and she doesn’t need to wear it off her forehead. Still, she is gorgeous on her worst day and such a graceful lady.

  • cricket

    Looks like a wax figure as usual.If she stays outside in the sun too long hopefully she will wind up in in a greasy waxy puddle and run down the sewer where s hit like her belongs.

  • Caroline

    Envy is a nasty thing. Yes, Nicole is gray, old, washed out, fake and not sexy, not talented, not rich and beautiful, and NO man on earth wants her!

    Now, I am sure all mean and hateful people got an injection reading that, right??

    You just cannot STAND the fact that a woman is SO much MORE than you will EVER be, a woman who is also probably much older than you are. You NEED to tear down, destroy, crush anything that is so perfect, so beautiful. You simply cannot let go, can you? You will never be her so you just have to hate her and punish her.

    You are pathetic.

  • cricket

    Caroline,you are so right that Kidman is old ,gray,washed out fake, not talented,not sexy and not beautiful.However she is rich and that’s why men do want her.A pretty bank account can make up for a very ugly face and personality.And I am older than her,even though I look younger.I have no desire to be her at all.She seems like she’s never happy with anything and is insecure about herself.I have a husband I love and who loves me,And I know he loves me not my bank account.That’s something she will never have,When I look at her I do not not see somrthing beautiful or perfect.I see someone who has turned herself into a freak.I see her as pathetic.

  • Sydney_14

    Nic’s SO pretty. Keith’s SOO hot…. -lol-