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Rachel Bilson's Boxy Monday

Rachel Bilson's Boxy Monday

Rachel Bilson and her pet pooch Thurman Murmen leave an office building together in Los Angeles on Monday. The former O.C. actress wore a Riller & Fount Short Asymmetrical Neck Dress and Chloè ‘Tamaris’ Aviator Sunglasses.

It looks like they got some help with some the heavy lifting as some men helped them carry some bags and boxes for them!

20+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson‘s boxy Monday…

Just Jared on Facebook
rachel bilson box 01
rachel bilson box 02
rachel bilson box 03
rachel bilson box 04
rachel bilson box 05
rachel bilson box 06
rachel bilson box 07
rachel bilson box 08
rachel bilson box 09
rachel bilson box 10
rachel bilson box 11
rachel bilson box 12
rachel bilson box 13
rachel bilson box 14
rachel bilson box 15
rachel bilson box 16
rachel bilson box 17
rachel bilson box 18
rachel bilson box 19
rachel bilson box 20

Photos: RRG/BM/Bauer-Griffin
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  • jen

    she is adorable.

  • drewl

    Here she goes AGAIN this RESIDENT TROLL doing anything but NOTHING!!!

  • Kat

    Yey! More of Bilson! It’s always nice to see her.

  • V

    She’s cute. I like her.

  • Twinkle

    what kind of dog is Thurman Murman? He’s so cute.

  • Sanjuanpuma

    @ Twinkle,
    I’ve been asking that myself too? Anyone know what breed of dog this is???!! With Rach! There she goes again!!! Nuff said. I do LOVE that doggie!


    Here she go again w/ same photographer… Just REPULSIVE!

  • not_clueless

    Actually it was ONLY Just Jared & Pop Sugar who SICKLY keeps on posting just about anything & everything about this pint-head. Just dunno “how much &/or what for” they get out of it. Way too absurd!

  • sam

    Ah, I love Rachel but she should do a movie/show/anything really soon.

  • jhin

    Oooh that Vanessa SLUTgens’c clone is shopping again, and what’s else is new about that?!

  • Sara

    Love her sunnies!

  • qwerty


  • me_thinks

    @ # 9 – but she should do a movie/show/anything really soon…

    And thats what make’s her MORE pathetic than she looks like. That even her patronized media sites are lamelessly promoting her almost everyday. NOBODY wants to hire her and if there is, its just coming from her former OC director/producer. Go figure!

  • Eli

    I like her shes cute!

  • justleen

    @ # 10

    But her media antics is more of like Eva LongWHoria!

  • celebpsychic
  • stace

    I love seeing new pics of Rachel! I think it is saying something when sites like this are always posting her pic even when she really isn’t up to much!!

  • marlou

    This is all we have to look forward to with this imp-head. She can’t get attention for her “talent” so she resorts to stunts like these. Sooner or later, she’ll lose all the money from her OC account to pay for her rented paps. and will stop following her around and paying attention to her. SHE WILL REALLY GO OFF THE DEEP END WHEN THAT HAPPENS. Sucks!

  • Sue

    OMG I love Rachel’s bag!!! Does anyone know where she might have gotten it? Is it designer???

  • monreal

    Just let her be… let herself be continues to do nothing but SHALLOW & VAPID lifestyle. It’s just easier to make anyone & everyone to see that having SUBSTANCE is way out of her league. What a creep!

  • elena

    if you don’t like her, why spend much time ranting here…
    so if you don’t like her, why can’t you respect for those who scan justjared and see rachel bilson’s post…didn’t your parents teach you how to respect!!!

  • hOT DOG

    Did she get those boots from DSW? Not that there is anything wrong with that…
    anyway, she’s cute!

  • loidell

    @ # 16 : Why is she famous?

    Actually Bilson’s (infamous) fame is mainly attributed in the ff: 60% of linking to OC & Brody while the remaining 40% is based mainly on doing some runways in the shopping malls/flea markets, any open dining area, gas station, salon or wherever she may be for her set-up photo opps. for the paps… See no sweats!

  • Natalie

    LOVE her.. such a cutie

  • Stella


    I totally agree. Slutgens was famous amongst the little youngins for HSM, but once her photos came out, she became FAMOUS period.

  • Kay

    vanessa HUDGENS haters have no grounds.. sure the paps follow her around more but is that her fault? and SINCE WHEN does sending a couple of pics to your BOYFRIEND make you a slut? jeez..

    and Bilson is cute. style icon in the making.. she’s famous for starring on one of the most successful teen shows EVER. shut up haters.

  • selph

    @ WHY IS SHE BEING FOLLOWED? because shes a respected and talented actor…

    Yeah yeah yeah and thats coming from a “moronic zealot!

    So I say… INSIGNIFICANT celebrities are like ghosts, stop paying attention to them and they’ll eventually disappear… Nuff said

  • selph

    Just by looking at her and what she just do, it’s crystal clear that there was a serious “lack” of great looks & real talent in Hollywood nowadays.

    And that’s why its called “Hollywood” people! She deserves to have all this kind of publicity (down to its lameless form) AS LONG AS SHE CAN “AFFORDS” IT!

  • sure.

    Ummmm….Kay, you’re an idiot. Vanessa is a slut. You can see it in her eyes in those racy photos. And how old was she??? I used to like her..but I lost all respect for her.

  • vidzz
    so pretty i must say.

  • vidzz

    looks good to me

  • jayce

    @ # 13 –

    Would it be MORE EVEN BETTER if a celeb are actually doing something with their careers and not relying on the paparazzi to keep them staying on the headlines or are not relying on their friends just to keep them working. But I guessed that if you don’t have what it takes to be taken seriously, you’ll do everything just to convince everyone and even to yourself that you’re still that relevant by these media opps.

  • aisle

    Don’t you all know that Jared was “frequently” asked the same ole question like … “HOW MANY OF THESE PHOTO OPPS. DO YOU THINK YOU’RE UNDER CONTRACT FOR?!

  • rAcehorse

    Wow, this chick gets hotter every time I see her! And any of you seacows who can’t see that are either blind or simply have no idea what guys prefer. So rather than spew your jealous rants here, perhaps you should use your time in a more productive manner. Maybe you could hit the books and learn how to speak proper English, or better yet, put down that bag of Doritos and hit the gym.

  • elena

    it’s really funny on how many times you complain the more jared features her!!!good luck with that!!!

  • arden

    This site is ridiculously amazing that in the midst of covering those TV celebs who’s been supporting the strike for the Writers Guild For America that’s still up until now, this troll is still surreally blends in w/ those news-worthies by just “ATTENDING HER DAILY ERRANDS… She got to be fully “loaded”!!!

  • Y00

    i am a crazy bitch! i fck my dog

  • fdg

    people who a narrow minded keeo thinking abt the picture! they are hypocrites!!! u know why?? caling ppl names is not a good thing! i think they are b!tches that nobody wants

  • YOO


  • suelei

    Actually she got many look-alikes now, from that HMS skank Vanessa Hudgens, then there’s Eva Long-whoria and not to forget that alien-face Christina Ricci. Such a common face that she have… well the more the merrier isn’t it LMAO!

  • mossy

    she’s so fabulously slim.

  • ellis


  • observer

    Actually it was like this…1. Publicists call paparazzi, tells them where client will be going or shopping. 2. Client gets to pick or even buy some items, THIS IS ESSENTIAL. 3. Client obliviously smiles while shopping. 4. Publicist gets thank you from Just Jared Or Pop Sugar. 4. Publicist gets thank you from Just Jared Or Pop Sugar. 5. Client is happy to get (another) publicity. 6. Publicist & the Client plans to repeat next week, at another flea market, shopping mall, gas station, pet shop, grocery store, open dining area/coffee shop, parks and the long list could go on and on a she try to “edge” herself w/ the likes of Shitney, Parisite or Blohan on their daily post on blogs like these…

  • clara

    is this really the way it goes ? she tips people off ?

  • monsieur f

    hot boots…


    SUCH A VERY SLOW DAY AGAIN! Give us someone who’s MORE pleasing in the eyes (TV stars like Alexis Bledel, Sophia Bush, Emily Van Camp or those Gossip Girls) and more relevant news” than w/ this one… YYYAAAWWWNNN!

  • careone

    Rachel looks cute and sexy. I love her! It is said she is single now. I saw her profile on millionaire dating site Wealthy Romance. com last week. I am wondering what kind of relationship she is looking for on that site!

  • http:////////// betty

    The boots are hot yes and I think SMG or now it’s Prinze jr. has them to. She is cute and I like the pics even tough she does not do anything important.I guesse I’m just waiting for a pics that she is romantic with Hayden…..
    Even more I love to she more of Alexis Bledel or a Emily van der Camp.

  • Amor

    soo adorable!!

    and her dog is cute =)

  • Lynn

    @ 44

    Yes that’s how it works. Do you honestly think they follow her around because she’s an A list superstar or anything remotely close to it? I would understand if she was still on the OC, but she’s not doing anything whatsoever.

    I’m going to start calling her pappy smurf