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Suri Cruise Visits The Spice Girls

Suri Cruise Visits The Spice Girls

Baby Suri Cruise is a Spice Girls fan–she dances to their music!

Apparently, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes took 19-month-old daughter Suri to visit The Spice Girls during one of their rehearsals. (This upcoming week is the girls’ final week of tour rehearsals.)

Here’s what went down according to the official Spice Girls website:

The Spice Girls had some surprise visitors at rehearsals in LA recently when Hollywood stars Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes along with baby Suri stopped by to wish them luck for the forthcoming tour.

Tom and Katie enjoyed an impromptu audience with the girls and were treated to an exclusive performance, while Suri danced along to the music.

David and I are great friends with Tom and Katie,’ Victoria told us afterwards ‘It was lovely of them to come down to rehearsals, a really nice surprise. Katie has told me before that she used to be a big Spice fan so it was great for her to meet the other girls.’

The Return Of The Spice Girls tour kicks off in Vancouver on Sunday 2 December… just six days to go now!”

Suri Cruise will… SPICE UP YOUR LIFE!

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Photos: Toby Canham/Getty
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  • Orange Clockwork

    OMG! Me and Suri are the same age!

  • lelia

    wow! suri sure did grow up fast! seems like yesterday she was a cute toddler and now she’s 19 years old!

  • Eva

    Gosh Sure is such a beautiful girl … I am 1005 sure she will be a real beauty when she’l grow up. With all the make-up that exists these days you never know if the celebs are really great looking or if the paid big bucks to the make-up artist . If you look at Penelope Cruz, she has HAIR on her arms , has a sideway nipple … so it’s not the image you expect from a sex bomb Penepole it, but it’s true and the money change her to look perfect on the red carpet. Eva

  • jayanah

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    if u like it an want another part comment

    and visit:

    and comment there too

  • Miapocca what ,pray tell was a 45 year old midget doing at a spice girls show…what an old controlling lecher..ahahah

  • yfw

    thats the cutest kid ever

  • Tika


    Jared- set us up with some new Suri pics pleeeeeeeease!

  • caroline.

    omg, she’s so cute :)

  • Maddie

    How CUTE!!!!
    Suri is a so beatiful girl ;)

  • Janey

    Suri is so beautiful I know the picture is old but I am always taken aback at how beautiful she is . Look at her in this picture, she is just like a real doll. And a character to match. I can bet you she did not sit around doing nothing. She must have danced her legs broken.

  • cia

    suri scares me…..

  • stefanie

    Geez, it’s like the royal family went to visit the Spice Girl and the Golden Child graced them with their presence.

    Suri is a lovely baby, but so is everyone elses. She’s just the child of a couple of actors, not the Next Coming…

  • kja

    Awww, Suri is adorable!!!!!!!!!

  • Miahoecu.nt what ,pray tell was a 45 year old midget doing at a spice girls show…what an old controlling lecher..ahahah actually hahahaha I’m short myself hahhaaa

  • slow today jared?

    This is one story I’m glad I didn’t miss….Snore.

  • deny

    Sorry, Suri is not a patch on Shiloh. She is going to be one BEAUTIFUL CHILD. Hope they put earmuffs on the child if she did go to the rehearsal, decibals and all that u know………

  • annabel

    suri cruise!!!!!!!!!!!!! love her!!!!!

  • Balletmama

    Wouldn’t Connor and Isabella have enjoyed this more? I guess Cruise and Holmes needed PR girl again. Notice KH is still holding her facing out and next to KH’s own face.

  • sandra

    The 45 year old midget also has two other children that he seems to have forgotten about, they have been a part of his life for 11/14 years and now you only see him with with the little minime.

  • Sasha

    Yep, Suri is adorable! she is just tall, nothing more than that.

  • Katie N

    This kid sure is a beauty. And she is lively and fun. I don’t like the paprents but you got to love baby suri.

  • Anthony to the S.

    awwwwwwwww lookit her

  • lily

    suri is #1 celebrity baby. anyway but yeah where is Bella and connor. Since Suri has been born you NEVER see Tom or Katie with them. That is what Nicole feared, that the kids will be neglected and I think it is. I guess that is what happens sometimes in blended families and new stepmommies. but also i still think that blood is thicker than water

  • celebpsychic

    and her parents are happy

    see here:

  • dean

    WHAT? NO PICTURES? Why are there not any pictures of the happy family enjoying the rehearsal? Why no pictures of Suri “dancing”?

    Maybe because it was just the tommyt trainwreck PR machine in progress. They will now start the photo ops for Katies movie.

  • Jenna

    Tom is at the studio right now posing Conner, Bella and Suri in front of the green screen.

    Soon the tommy trainwreck PR machine will release pictures of the 3 happy children dancing to the Spice Girls singing.

  • Joni


  • Erica

    I want pics Jared!!!!!!!!!!!!!Please!!!!!!!

  • Venus

    What a happy beautiful family and Tom and Katie are so blessed with their beautiful kids inside and out.

  • Irene

    Katie and Suri are so beautiful.

    Happy Anniversary to Tom and Katie.

    I agree Suri is the most precious baby of all in HWood.


    She has sweet eyes!

  • dean

    And the cult computers are now open for business! HAHAHA

    Wonder what the posting content instructions will be today? Most likely posting about how Conner and Bella re SO BUSY and happy at their cult school. And how much Suri misses her sister Bella.


  • Jeanette

    Suri Is So cute

  • lol

    Suri will spice up your life…….good one Jared.

  • Bea

    This is among my favorite Katie-Suri moments.

  • May

    Dancing Suri.That I gotta see. Awwwwww.

  • XOXO


  • sandy

    I love Suri and Tom. Katie is always a
    class act. Too bad there are no pics
    but thanks JJ for the news.

  • wooohooo

    Im excited for Katie promoting Mad Money.I miss this family.

  • bewitched

    Suri is so genetically blessed because of Katie
    and Tom. Godspeed to their entire family.

  • abigail

    Katie was young enough to be a Spice Girls fan right?

  • jade

    Suri and Katie are both beautiful!!

  • bella
  • Miapocca

    Imitation is a form flattery…thank you thank you than you
    I see my comment hit the mark..pathetic cult worshipping fools ahahhahahha

  • Miahoecun.t

    Imitation is a form flattery…thank you thank you than you
    I see my comment hit the mark..pathetic cult worshipping fools ahahhahahha I worship all the ones I hate, I hate, I hate allllllllllll ahhaaaa. I’m a fool for Tommmmmmmmm. Can You Imitate my fatttttt @sssssssssss hahhaa, no one can it’s so bigggggggggg. Now I will post 100 times why I hateeeeeeeeee,or since I said it maybe not.I hate so much I’m confuse,anybody got ant turkey leftovers??????????

  • Trinity

    Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful,JJ. Love to see more updates on Suri,Katie and Tom.

  • Dolly

    Suri is as beautiful as her Mama!

  • daisy

    nice! CURE SURI!

  • syl c.

    Suri looks just like her dad, Joshua Jackson esp. now that she’s older.

  • winnie

    Yeah right, sure they were at the Spicey studio !!!!! Amazing, we get every picture of these freaks imaginable, but we have no pictures of this PR whorefest, Victoria and Tommy Trainwreck in one room and no pictures ????? This is fake!