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Zac Efron Confesses: I Need a Belt!

Zac Efron Confesses: I Need a Belt!

Zac Efron (in Nudie jeans) shows off underwear again while out with younger brother Dylan on Friday in Napa, Calif.

(This is a continuation of the post-Thanksgiving brother bonding post from this past weekend.)

Looks like somebody needs a belt for Christmas. Calling Vanessa Hudgens!

His nametag should have said: “HELLO, MY NAME IS ZAC. AND I NEED A BELT!”)

15+ pictures inside of a belt-less Zac Efron

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zac efron belt 01
zac efron belt 02
zac efron belt 03
zac efron belt 04
zac efron belt 05
zac efron belt 06
zac efron belt 07
zac efron belt 08
zac efron belt 09
zac efron belt 10
zac efron belt 11
zac efron belt 12
zac efron belt 13
zac efron belt 14
zac efron belt 15

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  • http://justjared shamilah

    1st he looks cool ur the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • me

    He’s wearing Swedish Nudie jeans!!!! Yeah!!!

  • http://! Nikki

    Hes Hot No Doubt!

  • troy

    You can tell from his expression that he’s thinking I know they got a shot of that. LOL. Well as Jared says now Vanessa knows what to get him for Christmas! LOL

  • nana

    Big deal, all guys wear their jeans like that…at least where I live!

  • Amy

    lmao @ Zac! Troy ur so right he soo knows that they got a pick of his ass. He’s still super hot though x

  • cindy

    Zac is wearing his tighty whitey’s again. I agree, Jared, the man needs a belt! He sure looks happy in these pics. So happy he had a chance to see his family. He needed a break from LA.

  • Spirit

    He does really need a belt! lol… Just gotta love Zac!

    Anyhow, what will it take for this simpletons to get it through their thick heads that Zac and Vanessa are really a couple!
    (to #1) :roll:
    *shakes head*

  • bexxy

    I know! Zac in Nudie!Yaaaay :D

  • bexxy

    And I don´t think it´s wierd either! I agree with Nana: all the guys wears their jeans like that. Or maybe you´re from Sweden too? :)

  • NANI


  • Spirit

    Anyone know an address where we can send belts to him for Christmas!?!?! :razz: :lol: :-)

  • http://justjared 1FAN


  • Kirsty

    Hot =]

  • Samara

    hahahahaha that’s so funny “HELLO, MY NAME IS ZAC. AND I NEED A BELT!” yeap, but I prefer to see his underwear 8-)

  • stillthereforme

    He’s a skater and that’s how skaters wear their jeans.

  • zane

    Belt alert!!!!!!!!!!LOL!!!!!

  • nana

    I need zanessa!!!!



  • tyler

    you can tell that working out is paying off for him… his arms are developing NICELY. :D look at those bulging biceps and those veins!

  • narf

    Spirit, I the only way to get it through those thick heads is to drill a hole.

    As to an address to send belts to, if we can’t find one we can always use them as gags for the haters.

  • Grace

    Ohh i see dylan in the pics

  • Spirit

    And let’s not forget this time okay~ It’s Dylan, David, and Zac in those pics. Aren’t they a cute trio!?! :-D

  • Boris


  • Mìlly

    I love u Zac!

  • gigii

    YEAH ! he needs a belt !
    Good zac,

    Beijão pro Brasiil povo ! :)

  • gigii

    YEAH ! he needs a belt !
    Good zac,

    Beijão pro Brasiil povo ! :)

  • adreuy

    i think its normal al guys in sweden has it i think he look hoot!!

  • adreuy

    i think its normal al guys in sweden has it i think he look hoot!!

  • cr

    His pants can be down to his ankles and he will still be hot–ooo did I say that out loud?
    JJ this is a silly post–get us some Zanessa!!!

  • Boris

    And who’s the boy with Zac & Dylan? Can someone tell me please?

  • Spirit

    #31 Boris~ His name is David.

  • zanessa forever

    haha so cute!!!

    i love zac! he is the best!

    i need photos of ZANESSA!

  • napa

    OMFG! Is this for real? Too ridiculous to even be photoshopped, nobody’d believe it!

    Zac: “Yeah, ya go left at the stop sign, then stay right, then…..oh shit, hang on, I’m losin’ my pants!”

    Love ya Zac! Stay strong and if saggy pants are your only weakness, you’re doing well.

  • http://justjared charlie

    zac bless your heart and call vanessa!!!


  • Boris

    Thanks Spirit ;-) ! But i still don’t know who he is.. ^^

  • vLOVE

    Love Zac

  • April

    Doesn’t matter….still so hot!!

  • miks

    36! :D

    zac is a delicius guy! :)

  • Nessa

    Why can’t you accept reality, #1?
    Is there somthing wrong?
    Ooh la la
    Dylan Efron is a cutiee =)
    Guess it runs in the family ;)
    Thanks JJ

  • Spirit

    21 narf : 11/26/2007 at 1:56 pm
    Spirit, I the only way to get it through those thick heads is to drill a hole.

    As to an address to send belts to, if we can’t find one we can always use them as gags for the haters.


    Good Idea Narf! Count me in!!!

  • Sophie

    Ok, yeah, you swedish-people, they do where their pants like that. One student in my sisters class(she’s 12!!!) where’s them almost down to his knees!! Seriously!! And I think that like, 5, have their pants like that. C’mon, he’s a guy..!!!!

  • troy

    Spirit and my darling Narf, I have come to the conclusion that calling Zac is nothing more then a Online variation of the schoolyard taunt of “you’re stupid.” I would wager that more then half of these idiots (assuming of course that its actually more then one or two people) don’t really think Zac’s gay, they’re doing this just because they know it will get a rise out of people.

    If they thought they could get as a strong a reaction by simply saying “Zac is stupid” they would.

    Personally I think such childishness-unless its really egregious as it has been over the couple of days-should just be totally ignored. As far I’m concerned shamilah is actually the first to post on this thread.

  • danix

    love zaaaac!!
    u rockkk babyyyy!!!!

  • nato

    is dylan wearing nudie jeans as well?

  • Jeanette

    I ♥ Zac

  • narf

    Ok Spirit will do! Do you think the haters will be picky about the color?

    Oh what am I saying if they don’t care about the truth, they won’t care about color coordination. Never mind.

    Btw, you are right, they make such a cute trio. Love David’s smile.

    Don’t be jealous Troy.

  • jayanah

    check out this newest web for ashley tisdale’s fans :

    check it out and leave comments please i’m sure u’ll love it !

    thanks :
    athy and jay
    [and by the way zanessa won't long untill chritsmas and they didn't get out since there pic that shows that they are having a fight in his car ! accept to the DVD release party and ofcorse then they had to go !! seeya ! ]

  • troy

    Jealous why would I possibly jealous Narf? :) *Note to self: Find out everything you can possibly can about this David character.*

  • Helena

    He also needs to go away.

  • Spirit

    Awwww… Narf, that was sweet of you to say that about David’s smile. I guess cuteness just runs in that family! :-D

    As for the haters~ you are right! It does not matter what type we use! :mad: