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Nicole Kidman: Darth Vader with a Blond Wig

Nicole Kidman: Darth Vader with a Blond Wig

Nicole Kidman (in Givenchy Couture) and country crooner Keith Urban leave the Claridges Hotel hotel in London early Tuesday morning. Mrs. Urban, in one interesting black-leopard-print gradient coat, has been promoting her latest film The Golden Compass, out Dec. 7.

The Golden Compass London film premiere is TONIGHT at Leicester Square’s Odeon Cinema in Westminster. Nicole should be there with the film’s other major movie stars including Daniel Craig, Eva Green and Ian McKellan.

Reviews of Nic‘s performance:

“The first part of a trilogy based on Philip Pullman‘s His Dark Materials series is a visual knockout, extremely captivating and a sci-fi feast for everyone 12 and up. Kidman, in particular, is back to business, slithering around, having a grand time as Mrs. Coulter.” — FOX News

“If Darth Vader wore a blond wig, a slinky dress and a dab of Chanel behind each ear, he could hardly be as evil as Nicole Kidman, playing the gorgeous villainess Mrs. Coulter in this spectacular new movie version of Northern Lights, the opening episode of Philip Pullman‘s fantasy series His Dark Materials… This is the very best sort of part for [Kidman]: statuesque, elegant, seductive, with a hint of cold steel. In many ways, it’s her juiciest character since the sociopathic meteorologist in To Die For.” — UK’s Guardian Unlimited

You can also listen to Nic‘s Monday interview with On Air with Ryan Seacrest here (mp3).

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  • Lauren

    Thanks Jared! Love Nic! She’s so gorgeous!

    I can’t wait to see The Golden Compass!

  • eva

    Jared she is gorgeous!!!! I said it before and I’ll say it again, Nicole is one of the most classy, and beautiful ladies from Hollywood. The others could get so many lessons from her… another sweetheart is Rachel Bilson. Wanna see the Puss in boots Rachel Bilson pan handling for money so she can do more shopping in West Hollywood November 25th????? Eva

  • ugly betty fan

    lovely couple. Nicole you Rock darling!

  • sasha

    Watch this movie this movie bump at the box office this weekend.
    She cant act and she looks like a botox doll all stretched and madeup.


  • pipi

    Not looking so great in these.

  • carol

    look at the fifht pic, she definelty DOESN’T HAVE BOTOX!look at those wrinkles!it’s impossible have it with botox!love her coat, IT FASHION!

  • winki

    She definitely did something to her lips

  • mandy

    she is perfect, almost hurts!Go Nicole, you will be perfect in GC!love you

  • mandy

    you’re wrong Sasha, this movie will be a HIT a box office and Nic will be just amazing…sorry for you!

  • Charloote

    She is just such an elegant lady. He always looks dirty, and my roommate and I saw him in concert last year after she won tickets from a radio station contest. The concert was full of old ladies, I swear, my mom would have even felt too young! LOL! Kind of cheesy pop wannabe rocker, but I did like some of his slow songs. I always thought Nicole would be such a great match for George Clooney. After she is finished slumming with this guy, I still hope they can work it out because they have amazing chemistry! She deserves the best after TC!

    Thanks Jared for the pics of Nicole. She is a goddess!

  • collin

    can’t wait to see this film.I’m a huge fan of this book, for me the best of the three, and i ,ove Nic and Daniel, so…

  • John

    the premiere is tonight and I WILL BE THERE!i can’t wait to see Miss Kidman and Craig i’m a fan of both!

  • Nicole fan

    Liking this couple a lot.

  • ~martha~

    OHH HERE NiCOLE LOOKS DRAK AND EVIL AS MRS COULTER!i saw the railer and i loved the film but mainly nic’s presence!the reviews about her performances have been great…OSCAR NOD????hope so…

  • Edo


  • Vacationbarbie

    Charloote….those “old ladies” you are baggin’ on are about the same age as Keith…about 40. I have met Keith and trust me, he’s not dirty and he is even better looking and nicer in person. As for Nic, I love, love this coat she is wearing and the softer hair.

  • sasha

    The weekend will be here soon and we’ll see. Miss Botox hit the bottom of the list on boxofficemojo.

  • Helena

    Is it me or does the morph jacket look photoshopped?

  • minx

    Wow.. she looks about 50 here. A hint of Cruella in this jacket ;). The Golden Compass is a kid movie based on a very popular book and released during the holiday season, it will do great at the boxoffice. That being said, there is no “Oscar nod” for Nicole in it for sure.

  • Dieter

    still wank on her pooper after all these years !!!!

  • jude law fan

    love her.she look evil in that coat, but i’m so excited about tonight, can’t wait to see what she will wear!

  • Deb

    “I always thought Nicole would be such a great match for George Clooney.”

    I wish she would go after Clooney and get away from Keith. On second though, I like George and I wouldn’t wish that on him. She and her “all natural..haha wink wink” look should just go away period. And take her crappy acting with her! Evil Mrs Coulter has nothing on Nicole!

  • hellander

    love her coat.very high fashion, i think it’s from Valentino!can’t wait for tomorrow, i will see this movie!

  • natalie

    Just when you thought her face couldn’t get any worse . . .

  • Holly


  • asas

    She’s getting raves for her part as Marisa Coulter. And raves for her perf in Margot at the wedding.

  • natalie

    You must not be reading the same reviews that I am. Maggot – I mean Margot didn’t make it in the top 10 movies for last weekend!

  • nina

    Stop with the fucking BOTOX Nicole! You can age gracefully, and we will still accept you!!

  • JoAnn

    #7 – Open your eyes wide and check out picture #5. Her lips appear fuller because of her make-up. She applied the lipliner way outside her natural lipline.

  • ~martha~

    natalie, Asas was talking about her performance in MATW not about the film….ALL reviews praised the performances, even the american critics who seem hate or (or should i say envy her)…sorry for you, but she will get a nom for this!i’m sure darling!

  • ben

    i was one of those who though Kidman had done something to her face, maybe botox, but looking carefully to pic 5 i can see she didn’t.face it guys, we were wrong.and the lips, totally agree with nr30, it’s lipstick!

  • natalie

    JoAnn – how do you explain the hanging interior gums from her upper lip then if she hasn’t injected anything into her lips? That is a very distinct side effect of lip injections!

  • fabulous!

    this woman is superb!!!!i love these books and i will definetly see the film.mainly because Nicole Kidman is be fantastic as mRs Coulter!

  • natalie

    martha – will she get the Oscar nom for her masturbating scene?

  • Charloote


    My mom is 48 and is more youthful and vibrant than the fans at the Urban concert we went to in St.Paul. Also, I wasn’t really “bagging” on the “old ladies” merely stating that was the demographic of his fans and it is true. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. It’s cool that everyone has their own style of music. I go to Vanderbilt in Nashville and we love country music but he isn’t an act that appeals to younger people. Nothing wrong with that, and it obviously appeals to the Adult Contemporary/Soft Rock/Pop type fan and that is cool. But my friend won tickets and I’m glad we got to go. Gary Allan was opening and I liked a few of his songs before, but he is really a cool dude and I’m a huge fan now. I wanted to go see him open for Keith Urban at the Summit Center this week but my boyfriend would never have been caught dead at at Keith Urban concert so we’re waiting until he tours with Kenny this spring. No offense to his fans but the music is just sort of lame.

    As for Nicole, she is amazing and I love these photos of her. She always rocks the fashion.

  • Vania

    don’t like the hair or the coat. i think it’s the first time i don’t like what Kidman is wearing.Hope tonight she will shine and be glamorous as Mrs Coulter.Tomorrow i will see this movie, and i’m sure i will love!

  • martha

    maybe natalie, maybe darling love that scene!

  • Jenix

    the hair makes her look older but love the coat, very glamorous!i wondering what she will wear tonight!i would love to be there, but i will work,so…

  • zzzppppp

    she should be nominated for this role. I saw already the film and i can tell you: there is a lot of buzz about Margot (i also think she will get a nom for this one) but for me, she is much better in this wrod only: PERFECT!agree with all the reviews above!

  • angie fan

    altough i’m not a big fan of this story (only read the first book and didn’t like) i will see the film.this reviews are great and as i am a fan of Nic’ work, can’t loose this one!

  • Hellagood

    Oh God how gorgeous is this woman?!..
    can’t wait for the pics from the premiere

  • mossy

    la kidman is fierece. always has always will. love her givenchy couture jacket.

  • ejl

    I am a big Keith Urban fan and an even bigger Nicole Kidman fan. I love this couple!

  • ca-eyw

    Nicole Kidman ?Why she joined the famous online rich men seeking fun service I am one of her fans, but i really don’t

    know why she was stupid at that moment!

  • jane

    I love Nicole and am seeing “Margo” tomorrow, but I think her natural lips are a lot better than these large puffy looking lips. Someone else said it was makeup–I hope so!

    In the “normal” human face, the bottom lip is bigger than the top lip by about two-to-one. Lately a lot of celebs have been enlarging the top lip to be the same size as the bottom or even bigger, which I think is gross.

  • [~InFamously Famous~]

    Nicole’s still good looking, but… she looks like she washes her face w/ liquid nitrogen. Those lips – Been in·ject·ed.

    It hurts my heart to see her looking so… ugh, weird.

  • EM

    hello flawless!
    my fav celeb couple. i love them both far too much!
    her coat is givenchy couture!

  • vampire!

    i don’t think Kidman will be nominated for this or any other film next year. AMPAS just ignore her all the time…remeber To Die For, Dogville, even Fur????well they prefer nominate those girls who look funny and are American (ex: jennifer Hudson, amy admas…)…

  • JoAnn

    #27 – The reason Margot was not in the top ten movies in the boxoffice over the weekend was because it opened in only 35 theaters, compared to others that are being shown in hundreds if not thousands of theaters.

    If you look at the average gross per theater, Margot ranks in the Top 3.

  • natalie

    The London Times is giving TGC two out of five stars!