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Vanessa Hudgens Wants a Driver's License for Christmas

Vanessa Hudgens Wants a Driver's License for Christmas

The stars of the High School Musical franchise shared what’s on their wishlist this holiday season with USA Today. Here’s what they had to say:

On her wish list: “My driver’s license. I plan on taking my test really soon.”
A favorite holiday tradition: “Putting up the Christmas tree together as a family. I love doing themes. This year is going to be gold and crystal.”
Her hope for Gabriella in HSM3: “We’re all going to be seniors, so I hope she gets into a good college.”

On his wish list: “I’m constantly breaking things, and I go through skateboards pretty fast. So a new Sector 9 Longboard would be nice.”
A favorite holiday tradition: “I always help pick out a natural, chopped-down-in-the-woods tree, so our whole house starts to smell like Christmas.”
His hope for Troy in HSM3: “To win another basketball game – maybe even nationals.”

On her wish list: “Christian Louboutin heels.”
A favorite holiday tradition: “My great-grandma has passed the tradition of Christmas cookies on to my grandma and my mom. The recipe is top secret.”
Her hope for Sharpay in HSM3: “To win prom queen. She didn’t get the musical in the first one. She didn’t get the guy in the sequel. She needs to be prom queen!”

On his wish list: “A package of guitar picks. I’m always losing them.”
A favorite holiday tradition: “I’m always in a different country for Christmas, so I’m always adapting to traditions abroad.”
His hope for Ryan in HSM3: “That he takes a break from dance steps. Maybe join the basketball team and shoot the winning goal. That would be fabulous.”

Find out what the rest of the cast had to say at USA Today. The High School Musical 2: Extended Edition is out on DVD Tuesday, Dec. 11.

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  • merideth

    i looove BBV

  • ana

    first :DD

  • ellie

    Yay! New Post!

    Looks like V is going to get her license. That will shut all those people up who complain about her not driving!

  • Anna-Zanessa fan

    Omgsh that pic is awesome…

    Good luck to V for the drivers licence and to everyone else for there stuff!

  • prrr

    winning goal? that doesn’t sound right. did he mean basket?

  • suzy

    love that picture.

  • Dani

    that’s my favourite picture of her

  • Gi Kodály


  • Kelly

    shes so great

  • ellie

    Ok first limerick for today. This post has given me lots of ideas for limericks so expect more…

    What do you want for Christmas V?
    Oh, a license would make me happy!
    So I can drive around far
    I’ll get a cool car
    With a license plate that says, ‘I love Zac E’!

    Also, I’ll repost this link to a new wallpaper for you to enjoy. If anyone wants links to any other wallpapers/vids I’ve made just ask!

  • Natalie

    She doesn’t have a license yet? hahaha

  • liz

    cool i hope she gets her wish!!
    love zanessa!!!!

  • zane

    Dont worry BBV, Zac will give you a driving lesson once you pass your written exam!!! And paparazzi will be following you around while Zac is teacing you.LOL!!!!

  • Becky

    Awwwww! :D

    I’m with Ashley on that one. I feel bad for Sharpay!

    Let Sharpay be prom queen, and Gabriella the valedictorian!

    Hmmmm… that would mean Troy would definietly be prom king hands down. So, more drama in HSM I suppose!

  • Jessica

    Vanessa, Vanessa, Vanessa..
    What about Zac, Ashley en Lucas…

  • Just Jared

    Hahahaha, ellie, you crack me up.

  • erica

    Amazing, I love this, and yay for V, I wsih the the best of kuck with the Driver’s License.

    Also, I saw this pic and it made me laugh, does anyone know where it’s from and if there’s a reason why he looks like that?

    Oh wait, I found the rest, haha, ok, so it wasn’t that weird if you looked at all the pics of everyone in the cast.

    The brother part was sweet. I can only imagine.

  • cindy

    Go baby V! Good luck on your drivers test. I’m sure you’ll be driving around soon.

  • http://! Nikki

    Gabriella WILL BECOME Prom Queen.
    Haha, I Know It.

  • http://! Nikki

    Gabriella WILL BECOME Prom Queen.
    Haha, I Know It.

  • Louisa


  • Kevin

    lol I got my extended edition DVD last week :)
    funny how it’ll be released later in the US :)

    and Vanessa looks sexy in that pic!

  • http://! Nikki


    Vanessa Dont Need To Do The Written Does She?
    I Thought That Once She Turns 18 She Can Go
    Staight To Behind The Wheel.


  • pebbles

    hey she stole my license plate!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://- jack

    pretty girl!

  • zvkg

    lol. go go go Vanessa. Goodluck with that. Hopefully, all those paps that follows you, will give you space to actually learn driving. gahhh…I hope they find a place where paps won’t bother w/ her learning. That could be a sticky, and scary situation if they do. x_x In a good note, I’m sure Zac will come and teach you. lol. He’ll probably lend you his old car for learning. heheehe…

  • ellie

    Ok, here’s another limerick! Oh and JJ, I just wanted to say thankyou for using this article as today’s V post and not any paparazzi pictures!

    What do you want for Christmas Z?
    A new skateboard would be lovely
    Also I’ll pick out the tree
    Decorate it to a tee
    And hopefully get a kiss under the mistletoe from V!

  • Other Troy
  • narf

    Great Limerick as usual ellie. Even Jared loved it. You go girl!

  • Daniel

    I luv Ashley Tisdale… she’s da best

  • Helena

    Media whóre!

  • Artur

    I do not understand that.

  • April

    Ellie – love it !! thanks jared !!

  • zvkg

    15 Jessica : 11/27/2007 at 4:59 pm
    Vanessa, Vanessa, Vanessa..
    What about Zac, Ashley en Lucas…

    What are you complaining now? There’s been hardly any news or pic of Vanessa this week. Would it kill you if Jared posted up Van’s picture instead of the other 3???

  • Other Troy

    ^^i hate rumors!!

    and vanessa wants a drivers license? good for her!! she looks great in the pic!!

  • ujala

    go vanessa

    n zac n the rest of teh highs chool musical cast

    love u alll

  • Other Troy

    okay, let me just say, I didnt post 28 or the other one above. just saying…….. someone is pretending to be me.

  • Other Troy

    ugh, shes ugly………………..

  • zulu

    how much dinero is V getting for #3?

  • Other Troy

    39 is not me!! someone is pretending to be me. I THINK VANESSA ROCKS!! other other troy, leave me alone please!! i didnt so anything to you.

  • betty

    jj you kill me, love the pic.

    i really love that they all want unpretentious things, and to just be with family. so down to earth, but that’s why we love them.

    according to ok mag, zac was seen getting his hair cut and dyed for seventeen. yay!!!! love him with short dark hair, a la link larkin.

  • Florencia

    Yo tambien quiero mi licencia de conducir ^^

  • Mari

    i´m marisol, i am from Argentina
    i think she is a bitch and i hate she…
    i love zac!!
    i visit this wedsite every day, i love it!!♥♥

  • http://- haha

    its 4 of them in the interview but why is it only HER on the title and pic??

  • stillthereforme

    Are all comments being moderated now?

  • ellie

    Oh geez! ZA’s the haters are out early today! We already seem to have imposters and those persistant people who just don’t know when to quit *sigh*

    Well, to keep things on a positive note, I’ll just keep posting limericks, how does that sound?

    She lost out when Gabi came on the scene
    And couldn’t win Troy because she was mean
    But Sharpay’s gotta plan
    To win back some fans
    She’s going to be the East High prom queen!



  • Nessa

    Haha, I think Ashley’s right =)
    Sharpay deserves prom queen…
    Oh goodnessss
    the drivers test around here is pretty easy…
    so hopefully V will get her lisence soon!
    LOL I’ll buy you a new longboard Zac Efron =)
    I need one myself…=)
    Thanks JJ!

  • other troy

    Nice limerick ellie!! Reminder: there is another other troy. :(

  • other troy

    54= not me!