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Jake Gyllenhaal is a Football Player

Jake Gyllenhaal is a Football Player

Jake Gyllenhaal will be playing Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Namath in a feature film, according to Variety.

Exec producer Jimmy Walsh believes that the ‘athletic Gyllenhaal is the right actor to play Namath.’

While other quarterbacks racked up bigger lifetime stats, Namath became the first football player to achieve rock-star status. The pic will tell the story of how the golden-armed kid from Beaver Falls, Pa., became Broadway Joe, the New York Jets quarterback who became a ’60s cultural figure.

Jake, 26, is currently shooting the Jim Sheridan-directed Brothers with Tobey Maguire and Natalie Portman.

Pictured below: Jake playing in a park with German Shepherd Atticus and then-girlfriend Kirsten Dunst in mid-2004.

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Photos: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty, Andrew Shawaf/Boris Issaei/
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  • bc89

    first…whats this ex-flame hing with him and nat? they never dated. lol

  • LANA

    WHO´S NAT?

  • devilgirl

    B’c rumours are more interesting than fact. But you’re right- they never dated.
    This movie should be interesting.I wonder if they’ll show Jake as the misogynistic, drunken Joe of recent years. Ugh.

  • Gosh is getting uglier day by day.

  • Jan

    I hope he’s having a great time with Natalie and Tobey!

  • celebpsychic

    Jake is good!

    A new take on celebrity gossip!

  • Anon

    Why do you have pictures of Jake with Kirsten when that was over more than a year ago! How dumb. Jake and Natalie are like brother and sister. Why does every girl have to be someone he “dated.” The tabloids are probably getting ready to start some fiction about Jake and Natalie making Reese jealous or Jake making Ryan jealous. It is all very stupid.Natalie has a man, Jake has a woman, and Kirsten has a drinking problem.

  • Cathy

    Reese is a good beard, no reason to be jealous! lol

  • Lola

    “The tabloids are probably getting ready to start some fiction about Jake and Natalie …”

    I hope so!


  • [~Famous~]

    now that’s the kind of film i’d like to see jake in, should be good.

  • MS

    Love Jake and this film sounds interesting!

  • meline

    He used to be so good looking what happened to him? and he’s so boring now, the film, looks good though.

  • Helena

    Gosh is getting uglier day by day.

    It’s funny you say that, because these pictures were taken in 2004, idiot.

  • MS

    Meline, he is still good looking. People don’t stay the same forever. They grow and change and I think Jake has grown into a beautiful man.

  • annie

    the first pic of him throwing the ball is so gay

  • musicisourhigh

    I too am wondering how Joe Namath will be portrayed.

  • #13 Nope sily ho* the one with the beard is a recent one.
    Who’s the idiot now? I guess it’s you LOL!!!
    and he still ugly.

  • talula

    Wow, getting a beard does get you a good masculine role.

  • Nemia

    Annie, are you a child or what? How immature.

    Whatever to the haters. Jake is sexy, imo. Am looking forward to this movie.

  • Nemia

    Talula, guess we should put you in the childrens room too. Grow up.

  • vicky

    I have no interest for american football but will watch any film Jake G. does

  • Children room????? You’re so stupid what about you in the ***** room that would be nice. just sayin’
    Jake is so damn ugly.

  • Nojoe

    He needs ass implants or something. He will look so out of place in a football uniform with no glutes or upper leg muscles.

  • allgrownup

    Jake is fug!

  • Yesheis

    Jake is very sexy and talented!

  • devilgirl

    I think Jake si gorgeous, funny, talented, and HOT. But hey, what do I know?

  • Helena

    #13 Nope sily ho* the one with the beard is a recent one.
    Who’s the idiot now? I guess it’s you LOL!!!
    and he still ugly.

    Ok I may have made a mistake, but once again you contradicted yourself. ‘Still’? So that must mean you always thought he was ugly.

  • yoyo

    jake’s a fag….just kidding I love much as I love…!

  • jake rox

    I’m glad that more visible gay actors are portraying hetero guys. Neil Patrick Harris and TR Knight come to mind.

    It’s called acting for a reason. If straights can play gay, the opposite is just as true. Has been for decades. Rock Hudson, James Dean, Montgomery Clift, Tom Cruise….

    Wait, what’s that you say? Jake is not officially out? Give it time.

  • lily

    dont bother to post then cause i don’t want my comments modified.

  • OMG


  • Evelyn

    The shomance is working! I told you that we could get you booked to play a womanizing stud!!

    I’m a genius!

  • Shut up

    Shut up, Evelyn. Jake has been rumored to be doing the JN movie for a while now. Good for him! Don’t care what the haters say, love Jake!

  • Evelyn

    Jake loves you too delusional fangirl. Please visit every website you can think of and show your support!

  • Shut up

    Yawn at the lameness of “Evelyn”

  • lily


  • “Evelyn”

    Hey Dany using my name again I see, How much is Ted paying you again.

  • anom.

    Jake is absolutely HOT!

    I think he did a big deal changing girlfriend. In spite of big chin, Reese is nice. But kirsten, after some drinks, is in the top list of 25 uglies celebrities! Poor girl!
    I don´t like very much biopic but if Jake is in I `ll watch this movie.

    By the way, Jared bring us pics of Brothers´set. It will be too hard doing it?

  • anom.

    Humm… Was the boy in Calvin Klein underwear? So sexy!

  • Rae

    Jake’s still hot but I miss the days of cute Jake and Kirsten.

  • groundcontrol

    We love you, Joe!

  • jp

    Why are you people such idiots?

    Can any of you provide even the slightest bit of proof that he’s gay? Anything? Anything at all? Ted Casablanca HAS A TERRIBLE record of “outing” celebrities. Am I the only one who remembers that he thought Ben Affleck and Matt Damon were lovers FOR YEARS. Even PerezHilton doesn’t believe Jake is gay. I’d say that PerezHilton has a FAR BETTER track record than Idiot Ted at outing ACTUAL “gay” celebrities. Second, according to Ted, everyone is gay. Now he thinks Vince Vaughn is gay. The man is clearly an idiot. Wasn’t Ted the one saying that Jake was in New York acting all gay with Austin, when Austin wasn’t in New York and Jake was there WITH REESE, his girlfriend. You believe THIS guy? Really?

    Isn’t Ted Casablanca, who is quickly becoming the laughing stock of gossip columnists, and his stupid Toothy Tile thing the only bit of evidence you have? Haven’t you noticed that half the things Ted has printed about Jake and/or Toothy Tile have been proven erroneuous? Does it even matter at this point?

    Answer me this, why is Ted Casablanca THE ONLY gossip columnist who has this “information” regarding Jake’s homosexuality? What made Ted so special that NO ONE ELSE seems to have this information? Also, doesn’t it bother any of you that the ONLY person who believes Jake to be gay — Idiot Ted — believes that Jake and Reese are in an actual relationship now.

    I think at this point only a moron would believe Jake was gay. Going on a message board and writing “GAY” or “SHE’S A BEARD” with no proof doesn’t make you clever.

    It makes you a troll.

  • jp

    Don’t you notice how it’s the same ten idiots who go around and flood these message boards with JAKE IS GAY…REESE IS A BEARD…retarded posts.

    I’m talking to you EVEYLN.

    Jez, my six-year-old nephew is more clever than you are.

    At the very least you should have something smart to say. You’re about as articulate as a retarded caveman.

  • aka fun

    Again! This men with mental disorder. He make public six with prostitutes during travel by airplane in toilets, at the beaches, in corritor of hotels, in shopcenters like every people whose has a mental problems. The doctors tell that when we became crazy we return to chilhood! This is Hollywood. Nowadays they can only introduce this kind of whore men or prostitutes for us. There aren’t profissional actors or actreses more. Poor decadcent film industry!

  • lexy

    I think it’s the same ten people who go around screaming about “Ted” and freaking out about Jake being straight. The majority of people seem to think this is fake. They might think it’s fake because Jake is really gay or fake because he is sick of people thinking he is gay when he isn’t but either way the consensus is that this is a showmance.

  • Anon

    “the consensus is that this is a showmance.”

    By whom, they have been together for at least 8months and managed to keep it quite (only the odd sightings) is that how a “showmance” works. Surely they would have been out and about for everybody to see right from the beginning. You TT’ers really should think about something else rather than Jake Gyllenhaal’s sexuality. You are so infatuated it is really scary,

  • aka fun

    It is good to know how promiscuous and without hygiene the airplanes are at present. Next time I will take something to sterilize the place I will be sit. It is filthy!!! The sit where Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon was sitting in airplane in Frankfurt when both was in airplane bathroom. The sit contaminated with excrements, urine, syphilis, all kind of vaginal illness, hepatitis and sperm!!! I can see why the airplanes transmited AIDS for all over the world too!

  • Aninnymouse

    Yes, Anon @ #46, you have us totally convinced. We’re all trolls. Sorry. Jake is straight. He is totally ****ing Reese all over Rome and San Francisco, in airplanes, and soon in New Mexico while he shoots. They will get married and live happily ever after. He will not regret for a moment the life he lived and the decisions he made.

    You’re right.

  • Anon

    How the F*** do you know anything ninny, regret what, he sure looks very HAPPY (but you know different “wink wink”). As I said get a life, it seems that Jake has a VERY VERY good one now, sorry it’s not the one you would like him to have. I am sure he will apologise to you at some point hahahahahahaha.

  • Anon

    Aninnymouse, if it makes you feel better, just keep thinking like that. hahahahahaha