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Ashley Tisdale @ Rockefeller Center 2007

Ashley Tisdale @ Rockefeller Center 2007

Ashley Tisdale performs double duty at the 2007 Annual Rockefeller Center tree lighting ceremony in New York City on Wednesday night. The 22-year-old High School Musical star co-hosted the event with former boybander Nick Lachey and sang “Last Christmas” and “Suddenly,” the fourth single off her debut album, Headstrong.

Watch the video of Ashley‘s performance below. Seems like she was lip-synching her way through… but Celine Dion did it too!

You can also check out video of Tizz‘s co-hosting duties here!

Ashley Tisdale performs “Last Christmas” @ Rockefeller Center 2007

20+ pictures inside of Ashley Tisdale @ Rockefeller Center 2007…

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  • abi

    yay Ashley!

  • LIp synching!!!


  • abi

    Hey JJ, that video is of Last Christmas not Suddenly

  • celebpsychic
  • tete

    i like her and her music but shes ugly!

  • Meeee

    She looks alot younger than her real age..

  • duh

    Boy she’s awful!

  • Stacy

    Yes she was lip-synching but so were some of the other stars. When it is that cold outside its hard to sing a song and have it sound good enough for people all over the country to understand. She is not the first person to ever do it and she wont be the last. If you watched the show on TV you will know that Celine Dion was lip-synching too and she was inside. I still think Ashley did a great job!

  • mo

    good performance

    But yeah its already said but that is last christmas not suddenly

  • EVA

    PLAYBACK 1000% , the multi talented ( what is she doing that’s so special???). And something SHOCKING – look on youtube a video of jessica simpson performing when she was 19yo …. and it’s exactly the same voice, I am not saying that Ashley is using Jessica’s vocals, but the have the same voice. What I admire about Ashley is her look, I really like that about her. Now I can’t say the same thing about Jennifer Love Hewitt – who gained weight, as much as a c*o*w can . Boy I thought that Britney is the only Hollywood celebrity stuffing on Mcdonalds, but Jennifer left Britney way before, @ the FAT chapter. Jennifer was photographed on the beach… and the people who were there they said that when she was walking the earth was shacking. Eva

  • Hannah

    omg, this is just awful!! poor girl… you should just give up your singing career!!!

    best part where she was “singing” but did we hear something? NOOO!!

  • Lana

    grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. i hate this gril !@#$%¨&* JJ I WANT VANESSA’S NEWS… C’MON POST VANESSA’S NEWS. NOVODY WANTS ASHLEY NEWS.. CAN YOU TELL WHAT REPPENED ?

  • Jagoda

    love her !!

  • janice

    she’s fabulous!

  • isaa

    oh gosh :O she looks so gorgeous :D
    tisdale is THE diva
    love her (l)

  • brenda

    The girl was not singing that song, her lips were moving differently than the words that were sung.

  • Katie H

    woo go ashley!

  • Mandy

    Ashley rocks !! Ooh and by the way Jared the song she sang is Last Christmas NOT Suddenly. Its alright tho… everyone makes mistakes ! Haha…

    Ooh and to #12: Who said that NO ONE wants Ashley news. I know TONS of people who do so please talk about yourself. They’re will be Vanessa news when she (Van) actually goes out and does something like perform etc. ! Alright ? Its not like I hate Vanessa or anything but just dont hate on Ashley cause your a V fan OKK ?? Ooh and dont waste your time commenting on something you obviously couldnt take less about !

    Thanks JJ again… L8RR !!!

  • Kirsty

    =] Woop.
    Ashley rocks!

  • HOHO

    DON WORRY! v wil perform at dc on 9th dec .

  • olitano

    dont like her style , she need a stylist and she need to learn singing because i dont like the playback :D ^^ she’s trying to hard when she dances lol and please ashleyyyyy cut these fake and ugly extensions off!!!

    sorry i now this is not a vanessa news,
    but pleasssssssse JJ some vanessa news , i love her and i miss her so much :(

    GO BABY V !!!
    (sorry for my bad english)

  • HOHO

    pls don bash on ash ! :) altho i am v fan.

  • laury-ann

    go vanessa go ashley !!!
    , they bff stop fight ^^

    i like them two :)

  • suzy

    Did you see her sing a Wham classic last christmas and kill it?
    she made me lmao.

  • [~Famous~]

    Lip-syncing! She’s the new Asshlee Simpson (pre-nose-job) Can any of those kids sing? NOPE!

  • lily

    Just so typical of what type of actress turned singer sounds like. All sorts of fake. BUT who was worse was TAYLOR SWIFT. She was sooooo off key it was painful to listen to her and I couldnt wait for her to stop singing. I guess she was the only one who sang live.

    As much as I love love Celine she is so cheesy. Like when she was singeing the song she puts her hands like she is strummng a guitar. I mean her voice is amazing but her theatrics require a professional coach.

  • lily

    hahah #25 that’s funny because I thought the same thing.

  • http://google Allysssa

    GO ASH

  • Kendra

    Ashley Rocks. if you wanna see the suddenly performance its on youtube.

    & for Lana, if you want vanessa news why are you even looking at this?

  • jobromance14

    woow. nice lipsyncing. she can’t sing worth anyyyything.

  • HOHO

    hey jj! whrs carries performance?? or celine dion :/ cant blame celine for lip sync coz she;s old :x

  • Florencia

    Q bonita estaba ASH ………. ^^

    Grax x las pics y el video !!!

  • Drea

    Why this girls don’t work hard to sing for real!?

  • two buck chuck

    You poor kids need to be introduced to real music. Oh, that’s right. Barely anybody makes real music because they’re so busy creating their voices in a studio and getting PR reps to make themselves famous before they’ve earned it.

  • liz

    ashley is the best.i was her perform nd she was was cold so she had to lip sync.stop bashing a v fan 2 nd i dont bash her.they are best friend nd they support 1 another.if u dont like ashley,dont post anything here cuz no one tol u 2

  • http://yahoo jk

    I love Ashley.She and Vanessa are really great performers.They are best friends too.

  • elliott

    i give her credit. i know i couldn’t do it. people are to critical these days. I wanna see most of you do that. good job ashley!

  • owen

    i love love love ashley xxxxxxx
    her love me
    two lol

  • jh

    you would think that for an actress..she’d do really good at lip-syncing. don’t get me wrong, i love the girl but i mean, celine dion was lip-syncing but you couldn’t tell.

  • noni

    wow, that was kinda bad. I think she needs to stop the blonde. It doesn’t fit her coloring. And the weave and stuff needs to go.

  • rosie

    What’s going on here? No love for baby “V”‘s best friend? At least she’s out there working! What does Vanessa do all day besides shop and workout? Guess she is not in demand these days. She can be grateful that Disney kept her on or maybe she would have no work.

    Good for Ashley making it on her own. She doesn’t need to be connected to her boyfriend to make the news. You go girl!

  • Gustavo

    OMG u guys…like Rihanna is 19 and ASSley is 22!
    now the big quetion is ?
    WHO looks more like a 14 year old stupid girl ?


  • bibi

    agree with noni
    blonde does’nt fit her ans she need to put these extensions off ^^

    jared please vanessa news :)

  • Alisha

    Yay… she was for sure lip-singing!!!!!!!! Then at the end of the song, they turned her myc on. It was really obvious!!!!!!! But i liked the performance!!! I love Ashley Tisdale!!!

  • Regina

    Manley really knows how to ruin a song, doesn’t she?

  • Helena

    This stupid cow is even false when she’s sing–sorry, lip-synching. And Nick Lachey called her multitalented? LOL.

  • JodieFosterFan

    Bitch holds microphone close to her mouth to hide lip-synching. You’re not fooling anyone, now go away.

  • Gustavo

    Nick Lachey is gay right ? that Jessica thing was fake.

  • DL

    That was really awful lip sing. She can’t sing and her nose is ugly

  • Bruno

    Well, she’s had a nose job and ended up looking like Asshole Simpson.