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Natalie Portman "NYT" Style Magazine

Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman is absolutely stunning in NYT Style Magazine‘s latest cover feature. Here are some interesting interview snippets:

You had a kind of precocious child-woman quality in that film that elicited a ‘‘Lolita’’-esque response. Was that unnerving? Yes. One scene was uncomfortable: when I try to kiss Jean Reno. He was, obviously, much older. And around that time, there was the scene in ‘‘Interview With the Vampire’’ when Kirsten Dunst, who was around my age, kissed Brad Pitt. There were articles about young girls in adult roles, and my family ran away from anything that was ‘‘Lolita’’-esque. And then, of course, they offered me ‘‘Lolita’’ itself. That was the ultimate no.

Did it have anything to do with playing Anne Frank on Broadway? For many Jews, especially those who have experienced the Holocaust, Israel represents a place of refuge and acceptance. Perhaps. I was 16 when I played Anne Frank. It was tough: I went to high school full time. I was studying for my A.P. tests and my SATs while I was performing eight times a week. The audience reaction, night after night, was really moving. During ‘‘Anne Frank,’’ I really began to understand what Gertrude Stein meant about the power of repetition. Hearing words over and over increases their meaning and their impact.

Read the full article at the NYTimes. Watch Nat‘s video interview with NYT below!

Natalie Portman for the NYT Style Magazine
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Photos: Raymond Meier
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  • first? thats cool.. =)

  • jk

    beautiful pictures

  • Natalie forever

    ☝♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ Wowwwww those pictures are great. Natalie is so beautiful and smart I love her.

  • Dieter

    JARED !!! – the Tuna´s got two pics of Rachel´s hot little pooper !!! How wonderful is that ????

  • EVA

    In the first photo I thought is Cameron Diaz. What is this girl eating to look so great, so thin. Also, how many magazine covers did Natalie Portman this month? so many that I get annoyed seeing her everywhere. Guys can you picture Natalie as a obese in the future? I know that is hard to even think about that but… who ever think about Jennifer Love Hewitt floating over the water with her fat wings? nobody… she did so many photoshots that would had been a blasphemy years ago (maybe even months ago) to say that she will get SOOO fat, but she did. Jennifer now literally has FAT WINGS. Eva

  • Ali

    i like the first pic. beautiful!

  • heaven

    She reminds me so much of Angelina Jolie… beautiful, intelligent, compassionate… and dont care much about the tabloids.. they could pass as sister :)

  • mouche

    I must say I really like Natalie Portman- she was fantastic in Closer and it will be interesting to see her as Anne Boleyn in The Other Boleyn Girl soon!

  • zooey

    I like her natural beauty, she remind me of Audrey Hepburn. They’re both so classy, beautiful, and smart.

  • Ruth

    I really love Natalie’s acting, her style, her brains, her individuality. She is way above most of the other actresses of her age group, really classy yet down to earth. She obviously got a good education from her parents because she seems to be unspoilt despite the fact that she has been an actress from such an early age.

  • Lauree

    She’s really beautiful. Not only is she a talented actress but she is also intelligent and she has brains. I think that she is truly a role model.

  • meh


  • Natalie

    She is the most beautiful woman in hollywood, IMO. She is so classy, gorgeous, and unique. Something special.

  • ?????

    MEH POST#12 yes good idea go back to sleep I’m sure you’ve got nothing better to do.

    She looks gorgeous in those pics and the interview is quite interesting.

  • Rae

    She is really beautiful and such a unique actress in Hollywood. It always amazes me how intelligent and well-spoken she is.

  • fred-fred

    Usually her pics in mags are pretty boring but I’ve got to admit that those ones are nice.

  • catalina

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  • juicy

    OMG I like that girl, she’s got a perfect face and a she knows how to use her brain.
    I wish all actresses were like her……mmmm I don’t think it will happen anytime

  • Allie

    Simply Gorgeous :) MORE Natalie posts in the future JJ? I think YES… Thanks JJ!

  • Aisha

    Absolutely stunning!

  • meline

    She looks amazing!!!!!

  • momoddd

    I usually find her beautiful and natural but here… she is soooo retouched that it is ridiculous. The “futuristic” aspect sounds wrong too. Honestly, it is a very bad shoot. And yes, she is a little too overexposed these days. She’s lovely and smart, but boring. She was a good actress, but recently, she did only bad movies. Saw her on My Blueberry nights, and she doesn’t deserve all the good reviews she got. She is just so-so. She overacts. But she is beautiful, that’s a fact.

  • Souhila

    Simply the best

  • Whodat

    I have to agree with momoddd, she’s a stunning creature but acting-wise, I’ve always found her mediocre. And yes I’ve seen more then just Star Wars, haha. She’s wooden and cardboard in V, Closer, Garden State, Free Zone, etc….I think if she weren’t pretty there certainly wouldn’t be any hype about her acting.

  • JiveTalker

    ^^ you’re right, you know i think she would make a better model than an actress. her pics are always stunning. but her acting is only so-so. she obviously enjoys modeling she has sought out millions of photoshoots, be a model nat! leave the acting to cate blanchet and maggie gylenhall lol.

  • just gorgeous

    ha ha ha you two are so funny Natalie Portman is one of the best actress of her generation. Maggie Gylenhall ha you must be kidding.

    Natalie won:

    2002 – Teen Choice Awards, Choice Movie Actress: Drama/Action Adventure: Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones
    2005 – Golden Globe Awards, Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture: Closer
    2005 – National Board of Review Awards, Best Acting by an Ensemble: Closer (shared with Clive Owen, Julia Roberts, and Jude Law)
    2005 – San Diego Film Critics Society Awards, Best Supporting Actress: Closer
    2007 – The Constellation Awards, Best Female Performance in a 2006 Science Fiction Film, TV Movie, or Mini-Series: V for Vendetta
    2007 – Saturn Awards, Best Actress: V for Vendetta

    And she got nominated for:

    2000 – Golden Globe Awards, Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture: Anywhere But Here
    2000 – Teen Choice Awards, Choice Movie Actress: Where the Heart Is
    2003 – Saturn Awards, Best Actress: Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones
    2005 – Academy Awards, Best Supporting Actress: Closer
    2005 – BAFTA Awards, Best Supporting Actress: Closer
    2005 – Satellite Awards, Best Supporting Actress, Drama: Closer
    2005 – Teen Choice Awards, Choice Movie Actress: Drama: Closer, Garden State; Choice Movie Actress: Action/Adventure: Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith; Choice Movie Liar, Garden State; Choice Movie Liplock: Garden State; Choice Movie Love Scene: Garden State
    2005 – MTV Movie Awards, Best Female Performance: Garden State; Best Kiss: Garden State
    2005 – Broadcast Film Critics Association Awards, Best Supporting Actress: Closer; Best Acting Ensemble: Closer
    2006 – Teen Choice Awards, Choice Movie Actress: Drama/Action Adventure: V for Vendetta
    2007 – Saturn Awards, Best Actress: Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith


  • mark

    She’s perfect, flawless.

  • Dr Jube

    Wow. That cover is amazing.
    She’s stunning!

  • Sandra

    What a stunning photoshoot! I really can’t understand how some people here find the photos overly retouched; while I won’t deny they have been, I would like to argue the photos have been touched up quite nicely. Certainly, the photoshopping wasn’t the first thing I paid attention to when I saw them! Personally, I love the close-ups of Natalie’s exquisitely beautiful face, they really showcase her flawless bone structure! And the lighting is extraordinary! The 1st and 3rd photos are my favorite of the set.

    I would also like to take issue with those here who argue Natalie is a mediocre actress. Being a gifted actress isn’t about your ability to choose your roles with care; if this were the case, there would hardly be any “gifted” actors in Hollywood, now would there? Surely, being able to choose the right roles is a part of being a gifted businessman (or, as in this case, -woman), but it has certainly nothing to do with acting talent. Personally, more than anything else, I think acting talent is measured by your range; your ability to pull off a variety of roles in a variety of genres with conviction.

    By that measure, I think Natalie is one of the most gifted actresses in Hollywood. Having seen most of Natalie’s films (indeed, all, except her as of yet unreleased work + Everyone Says I Love You, Domino One, Free Zone and Developing), I will admit her role as Padmé in the new Star Wars prequels was not her strongest performance, but all actors have their “less” prominent roles. However, regardless of Star Wars, if you think back at her past films, you will realize she has pulled off a number of roles of admirable variety with flying colors; film genres she has taken upon herself include drama, action, sci-fi, comedy, romance and kids’ films.

  • KC

    Damn she’s gorgeous.

  • ken

    so blah

  • Sunny

    Wow! Very cool photoshoot. The cover pic is the most stunning.

  • ♥Joh-anna ♥

    wow! She should be a model!!

  • yelle

    ✔ She’s so beautiful.

  • kylie

    I like this photoshoot miss Portman looks damn good.

  • Jon

    Gorgeous. Absolutely.

    How is she overexposed? She’s done, like, 4 whole shoots. And she actually has something to promote: Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium. Let’s totally ignore that she works for FINCA, and promoting that is far more important than any film. And I’m sorry but she was brassy as hell in My Blueberry Nights. Toss in her perfect turns in Hotel Chevalier, V for Vendetta, Closer, Garden State, Cold Mountain, The Seagull and Goya’s Ghosts? Love her.

    Overexposed is Alba, Biel, Knightley, Johansson, Diaz, Witherspoon, Cruise, Rumer whatsherface, Panettiere. They’ll give interviews without having anything to promote, just angling for the publicity. They make everything as public as possible.

  • salome

    Wow, you guys all act like acting is something that can actually be measured; like you can go, he/she is a “good” or “bad” actor, and here’s the proof….It doesn’t work like that! It’s all totally subjective. Personal taste determines who you like and don’t like. If people don’t think Natalie is a good actress, they are entitled to their opinion, and they’re not “wrong,” they’re just stating their preference. I happen to like her but agree that she can be overrated at times, but if someone thinks she’s a bad actress, they have every right to say so and to hold that opinion.

  • marek

    I love you !!!-Kocham Cię !!!

  • aly

    She’s beautiful in those pics

  • aly

    nice pictures

  • essense

    Adorable and artistic pics of that especially lovely lady.
    Her talent will be sure tasted and enjoyed in many
    interesting movies to come.