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Ryan Gosling Loses the Fat

Ryan Gosling Loses the Fat

Ryan Gosling attends a dinner for a private screening of Lars And The Real Girl hosted by director Bennett Miller at The Hotel Plaza Athenee on Wednesday in New York City.

The Canuck cutie was accompanied by costars Emily Mortimer and Patricia Clarkson. He also turned 27 earlier this month.

It looks like Ryan is shedding all of the extra pounds he put on for the Peter Jackson-directed film The Lovely Bones, which he dropped out of. Mark Wahlberg replaced him.

15+ pictures inside of Ryan Gosling‘s weight loss…

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30 Responses to “Ryan Gosling Loses the Fat”

  1. 1
    Regina Says:


  2. 2
    vicky Says:

    I never found him attractive but he looks good in these pics.And he did lose the weight very quickly!!

  3. 3
    nina Says:

    He looked hot with his old nose and a mystic tan. I swear, most guys should NOT get nose jobs, it tends to make them always look nondescript afterwards. Look at lance bass!

  4. 4
    Cecilia Says:

    Yawn … Yawn… Yawn… Yawn… Yawn

  5. 5
    Taylor_Blue Says:

    Wow…he looks great…now Jared where’s MIlo???

  6. 6
    EVA Says:

    where’s Milo and the sexy guys… because Ryan is not one of the sexy guys. Looking good YES, but seeing the first photos turns me off. Either Ryan has some idiot guy giving him advices how to look, or Ryan is going is going in the wrong way. I am not of the ones who badmouth a celeb just to say something on the blogs but seriously Ryan was a sexy guy not long ago, I think that the problem with him is that he’s trying to be something he is NOT, copying Brad Pitt’s look (the only problem is that Brad is way older that Ryan and he’s still much hotter). Now, I want to introduce to you a sexy sexy singer . She is very respected, has a wonderful husband, she’s the perfect daughter and has the most beautiful RATS NEST on top of her head. I introduce to you Amy Winehouse HORRIFIED – probably seeing a rat flee his nest from the top of her head. Eva

  7. 7
    Miller Says:

    Who on earth dresses this guy for events? Everytime I look at him I get Vertigo! He’s looking rough.

  8. 8
    lw Says:

    yum yum gimme some

  9. 9
    noodle Says:

    He’s not good-looking enough to allow himself to look ugly and as if he’s not trying…

  10. 10
    Dolly Says:

    I will A.L.W.A.Y.S picture him with Rachel. I’m just a sucker for true love.

  11. 11
    Natasha Says:

    He looks ill in the last picture

  12. 12
    Aninnymouse Says:

    god, he’s such a good actor.

  13. 13
    mmaria Says:

    oh, he’s angry
    he’ll get better when he falls in love again

  14. 14
    none Says:

    He looks great. He lost the fat quickly!

  15. 15
    betty Says:

    Brad is good looking by just looking at him, but ryan is the guy you really start to get the hots from buy watching The Note Book or Fracture!!Brad is a good looking muscule hero(as is Mark actor like Tristen a maybe also like Ryan in the Note Book, but Brad could never play anything funny or the role in Fracture.
    That’s what I think…..

  16. 16
    Kim Says:

    I miss Rachel :-(

  17. 17
    catalina Says:

    * Para ti mismo di el nombre de la unica persona del sexo opuesto con quien
    quieras estar (tres veces…)…
    * Piensa en algo que quieras lograr dentro de la proxima semana y repitelo
    para ti mismo(a) (seis veces)…
    * Piensa en algo que quieras que pase entre tu y la persona especial (que
    dijiste en el no. 1) y dilo a ti mismo/a (doce veces)…
    * Ahora haz un ultimo y final deseo acerca del deseo que escogiste.
    * Despues de leer esto tienes 1 hora para mandarlo a 15
    personas y
    lo que pediste se te
    hara realidad en 1 semana. A la mayor cantidad de gente
    a quien lo mandes mas fuerte se hara tu deseo. Si tu escoges ignorar esta
    carta lo contrario del deseo te sucedera, o esto no sucedera
    jamas………….. Que tus días estén llenos de logros y tus noches de sueños
    copia y pega esto en 8 fotolog’s más y luego aprieta F9…aparecerá en tu pantalla la letra inicial del chico o de la chica que te gusta…¡¡¡ intentalo!!

  18. 18
    mariah Says:

    He needs to get back together with Rachel like yesterday.

  19. 19
    Cynthia Says:

    Looking good again Ryan bb!

  20. 20
    faith Says:

    I guess he got too fat for the role, so he backed out. We saw pictures of him being fat in late Oct. He lose a lot of weight quickly

  21. 21
    Me Says:

    He looks Lebanese.

  22. 22
    Jaredblows Says:

    NOT hot….never was. He has beady little eyes.

  23. 23
    aj Says:

    meh he’s still FUG


  24. 24
    Laura Says:

    He’s my biggest celebrity crush… I love him and I really think he’s gorgeous, not in the way that Brad Pitt is gorgeous because he doesn’t have perfect features, but there’s something about his personality, his acting skills and those sad, puppy eyes that just drives my crazy with love and lust.

  25. 25
    Yv3tt3 Says:

    Lol, I remeber being a pre teen and watching “Flash Forward”–does anybody remember that show?!!!–but I had such a crush on him when he appeard for a couple episodes … “stuck up-stuck on stucky” lol I loved it!

  26. 26
    maxi Says:

    good! now he needs to lose the pubes in his face

  27. 27
    Peach Says:

    I am sorry, but why should he get back with Rachel and how do people know it was TRUE love? You can’t judge their relationship based on what you saw in the movie. Maybe it wasn’t what we thought it was…I just want him to happy with the RIGHT girl.

  28. 28
    feisty Says:

    Peter Jackson fired him!There was no ‘dopping out of the project’! Ryan believed he needed to put on the weight in order to be credible in his upcoming role in Lovely Bones- but when he saw just HOW much weight Gosling had put on, he was shocked and hired Marky Mark (minus his funky bunch) because he felt that the picture still needed some kind of hunk-factor. It is a sad development because I feel there are no similarities between Mark Whalberg and Ryan Gosling as actors- especially for the role in that movie. What a shame to be fired for being too slovenly by PETER JACKSON of all people. He’s like the most disheveled man in the business.

  29. 29
    ME_AGAIN Says:

    he kind of resembles giovanni ribisi a bit, no?!

    emmm i don’t know about these pics, not really flattering…

  30. 30
    oh_and Says:

    what’s wrong with his lips!? did he get into a fight or somethin, or is he tryin to poutty them up

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