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Zac Efron: L.A. Don't Love U

Zac Efron: L.A. Don't Love U

Zac Efron and his top-knot ponytail make a mad dash to a waiting Cadillac from from his apartment in Los Angeles on Wednesday. It looks like the 20-year-old High School Musical star dropped off some sort of red case to someone in the waiting car.

Zac‘s t-shirt read “L.A. DON’T LOVE U” with the word “LOVE” represented by a heart. Cute!

Last night, Zac snagged the best actor award for the Disney Channel original at the 2007 Family Television Awards in Beverly Hills. HSM2 also picked up best movie musical honors.

Ugly Betty star America Ferrera picked up best actress while the show won best comedy. ABC’s Pushing Daisies won the best new series award while NBC’s Heroes was honored with best drama.

10+ pictures inside of Zac Efron saying “L.A. DON’T LOVE U“…

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zac efron la dont love u 01
zac efron la dont love u 02
zac efron la dont love u 03
zac efron la dont love u 04
zac efron la dont love u 05
zac efron la dont love u 06
zac efron la dont love u 07
zac efron la dont love u 08
zac efron la dont love u 09
zac efron la dont love u 10

Photos: Shinn/JRI/Bauer-Griffin
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  • ellie

    Yay! New Post! Loving the ponytail Zac!

  • stillthereforme

    His hair looks long and dark again.

  • go sox

    AM I first???

  • amber

    omg he is sooo hot haha

  • kourtney

    5th ha!

  • kourtney

    interesting shirt,,and the pony tail… ugh haha.

    hes still a hottie.



  • anahiri

    His hair dark agaiin??
    i lovee it!!!!!



  • anahiri
  • abi

    Omg I love that T-shirt!… I thought he had he hair dyed/cut? It looks the same as always here.

  • http://justjared nicole

    yay!! zaccccccccc i love himmmmmmmm we need more zanessa!!!

  • abi

    oh…wait… yeah, it is kind of darker :) my bad

  • Karen

    Yay, Zac!

  • go sox

    Yay, Ellie….an angel rises to the top!!

    I think it’s pretty cool that Zac expresses his feelings on his t-shirts! Doesn’t even have to say anything….the shirt says it all!

  • Steph

    First!?!? JK, LOL… Go Sox, we almost made, darn!!

    Zac is a cutie no matter what get up he has on!!!

    ZA’s and Charlie Nubs Zac Efron :)

  • ellie

    Wow, just realised I got first post, yay me! :)

    New limerick plus I’ll repost the ZA No. 5 Song so it’s easier to find…

    New Zac pics just make my day
    The ponytail’s cute, I have to say
    Check out those muscles
    As Zac E hustles
    We love you Zac, forget L.A!

    Ladies and gentlemen, this is ZA No 5

    One, two, three four, five
    everybody in the thread let’s all look alive
    As we defend our favourite sweet pair
    From the haters and the crazy guys
    Just because we really do care
    And we do it every day of the week
    We won’t back down and we are never meek
    We like Vanessa, Zanessa, Zac E together
    And all of the insults and language we will weather
    So what can we do, just keep on posting a lot
    About how V is cute, Z is hot
    Anything goes, it’s all good, let me sing it
    Here are the guys with the wits…

    A little bit of Narf, the sis with heart
    A little bit of Steph, who’s always smart
    We’ve got V-L and Boji
    And Troy, the best Charlie
    A little bit of Spirit, rhyming loud
    A little bit of Zac Fan, dancing proud
    A little bit of Kgg posting well
    And here’s Zvkg, always so swell

    Jump up and dance and hear how we sing
    About a kuuipo ring, show me how you swing
    Post here once and post here twice
    Post at the start and post at the end
    Read all the comments, then read them again
    If you laugh out loud, reply and hit send

    A little bit of Kim who’s logical
    A little bit of Karen who can enthrall
    We’ve got Ck and Yvie
    The three Dee’s and Levi
    A little bit of Malia quoting true
    A little bit of Dalia who’s here too
    A little bit of Rosielee, no. 9
    And a little bit of Go Sox feeling fine

    Sing it, we have wit!
    ZA No. 5

    A little bit of Meruy from Mexico
    A little bit of Elisa, don’t you know
    We’ve got Erica and Genevieve
    Evelyn, don’t you leave
    A little bit of Birdie joining in
    A little bit of Madlen can you sing
    A little bit of Daze, who’s posting free
    And of course there’s little old me, Ellie!

    We will do all to set things true
    Haters will learn that spite doesn’t pay, ‘cause all we ZA’s are here to stay…

  • aliza

    First ( i think)!! He’s still looking hot, but his hair doesn’t look any way different.

  • NANI


  • Cord

    I used to like Pushing Daisies but when they hired that pervert Paul Rubins I threw up. Won’t watch anything with him in it.

  • rokstur


  • Ana

    gos i love he and LA…what i do now?

  • bekkah

    hes so cute with that ponytail!!! lol and he looks so hot in these pictures!!!!!

  • Bruno E.


  • renan

    Zac viado _|_

  • Jen

    Wow. Poor guy. He’s seriously trying to dodge the paps. Yet we still get all excited when there are new pics of him.

  • joan


  • ellie

    Oh geez, ZA’s, I’m gonna need some rodent repellant in here, the tweens have escaped, lol!

  • Jasmine

    aww zacquisha looks so pretty damn this girl is stylish





  • kgg

    Nice pic of Zac – slow news day I guess or he’s learning to avoid the papz more. Anywho, loving what the shirt says. His nice leg and calf muscles that he’s been working on really show up well.

    Bruno and Nicole – If you can’t say anything nice about Zac, why post at all? You’re wasting your time because we all love him, and you won’t change our opinion.

  • sexy biatchey

    ok that just confirmed it, he is so hiding in the closet! what man wears a ponytail and a t’shirt with a heart on it???
    Don’t get me wrong i like fashionable men but this is too much!!!!

  • I think he’s so cool!!

  • Jasmine

    Zaquisha needs to ger hair did

  • Jasmine

    aww Zaquisha got a pretty shirt with hearts aww she is so cute

  • evelyn

    this awards show .. was it televised? i didn’t see any pics over at getty images.

    zac and vanessa have been keeping a low profile lately

  • Malia

    I can’t see any difference in his hair. It looks exactly the same as when he went to the HSM2 DVD gala. So, now we know for a fact that OK Ragazine LIED AGAIN when they said he was seen getting it CUT SHORT and dyed dark brown.

  • Steph

    You know it’s always around this time that the haters come out and post… a few possible reasons:

    1. It’s after school hours (some tweens and teens, not all)
    2. Must be computer play time at the penetentiary
    3. Must be computer play time at the mental institution
    4. People that always wait for new threads to bash people because of their own personal issues in their shallow lives.

    LOL, whatever the case may be, we’ll be here nubbin’ up on Zac, all his many fans that nub him :)

  • Jasmine

    Zaquisha needs to dye her hair

  • zane

    Congrats Zac and so with the HSM cast!!!!!!!!!!!!

    looking forward for more awards and HSM3 movie!


    zac iis perfect!

  • Post more photos please!!

  • thomas

    eu não gosto do maluko mais ele é pinta!!

  • kgg

    Jasmine – phone call for you….it’s Perez and he says that you left your dunce hat over at his site, so please return and pick it up… Hurry now!

  • carpe diem

    A mooses ass has more appeal then he does

  • vanessa

    zac is hot i’m not gonna lie and those shorts work

  • duh!!

    steph people are aloud to not be his fan, people are aloud to post whatever the hell they like if you don’t like what people post ignore it and move on, your the immature one for fighting back!!

  • Malia

    Yup, looks like school has let out for the day, and the little kiddies are on the Internet instead of doing their homework.

    Best to ignore them because they have absolutely nothing of interest to say. Poor kids, they could certainly take some lessons in humility from our Zac.

  • Jen

    The shorts definitely work.

  • narf

    Never fear Ellie, big sis is here to help. I got the extra strenth fooger. Just press the button, put it in the same room with the rodent of your choice, and close the door behind you.