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Darren Hayes Performs Britney's "Gimme More"

Darren Hayes Performs Britney's

Former Savage Garden frontman Darren Hayes gives quite the acoustic performance of Britney Spears‘s hit single “Gimme More” at the Canal Room in New York City on Wednesday.

Watch the video below!!! Darren really gets into it!!!

Gimme gimme MOARRRRR, gimme MOAAAARRRRR!!!!!

Darren Hayes Performs Britney Spears‘s “Gimme More”

15+ pictures inside of Darren Hayes performing Britney‘s “Gimme More”…

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Credit: ONTD; Photos: Steven Henry/Getty
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  • Char


  • Char

    Still haven’t figured out the point of that….

    Anyway, is he making fun of her?

  • omg

    HAHAHHAHHA, that was awesome!!!

    By singing it acoustically, you realize how absolutely lame the lyrics are. Lawd…..

  • Rita

    wow.. hmmmmmm
    i know he’s gay and i’m cool with it and all, but that was really gay. I don’t think he’s making fun of her? He seems to really like the song actually.

  • http://justjared cloe

    1s what is the point of makig fun of her

  • EVA

    I am sorry but he’s an ASS!!! You dont go around mocking the songs of another performers, you never know if they will get back more famous that you are and SQUASH you. I am disgusted by his performance. I am not on Britney’s side BUT after all there are almost 500.000 people who bought her CD, who like her, so this is like making fun of all them. Britney did a lot of stupid things but we also have to have some minimal compassion for her. RASH MANLY wrote an interesting about Britney Britney Fighting Past To Forge Future (by Rash Manly). Eva

  • Sophie

    Ok, It’s official: I hate this guy. And I’m not even a Britney-Fan.

  • http://justjared 100%


  • sigh

    you guys are being so sensitive. Lawd, this song is so dumb, and he is having fun with it. It’s hilarious cause he’s a boy singing some total stripper song. Lighten up

  • emch

    HA HA HA….that was a good one…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    #sigh: You’re right man……………..

  • Débora

    # 10 uhuul !

  • lola

    Hey guys, remember when Mandy Moore covered Rihanna’s “Umbrella” that was also super offensive. All he’s doing is covering a song, people in different genres tend to do songs that might be funny to their fans, songs you wouldn’t expect. So how about we take a breath and thank him for actually singing the song instead of gyrating on a pole and breathing it.

  • liza

    Uh, what is there to get mad about? He’s not making fun of britney so much as making fun of a song that deserves to be made fun of. He’s just being campy and giving his fans a good time.Having some dude, gay or not, talking about rubbing up to someone like there’s no one else in the room is funny. it’s what some dumb skank would say as a phone sex operator!

  • Spirit ™

    I don’t know about ya’ all But Darren rocked that song better than Brit Brit… LMAO!!!

  • cubanita

    Loved it. He made the song fun which is something Britney can’t do.

  • Here’s The Deal

    Damn, can you say overly sensitive? It’s just a song. Get over it.

    #9 sigh, ITA with what you said.

  • Mane

    BRITNEY ROCKS! and her new Album is AMAZING!

  • eszter

    FABNTASTIC! That was amazing. A true performer /singer can make wonders with pile of shit, it seems… :)

    Loooooved it!!!

  • nando

    LOL!! Gimme Less.

  • nice
  • KC

    Sorry, but this guy sings it WAY better then Britney ever did. He can really sing! Britney….not so much.

  • NJS06

    I find the dancing funny but I actually like his version. lol!

  • Briony

    Love it he sounds so much better than she does!

  • menda

    Darren! I love him. I still break out the Savage Garden once in awhile.

  • Tracy

    Wow!! You guys are being sooo sensitive. He performed the hell out of that song, way better than Britney!

  • bossy

    Honestly, I like Britney’s “Gimme, Gimme More” a lot–it’s a catch dance tune–but I think I like Darren’s version better. He actually has a voice and you can understand what he’s saying because he’s not breathing out every word. HAHAHA and he damn well performed it better than she did at the VMAs.

  • Darren’s biggest fan!

    BAHAHAH it was great, darren is such an amazing person, ive been to concerts of his. and he is so funny, he’s great live and recorded and i dont know why everyone keeps bringing up the fact that he’s gay, so what? it doesnt make the person! his falsetto is amazing, thats the one i want to have…and all you sensitive people, GET OVER IT!!! so what he did a cover he’s a bazillion times better then britney will EVER be. i dont care that shes more famous, darren has the better everything! he deserves the fame for all the right reasons, shes just a trainwreck and a bad role model! ily darren

  • selenaz

    Thanks Jared! Darren is just the best and I’m glad you’re blogging about him.

    Much love

  • Keo

    All I can say is he can sing better alot of artists out there.

    Thanks for posting Darren Hayes on your site.

  • mrsme

    haha that was great! I like Britney, and her songs are great to dance to, but Darren has a beautiful voice and his version was actually good, and fun!

  • amandabug

    i was at the show; it was an acoustic show at the canal room in nyc wednesday night. he did it as a joke.
    the day before, he did a signing at borders, and somehow the acoustic melody of a song he was singing must have reminded him of gimme more, because all of a sudden he went from the song he was singing into the first verse. a few people noticed it immediately, but everyone started laughing when he got to the chorus, after which he stopped and we all cheered. he also did an impression of britney’s vma performance.

    at the acoustic show wedneday, during the encore he asked if anyone had any requests and someone who was at the signing the day before yelled “gimme more!” so darren shrugged and did it. it was hysterical and everyone was laughing and screaming and singing along. he was obvs. making fun of her (esp. with the dancing), but i think he appreciated the song as well.

  • Cain

    He used to be good. Now he sucks.

  • renee

    lol that was great

  • Britt

    I know this is supposed to be a spoof, but t goes to show that anything Darren sings can showcase his vocals. His voice has almost a pure quality that is extremely powerful that even girls from small town Kentucky love!!

  • Life is good

    Actually it sounded pretty good, and while he was making fun of her , it showed exactly what the lyrics were and Britney is calling for help.

  • deneb

    i liked it!

  • ai

    loved it!!! i think jive records and britney shall be thankful to darren.

  • Jessie

    Oh wow, that “cover” is so much better than the actual song.

  • Lexyane

    y’all just have to give me a break!

    this guys just can’t dance, it almost fall!

    Does he wants so much to have fun that he has to have fun about other artist for that?
    His 15 minutes of fame it’s over.

  • melissa

    I saw him at Borders on Tuesday in NYC. I taped this performance of him there as well: you can just go that link. It’s great… he’s SO funny!



  • xoxo

    better than the original.

  • Nóri

    I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D Hilarious and fabulous in one time! He has a great voice, and this version of this song is really cool! Love it…Absolutelly!!!! :D And who cares if he’s gay?! pfff He is SO MUCH better than Britney (at least live singing) ! (But i love Britney’s new album too ! :) )

  • dali

    he did a great job but britney’s version is way better,she’s super fly super dooper fly,she’s the best

  • ollie v

    hilarious. i think anyone should be allowed to make fun of any public figure. he’s just pointing out how bad the lyrics really are (not that his weren’t) but it’s funny.

  • fan

    he actually made the song better!!! lol and can sing it live!! woot

  • Sasha

    omg, that’s hilarious.

  • Stephanie

    Ok, that was just funny!
    I’m not even a Britney fan, and Darren just rocked it!
    And all you sensitive folks just lighten up okay!
    It’s no one’s fault that Britney slept through her performance…if you ask me, she asked for it!
    She knew better than that!

    the price you pay for F***ing up your own comeback!

  • angelica

    Oh, come on guys, it was hilarious! Darren’s a great singer and performer, and the song is really funny when done that way. Unlike a lot of other artists, Britney included, he’s not afraid to get up on that stage and sing. I’d prefer this version to Britney’s playback version any day!

  • Aimee

    Bahaha All you “haters” are jealous. Darren is the man, and he can sing anyone’s song he wishes. PLUS, you all act like Britney writes her own music. She doesn’t know the first thing about writing music, she pays someone to do it. On the other hand Darren is a true artist/performer and he rocked the shit out of that lame song, so i’d be envious if I were you.
    Fess up, you love him. DARREN WOOOO!