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Jessica Simpson's Christmas Day Special

Jessica Simpson's Christmas Day Special

Jessica Simpson performs “Hark, The Herald Angels” for the Walt Disney World Christmas Day Parade while it rained at Magic Kingdom in Orlando, FL on Friday. Watch a video of the performance below!

Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa will host the annual float fest at Walt Disney World on Christmas Day @ 9AM ET/PT on ABC. As a Christmas bonus, contestants from Dancing With the Stars will do a special number. Hannah Montana‘s Miley Cyrus is also on deck.

Earlier this week, it was suggested that Jessica received lip injections.

Jessica did not have anything done to her lips,” her rep says. “She tried Restylane* some time ago and did not like the way that it looked or felt, so she has not had anything done since.”

*Restylane is described by the manufacturer as a Swedish-made injectable gel that adds fullness to the skin and corrects facial wrinkles.

Jessica Simpson performs “Hark, The Herald Angels” @ ABC’s Christmas Day Special
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Photos: Steve Dennett/Splash News Online
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  • miks



    she looks good here

  • astrid

    She’s lying threw her big fat new lips.

  • astrid

    oops ^^ threw = through = thru . . . she’s still lying

  • ashley

    she has put on weight.

  • geenie

    Oh god, this ugly transvestite is going to assault poor innocent children with her tone deaf screaming nd ugly slutty desperate self for CHRISTMAS?!?!?!?!?

  • Rodney


  • Jennie

    She doesn’t just plump up her lips, she botoxes the entire top half of her face and has work on her eyes. She also gets a boob life every two years or so to drag those implants up off the floor. So pathetic.

  • tony

    Fat, droopy arms, ewww! MISS PIGGY!

  • siloh

    She needs to pick what she wants to be, a braindead desperate man chasing slut. Or a talentless wannabe kiddie entertainer. Changing each day doesn’t work.

  • Thelostgirl

    Hmm, still annoying you say?

  • keke

    she gained weight she is a has been people still put her on their shows?? rather see Miley!

  • Jane Doe

    And how has divorcing Nick helped her career? If her father were smart he would have jumped on the baby bandwagon, @ least then she could land a People cover every week with the little one.

  • gary

    Interesting how when “she” puts on weight, it all goes to the gut and arms, you know, kinda like a man!

  • yep

    thanku regulars and newbies who ‘IGNORE’ the juvenile I’m'first’ comment, how pathetic. this is ‘JUST Jared’s blog. It seems we have dumb@sses from other blogs such as Perez and ect,,coming here with that nonsense, so I have to thanku, sorry to have mention it. anyways, she has had her lips done more than once,Jess do you think we can’t see this.

  • Sal

    Lies, thats all roll out of her camps mouth. She is getting fat again. She should cover up those ugly legs.

  • Hmm

    Hasn’t anyone told her she can’t sing yet? I mean why do her handlers continue to let her make an ass out of herself at every opportunity. She needs to ride gracefully out into the sunset because her career is DEAD.

  • PeTe


    she looks so hot!

  • Helena

    Nice boob job, Messica Simpson.

  • Becky

    Sick of her ugly face poping up everywhere. I don’t think she is disney quality, you just as well have gotten Paris Hilton or Lindsey Lohan. I have seen her lips puffed up more times than what they mention.
    I think she has had alot of surgery.
    This chick is pathetic, who sits around letting their dad pick men for them, I guess she’s to retarded to pick her own. You can sense the desperation in her.

  • shoes4life

    Yeah, if you notice when daddy picks a man for her he tries to make sure he is succesful in some kind of way (hint: Tony Romo who just signed a new 67million dollar contract with the Cowboys)so he can keep his golden child in the lime light, but these made up relationships never work. She should have stayed with her husband and she might would still have some kind of a career.

  • Meeee

    She looks TERRIBLE! The hair, lips..everything! Tranny-ish!

  • Cynthia

    She looks great. Stop hating people, she put on a little weight, big deal! She needs to put down the fork though, she put on a few pounds.

  • lovejustjared

    ken paves must be on vacation. her hair looks like a greasy mess and those roots are awful (not to mention too much make-up). when is she going to be over? she can’t act. has no musical talent and is annoying. just a pretty face, blond hair and big boobs. go away messica!

  • Helena

    She looks great. Stop hating people, she put on a little weight, big deal! She needs to put down the fork though, she put on a few pounds.


    No one’s talking about her weight, maybe it’s the fact that Messica’s a…mess? Her over-botoxed lips makes matters even worse.

  • maya

    yeah, seriously.. leave her alone! who gives a fuck if she put on some weight? let her live her life! fuck you guys

  • [~Famous~]

    The greatest gift she could give everyone is – To never sing again!

  • Buckeyegurl

    She has funky looking knees. Other than that, she looks nice.

  • hum

    It was rainning, of course her hair will be like that. And if she gain weight, so what… she’s beautiful, and even thou i’m not a fan of her music, she sings beautiful.

  • nyc

    For someone who has a hairdresser for a best friend…why does she always have funky looking roots?

  • Here’s The Deal


  • purple gem

    Jessica looks good.

  • respone to hum

    so what if it was raining – no excuse for those roots.

  • Helena

    Jared, thought you’d like to know that Vanessa Hudgens made the list for the Dumbest People In Hollywood. Haha.

  • beefy

    Wow, she really porked out fact. It’s hard to believe she’s only 29.

  • lj

    She’s such a lying hypocrite! She just denied on that she didn’t have work on her lips and now there’s a photo on of her lips all marked up on the 29 and she’s wearing a hoody over a baseball cap for a disguise. I knew she was a liar but does she think the public is as dumb as she is? Desperate dumby.

  • ron

    hahahahahha Vanessa Hudgens is number 46 in the Dumbest People In Hollywood
    this is what they says:
    46. Vanessa Hudgens, Disney star, ### picture poser

  • at Starbucks

    She’s gorgeous!

  • andre

    this dress is hideous.

  • Courtney

    EWWW she looks so nasty, I cant stand her lol

    She so manish and somewhat pigish lol
    Im so mean…sorry Jess

  • http://Blog Mary
  • Dav

    I think her face is kinda ugly and her hair looks nasty. Her dress should be longer to hide those manly ugly legs.
    When she open her mouth and talk she has the dumbest head jerk. Man this chick is a nightmare.

  • tony the tiger

    I am glad Jared is finally posting pictures of wholesome girls like McPhee and Simpson instead of more pictures of that TRAMP VaneXXXa Hudgens!!!

  • Vanessa

    she’s an amazin singer! so just stop hating people. You are all jelaous. She’s wonderful. Jess keep it on!

  • yami

    It´s funny how losers can laugh at celebs
    jealousy eats you

    BTW jessica looks really good

  • CAA

    This washed up pop tart doesn’t have anything on Baby V Hudgens.

  • CAA

    Oh and honey..get a bra that supports….

  • Cyn

    Yeah and while your shopping pick up some talent, pop over to the brains department and pick up some please.
    Get a new trainer to reshape that tranny looking body.

  • janet

    You have to hand it to Jessica. Yup she is a gorgeous girl.

  • Cyn

    Oh poor Jess is in heat and no man to satisfy her lust and it’s driving her crazy. Hopefully with her dad hooking her up this past holiday maybe she’ll be quite for a while.