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Beyonce @ Movies Rock 2007

Beyonce @ Movies Rock 2007

Beyonce goes green in Zac Posen Resort at Movies Rock: A Celebration Of Music In Film held at the Kodak Theatre on Sunday in Hollywood.

During the show, Bee (in Elie Saab) sang a rousing rendition of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” from The Wizard of Oz.

“Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high. There’s a land that I heard of once in a lullaby…”

Movies Rock will air on Friday, December 7 @ 9PM ET/PT on CBS.

15+ pictures inside of Beyonce @ Movies Rock 2007

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Photos: Kevin Winter/Frederick M. Brown/Getty
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  • sophie

    wow. how does she walk.

  • lily


  • alexx


  • Kay

    not a fan of the hair

  • tara

    she needs a new haircut baaad. rihanna has a badass do that she should really try and compete with

  • tara

    oh and she has to stop wearing such tight dresses. you’re not THat fit. no one really is. so don’t think you’re getting away with it.

  • pipi

    She needs to fire her Mom.

  • tee

    She looks great. Not really feeling the green dress.

  • lina

    The yellow looks pretty on her

  • looloo

    Beyonce is a beautiful girl, but please stop with the cinched in corsets and contraptions to squeeze you into dresses that don’t fit you! I always am afraid she is going to either faint or explode in these stupid dresses her mom makes her wear.

    Again, BEAUTIFUL girl, I just think she need s makeover quick cause her beauty deserves better than this.

  • chick

    she look a mess her hair is wack rihanna rocked a dress like the green one at the world music award she so fake



  • wow

    She gives the most rigid and fake poses, especially in the green dress-weird. stop!

  • lucia

    Yeah, rihanna’s dress was amazing at this WMAs. beyonce could look amazing too cause she’s got a great bod, but that mother of hers messes her up every time. Her mom and that hairstyle.

  • sara

    Aw, I still love beyonce. She just needs to change her look somewhat, it’s the same one she had as a teenager. Something less beauty pageanty and more sleek and modern would be best.

  • dont think so -go Bey

    rtara @ 12/02/2007 at 11:01 pm she needs a new haircut baaad. rihanna has a badass do that she should really try and compete with
    puleeeeeeeeeese Rihanna has a bad @ss nappy skunk weave on,,stop lying,she’s a hair snatcher. BK doesn’t need to compete with Ri,switch that around,thanku,,RiRi fake eyes,fake hair,can’t perform well live(Ive seen her live)-one song wonder-and has a diva mentality-4 what……..lmao,..hahaha
    PS:rihanna didnt look so fit in her last dress on here,,dont think so,,Bey looks GREAT!

  • hOT DOG

    You can tell by her poses that she practices all day long in the mirror, which angle to make for the camera, someone told her if she holds her arms like that, it will balance out her pear shaped figure…too obvious. she needs to stop being so self conscious about her figure/posture and just have fun and act natural.

  • ugly betty

    beyonce must be on one of rihanna fansite in her photo gallery looking at her pictures because rihanna wore a dress similar to the green dress at world music awards.

  • daisy

    I wish beyonce would look a little more natural,those wigs have got to go. She is a pretty woman but always wants to look like a barbie doll(not). that green dress is not very flattering.She looks to big.

  • krungkrung

    i betcha she’s having a hard time breathing on that green gown, she just wants everyone to know that she have a body like an hour glass hah, now, the yellow gown i like xcept the black thingy by the neck, it’s not necessary y’all.

  • just a thought

    Beyonce please STOP. Your style is getting as bad as Kelly Clarkson.

  • nina

    The dress looks nice. too many jealous people on this sites.

  • gabriella

    this looks way too much like the dolce & gabbana dress rihanna wore to the world music awards. but rihanna’s dress was actually hot unlike this awful piece of cloth. i love beyonce but cannot stand her style. she is beautiful and these outfits dont do her any justice!

  • ariel

    That girl is too stunning.

  • MINX

    I hate the obvious lace front wig and green dress. not flattering at all.

  • Ali

    she has become the black barbie – these dresses are hideous.

  • don’t like

    She really is not a nice person.

  • DC4me

    Bee Looks beautiful

  • bitch

    beyonce come across as a very insecure person she been copying rihanna style lately her stans can’t evem defend her with this first it the gold dress that were similar to the pink dress rihanna wore at the vma’s now its the green dress she know she ain’t hott nomore.

  • Lee

    To #27 how do u know? did u met her?
    becuase i did and she’s amazinggggggggggggggggggggggg
    so down to earth and humble!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Buckeyegurl

    Usually love her, but both dresses are UGLY and not flattering to her figure. Her hair is usually great and it looks like sh*it here. Sorry for the negativity. Love her though ;)

  • kamal

    i love sexy girl

  • Rae

    She’s so pretty. I like the yellow a lot. The green is cut a bit awkwardly but it’s not bad.

  • jilly


  • salome

    Hate to say it but the green dress is soooo not flattering on her, don’t get me wrong I LOVE Beyonce for not being a stick figure like so many starlets, but this dress, oh no honey! Instead of making her look juicy and curvy she just looks heavy and cinched in, it probably makes her look plumper than she actually is, just unflattering all around to the tummy/hips/thighs/badonkadonk, this was a misstep.

  • ashley

    yeah she aint hot no more thats why Rihanna cd is out of the top 50 and beyonce is at 19 after 1 year and 2 months. You kiddy rihanna supporters have no clue.

  • She needs to get creative with the poses. She looks like a freaking mannequin

  • leighton


  • kelly jerk

    She is so ugly and fat. I don’t understand who so much attention for this fat cow.

  • Suzanne

    Bonce’s dress is hideous … and she ALWAYS does the SAME pose wearing the SAME style dresses. Move on!

  • dita

    Very ugly ….

  • Ashleigh

    OMG Beyonce looks so hot. I like the yellow gown she has on she such like a doll.

    Rihianna copies Beyonce too guys how soon we forget…

  • lyla

    Beyonce and Rihanna just have very different styles and I don’t think they copy eachother. Beyonce has a more debutante look and rihanna is trying harder for a more fashionista look. They are both pretty, but have VERY different styles.

  • (‘@’)

    I like her as a great and talented singer but these two dresses have got to go!!!

  • Cynthia


  • Cynthia

    The yellow dress was a much better fit for her. She should have wore that dress on the red carpet.


    Absolutely stunning. Please stop with the Rihanna comparisons. If you don’t, check back as early as ’03, when In Touch and other mags FIRST reported how Rihanna was copying Beyonce from head to toe, street looks and stage looks, make-up or not and even poses and moves. Beyonce doesn’t need to outdo anyone but herself. She’s leading the lane and everyone’s copying out of her play-book. ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!!!! WITH THE TALENT TO MATCH!!!!

  • ok

    When will she get a clue? These dresses she has been wearing lately are hideous as with many of these people lately.

  • Helena

    Bad hair extensions.

  • daisy

    beyonce might be a talented singer, but that is all.
    she is too fakey her wigs have got to go, i don’t know what lane she is leading because she seems too copy shakira jlo and everybody else her clothes are hedious and i wonder if she would look as hot without the weaves her bod is just ok. i’m not hating just telling it like it is. But i guess black woman love her because they only have her up there besides halle.