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Jennifer Hudson @ Movies Rock 2007

Jennifer Hudson @ Movies Rock 2007

Jennifer Hudson goes black in Michael Kors and white on stage at Movies Rock: A Celebration Of Music In Film held at the Kodak Theatre on Sunday in Hollywood.

The 26-year-old Dreamgirl and Fergie put their own personal touches on the songs “Live And Let Die” and “Goldfinger” from the James Bond films.

Set your TiVos now! Movies Rock will air on Friday, December 7 @ 9PM ET/PT on CBS.

20+ pictures inside of Jennifer Hudson @ Movies Rock 2007

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Photos: Kevin Winter/Frederick M. Brown/Getty
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  • no


  • sophie

    the white dress isnt very flattering, but the black dress looks gorgeous. :] more pix please!

  • looloo

    She is another beauty who needs to wear dresses that actually fit her shape(Beyonce is the other offender).

    Why is she wearing a white dress that would make ellem pompeo look full figured? She has a nice shape for a bigger girl, if she wore clothing that would accentuate that shape, she could look fantastic. These dresses aren’t cutting it though. She deserves better!

  • rihana fan

    cant stand this big fat b^tch,she can loose weight but her face and weave is a challenge she cant overcome. such a faux diva. she is full of herself, and…Mickey D’s, Burger Sling,,Dunkins..blah& yuck!

  • roxana

    what channel is this!?!?!?!!?

  • Beto5


  • Jamie Fox

    I NEVER EVER wanted her in the MOVIE!!
    She sucks.Bad Wiggy and all!:smile:

  • Sanjuanpuma

    That pick in the white dress. OMFG! It looks like her boobies are having a pillow fight or pocket pool! Geez!

  • cardio won’t help

    Drag queen in a dress. Don’t eat me, I’m frighten,jk. Seriously what’s up with those flabby arms and that Hercules neck, not good. She aint got it going on face wise anyway. The bods to flabby,her loose skin reminds me of Star Jones bod and that extra skin she’s toting around after her surgery.

  • roxana


  • roxana

    what channel is this on, i can’t find it.

  • lina

    ^^^^ it airs this friday on CBS

  • Lap

    She needs to join star jones and get Lap band. The white dress does not flatter her.

  • chick

    she can sang but she not even cute at all.

  • Buckeyegurl

    She looks good in the black dress, but the white dress just makes her boobs look out of control or something.

  • Kayla

    Jeez…she’s a normal-sized woman! I can’t believe all of the comments about how “fat” she is. Hollywood needs more women like her who change what people think of as attractive, because the current image is not healthy.

  • appleslice

    THAT SIZE IS NOT NORMAL. Horrid wig. I bet it’s not even human hair, don’t get near any open flames! lol…. Hate to be catty but it’s sooooo open. ^_^ hehehe

  • shannon

    First of all, I can’t belive anybody would have the nerve to say something negative about Jennifer. You sound like a bunch of haters! She looks BEAUTIFUL!

  • Ninjas Against Jinsa

    What a disgusting fat pig.

  • Iris

    She usually wears things that are flattering for her shape but the white dress stands out for all the wrong reasons. Sorry Jennifer.

  • ♥Joh-anna ♥

    Yeah! The Girl can sing!!

  • anja

    I love her! She was sensational on Idol and so gracious always. And an unbelievable, stunning performance in “Dream Girls”. You are beautiful Jennifer!

  • KC

    She needs to either lose some weight or find a proper fitting dress. And old news but she didn’t deserve the Oscar.

  • Silly

    LOL @ all the haters. It’s probably the same person using different names. She looks great and I bet she sounds amazing. She probably did “Goldfinger”.

  • mercredi

    GO Jennifer! Don’t let the haters stop you.
    I wish I can see pics of some haters here.

  • Cynthia

    I don’t like Jennifer Hudson, but I can’t hate she is stunning. Beowance put the fork down!

  • A

    The haters are probably the same person changing up names. Jennifer is a beautiful woman, and she can sing.

  • a realist

    Jen Hudson is a “beautiful full-figured woman”.

  • Natalie

    She looks confident and beautiful. Gorgeous curves, skin, smile, and voice.

  • What?

    She dresses like a 60 year old Aretha Franklin. Jen, stop listening to people who are telling you you look good as you are with your “curves”. They just don’t want a sista with a kick a$$ body and gorgerous face making their way thru Hollywood. You were looking nice after Idol. Go back to that. You are too young to have a middle aged big mama body.

  • dcc

    nasty and fat

  • fattie

    She’s a heart attack waiting to happen

  • zoe

    fat and ugly

  • Beyonce

    Why are all black women fat?

  • Chrisler 1

    She has a very beautiful face. The white dress is not flattering but the black one is great. Do not be ashamed of your full figure, but dress it nicely. And with your angelic voice, and the voluptious body you do not need to show boobs that much.

  • Blackgirl

    I agree (a realist and Natalie) .To da’rest… Stop hattin’ on J-HUD .Get a life and job.Fat or not she’s paid idiots!She’s beautiful and classy.People are perfect how God made them.Her body is not a “middle aged big mama.” jack!

  • The DQ

    Ya know, she can love her “jelly” all she wants, but when she goes in public, please don’t expose the rest of us to so much of it. I’m glad she likes her curves and they really are just fine, but they are not healthy and she needs stop trying to delude herself into thinking fat is OK………it’s not.

    As for her style, the black dress is wonderful. That other piece of crap must be a nightgown. When you have “jelly” & fat, you CANNOT just turn the girls loose to do their own thing. They need more structure, because flopping around the sides into your armpits is SOOOOOOO unattractive.

  • Ari

    She needs to loose some weight!! Too fat!

  • lily

    She had her teeth fixed. I guess she is slowly getting herself fixed. I think she will lose the weight but she is not making it drastic and quick.

  • lily

    Not that I am knocking the big girls but I do have a problem when they refer to their rolls as curves and their body as volumptuous. A curvy or volumptuous woman is like Halle Berry, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Jennifer Lopez,a playboy bunny that has the fake boobs not Jennifer Hudsen.

    I am slim but curvacious but I no longer can use that term to describe myself since people now think that is fat.

  • jenny


  • lily

    you can find old pics of her back in 2002 on imdb she was really slim so now she is just fat. no excuses about that is how she is. she needs to lose weight

  • elle

    The pantsuit looks good on her and she has on her support undegarnments. BUt what happened with wearing them under the white dress. in the white dress,you can clearly see just how big she is and she needs to start wearing a bra with her dresses because her breasts are too dayum big to be hanging freely like that. They make her look sloppy.

  • hotbitch

    How has no one mentioned the damn wig glue slathered across her forehead????? I’m so over this whole lace-front wig nonsense. You can’t be blowing kisses on the red carpet with glue all over the place. Dumb ass Beyonce is guilty of this, too.

  • Lola

    she has beautttttttiful skin. she’s naturally very pretty that’s for sure. she just needs a new stylist
    and that horrible weave! why do african american women
    go to such lengths to have straight hair. embrace
    ur natural hair…. it would help so many girls
    out there who feel they have to spend money and time
    ruining their hair to make it straight…goddamit that includes me too lol.
    she’s gorgeous.
    but i have to ask…did she get her teeth capped?

  • miss lisa lips

    Who gives a damn how big her body is , the girl can sing and thats all that matters to me. I look for her talent not a fucking skinny body…… You go Jen , you have the talent keep on singing like you do and represent chi-town , thats my home town too girl.

  • Betty

    The song she sang did not fit her vocals. She was screaming and doing runs all over the place. If she couldn’t sing the song the correct way, someone else should have sang the song. So many people just ruined the songs. I think perhaps it was because they did not have the vocals to perform their chosen song. She does need to loose weight for health reasons. She won’t be around long if she doesn’t.