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Spice Girls World Tour Rehearsals

Spice Girls World Tour Rehearsals

Here is the very first picture of Melanie Brown, Melanie Chisholm, Geri Halliwell, Emma Bunton and Victoria Beckham of the Spice Girls performing during their full dress rehearsal for The Return of Spice Girls World Tour at GM Place on Saturday in Vancouver, Canada.

Talking onboard the flight to Vancouver, Geri told “I’m not nervous, just really, really excited.” Whilst Emma added: “I think it will hit me on Sunday. But I can’t wait to get on stage.” The Spice Girls World Tour kicks off tonight in Vancouver.

According to UK’s The Sunday Mirror, here are some of the surprises The Spice Girls have in store:

Ginger Spice Geri will thrill male fans by stripping to her undies during a solo performance of her No. 1 solo hit “It’s Raining Men.” She’ll rip off her dress to reveal red, white and blue underwear – an echo of the famous Union Jack mini dress she wore at the Brit Awards 10 years ago.

– Raunchy Mel B will take to the stage in a skin-tight leopard-print outfit.

– Like Geri, Mel C and Baby Emma, [Scary Spice Mel B] will have a short solo stint during each concert, singing her solo hits and favorite cover versions.

Victoria – by her own admission not the strongest vocalist in the Spice Girls – will not have a solo vocal spot. Instead, she will have her own fashion slot when she will strut up and down the catwalk, striking poses in designer gear.


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Photos: MJ Kim/Spice Girls LLP via Getty
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  • candy


  • katie


  • Helena

    I’m seeing them in London, looks like they’re back to the funky flamboyant outfits!

  • Eli

    I would like so much to see them!!!!!

  • sarah

    aww they all look amazing! vic looks fabulous!

  • lauren

    hey everyone… i loveeeee the spice girls..

  • linh nguyen

    They look FUCKING HOTT!!! IM SO ZIG-A-ZIG-AH RIGHT NOW! My concert is on 3/1 … My heart really doesnt want to see any tour spoiler, but my head just cant help it … CANT WAIT!

  • deny

    Victoria Beckham looks FUGLY – Ugly Ugly Ugly woman.

  • http://deleted Caroline

    Victoria looks gorgeous!

  • White

    So excited!

  • sophia

    who cares

  • liz

    i can’t wait, i’m goin tonight and i’m so psyched!
    they look amazing.

  • a-ha

    they all looks great! can’t wait to see pictures from gig!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bryony

    go posh spice

  • Blushy

    Look at Baby & Ginger !!! They’re the hottest ones.. :P

  • Eathan

    It looks like a scale that goes up and down. This is definately the first performance, opening song and i bet it’s HOLLER.

  • Nando

    Wow!!! They look AMAZING!!!

    This tour is going to kick so much ass!!!! I cannot wait for Feb. 10th when I got see them!!!!!


  • ann

    looking amazing wish i was going to a concert i tried despertly to get one for manchester but sold out i love victoria all ways my favourite but love all the ohthers to victoria is gorgeus and those who say different must be blind good luck to all five on there tour

  • jenn

    OMG!!….im sooo physced for tonight….it’s snowing like crazy here though, so a lot of people are gonna have trouble getting to GM Place…..

  • Life is good

    Sounds great. The only yawn thing will be Victoria being herself…Showing off clothes… Meh

  • Mandy

    I can’t wait to see them in Argentina =)

  • Gustavo

    I´ve seen Victoria live….and she can sing!
    not an AMAZING singer like Mel C, but shes ok!

  • Love Me

    I love the Spice Girls. I’ve seen Spice World a hundred times. My favorite part is when they’re on the bus and Posh say:

    “What do you think I should wear? The little Gucci dress or the little Gucci dress”. and then Baby Spice says, “What about the little Gucci dress”. and Posh points to her and say, “Excellent”.

    I loved that part. It was so funny. I can’t wait to buy their album.

  • Eathan

    Don’t trust that Sunday Mirror article, it’s full of shite.

  • Karma

    I think there’s a lot of teenagers on here talkin about Posh being their all-time favourite Spice, bcoz they just heard about Mrs Beckham this year. Get a life! 10 yrs ago, very few people took a second glance at Victoria…all the fuss were on Mel B, Geri and Mel C. Even now Mel B has to take a back seat bcoz Posh is doing her a favour to get all of them in the lime light again, bcoz she’s famous for being famous!

  • Ellie

    I’m going to the show!
    Victoria Beckham is amazing.

  • Donna

    It’s snowing like there’s no tomorrow in Vancouver right now!! There might be some problems with people actually getting to GM Place!! But everyone is still soooo psyched!

  • World Citizen

    They look whorish and ridiculous in those outfits. I was going to see them in Madrid or Munich (had a choice), but decided against it as it was too close to Christmas and I did not want to travel away from my little daughters…glad I decided not too! What a waste of money that would have been…I’ll rent the DVD when it comes out – I am sure they are going to “milk” this reunion tour to the MAX!

  • benji

    OMG Emma Looks sexy, Lovely, OMG Gorgeous – Jade you lucky Lad!

  • Rae

    Of course Geri will strip. This really does sound like a lot of crazy awesome fun. I love Victoria and I kind of love her even more for just admitting she really can’t sing that well and so not doing a solo. I can’t wait for more pics.

  • http://WWW.IHATETOMCRUISE.COM Miapocca

    Victoria is actually the ugliest spice girl…she had to distinguish herself with her clothes to make her stand out..but look at that hardly stands out and she will be embarrasing herself on this tour..especially with all the publicity for nothing other than beeing beckhman’s hanger on, she will be under a lot scrutiny..she might as well take becks with her to sell tickets….a glimpse of becks on the spice girls otur will sell triple tickets in asian..always some foolish girls on that continent to fawn over some crazy arse white guy

  • MJStyle

    Wow! they look fabulous and fit!

    Victoria is divine!

    Can’t wait to see them LIVE! YAY! this tour is gonna kick ass!

  • Love Me

    Why does everyone hate Victoria? I like her.

    Go Vikki B

  • :)

    im going tonight! it just stopped snowing but there is so much snow on the ground here in vancouver! im so pumped to see them, i went to their first concert here!

  • Cain

    they’re back and hotter than ever!

  • http://WWW.IHATETOMCRUISE.COM Miapocca

    Victoria is not hated..just people stating their opinion..if one tends to take critism as being hated, then one has a life full of emotional issuess…

  • Ri

    I think the writer of this piece has been drinking some Hater-aid. It’s funny that he or she referred to Mel B as Raunchy Spice because she’ll be wearing a skin-tight leopard-print outfit. But calls Geri her usual Ginger Spice name though she’s the one who will be stripping to her undies. He did not have any put down names for the other Spice Girls except Mel. That writer’s “rauchy” reference of Mel kind of put a damper on this piece of writing.

  • Jordan

    i love victoria beckham. =] posh spice was my favorite one back in the day

  • galaxy


  • bimo

    Girl Power Fever begin!!!
    I love them. But, the fact is Posh Spice more famous than the other girls.

  • Life is good

    She calls Mel Raunchy because she must have seen her two rocking Pasos on DWTS stars. Man that girl can dance. Wonder if he dance partner will show up at all.

    Also why Victoria is hated is that she si so shy she does not really reveal anything of herself. Wearing skinny clothes and what not does not make people relate to you.

  • M_cali

    I’m so excited, I can’t wait for more photos

  • TaTiSpIcE

    OMG they performing now in Vancouver
    I love you Mel C ♥

  • Jessica


  • ed


  • Cassie

    I live in Vancouver, and tonight the spice girls are performing, and Im 12, and I used to be a HUUUGE fan!
    World Citizen, I hope you don’t talk like that to your daughters!
    I really don’t think that that was appropriate or neccesary.
    Im just stating the obvious!

    Mahal Kita! And no, im not flip, but that is, my bffs are though, and the’re teaching me!

  • K.D.

    probably a random comment to the photo but i am loving their microphones. they’re all pretty, glitzed out and matching their personal style.

  • Y’know

    It’s true that there was no need for her to refer to Mel B as Raunchy Spice. Mel’s Paso Dobles were tasteful and amazing. Maks picked alot of her outfits out for dwts. By the way, he designed her Paso Doble outfit and Maks also said Mel wanted the tailors to make the shorts long but he made sure that they made them as short as he told them to. The cape was susposed to be unattached to the shorts but Mel at least got her way in getting them sewn onto the shorts.

  • World Citizen

    TO CASSIE…No I do not talk like that to my daughters…they hardly know what a Bratz Doll is let alone a Spice Girl! I do not allow them to idolize half dressed girls that hang out at the mall – my daughters are worth more than that and can do more with their intellect. For you to even comment in anyway, as to how I might raise my children is not necessary…YOU DO NOT KNOW ME! How simple can you be – my comment states that the costumes make the Spice Girls look whorish and ridiculous and that I would rather spend my time with my children then travel to go to a Spice Girl concert…and you are going to question what type of parent I am…PLEASE…use your brain! FYI…I am just stating the obvious…those particular costumes they have on in the picture look whorish and ridiculous (and since when are the words whorish and ridiculous inappropriate words…PLEASE…go educate yourself!

  • World Citizen

    TO CASSIE…I read that you are only 12 years old…you should not even be on this site! Does your mother/father know you visit these websites? Enjoy the Spice Girls, but PLEASE…use the Internet for more intellectual activities…don’t waste your mind! Happy Holidays & Happy New Year!