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Jennifer Lopez - "Hold It, Don't Drop It" Music Video

Jennifer Lopez -

Peep this full-version of Jennifer Lopez‘s new “Hold It, Don’t Drop It” music video. Her silver make-up and nail polish are so over the top–do you like it?

WHAT DO YOU THINK of J.Lo’s “Hold It, Don’t Drop It” music video?

Jennifer Lopez – “Hold It, Don’t Drop It” Music Video
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  • love

    FIRST and J-LO can’t sing for sh*t

  • Orange Clockwork

    Awful. BTW, first.

  • Daniel Tain

    Love it!

  • Chris

    Girl whats with all the makeup??? You like like a dragqueen!

    Bring it down a notch honey!!



    Was ok.

    Nothing special.

  • Natalie

    I could barely get through that video. Lovely woman and everything, but she needs to give up. Her “singing” career is over, and has been for a couple years (or more) now.

  • Angel

    Amazing video, this song went to number ONE on the dance charts.

  • AJCrazy

    its -eh.

    I love her and bought her first record and shes never been able to top that.

    I wish she would!! I did like “Get Right”.

    She should get with like Timbaland- he seems to whip out #1s!!

    Grats on the preggers!

  • Onurenu

    unveliable amazing awesome. what can i say
    she is JENNIFER LOPEZ !!!
    She is divine and my god !!!!

  • Ali

    self absorbed, mediocre, no originality to the music, the song, or the video – she needs to take it up a notch and break out of this mold. i’m tired of hearing her sound like a victim. she needs to look at Madonna’s WHOLE body of work and then work to find her own voice. this is a tiresome retread.

  • http://pplrreallystupidiftheybelievethetabs..itsallabouttheifmeanitridiculouswhyevenfeedinto..bradandangiehavingbeenbreakingupsincetheymet samara

    honestly what does j.lo do.?.she does have stlye..i will give her that …and she can act somewhat..but the trying to sing…aint happening

  • jenny

    horrible, she sings and looks horrible

  • Fresh Raggedy Anne

    AJ Crazy is right! She needs to hook up with Timbaland! Her song just are so lame now!!!
    Hilarious watching her trying to conceal her baby bumps…heehee

  • coco

    she is a self absorbed talentless fur wearing diva…sums it up!

  • Monica

    ohh i don’t like it at all..She can do way better.”Do it well”is way better than this.

  • Eathan


  • Yv3tt3

    She’s never had a good voice but she had great music …. now it’s like, JLo give it a rest, didn’t her album tank? The makeup’s a little tranny. What happened to the women with the number 1 album and movie in the same week?

  • Rainier

    Awsome video, cant wait to see the entire video. she looks sooo amazing.

  • pokeman

    worse singer. worse actress. her career went down hill since she married skeletor.

  • antonia aka toni

    this might make me sound like a blonde (no effence to all those blondes out there) but why aint she pregnate in da video? lol did she make if b4 she got pregante? :\

  • sam

    i LOVE it!!!! can’t wait to see the whole video!!

  • http://? NUMMY NUM NUM

    UMmmmm Ya!!! NO THANKS…..

  • j

    LOVE it!!!! She looks gorgeous and I LOVE the song,her music is the best! =)

  • a bore

    Another juvenile I’m 1st young idiot, anyways.
    What a screechey voice! Not good.

  • Cocobuttr


  • rosemary’s baby

    Dayum she’s fat with a wide load @ss, lmao, didn’t think that camel but.t could get any bigger..ewww..that makeup is she joking?.. gurl can’t sing a lick and looks a hot mess,,so much fugness don’t have the time.

  • NJS06

    She is making music like she is 19. You would think after all this time and all she has been through she would have grown up, found substance and start writing for herself….sad

  • K

    what is with that lipstick?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • Give it up already, Jen!!

    Awful song, voice, and video!!! You have to be a real die hard JLo fan to like this or anything else she’s done lately. She’s over, she is not talented at all and finally everybody knows it. Just goes to show you that hype can only get you so far, you need actual talent to last in this business. Well atleast she’ll finally have the baby or babies she’s always wanted so atleast she’ll have that to keep her busy. I just feel bad for all you JLo fans, but there are enough no talent/over hyped celebrities out there to worship that could easily take her place since you all have really low standards anyway.

  • to #30 poisonIvy

    I would like to introduce to you my right foot,u spamming b*tch! STFU and Kiss it!!

    Couldn’t listen to the whole thing,I value my ears.
    My sight wasn’t pleased either.

  • linpin

    OMG! that silver lipstick…she looks like she’s been huffing paint…hahahahahahahahahahahah

  • Oscar

    Jennifer Lopez Hold it dont drop it official music video

  • is she foe real ????????

    Gawd that was awful.Fade away Lopez, u and that drag queen makeup on and thunder thighs with a bubble butt. awfullllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!11

  • meg

    Jennifer is almost 40 now and needs to grow up with her audience. She is not Beyonce and is not a rapper chick anymore. Her Brave commercial which is on endlessly is repulsive. The icky dominatrix who licks that guys face is so unbearable. Jennifer is catering to the rap and youth crowd which is so sad. Sing to us who are or were your fans. You are not going to get the baby crowd anymore, Jennifer. There is nothing wrong with the 30′s and 40′s crowd, we are your only hope, dear.

  • kcgii2

    Quite simply, JLo’s singing/acting/video sucks!

  • meg

    oops, a word in my comment was censored. It wasn’t a dirty word. I said an ishy dominatrix, as it will be censored again the censored word means a woman who wears the black fetish outfits with whips and who dominates.

  • wat the f**k

    jennifer needs to give it up. She sucks!!!!!!!!!!!! Ever since she married marc her career went downhill.

  • no

    WTH was she thinking when spewing out that song???????ITA. Please STOP!!That waz painful, watching & half listening….yikeeeeeeees!

  • Anna

    ummmm can u say EWWWW…shes chubby and her hips are huge thats why shes always in eye distracting tops and boots to make her body look long and how old is she like 1000000 now, her time is up go back to ur closet full of furrrrr coats and cry biotch!!!!!

  • Didi

    hasnt she exploded yet? we’re fed up of you j-ho. f*ck off already!

  • zoe

    i like it not love or hate. the video’s okay but the song’s really catchy.

  • asdfghjkl

    tsk . if beyonce or someone who can sing REALLY good, sang this song .. it would have been amazing .
    its a good song but she just doesnt have the chops (voice) for it, stick to acting, JLo . singing, NOT your thing . NO offense . just stating the facts . makeup is okay, it IS a music video, being over the top is part of the deal, hello ? but she should NOT have worn the silver lipstick . thats just _______ .

  • Marta

    she cant sing!

  • isa

    I like this video, J-lo is gorgeous Go GIRL.

  • Jenny

    I love this video. She’s really actractive but in a natural way.

  • olya

    so beyonce (( btw, the song is great



  • lopez-girl

    she is so hot!!
    i love it so much!

  • maik=0

    incredible, i luv it! I don´t like the do it well video, but this is great!!!

  • lol

    I agree this one is better than ‘Do it well’.